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TM 11-5820-667-12



and Organizational Maintenance Manual Including Repair Parts List RADIO SET AN/PRC-77

(Including Receiver.. ransmiHer, Radio RT-841/PRC-77) T
TM 11-5824)...;667-12, 7 June ~967, is changed as follows: 1. Remove and insert pages as indicated below:


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By Order of the Secretary of the Army:

General, United States Army Official: VERNE L. BOWERS Ma.jor G~ral.United States Army Tke Adjutant General Distribution: To be distributed in accordance with DA Form 12-51, nance requirements for AN/PRC-77.
Chief of Staff

(qty rqr block no. 353) Operator mainte-

1M 11-5820-667-12


Do not change channels or the frequency band while the radio is keyed for transmission (handset push-to-talk switch depressed). Damage to the radio modules may result or the wrong channel frequency may be set up, thus preventing radio communication.

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Radio Set AN/PRC-77 in man-pack operation with 3-foot ant8nna AT -892/ P RC-25 in8talled. Iv Chang. 4 .TM 11-5820-667-12 Figure 1-1.

technical bulletins. or additional publications pertaining to the ANI PRC-77. GENERAL 1-1. N. ATTN: AMSEL-MACR.TM 11-5820-667-12 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Section I. The reporting of errors. This manual describes Radio Set AN / PRC-77 and covers its instaUation. 1-3. J. Receiver-Transmitter. omissions. Index~s of Equipment Publications a. Fort Monmouth.1. 07703. and operator's and organizational maintenance. b. manpack portable. frequency-modulated (fm) . b. b. and inspection required during administrative storage of equipment. Reports of Maintenance and Unsatisfactory Equipment.itications are required to be performed on the AN/pRC-77 and its components (para 1-6).for improving this publication by the individual user is encouraged. Department of the Army Pamphlet 310-4 is a current index of technical manuals. c. (fta. US Army Electronics Command. 1-2. d. Reporting Equipment Publication Improvemenu. Items comprising an operable equipment (para 1-6). Pur~ G. Report shouJd be submitted on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to PubJications) and forwarded direct to: Commander. Report of Damaged or Improper Shipment. and lubrication orders. Scope a. Sectfon II. radiotelephone. Fill out and forward DD Form 6 (Report of Damaged or Improper Shipment) as prescribed in AR 700--58 (Army)/NAVSUP Publication 378 (Navy)/APR 71-4 (Air Force). b. changes. 8. Radio RT-8411 PRC-77 is also used as part of Radio Sets Chang_4 1-1 Radio Set AN/pRC-77 is a short-range. 1-3. DESCRIPTION AND DATA 1-4. Criteria for determining equipment serviceability of the AN /PRC-77 is provided in TM 11-6820-667-ESC. operation. refer to TM 750-244-2. maintenance allocation chart (app C). For procedures. Refer to DA Pam 810-7 for a listing of modification work orders (MWOs) to determine whether mod. Demolition of Army Materiel to Prevent Enemy Use For information on this subject. Use equipment forms and records in accordance with instructions in TM 3~ 760. and organizational repair parts (app D) are also included in this manual c. and 9). supply manuals (types 7. refer to TM 740-90-1. supply bulletins. forms and records. Refer to DA Pam 310~ to determine whether there are new editions. voice communication. Forms and Records a.I-1) and Use recelver-tranamieter used to provide two-way. and recommendations.

(5) The AN/PRC-77 can be used with Antenna. d. and AN/GRC-160.0 watts. semirigid steel tape. multiseetion whip. Homing Loop AT-784/PRC (para 6-4) for detection and location of homing beacons or other fm radios. 1-6. Type of modulation Frequency. Items Comprising Operable Equipment (fig. 8 feet long. 12.5 to 15 volts de.5 to 4. (7) Loudspeaker. (6) The AN/PRC-77 can be used with Antenna AT-984A/G (para 6-5). and the AN/VRC-12 series radios (TM 11-5820-40112). Power source Battery. ' Distance range 5 miles (8 kilometers) (varies with conditions) • Types of antennas: Short antenna Antenna AT-892/ PRC-25. 1-5. The AN/GRA-39(·) (para 6-7b) and AN/GRA-6 (para 6-b) can also be used with the AN/PRC-77 for RWI operation. (1) Antenna Equipment RC-292 (TM 115820-348-15) can be used in place of the whip antennas to extend the communication distance (para 6-8). multiple wavelength antenna to extend the transmission and reception ranges. The AN/PRC-77 can also be used in conjunction with other equipment «1) through (8) below). 780 rna average. Transmission and reception power requirements: Transmission Voice (30()"8. 549/PRC can be used with the AN/PRC-77 to monitor radio reception (para 6-6). (4) Radio/wire integration (RWI) operation with the AN/PRC-77 and remote telephone facilities can be provided by Radio Set Control AN/GSA-7 with Oscillator 0-574/ GRA (para 6-8). Such radios can be the AN/PRC-77. Long 'antenna Antenna AT-271A/PRC.5 k.500cps) and 150-cps squelch tone. AN/PRC-25 (TM 11-5820-398-12). 3-3).95 me ±3. (2) The AN/PRC-77 can be connected to other fm radio sets for radio relay use by means of the cable in Retransmission Cable Kit MK-456/GRC (TM 11-5995-202-15.5 to 15 volts de. 50 kc. (3) Remote control of the AN/PRC-77 can be provided by Radio Set Control Group AN/ GRA-39(*) (para 6-7a) and Radio Set Control AN/GRA-6 (para 6-9a). or BA-898/U. Security or digital data equipment. Transmitter output power__ 1.06 amp average. Dry BA-4386/U. AN/VRC-64. para 6-1). Fm radio set with which the AN/PRC-77 can communicate are listed in paragraph 8-11 (fig. (TM 11-5820-498-12). 1-2) A quantity of one each component is provided with the AN/PRC-77. .. Technical Characteristics Frequency range: Low band High band Number of channels Channel spacing Types of transmission and reception: Transmission Reception 30. Dimensions and weights of components is provided in paragraph 2-1b. Voice (no squelch) or voice and 15O-cps squelch tone. a long-wire. Battery life 60 hours (with a 9:1 receive-transmit ratio).95 mc ±3. c. Wideband (10 to 20. 920.T~ 11-5820-667-12 AN/VRC-64 and AN/GRC-160 (TM 11-5820498-12). 10 feet long.000 cps) without 150-cps squelch tone.00 to 75. Reception 12. AN/GRC-125. A battery is required to operate the RT-841/ PRC-77 (para 1-8). Electromagnetic LS-. 0. 1-2 Change 4 (8) The AN/PRC-77 can be used with secure voice equipment (para 6-19) and digital data equipment.00 to 52.5 ke. Type of squelch Tone operated by 150-cps signal. the vehicular versions of these radios: Radio Sets AN/ VRC-53.e 53.

