Vocabulary is a vast ocean and it would be well nigh impossible to claim that one has managed to learn all

words – quite different from say Mathematics (Geometry) where we can claim to have learnt all the theorem / formulae. In an effort to provide structured Vocabulary reading, we bring to you some common words and their confusing alternatives. These could be words with similar spellings but different pronunciations – called heteronyms, or words with different spellings but similar pronunciations – called homonyms. This is, of course, not a comprehensive list and the eager student is urged to refer to some good vocabulary building book or internet resource to further augment his vocabulary.

……words that have similar spellings or pronunciation

edit • Appraise: Estimate the value of • Apprise: To inform • Affluent : Wealthy • Effluent : Waste Water .• Affect (v): To have an influence on as in affected his health • Effect (v): To bring about as in effect changes • Effect (n): result or (in the plural) property • Amend: To improve • Emend: (of a text) remove errors.

• Adherence: firm attachment • Adherent: advocate or supporter • Ail: to cause trouble or discomfort • Ale: alcoholic beverage • Altar: the worship table • Alter: change • Antecedence: act of going before in time • Antecedents: individuals who have gone before .

Plead its meaning is to ask sb • Accent: way of speaking or emphasis • Ascent: upward movement • Assent: to agree • • • • Allusion: indirect or casual mention Illusion: presentation of a false or misleading idea Delusion: mistaken belief of a confused state of mind Elusion: clever escape .• Abjure : Renounce • Adjure : Beseech .

• Allude: to refer indirectly or casually • Elude: to avoid or to escape • Allusion: indirect reference • Illusion: false idea or image • Amoral: not subject to or lacking moral distinctions • Immoral: violating conscience or public morality • Bail: security given for release from jail • Bale: a large bundle • Bass: deep or low in sound • Base: bottom part which supports that above it .

• Born: come into existence • Borne: carried or tolerated • Broach: introduce (a topic) • Brooch: ornamental pin it is past fiorm of bear • Bouillon: clear soup with a strong flavor • Bullion: precious metals. formed into bars • Bloc: group with shared purpose • Block: chunk. oppose • Bolder: more daring • Boulder: a large rock . piece or hinder.

or a term in music • Canvas: a type of cloth • Canvass: to ask for votes • Callous: unfeeling NOT CAIRING ABOUT OHTERS FEELING • Callus: hard thickened skin . a law. Lunatic lunatic-crazy person • Cache: hidden storage • Cash: money • Cannon: A gun or a stroke in Billiards • Canon: a clergyman. Sweet Smelling • Barmy: Crazy. Insane. Aromatic.• Balmy: Fragrant.

POLICE • Capitol :A building occupied by a state legislatureGOVT.• Censer: container for incense (agarbatti)A container for burning incense • Censor: examines books. films etc before public release • Censure: to disapprove • Confidant: someone in whom you confide • Confident: bold and trusting • Corps: a body of people A body of people associated together • Corpse: a dead body • Copse: a group of trees COP. BUILIDING • Capital: A seat of government. Wealth .

exclusive group of people • Climactic: related to the climax • Climatic: related to the climate . elegance STYLISH • Chick: small chicken or bird ELEGANCE.• Cease: stop TO STOP HAPPENING AND EXISTING • Seize: grab by force • Siege: prolonged period of trouble.STYLISH • Cliché: overused expression • Click: make a light. (The enemy laid an armed force siege to the town) The action ofISIDIERS DONTthat surrounds a fortified placE UNTILLTHE COME OUT BESIEGE-SURROUND BUILDING UNTILL PEOPLE DONY U LET COME IN • Chic: stylishness. sharp sound • Clique: small.

grimy.• Conscious: (adj. in a poor condition • Discreet: tactful or prudent • Discrete: distinct or separate . perceiving feeling of shame when • Conscience: (n) sense of obligation to be good Ado something immoral you • Conscientious: (adj. surrender • Seed: beginning of a new plant • Dinghy: a small boat • Dingy: dirty.) awake.) careful or thorough • Cite: quote • Sight: vision • Site: exact location • Cede: yield Give over.

• Expand: enlarge • Expend: pay out money TO SPEND • Expansive: broad COVERING A LOT OF SPACE • Expensive: costing a lot of money • Extant: still existing • Extent: limit • Expatiate: write or speak in great detail • Expiate: atone or make amends for TO ACT IN WAY THAT SHOWS U ARE SORRY FOR STHNG DONE IN PAST • Ewe: female sheep • Yew: a variety of evergreen tree .

about to happen soon . • Essay: a short composition • Assay: chemical analysis • Erasable: of being rubbed out or removed • Irascible: easily provoked to anger • Envelop: enfold or surround completely • Envelope: container for a letter • Eminent: outstanding • Imminent: impending. or honor ex.• Exalt: glorify • Exult: rejoice To express great joy paise. glorify.these painitings exalted imagination.

• Effective: producing the desired result • Efficient: producing the desired result with the least waste • Elicit: to draw forthto deduce • Illicit: illegal • Faun: a rural god or deity • Fawn: a young deer OR to flatter • Forbear: To abstain to refrain not forbear weeping she could • Forebear: An ancestor • Fortuitous: Accidental • Fortunate: lucky .

already present • Imminent: impending. by birth.) kindness. accumulate • Horde: a tribe or a group • Human: (n) referring to a person • Humane: (adj.• Gourmet: a connoisseur of food • Gourmand: Greedy • Grisly: horrible • Grizzly: a type of bear • Hoard: to store. in the near future . benevolence. sympathy • Immanent: Inherent.