The RT-841/PRC-77 consists of the receiver-transmitter. a.. b Handset H-250/U (F8N 5965-043-3468) may be issued in lieu of H-189/GR. Chang. and Battery Box CY-2562/PRC-25..and handset «6) below (fig. (2) Antenna AT-2lIA/PRC. (3) Support.. Radio RT-S411PRC-77 SCDL447396. 80063 2562/PRC-25 and thus prevent the gas from accumulating in the receiver-transmitter case and exploding. (2) The CY-2562/PRC-25 is a lightweight metal case that protects and houses the battery. Spring tension is provided by a spiral spring in the base section. 1-2). which is of rigid tubular eonstructlon. Radio RT-841/PRC-77 and minor components.80063 Support. II. (3) A pressure relief valve (fig. Tbe valve is provided on new equipment and instalIed in used equipment per modification work order (MWO) 11-5800-21130-1 (13 September 1972).80063 Harness. regardless of the position of the RT841/PRC-77. plastic-covered cable (or braided plastic cord). The valve is required to prevent injury to personnel and prevent serious damage to the RT-841/PRC-77. The RT-841/PRC-77 is described in a below. the receiver-transmitter case. The complete RT-841/PRC-77.! . is watertight.TM 11-5820-667-12 F~d"". when assembled. When the sections are folded. 138/PRC-25. 1-3). Recei'Ver~Transmitter. 1--4). because of its steel tape construction. each section fits into the end of of a wider section.80063 Handset H-189/GR b SMC544226. (fig. The AT892/GRC-25 is a one-section. All controls are located on the front panel. The CW-508/PRC-25 is sectionalized into several pockets which are used to store the two antennas.80063 Battery Box CY-2662/PRC-25 SMD447322. 3-foot..long whip antenna. Antenna AB-591A/PRC 8CC85718. to prevent the loss of lndividual sections. b. This antenna is used when maximum range is required.. Antenna AB-59IA/PRC. Radio RT-841/ PRC-'ll. Either of the fol. BA--4386/U.. lowing handsets may be issued with the AN/ PRC-77. Electrical Equipment ST-138/ PRC-25 SMD447168. is used as a main support of the AT -271A/PRC. the cable keeps them t~ gether as a group.80063 Receiver-Transmitter. The AB-591A/PRC. A spring at its base allows for posi~ tioning of the antenna to keep it in a vertical position. can be folded into a small space. Electrical Equipment STST-138/PRC-25 is made of used to secure the RT-841/ can be carried on the opera-- (5) Bag. It is PRC-77 so that it tor's back.80063 Bag. (1) The receiver-transmitter is held in the receiver-transmitter case by four captive screws. Cotton Duck CW-503/PRC-25 SMC447168. CoUon Duck CW-503/PRC-26. The battery sits on a foam pad that is attached to the bottom of the CY-2562/ PRC-2S. 4 1-1 . (1) Antenna AT-892/PRC-26. and repair parts for Radio Set AN/PRC-77. General Descriplion (4) Harness. 1-2) Radio Set AN/PRC-77 conslsta of ReceiverTransmitter. The AT271A/PRC is composed of six sections. A batt. 2-2) is installed in CY-2562/PRC-25 to vent hydrogen gas (a br-product of the magnesium battery. 80068 Antenna AT-S92/PRC-25 SCDL135893. Minor Components (fig. 5820-930-3724 5820-242-4967 5820-889-8808 5820-086-7148 5820-086-7138 5965-069-8886 6999-892-8094 5820-930-3725 5820-086-7149 Radio Set AN/PRC-77' consisting of: Antenna AT-271A/PRC SMDl82392. The CY-2562/PRC-25 is attached to the reeelver-tranamttter case by two clamps. the minor components in b below. This antenna is used for general short-range service and. maintenance.ery connector projects from the receiver-transmitter and mates with the connector of the battery. • TM 11-5820-667-12 contains operation. (6) Handset (fig. the antenna support. A stainless-steel. discharge action) from the CY- 1-7. is threaded through the sections to keep them together in the operating condition.Iook No. The cotton duck. under spring tension.

Radio Set ANIPRC-77.TM 11-5820-667-12 RECE1VER- BATTERY BOX HANDSET H-189jGR ANTENNA AT-17IA!PRC 'BAT:RY NO~~~"--· --. Cotton Duck CW-50a/PRC-£5.TM---2 Figure 14.-------------ANTENNA AT-89Z)PRC-25 SUPPORT. 1-4 Change 4 with. . AT -<l92/PRC---25 (DISASSEMBLED) AB-59I/PRC CW-503!PRG--25 PARTS STOWED WITH AT-27IA/PRC E L5820-667 -12---01. ANTENNA AB-59IA!PRC ISSUED WITH AN)PRC-77 EL5820-667-12-CA-TM Figun 1-2.antenna8 and handset 8t&wSd. Bag. compoMnt..

Additional Equipment Required (fig. Battery. See paragraph 6-2 for details. 1-8. the 3-volt output is not used by the RT-841/PRC-77. (a:) Handset H-189/GR. switch is mounted in the handle. Chang_ 4 1-5 . See also SB 11-576 for authorization and use of cold weather batteries for the AN/ PRC-77 and other radios. The H-250/U is similar to the H-189/GR except that it is lighter and more rugged. (b) Handset H-250/U. The connecting cord is retractile and terminates in a five-pinconnector. Dry BA398/U may be used. Dry BA-4386/U is not supplied with the AN/PRC-77 but is required for operation of the RT-841/PRC-77. b. HANDSET H 250 ·U. The battery is provided with a female connector to mate with the battery connector on the RT-841/PRC-77. For artie operation. 2-2) a. Handsete H-189/GR and H-t60/U. The battery supplies 3 and 15 volts. The H-189/GR contains a dynamic microphone and receiver for transmitting and receiving signals. B_ HANDS TH 18 GR ELS820 clOI 12 M 8 Figure 1-4. A pushto-talk.TM 11-5820-667-12 A. The battery is issued in accordance with requirements in SB 11-6. Battery.

~. 20 poundL b. The .. Pr7InI . iDcurred durtDl' BhipmeDt.. that the equiPmeDt ..' of the paebd equipment I. Checldne U. from the top ud one aide of the wooden packiDl' box with a nailpuUer. Batt:er1 Bo:r: CY-21i62/PRC-I& II. Cottmt. b.6 ".... . inner carton. (1) balow.'1'1 1..1 ... d.. Whe. report the dun .orf.. and 9%.... ' Wtatll ». fP..ndNt (&-189lOR or H-250/U}---- 19 8 • .'1'1 0. Thi. covers the inner carton. Receiv .ging DaM. deep. qu1pment lDIpect the equipment tor poalble dam ..6 1'1' 18 • 4 • 111 10 II III) 0... Hated on the packlDlllip. omit the proeedun ill.. pRe-n. on DD Form 6 (para 1-8). Rm.. When packed for ship. (8) Remove the major uul mlDOr eom- No". c. 4."11 • 0. (4) Open the outer carton. I • • ponent. Electrical Equipment ST-IIB1 PltC-Q.1 e. Transmitter. the components of the AN /PRC-77 are placed in an inner· carton... The dimeulODl of the wooden paekinw box are 17 Inch. unpacldna equipment that I.. Change 4 ~1 . Radio RT~1J _________ ... Shorilp of • minorUIeD1b17 or part: that d08l not atled: proper lunet:lotllJll' of tht equipment should not prevent UII of the etulp.'6 6 ~. ()pen the second moisture-vaporproof barrier. CompotlMt 0Ye. A moisture-vaporproof barrier ia placed around the inner carton. Unpaclclna (ftg. (1) Remove and open the envelope that (5) Remove and open the (2) Remove the nan.1 1 0.D «1== 'oM (IL) m. 2-1) G... Duek CW-li08/PRc-t6 ____ ------ ---- 18. RePOrt shortages on SF 364 per AR735ll-2. If the equipment: has been damapd. package is placed in an outer urton.. Check to Ie8 contaiu the technical manualB. ment... Antenna AB-59IA/PRC Antenna AT-892/PRC-21i (folded) Aa_u AT-271A/PRC (folded) &amea. that and fold back the metal mapa.71 1. "*" 0•. 41 • 0.."11 0.'M II II. check the eqalpment 8I'alnat the' canponents list (para 1.. The outer carton Ie covered with a IICOJUl motaturevaPorproof barrier and placec1 1ft • woodeD pacldnw box. Bac. not available....... (6) Remove the corntJ'ated ftller.. ment... 18 IDCheIwide. If the pack..'1'6 0.. (1) Cut "veil 2-2... 167-12 CHAPTER 2 INSTALLAnON 2-1. c0mplete . Cauticm: Do DOt pry off the board. inches hia'h.. (8) Open the moillture-vaporproof barrier that covers the outer carton. 11 11 11 41& 1.tWing throqh (8) COftt6ntl.. packed only in cartons. ill&' Blip . the equipment... 6)." Support... PtJC1uJ. -r-r 4..

Installation of BaHeryj (til'. b. e. d. the location of the equipment greatly affects its operating range.0 ~ COAAUGATEO FILLER The AN/PRC-77 operates at low power and on high frequencies.. avoid locations near a source of electrical interference. and field hospitals. radar sets. appUeable to the equipment are liated in DA Pam 310-'1.. Remove the CY-2562/PRC-25. if the other station can be seen. f. An intervening hill or a tall building may hamper or prevent contact with other stations. Vaney . therefore. If the equipment has been used or reconditioned. the MWO number will appear on the front panel. 2-2) INNER CARTON a. if it is damaged or 1008e# the receivertransmitter mu~~ be repaired. 2-4. WOOOEN PACKING BOIC c. and low places are poor sites. densely wooded areas. such as power or telephone lines. a line-of-sight range can be expected. If possible. Check to see whether the MWO number (if any) and appropriate notations concerning the modification have been entered in the equi~ ment manual. check to see whether it has been changed by an MWO. Caution: Remove the battery "h_ the equipment is not in use for more than 1 day. MINOA COMPONENTS Nou. If the equipment has been modified.. near the nomenelature plate.TM 11-5820-667-12 METAL STRAPS· c. 2-3. Install the CY-2562/PRC-25 on the receiver-transmitter case and tighten the two ·clamps. Current MWO'... satisfactory operation is probable. Inspect the radio connector. Stand the RT-841/PRC-77 on a level surface with its front panel facing downward. ".. Siting MAJOR COMPONENTS 61 rr!D ~ CO". -2-2 Change 4 . Release the two clamps by pushing the topmost part of each clamp down and away from the receiver-transmitter case. Normally. that is. Location on a hilltop or a tower will increase the operating distance... Position the new battery connector in line with the radio connector until the two connectors are mated.. Tighten the pressure test screw and the pressure relief valve.

Assembly and Installation for Man-Pack Operation NOTE Install the battery in the receivertransmitter before proceeding (para 2-4). Instatlation. a. 2-5.TM 11-5820-667-12 BATTERY RECEPTACL. PRESSURE REL.. 2-3) to the receiver-transmitter as instructed in (1) through (4) below.IEF' VA L. " .. Attach the ST-138/PRC-25 (fig. Change 4 2-3 .. " RADIO CONNECTOR PflESSURE TEST SCRE:W R E'CEI VERTRANSMITTER CASE CAPTIVE SCREWS ~--- FRONT GUARD PANEL.V e: EL 5820-l161-12_C4_T M-3 Figure :2-2. <.E <. 0/ battery in receiver-tranBmitter.

Installation receiver-'transmitter in ST-138/PRC-25. (2) Place the receiver-transmitter on the 2-4 Change 4 ST-138/PRC-25 with its front panel toward the top and the CY -2562/PRC- . (1) Place the ST-138/PRC-25 flat on a level surface with the metal braces facing up.TNl 11-5820-667-12 SHOULDER STRAP RI NG SHOULDER STRAP BUCKLE _____ SHOULDER '~TRAPS ~ RECEIVERTRANSM fTTER RETAINING STRAP BUCKLES TM 5820':'398-10-5 Figure 2-3.


f. 54 me would be set on the lower section and 3S me would be set on the upper section. b. g. set the BAND switch at the other position. set the function switch to SQUELCH. readjust for a desired sound level in the handset.· the rushing noise should stop and the distant station should be beard when it transmits. Refer to paragraph 8-10 for squelch operation conditions. The receiver rushing noise can be eliminated by setting the function switch to SQUELCH during periods when the other station is not transmitting. nel is preset. Set the BAND switch at SO-52 or 58-75. If the incorrect channel appears in the channel dial. t. perform the presetting procedures as given in paragaph 3-2. release the push-to-talk switch 3-4. depending on the channel used. distance between tbe two stations is too great b. use tuning procedures in leave the function switches in the ON position paragraph 3-3 instead of those in £. e. use the same procedures in a above with the band switch in the proper position and with the information given in (a) above. wait approximately 10 secTbe failure of either station to receive trlm6onds before transmitting (e below) to missions from the other may indicate that the allow battery to produce full power. (5) If the other station cannot be heard now. If the incorrect channel still appears. reset the function switch to ON and advise the other station of the situation. 53-75. (3) Arrange with the other station to turn its squelch switch to the ON position and to send a sbort transmission. (2) Speak into the handset.8-1) a. Set the PRESET levers forward (toward the me and kc tuning controls). nel dial. turn the tuning controls againtrt the stop in the opposite direction. . If the preset frequency is in the other band. use the following procedures: (1) Arrange for the distant station to send a short transmission while operating without its squelch. (4) On the RT-841/PRC-77 (receivertransmitter). NOTE Do not speak into botb elements of the H·-138(+)/U. (b) To preset the me control sections. turn the me and kc tuning controls against the other stops. d. Turn the me and kc tuning controls so that the desired frequency shows in the chan. Transmit as follows: (' (1) Press the push-to-talk switch on the handset. To determine whether squelch operation is possible. 3-3. Note: Set PRESET levers back. t Channell (fig. 3-4 Change 4 on the handset. Turn the me and kc tuning controls until the stops strike against the PRESET levers. It bas two micropbone elements for noise cancellation: speaking into botb elements simultaneously will caneel out your voice. e. 3-1 and 3--2) To select a preset channel. g. Set the VOLUME control at 4.. Set the function switch to ON. Set the BAND switch at 30-52 or or that tbe squelch circuit of either radio station is de1ective. To select the other preset channel. proceed as follows: a. Operating Procedure (ftg. below. Note: Whenusing magnesium battery NOTE BA-4386!U. c. depending on channel used. always set the lower section to that me frequency that is lower in its band than the me frequency in the other band. thus. Selecting Pre. To receive. (2) Set the function switch to ON. Check the channel number that appears in the channel dial. For example: 54 is lower (second position) in band B than 83 me (fourth position) in band A. the rushing noise should be heard until the other station transmits.TM 11-5120-667-12 (a) When presetting the mc control for frequencies that are in different bands. A rushing noise should be heard in the handset. If chan(6) If either station is moving about. c. d.

try several different locations within the designated area and stay at the one where jamming is minimum. disconnect the antenna. Homing Loop AT-784/PRC (TM 11-5985-284-15) to provide the AN/PRC-77 with facilities for homing operation. notify your superior officer immediately and continue to operate the equipment. 6-3). The effects of enemy jamming may be reduced by placing the equipment so that nearby obstructions act as a screen in the direction of probable sites of enemy jamming transmitters. To provide maximum inte1ligibility of jammed signals. Stopping Procedure (fig. Homing Operation Use Antenna.ring of the audio connectors. 4 S-5 . Recognition and Identification of 3-9. This screen action may also reduce the transmitted signal strength toward the enemy and for Squelch and Nonsquelch Operation The explanations and squelch operating conditions in a through d below are applicable to the squelch operation in paragraph 3-4g. allows operation in temperatures to -63<> F. try the suggestions given in 0. Dry BA-S98/U (para 6-2) must be used instead of the BA-386/PRC-25 or BA-4386/U. If the AT-27IA/PRC was used. The rushing noise stops when the RT-841/PRC-77. which is worn beneath the operator's parka. d. is turned on. Refer to paragraph 6-4 for operation of the AT-784/PRC with the AN/PRC-77. or a defective receiver. (1) Unscrew the AT-271A/PRC from the AB-591 Ai t'HC. Condition. When the function switch is set to SQUELCH. or another transmitter operating on the same frequency is turned on. 0. intercept your signals. Operating Procedures Under Arctic Jamming Under rea) or simulated tactical conditions. 3-6. set the function switch to OFF. disassemble it as follows:. no sound is heard in the handset until the RT-841/PRC-77 or another transmitter operating on the same frequency. through c below. b. Vary the VOLUME control. 3-10.. the receiver may be jammed by the enemy. b. (3) Unscrew the AB-591. (See SB 11576 for authorization of BA-398/U.the other transmitter transmits a 150-cps squelch signal when it is turned OD. Jamming is easily done by transmission of a strong signal on the frequency being used.) the CW-503/PRC-25. Prior to operation in extreme temperatures. and the AB-591A/PRC .. If the interference continues. a rushing noise is heard in the handset. c. provided . Battery. If the procedures in a and b above do not provide sufficient signal separation for operation. a..A/PRC from the antenna mount. Anti-iamming When jamming of a channel is first noticed. which makes it difficult or impossible to hear the desired signal. The BA-398/U (fig. When operating the AN /PRC-77 under arctic conditions. signals from a friendly station. When the function switch of the RT841!PRC-77 is set to ON. To turn oft' the receiver-transmitter. the receiver is defective. request change to an alternate frequeney and call sign. Close the flaps on the CW-50S/PRC-25. pull out each section from the next section and fold it along the side of the next lower section.rM 11-5'20-667-12 at both stations until it has been determined (by using the procedures in (I) through (5) above) that reception can be accomplished with the function switch at SQUELCH. 3-7. both antennas. (2) Beginning with the top section. (-530 C. check to see that a coating of silicon grease has been applied to the neoprene rubber O. thereby make it more difficult for him to. b. 1-2 and l~) 0. noise from a local source. To determine whether the interference is originating in the receiver. If possible. Conditions Chan.. c. Unusual noises or strong interference heard on the receiver may be enemy jamming. 3-8. Store the handset. The level of the desired signal may be raised enough to be distinguished from the jamming signal.).