) embodying an ultimate standard of excellence or perfection • Lumbar: the lower back of the human body • Lumber (n): wood. timber • Lumber (v): to walk slowly and heavily • Lightening: make brighter or less heavy • Lighting: illumination • Lightning: electrical discharge in the atmosphere • Levee: raised portion along a river to prevent flooding • Levy: impose or collect . belief • Ideal: (n) something/ one embodies perfection • Ideal: (adj.• Idea: (n) thought.

• Marital: relating to marriage • Marshal: peace officer • Martial: military or warlike • Material: fabric • Materiel: equipment and supplies of an army or an organization • Mean: lacking kindness • Mien: a person’s manner or appearance • Moral: good according to a standard of right and wrong • Morale: spirit or attitude • Meet: come together • Mete: apportion .

.) partly followed by bcpz/due to ex-i did not enjoy movie.• Official: authorized • Officious: meddlesome or intrusive • Ordinance: regulation or law • Ordnance: military weapons and equipment • Overdue: past the expected time not paid • Overdo: do too much or go too far Do something to an excessive degree • Pail: bucket with a handle • Pale: lacking color • Partially: to some extent (…partially blind) to express physical condition • Partly: in some parts (…. based partly on facts. partly bcoz of weather..

• Peak: highest point • Pique: feeling of sharp anger or resentment • Peek: a quick look syn-peep • Pedal: use a foot operated lever (pedal my bicycle) • Peddle: go from place to place selling (peddle his wares) • Peer: equal • Pier: landing place for ships • Perpetrate: perform or commit to commit crime • Perpetuate: preserve forever • Perquisite: special privilege accorded a position or office • Prerequisite: something required in advance .

oppress to treat sb in cruel way • Prosecute: take legal action against • Precede: go ahead of • Proceed: go forward . maltreat. mournful • Palate: roof of one’s mouth • Palette: a flat plate for mixing paints.• Plaintiff: brings a case in court of law • Plaintive: sad. used by artists • Pallet: a platform or a mattress • Pellet: a small capsule • Persecute: harass.

• Physic: medicine • Physics: a subject • Physique: well developed body structure Alternative names for the body of a human being Alternative names for the body of a human being example-he has good physique • nPopulace: all the inhabitants of a place i have support of local populace adj • Populous: having many inhabitants america is one of most populous place • Practicable: workable or feasible • Practical: useful. based on past performance • Prescribe: give as a direction to be followed • Proscribe: prohibit. ban or condemn • Presentiment: premonition. sixth sense A feeling of evil to come • Presentment: offering of a note or bill of exchange for acceptance or payment premonition=foreboding=A feeling of evil to come .

• Root: origin OR cheer for • Rout: terrible defeat • Route: a well planned path • Review: a survey or a report • Revue: a musical show • Rhyme: matching of sounds in verse • Rime: frost very low temperature frost=low temp like in poem • Scull: oar to row a boat • Skull: the bone of the head • Satire: make fun of. sarcasm • Satyr: a woodland deity / god .

misleading.• Suit: a legal action. false • Soluble: capable of being dissolved in another substance • Solvable: capable of being solved or explained • Sleight: skill and dexterity haath ki safai this is done by hand of sleight • Slight: slender remark. not deserving serious action .very small. . a matched set of clothes. meet the requirement • Suite: matched furniture or connected rooms • Stake: strong stick or post • Steak: slice of meat or fish • Spacious: roomy large space • Specious: counterfeit.

• Stationary: unmoving. net weight Tear: rip apart Tear: drop of fluid from the eye Tier: layer or row of vertical arrangement • Told: the past tense of “tell” • Tolled: to ring as in: the bells tolled . especially wooden • Style: shape or manner • Troop: a company of people • Troupe: company of performers • • • • Tare: a plant used as a cover crop. fixed • Stationery: writing materials • Stile: steps.

• Undo: cancel or reverse • Undue: beyond what is appropriate • Urban: relating to a city or city life • Urbane: refined and sophisticated excessive • Vice: defect or fault criminal • Vise: tool having two jaws that can be tightened • Waiver: voluntary relinquishment of a right • Waver: go back and forth on a decision be in uncertainity • Yoke: crosspiece holding two things together • Yolk: yellow part of an egg .

Two words or one word ? .

+ noun) any particular course. nonetheless • Any way: (adj.) completely.) considered as a whole • Altogether: (adv. His comment raises an altogether different issue.• All together: (adv.+ noun) specific item in a group GIVE ME ANY ONE PEN THAT U HAVE • Anyway: (Adv. direction. • Anyone: (pronoun) any person at all HAS ANYONE SEEN MY WALLET • Any one: (adj.) in any case. there are 32 students in the class. without exception • Everyone: all . entirely All together. or manner IS THER ANY WAY TO SOR OUT THIS? • Every one: each.

) complete preparedness • Already: (adv. but everyone had already left. Doesn’t require a preposition • A while: (article + noun) period of time.• All ready: (adj. • Awhile: (adv. .) for a short time.) expressing time At last I was all ready to go. usually used with for Please wait awhile. • Maybe: (adv.) perhaps • May be: (verb) Maybe we should wait until the rain stops. We talked for a while. This may be our only chance to escape.

Nobody spoke to him. We must have lunch sometime.• No one: nobody • None: not one No one came to the party None of the children finished lunch • No body: no group • Nobody: no person No body of laws can be called perfect. • Some time: a period of time • Sometime: at an unspecified time • Sometimes: CAR and then OCCASIONALLY RATHER THAN USUAL now SOMETIMES I GO BY I will need some time to think. Sometimes I feel the need to shout aloud .