b These are radio configurations in which the AN IVRC-46 or AN /VRC-49 is a component.oe (ma) Ohannel II!Ipaei-no.rko ANI ARC-114· -AN I ASC-I0 (V~· _ _ ANI ASC-11 ANI ASO-15· b _ _ Receiver-Transmitter RT-671 GRC in: AN/GRC-5. can only receive.276-15 Includes either AN I ARC-54 or AN I ARC-lS1. can only 47-51 100 kc TM 11-5820-549-12 AN IOR0-163 AN/TSC-61A ----------------AN ITSQ-70Ab AN ITSQ-:71A b AN/FSQ-75 (V)~· _ _ _ 30-75.95 30-76. • These radio sets have the ISO-cps squelch feature in their receiver-transmitters and receivers that make them eompatable with the RT-84l/PRC-77 for squelch operation. Includes AN/ARC-ISI.. preset crystals. squad radio... Change 4 3-7 ..95 30-69. • _ 47-57 47-57 100 kc 100 kc TM 11-285 TM 11-5820-549-12 TM 11-5820-549-12 P/o. can only transmit.95 30-76.TM 11-582~67-12 FrequeTl()lI R"'".dradio. 30-75.95 or 30-75.90 . preset AN/PRT-4 AN/PRT-4A • _ b Plo squa. preset crystals..95 30-75..ery Publi~t>tio" R. Refer to paragraph 3-10 for squelch details. 50 kc 60 IIc 100 kc TM 11-5821-279-12 TM 11-5821-285-12 AN IVRQ-:2 AN IVRC-9 AN IVRC-14 AN IVRC-17 AN IVRC-21 ~ _ _ _ _ _ 38-54.J . _ _ _ _ _ 100 kc TM 11-284 TM 11-287 'I'M 11-286 TM 11-291 TM 11-611 TM 11-642 Receiver-Transmitter RT-68/GRC in: AN/ORC-7..95 30-75.90 50 ke 50 ke TM 11-5821-670-12 TM 11-5821-.95 27-38.40 100 kc TM 11-284 TM 11-287 TM 11-286 TM 11-291 TM 11-611 TM 11-642 TM 11-290 TM 11-284 AN/ORC-S. crystals. Plo squad radio.95 30-75.. AN/GRO-6. Includes AN/VRC-47.95 50 60 50 50 60 kc kc kc kc kc TM 11-5820-713-15 Tld 11-5895-469-15-1 TM 11-5895-579-12 TM 11-5895-474-12 TM 11-5895-590-10 transmit.95 30-75.. AN/GRC-$ AN IVRQ-:3 AN/VRC-I0 AN IVRC-I5 AN/VRO-18 AN IVRC-22 Receiver-Transmitter RT-70/GRC in: AN/ORC-5 through AN/VR0-7 AN/PRR-9 _ 47-58.

......... <It I . ai . .... . III l...0 j::: ~ :IE 0 W '-' '" 0 > t: III <II III ~ z Q. I <.. • ..~ ~ ~ !:: Q... ... z c a.... . ~~ 0 is or .. Q. of> .J III '" on C u..: > 0 T '...~ .:i ~ III ~ t-.. a: II:: lao > d > > ... I rr: % ::> . ~ ~ ~ <. IL <.~ ~ .I- o ~ ~ III • . z . • a> ....s ~ $ '" 0 is a: Ct ~ ~ <:> '" g ..:tid «« o <. . z :::E '" . 1 . « G- .. . . I... . I 01> 01> I ...... I 0 t_ .> . g ... ..: u ~ ._ I <I) ~ III 'II' ! rr: % ..... <J) CD .:: . ................: c.. uo ~ cr...... ... I .. It Z :it C« .. !A otl N ~ 0 Q.... '" Z I <I WI . Z / / :~ ..::! l . '" III I of) I . ...: 6 a: t: I >d .. zz «c II: u u . U II: . W CD III oJ z c Z l4lW . <J) ....:... !. . ... I '" a: Q..... .: :> ·s !.TM 11-5820-667-12 II> is rr: <I( 0 .. .. '" . I :I l- lao ::IE III 'II' III I ..... ... .. 3-8 Change 4 . l- T . :z z z z z CI CI <l <I( « a> N I 0 u u 0 <I> '".. .... (.- ..... Z~ :z z .. III OJ" •. . a: G................ .......... :> 0 ...> 10 <J) N 0 a: II: '" rr: a: II) ... .... on . . .......

and lnapeet10n of equipment to prevent the occurrence of trouble.riods 4. Scope of Maintenance The maintenance duties 888igned to the operator of the AN /PRC-77 are listed below. Replacement (para 2-4). S. during operation. Paragraph 4-4 and 4-Ospeeify the items to be inspected and serviced.e and Inlpection P. or once a week whUe the equipment is kept In standby condition. in good general (physical) condition and in good operating condition. 81 specifted in the applicable para. eervieing. Preventive Maintenance Preventive maintenance is the systematic care. 4-3. ViauaJ Inspection (para 4-7). the equip. the reference8 column lists the illustrations. The duties assigned do "not require tools or test equipment. that is. to reduce downtime. the daily (para 4-4) and the weekly (para 4-6) servieea and inapections should be aecompliahed concurrently. I:e what to cheek. The cleaning operations (para 4-8) should be performed once a day. If the equipment is being maintained in a standby condition. or after it i8 turned off. of the battery We8._tiN JiGl"tfttl. In addition to the routine services and inspection. If the defect cannot be remedied by the operator. The procedures given In paragraph 4-4 and 4-fi cover 8Ylf.TM 11-5120--667-12 CHAPTER 4 OPERATOR'S MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS 4-1. 4-2.tematic Cue. If the equipment Is not used daily.after any shutdown. To assist operators in maintaining combat serviceability. b. how to cheek. Recorda and reports of thelij! cheeks and services must be made in accordance with the requirements set forth in TM 88-'760. ment should be reinapeeted and serviced immediately before going on a mission and as soon after the completion of the mission as pollible. Paragraph 4-6 specUles preventive maintenance service cheeks and servieea that must be performed once each week. Cleaning (para 4-8). The preventive maintenance cheeks and services charts (para 4-4 and 4-5) outline functions to be performed at specific intervals. higher category maintenance or repair is required.. Change 4 4-1 . to. Maintenance service and inspection of the radio set are required on a daily and weekly basis.. and what the . Operational check (para 4-8). c. gether with a reference to the paragraghs covering the specific maintenance functions.lormal conditions are.l. ~ph. the cleaning operations mult be performed before operation of the equipment. and to usure that the equipment is eervieeable. The other items must be cheeked before the equipment is placed in operation after a ahutdown. paragraphs. d. Pr. a. e. These cheeks and services are to maintain Army electronic equipment in a combat serviceable condition. or manuals that contain detailed repair or replacement procedures. 'Nvenlive Maintenance Servi. the charts indie.nce CAeca aM SeT. b. b. Go Preventive maintenance (para 4-2).ematic care euential to proper upkeep and operation of the equipment.

Antenna -----------------. Inspect for leakage. uae • a. 2-3.rid eontrol knobs.a. and swelling. Cleaning . b..rvices Chart BefR'en_ .. dampen the cloth with mild soap and water. Para 4-6. 1-4. Visual . para 2-4.e. WARNING: The fumes of Trichloroethane are toxic. Para 4-8. clean cloth.tion when used. Remove dust and other loose dirt with a soft. 1. Fig. (1) Switches and eontrola for incorrect setting (para 8-6).TM 11-5120-667-12 4-4. When the equipment fails to operate prop.ila.nel . and ground-in loose connection (para 2-6).) with Trichloroethane (FSN 6810292-9625. Para 1-6. The c. Perform the steps in the operational checklist. Prov:i. Daily Preventive Maintenance Checks and Service.urfaees.. During operational check (sequence No. loose fit. and moisture from channel window and equipment . CY -2562/ PRC-25 for damage. Handset -------- Fig. Fig. corrosion. and free from external and internal binding. aDd corrosiOn. Operator'.. but exposure erly.." lum be lupecW Proceo!IIN 1 2 3 .In. Remove I"ase.n radio set 18 not to be used for 1 ot" more days. CUUl. items ______________ Inspect for mildew and teal'll. Check an controls for looseness and other damage. Remove dust. Operator's ~ o. ethane is not flammable. Gasket ------------------. battery Fig. Inspect the exterior of the radio set. Trichloroa.4 Inspect the cord for fraying. check to see that the mechanical action of each control iasmooth. vent. 3 Controlfl Battery Check to see that the equipment is complete. CaDv.qt). dirt from the case. kinks. ehe& to open flame converts the fumes to a the following items: highly toxic and dangerous gas.nlped-ion Do not use near open flame. lungus... wet:. Remove dust and other dirt from plup exterior surfaces should be free of dirt..~7. use a cloth dampened (not 4-2 Change 4 4-6. Weekly Preventive Maintenance to Check. and Se. 1-2. clean soft cloth. and receptacles.Inspect for dam. 4-5.5 below). 5 Transmitter-receiver tuning. If dIrt is difBcult to remove. a. Cleao the p. 2-2. WARNING:Remove whe. d. Chart 1 2 Completenesa Exterior 8uriac. and broken inaulatlon.spect the gaaket on Battery Bo¥.. (2) Handset 'or anteDD& for b. and fungus.

2-4). troubleshooting is required at a higher maintenance category. Observe the operation of the AN /PRC-'l7. b. .. Conneet handset to 0 the r AUDIO connector. . rance.e operational checklist will help the operator loeate the trouble quieldy. 5 Set fun e t Ion SQUELCH. and tranlmit test 1$ Teat aipale are beard loud and dear at nearby seL Conneethandset·to connector. Procedure. b. h. Signala are heard loud and clear Higher maintenance category repair required. and trannnit teat lianal. 2-4). _. c. Righer maintenance reqUired. switch to Rusbing noise is 52-mc range. other AUDIO Birul· 7 Adjuat. b. Check antenna. Adjust RT. and perform any corrective measure given. equipment. Adjust AT-841/PRC-77 to receive teet. 8 are heard loud and Adjuat RT-841/PRC_" \0 Telt lipall channel in 68· to 75·mc dear at nearby " 52-me rance. c. proceed to the operational checklist (para 4-8).. Replace batte17 (para Cl. Rushing noise is beard when no lienal il received. from nearby set operatlnc in 58· to 76-mc ran. 1 2 Set VOLUME control to 5. and instal1 an antenna (para 2-6). Test ai&'nala are heard loud and clear. Ilenala from nearby set operatin&" in 80. Channel diallichts Check to see that cover for power eennecter is in place. Connect the handset to the AUDIO connector. check by substitution.TM 11-5820-667-12 for being too weak to operate the radio. 8 Set function switch to ON. Use the corrective measuree to repair the 4. RT-84l1PRC-77 to receive teat aicnal. Cheek handset by lubetitution. Th. Bicher maintenance category repail required. Report on the proper form (TM 38-750) what corrective measures were taken and how the equipment performed at the time of failure. catecol'J' repair Change 4 4-3 . Perform the steps given in c below in the order given. CorNetS". Operational Checklist Genernl. Set and hold function switch at LITE. .ttery (para 4. Replace ba. If the measures suggested do not restore normal operation.-841/PRC-77 to ehannel in 80. If the above cheeks do not locate the trouble. (3) Battery 4-1. Checklist.

otherwise direetM by the commanding officer. Maintenance forms and recorda to be used and maintained on the equipment are specified in TM 88-760. Cheek to . nance G. d. the r. Quarterly Preventive Maintenance Quarterly preventive maintenance on the radio set wiD be scheduled In aeeordance with the requir:ementa of TK 88-760. Maintenance Checb anti 5..tack No. T .... eponsibility of all categories of maintenance concerned with the equipment and includes the inspection..lIrfaees for mdehce of fuacu. Thie chapter covers organizational maintenance of Radio Set AN/PRC-77 and containe lutruetions for performing preventive maintenance to be accomplished by the organizational repainnan.CHAPTER 5 ORGANIZAnONAL MAINTENANCE INSTRUC_nONS 1-1. tiona) maintenance should be deadUned in aecordanee with TM 88-710. Bemo •• rut and eGnoIi-. Trichloroethane 6810-292-9625 j 1 qt)... (8) Repair and replacement (para 6-7). subassemblies.. Pluen'atloa Check to ... e. with a d. Equipment. Tool Kit. b. 5-2. 58 11-573 and TB 746-10... All deficiencies or shortcomings will be recorded. CleuIiB . W.. b..palat baN . testiDl'. Preventive mainte&nce il the Iyatematie eare. Equipment Required for Organizational Mainte- 5-4.. or units that inspection and testa Indicate would probably fail before the next scheduled periodic service.. inapection. aad QOt. (2) Troubleahootinl' (para 6-6). ft. Qeaning cloth. ficiency that cannot be correetecl by orpnlza. Completea.ntiv. the radio let ia Chart 1 I Para 1-6. Organizational Quarterly PreY. ancl ._ . Material. ·prevent breakdowns. Orpnizational maintenance of the radio let coneilta of the following : (1) Organizational quarterly preventive cheeks and services chart (para 1-&). that. eomp". and servieiq of the equipment to maintain it in aervlceable condition.. Change 4 5-1 . Perform all the aervicea listed in the quarterly preventlve maintenanee cheeb and aervlcee chart (para 1-1) in the eequence liated. )(ultimeter AN/URM-IOIi. • cleaa. and repair or replacement of parts. and &IIure maximum operational capabllfty. Preventive Maintenance G. Scopeof Organizational Maintenance G. Check aU . Eleetronic Equipment TK-IOI/ (Federal...dio let ia tMt. Preventive maintenance II the re-- 5-5.. Preventive maintenance service and inspections of the radio set at organizational maintenance made at quarterly intervals unle. and thOle not corrected during the inlpection and service will be immediately reported to higher maintenance categories by use of forma and proceduree specified in TM 38-760... G.

curnnt.. 'must be aeh. proceed to the equipment performance eheekUat (b below). DA Pam 810-'1.. I lIodlleatiou ChaeJc: DA Pa..8.rYlee. Chart-C.o"". dlneW III panpaph 12 RT-841/PRC-77 ••••• w... J. . 7MClftr. order "'ven... 810-'1 to determine Til a~'IIO ~d If nnr .. anti S.eoanect II.nt.. prociclure will eave time troubleahootiq i. column. 10 11 AlateD..'II5/U(If uecl) for mild....FYI. AU IN'I"U . • Cheek the ehanuI wiDdow for d. and broba iftIulation.w Wow.. checJdq performance. Bl~ out aU internal parts (to remove possible gas accumulation from mamesium battery ~ara 1-7a_(2). an tia'ht on their ahaRa. Item.... fvneticm ..p.. dt. th.bI.. uled... the.. 5-2 Change 4 .nce OJaanlzational J. an complete. ad tun. 1-'1...". Remove chassis fram case (fig.. Uld eonotlon. Chana! 'WbuIow CX-lfH._. m\llt be . "''1..t. . 8-1) and doe.... 8-1..... required b7 hiaher cateaol"J aDd ID&7 avoid further damage.... that all eonuola work amoolh).telJ.. 1-1. Report on the appropriate . BfIIi"... • • Pra:rIna -----------------IlUdew 1Uped: the handset eord 101' fra:rm. (8)' Seatlnl' of the battel'7 plq in the batNote. S. properl.. form (Til 88-710) 'how the equipment per .ppllcable IlWO'.. Start (2) Seatiq of the handset coRnector at the beatnnlDI' and follow each step in the in ita AUDIO receptacle.. taken. ' .. PuhUeaUou Chttek to .. COrrective meuuree 01&1.. radio Nt i.' P".... Check..... cute. AU URGENT IIWO'.. not operate. Pia. Make the foUowiq checb: formed and what corrective meuure... and Cabl... lupect the equipment earefuD. equipment perfOI'lJWlee checJdlat i. Uaeu.. Coat:rola as In the equipment performanee check· JilL Cheek to . VUualI...1M" . -'1 Qu. Idna. '-f..t ell publlc. 5-2).p..75/U and perform the cheeb u.I.. cheek . (par. Cheek the perfOrmaDee of the eqwp..pplled ImlMdt.. CX-lo. and DA Pam 810-&.... __ Perform the . Pia.. • P. Ole orl'an It..... wen (1) Tlahtaeu of the antenna In the an. "ft. for rective meuure does not repair the equipment... P•• 1-4. tenus lor... tenna !DOunt.. P. lupeet can .. Inspect the ... a procedure If th. TIll...eetIon does not reveal trouble.. I C)peratSoul teat . looM fit... ha'le bee pablt. aIld do not bbul.../O'I'fIt. The . otmOU8 defectl. . AU NORMAL KWO'. If visual inof malnte_Dee. mentu outlined in the check)iat below.. If the corare ocean...... rIy Preventive Malnten. cxfor I)'Itematlcall. If the radio set II vied wWa the T8&C/J(Y-18 tery coDDlCtor..Uon..OfIU Clec. Pia. 111 maintenance personnel CAnperform are atven .When equipment fail1D the CorrfCtiv..

""'Ila .....'Mll~-lt x. • ... • plaol battery. to 11·lDe baDd (if pouibl. Tighten POWER receptacle cap. S.10 me 10..... Ia nqaIn4... AN/PRCtnaatlt OIl cIwl. _I'd ch. ...apaI Ia ..). ' • Adjut pJtC-n to tran ..06 me 10. (mown to be pod) to traumlt on authorilecl channel ill 81). __ noDe no IiIulIa r. BT ..... tala loq _ce t..tO ale 10. l/PRC-n to Gat.. • Adj_ and ...... ... heard loud an..AN I lIeI.... » Dot heard II heard loud and S...&ber AUDIO DIe lO..l dMlred anteDaa in aDteJula lIIOunt.... T_ OIl aIa1W I.... ehuulel... . I a.. Il1W below (if autborlled).....00 me 10. Obtain loq 'nice teR .. ~ n..aut handset to . __ Co.. . Set function SQUELCH .. Set VOLUME control to 6... on each dwuleL TuD.. ea~ clear....10 me n to a. no...'10 me 10.... .. and tuDe JtT.. O.. 1 t I IuUJ........_ eatItIol7 "pair .'_' Set up a a_rb..)..........60 me 10. . 6.... "plaee .nee teR IIpaJ ll'OID 1l4IU'by AN/PRC- .tO mc Change 4 5-3 . l/PRC"'1 to th. t:.rt lieffOlD IlMI'h). handset...... AN/PRC..e! In order PftII below: 10. heard noel ..... a aearb" AN/ t on Test lIpallllMard loud aU ....... RT-t41/ PRc-n to each chana. "... a. dwule!1n authorilecl II'75-me bud (if poMIbl.. CIwek bandset . deu each c:huW.. D" PRc-n... IWitch to Channel dial l_htL Buablq Set flIDctioa IWitch to ON. chanatL Obtain a loq . "_ Ia nqaINd.d AUDIO eoueetor.. 1O..t f1metioD UTE.. II nem..eo me lO. Coaaut handset to . nritch to JtaablftC Teat ..80 me 1O.ftII.

Equipment 8_ PerfOf'7lUJ.. 5-7. t ttanamltted by RT-841/PRC-'l'l. ~.. Adjul\ a nearh.. by lubltitution. nIl.. AN/PRC-77. •ip".ur II required. ANI PRC-77 at SQUELCH. check the continuity ue.. be good to neelv.. 12 Set IUIletioa OFF. nriteh to Aadlo". Adjult a nearby AN I . heard loud and PRe-77 (known to dear at Ilean. It IIpa1 II reeeived ott channel.. Fi8ure 6-1 la the IChematic diagram for Cable CX-I0476/U. and aend 10" voice tut lipal. Pren plllh·to-talk nriteh T_t Iip. b. 10 0.PII operati . 6. AN/Pac17 (known to be pod) to reeeive telt I len a 11 tran~'"'ittecl hy RT-841/ PRCT.ig. Oft both Iid. Cheek handset.l. Repair and Replacement a..everal ehlnnei.u. Hieber cateJ'Ol'J" rep.. 11 IWiteh 01 handset.1 01 operatirll' ehalUl. defective.eonneeted to RT-841/PRC-7' Kultimeter AN/VRM-I06. Tune nearby AN/PRC-17 to ..1M 11-5120-667-12 b. If Cable CX-I0476/U ia . and Hnd long voice teat . The Items for organizational repaIr are Hated in appendix D. Set lunetion . NIA 6. htcber eateprj repair II required. 5-4 Change 4 . Itcb 01 nearb. Teat lip" . No illltruetiona are required to replace the Itema..pected . Pres. AN/PRc-n..ftU ClulckJiet-Continued II.. push -w -talk eonneded to RT-SUI PRC-'l7. of handset . hiaher required • eatecol'J" repair . If Ilmal eannot be neeived at II heard loud and clear at aearb..

00 to 76. thus it may be connected to the radio during normal transmission and reception. a. AN/VRC-64. (2) Key the RT-841/PRC-77 at the frequencyat which communication fails and at lther frequencies in both bands. such as the AS-1729/ VRC (or AT-912/VRC) of the AN/VRC-12 series radios (TM 11-5820-401-12). Since the TS-2609/U is connected between the coaxial ANT receptacle and a 50. Power TS-2609/U The TS-2609/U is a small thru-Iine directional wattmeter which measures and monitors transmitter radiofrequency (RF) power and load match (reflected power) in ·50. 5-2). Refer to TM 11-6625-1686-15 for instruction on con. b. To do so damages modules in the radio or may cause the wrong frequency to be set up for transmission or reception. Since the TS-2609/U cannot be connected to the whip antenna connector of the RT-841/ PRC-77. It measures forward and reflected power from 0 to 100 watts and 0 to 10 watts in 30. It must be undamaged. Blowout all parts on both sides of the RT-84l!PRC-77 chassis. and flush with the body of the connector. or AN/GRC-160 (TM 11-5820-498-12). be seated flush with the bottom of the connector (and inside the four connector mounting screws).ohmantenna system or dummy load (not the whip antenna receptacle of the RT-841/PRC-77). c. in its recess. Change4 5-7 . That is. Loosen the captive screws and pull the case from the RT-841/PRC-77 chassis (fig. 5-9. 6(50) (1) Leave the battery in the RT-841/PRC77 and connect the TS-Z609/U between the RT-841/PRC-77 and the vehicular whip antenna system. CAUTION Never change frequencies or the BAND switch while the transmitter is keyed (by pressing the handset push-to-talk switch). and e below). d. it must be corrected before the radio is used for communication. 2-2). (3) Normally the forward power Indication should range between 0.. (3) The three battery connector pins must not be bent or otherwise damaged. Inspecting RT-841IPRC-77 fOr Condition of Hydrogen Gas Protection Devices a. and to inspect the items that help prevent hydrogen gas from leaking into the chassis (e. communication failure could be attributed to one of the following: whip antenna (8 or 10 ft) . handset. modulation or demodulation circuits. under tension. Remove the CY-2562/PRC-25 and the battery (para 2-4a.ohm impedance coaxial systems. To perform the test proceed as follows. or of Ra. and each O-ring must be seated.5 and 4 watts. and c). use a vehicular whip antenna system of another radio set. nections and operation of the TS-2609/U.TM 11-5820-667-12 5-8.00 me range with an accuracy of 5 percent af full seale at room temperature. weak battery. If insufficient output power (b(3) below) is obtained. It provides no loss to transmitted and received RF signals. b. d. When any item in c. (2) The two Q. Stand the RT-841!PRC-77 on its front panel (fig. b. para 5-5) to purge hydrogen gas (b below) that may accumulate in the chassis from the magnesium battery (para 1-7a(8». Use of Test Set. they must not be sheared. depending on frequency. AN/GRC125. or e below is defective. Perform the following operations periodically on the RT-841/PRC-77 (item 12.dio Sets AN/YRC-53. Use lung power. Inspect RT-841/PRC-77 battery connector for the following: (1) A rubber gasket (FSN 5330-109(shaped similarly to the metal ring around the battery connector hole in the RT841/PRC-77 case) must be installed on the RT-841/PRC-77 battery connector. the test would only indicate whether the RT841/PRC-77 has sufficient or Insufflelent output RF power.rings on the battery connector must be installed and undamaged.

or equivalent) to insure that it is sealed and cannot be loosened. the pressure relief valve must be installed (para 1-7a(3»). the pressure test screw must be screwed tightly. In the RT-841/PRC-25 case (fig. (The hole was used in manufacture for pressure test instruments. 2-2).T~ 11-5820-667-12 d. In the CY-2562/PRC-25 (fig. Check to see that it is screwed together. use a wrench to tighten the pressure relief valve nut on the inside of the CY-2562/ PRC-25. 2-2). 5-8 Change 5-8 .) e. and covered with an epoxy (FSN 8040-8476387.

a :-:.'.. rr~ • -I • . 1/1' • ~I -!~ .:r.. • • 0 • I ~1 ...' 1l:~·1 I I v ~ .·~'". :I I 8 r-- ..':. :1 fT.~ I~ ! j ~I rill CI II I .~ II • 1'1 ...I·::-:.'. ! ~ 0 . • I .. . Change 2 . . ....:::~ ... .. Wiii iiliit...- • . 0 . ~l ~ • ~ . ~J i v u :1 ~l j • • .~ • .:. " .-< IlllllhOlOiii"'~ 'W1MM~-c 'M@'h. ) 'Hd. H" . "" • v • • • o I ~ .. cI 1""""1 ~~il Ii :~ .:.dl~-<v.. ':~...TM 11-5820-667-12 ~ r-- 'w. lIBIIr-< ...'*iW~ 'WlMM~ < •• < 1<0 r--u. . :.. .\-..j ~I =i • .1 I: ..:'.

Dry. 6-3) Battery.. 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 6-4.VRCor RT-524jVRC to NEW ON when the radio set with which it communicates is one of those given in paragraph 3-100(1) through (8). (6) Communicate with radio set No. Opera-\ tion of the radio set is unchanged (para 8-2 through 8-6).u_ . Dry BA-398/U for Arctic Operation (fig.. Cable AMem- 4 . (9) For the operator at the relay site to receive instructions and to monitor the communication between radio sets No. which. (8) Communication proceeds au. The I CW-922/GRC is used to prevent poaaible \ radiofrequency radiation from this &ntenna connector from interfering with the aenain. of 1PDQn4- I pI_.2.BA-898/U O~n.. Cable Assembly. To communicate with radio set No. Eleetrieal CW-922/GRC. Radio Frequency CG-3344/pRC is for connecting the radio set and Ante.. The number of RC-292 eleomenta required for the vertioal and groundplane sections for a given frequency band are as Jiven in the chart below. 6-3.. is used as a grounding cap and must be connected to the S. the BA-tJ98/U and vest mulf be warmed up at temperaturea above freezi'nl/ lor approximatel1l 8 hours. of. 3-1). Installation inatructioua few the llC-292 are contained in TM 11-5820-848-15. and advise the radio set No. Battery.nna AT-I082/ .u..1.. Homing Loop AT-784/PRC (fig...J I'tIIlII-IN4 ~. 0 1 1 1 1 1 • ! Ii ! • 1 kI-.11-'820-667-12 awiteh of the RT-246. operation of the AT-l082/pRC.6 to f6M • • i i II 1 0 0 1 1 1 iIIl" 11 11 for Tn-~ pia.. 1 from radio set No. is approximately 17 hours. Before operation.. The average life of the BA-898/U under arctic conditions. h8 ...1 and No... 4. supply power for the AN/PRC-77 during arctic operation.. 10 to 86. 4 operator that the relay site is prepared for communication with radio set No.. Dry BA-4386/U to.. 4 from radio set No.. set the Battery. 76-mc range. .6 60.. the operator at the reJay site must use the relay site radio set associated with the distant radio set. Special Purpose.6 to 60.. attached to the CG-3844/PRC... Ch. 6-4~ Antenna. fNlll1l-cr (-) No. it is required to connect the BA-898/U to the RT-841/PRC-77 POWER connector.. It consists of the components shown .. Cable Assembly. The BA-398/U consists of battery units within a carrying vest.1 operator that the relay site is prepared for communication with radio set No.4 with out any operation required at the relay site. figure 6-4. S. Electrical OX. ground-plane antenna that may be used to ex- 6-2. No. 4. SQUELCH switch to OLD ON for any other radio set..1 and No.6 88. Antenna Equipment 1t-292 Antenna Equipment RC-292 1s an elevated. . 8808/G ia not issued as part of the BA-8981 N.. connect a handset to the audio connector on the network box of the CX-4656/GRC.IM.. The RC-292 is used instead of the antenna that is issued with the AN/PRC-77 and is connected to the RF cable ANT connector of the RT-841/PRC-77 (f~. and advise the radio set No..anee PRC.tomatically betWeen radio sets No..4 (7) Communicate with radio set No. is used in place of Tne of "U01l .. Homing Loop AT-784/PRC is used for detection and location of radio signal in the 30. when used properly. and 10-foot whip antenna conneetors. &IUIIna tend the operating distance of numerous radios includiJll' the AN/PRC-77 when it is used at a fixed location. 1 or No..

_..0-292-9625) may be used to facilitate dirt and grease removal. 6-8)..._.. -¢:::r.1-'''''10) I.ONG wlf(£ ANTENH.eLONG WIlliE -.--'S' _ _ .. (4) Adjust the volume control on the radio for maximum output...CWG WIM: AN1~ru.. Electromagnetic LS-549/pRC (loudspeaker) can be used with the AN/PRC77 and other radio seta for monitoring radio reception. 1(" Ie- _ -. iLES ANTENNA tAT-MA/GI 11... . but exposure to open flame converts the fumes to a highly toxic and dangerous gas. or radio aet. _ ".-t.. NotIJ.A MILES. HeacIset. . c.7'-884.. (3) If silent monitoring is desired.. ..-.. Adjust the volume control on the loudspeaker for a comfortable listening Jevel.. or similar support.. d.5 iIIIt.. (fig.ES LONG WIRETO LONGWIAt -._ dia. No maintenance or repair of the loudspeaker is required. There are no maintenance parts for the AT-984A/G. cut off the rubber tubing immediately behind the terminal hI. MainteMnce. Some parts mar be replaoed that are ldentl· cal to those in Reeeiving Set. Unreel the antenna :wire. Use the cord that ties the antenna wire to the reel (fig.--t. It is not flammable. use warning signs or similar safety measures to prevent pe:raonnel and vehicles from nmning in-to the stretched antenna wire. The loudspeaker is lightweight (less than 4 ounces.. 6-8)..n:ml. of (2) Clip the loudspeaker to the helmet.. -... Eiectrical H-264/PRR-9 is provided for mounting on the user's ear.8 __ _ - 5 .4. post.. tree.. _ _ _ ._. and cut back the tubing to expose one-fourth inch of antenna wire.tburth inch of projecting antenna wire to . put the end into a flame momentarily..the terminal lug. Change 4 6-9 .. Warning: Trici1loroethane fumes are toxic. and clean it with a clean cl. b. connect the H-264/PRR-9 ·to the small receptacle on the loudspeaker. (8) No lubrieation of the reel is required.t.-----t.. Gftd fteiftg a.__ .. Operation..• MILES 1 + 6-6. harness. To prevent the nylon cord from unraveling. rocIiGtlota . excluding cables) and can be clipped to a helmet.-. Trichloroethane (FSN 681. or place the loudspeaker on a table or flat surface. Connect the other end of the cable to the AUDIO conD'eOtor the radio set. and the sound win be heard only in the H-264/PRR-9. Cleaning.. the reel toa building.. The loudspeaker wiU be cut off.. harness. (1) It the terminal lug is broken..-_ WHIP . crimp the terminal lug around the tubing in the same manner as the old terminal lug was crimped..(IG. Provide ventilation when USed • Do not use near open flame. Loudspeaker.ble to the loudspeaker. Obtain a new termInal lug..ANTENNA IY 9 FT WHIP _------12 '.... or it can stand· on a flat surface. Electromagnetic LS-549 I PRC (fig.. or radio set.. obtain a 5-foot length of nonconductive.. Maintenance. (1) Connect one end of either the 2-foot or 8-foot ea. (2) If it is necessary to replace either of the two lengths of cord..ONG WillE TO AN I PIIC-U -. Solder the one. Radio AN/PRR-9 eN 11-5820--649-24P) • .. damaged or lost..TM 11-5820-667-12 --<. Warning: If the tactical situation permits. olive-drab cord.. ~) Loudspeaker...oth. loo-pound test.

the 0-2:828/GRA-39.. This equipment may alao be used to provide radio/wire integntion (RWI) between Switchboard. approximately) (G below)..B kilometers (lan)..miuion and recep&n of the AN /PRC..-8t. C.. C-2828B/GRA-8t i Ccmtzool. 10 Change 2 .TM 11-5820-667-12 A B _ 59 I AI PRe ANTENNA WIRE TERMINAL LUG R... in TM U-582(). Radio Set C28I9C')/GRA-89 (loeal eontrol) NPNIeIlW the C-ZS29/ GRA-8 •• C-28I9A/GBA. ilion switch on the RT-841/PRC-77 in the SQUELCH position. Telephone SP. aDd...... ladle Set Control Group AN I GttA-39(*) NeN.. Group AN/G!tA-89(') NPN" . CoDtrol.... G. Installation and operating iJUltruetioDl for the AN/GRA39(') are provided. ANrR. Radio Set Control. 0-2828. fo11on: (1) When the AN/GRA-39 or ANI GRA-39A is used and ita local coa. 1-2 through 3--5 is unchanred.A-89A.. . aDd C-28I9B/GllA-a.. aDd AN/GRA89B.. the C-2829/GRA-39 or C-2829A/GRA . exeepb .. ./ GRA-8t..1. the AN/G!tA-8t... RadIo Set C-2328(')/GRA-89 (remote . 22/Pl' (switchboard) (TM ll-M05-282-12) and the AN/PRC..trol..71 aa described in pararrapn... Af'''''4A/Q ItRT-841/PRC-77 6-7. .ECEIYER TRANSMITTER .71 up to approximately 2 mJl_ (8... .tiOll of th• AN /PRC. Open. hu not been modified by the application of MWO 11-5820-477-80/1 to permit ute of the func. 9....eoatrol) NpJ'UmIt. the radio communieMtOll must be conducted with the f1Uletton IWltch The AN/GRA-39(*) may be used to provide remote radio control of radio tran....477-12 .77 (b below). Remote Radio Control..

-9A. Towers. and Lubrication Orders. for Painting and Preserving Electronics Command TB 746-10 TB SIG 291 Safety Measures to be Observed When Installing and Using Whi'P Antennas. Organizational Maintenance Manual: GRA-89 and AN/GRA-39A. AN/VRC-47. Supply Bulletins. Frequency Selector C-2742/VRC and Control. Supplies Available for Field Use for Electronics Cold Weather Batteries for Radio Sets AN/PRC-6. Manual SB-22/PT Organizational. Supply Manuals 7. Radio RT-505/PRC-25). AN/VRO-44. -lOA. -28. Operator's and Organizational Maintenance Manual Including Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists: Radio Sets AN/VRC-12. Antennas. Antenna AT-912/VRC. Control. Operator's and Organizational Telephone. Mounting MT-I029/ VRC and MT-1898/VRC. Field Instructions Equipment. Radio Set Control Groups AN / TM 11-5820-401-12 TM 11-5820-477-12 Change 4 A-I . AN/VRC-48. U. Radio Set C-2299/VRC. AN/VRC-49. (Types Supply Data. AN/VRC-43. Radio Sets and Authorized Painting and Preserving Command Equipment. AN/VRC-54. Depot Maintenance Switchboards. Radio Set Control AN /GSA-7. DS. Maintenance Manual: and SB-22A/PT. Control Group AN/GRA-6. Installations. GS. -8A.TM 11-582~7-12 APPENDIX A REFERENCES DA Pam 310-4 DA Pam 310-7 SB 11-6 SB 11-131 SB 11-573 SB 11-576 Index of Technical Manuals. AN/VRC-45. and Equipment RC-292. and 9). -25. and -77 and Cable Assemblies for Cold Weather Operation of Transmitting Set AN/PRT-4 and Receiving Set AN/PRR-9. Antenna TM 11-5038 TM 11-5135-15 TM 11-5805-262-12 TM 11-5820-348-15 TM 11-5820-398-12 Manual: Operator and Organizational Maintenance Manual Including Repair Parts and Special Tool List: Radio Set AN/PRC-25 (Including Receiver-Transmitter.and AN/VRC-55. S. and Metal Poles That are Used with Communication. AN/VRC-46. 8. Technical Bulletins. Army Equipment Dry Battery Vehicular Index of Modification Work Orders. -8. Field Type Masts. Radar and Direction Finder Equipment.

Organizational. Operator and Organizational Maintenance: Multimeter AN/URM-I05. Procedures for Destruction of Electronics Materiel to Prevent Enemy Use (Electronics Command). AN/GRC-125. Including Multimeter ME-77/U. Loop AT-784/PRC. Operator. Organizational. TM 11-5820-667-ESC TM 11-5985-284-15 TM 11-6625-203-12 TM 11-6625-1686-15 TM 38-750 TM 740-90-1 TM 750-244-2 A-2 Change 4 . and AN/GRC-160 and Amplifier-Power Supply Groups OA-3633/GRCand OA-3633A/GRC. The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS). and Depot Maintenance Manual (Including Repair Parts and Special Tool Lists) : Radio Frequency Power Test Set TS-2609/U. DS.TM 11-582~667-12 TM 11-5820-498-12 Operator's and Organizational Maintenance Manual Including Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists: Radio Sets AN/VRC-53. AN/VRC-64. Equipment Serviceability Criteria for Radio Set AN/PRC-77. and Depot Maintenance Manual Including Repair Parts: Antenna. Administrative Storage of Equipment. GS. DS. Operator. GS.

8A-4386/U: InltallaUon Battery... maintenance eheeb and .pneral ... and... _ ••• • _ •• __ •• ••• __ ••••• mea 1-1 . 1-8 _ __ 1-1 1-7 6~ 1-1 1-' Jtqatpmen..loa..."lnti ....__________ 8-8 8-2 2-1 7-8 2-4 • 8-1 2-1 '-8 8-5 Arctic: Co1IIdttion. DiY 8A-89'/U Auenabb... d~Utioft :~ Battery. 6-5c &-5b maift. D.. DI7 BA-898/U.eript. operatlnc 'roe.1on 1-6 1-1 1-1·. ReetIver-TralWlllttlr.l. ~n..\-4386/U ~. ehart Demo1itiop: _. operation Aatbo~. and eGnneeton.. I.. areiJc operaUon ChecJrlnc Ullplelwcl equipment __ Cleanl.llation for maapac).d __ ___ __ 1-8 AlltitIma: J:qalpmeDt ftC-BlI KomiD&'loop AT-'184/PRC 11lItailation: AT-171A/PRC AT~J/PRC _ AT-884A/G Preventive 11 .l.and tnl. ' • •••• __ • II • Control Group AN/GSA-6 CoDt.oba lutaUat.. DaJbr pr._rtCOrd.eript.r __ __ ____ AT -8tIIPRC-14 - 2-8 1-4...1 6-21 1-1 1-8 1-1 o. equipment publlc._. I/P1tC-'I' .h. pall' 6--5 ....t.. 1 1-1 6-9 BacHo aT. 1-3 . ~ponentl 6-4 1-1 4-1 1-8 8-1 .t required.. Boau .. indicators.~nOl 2-5 2-5 6-6 6-8 6-6 3-7 . operation Indo .ttel7. Dr7 B...on: Antenna AT-271 A IPRC 6-4 1-1 B..lonat compon..fG 1-60 ------_ 1-4 Change 4 . addIt.TM"-S820-667-'2 INDEX PwuruII Additional equtpmeat l'equu. Operation uatlll' Battery. GenenJ d.nt 1-1. AntUammmUnc _______ _ e-3 &-4 _ ____ __ __ ____ 2-86 2-6a _____ __ and ..rol.

. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• . nd uaa Quarie!'b' maintenance: OrpnlqtiODal· Preventive.intepaJiee: P«riodl 4-1 1-1 _ 5-1 Oqani&atiouJ: 4-1 1-1 1-1 1-1 PTeYentiYe --------------__________________________________________________ ehannel. reeopitlon. 6-9 4-1 1-1 1-4 1-1 . __ _ (operator) ---------- ..ttery.. .. and co"neetors ~riptiOD Itecol'ftition and tdentHlca:tlon. 1-1 Troublelbootinc TSBClKY Vlaua1 Weakly tJnp.. StoppfDJ' Technlca1 procedure 6-12 . U Organizational Oscill.ble Kit MK-4&61G-JtC Scope: Kallual Ope1'..nanee: Cheeks and ... __ _ __ _ _ chari _ ~ 8--1 1-1 iJi.....44 Change 4 . w 1-1 5-1 1-4 6-12 ~1 1-1 .. and teat equipment nqulr. 1-'. and ina~on m. J-I 1-1 checks and ... B.-------- -----.. s...cope service Scope PrellettlDl' 1-4 _ _ __ ___ . chart: 1-1 DailT Week17· .. quarterly (Orpnisatioul) Minor component. GOVBRNMEN'F PRI.nlcu 4-1 1IJ73 "114-S~l/S.SA-7 Replacement. Dl7 BA. 4-8 8-19 4-1 1-4 1-5 6-23 ~I .N'l'lNG OFFICE: 2..1 4-1 ~23 ... J.....d ____ _ Z-8 _ 8-5 I~ l-& s-a 1-4 1-. procedural Arctic eondltfona _ _ Operational cheddilt ... p-eHt channela Sitt ... chan RadIo Set Control Group AN lORA-Sf Jteeeiver.. 1-'....ekfnr ~s..l. )(a!ntenanee..nce Selectin....------------_ _ _ _ .to1'" mabu ..ator O-S74/GRA Purpo . _~ ___ _ Operation with TSEC/KY -88 Operator" maintenanca: S.. • _ 4-1 _ ~1 _ I-I '-1 I-I ~----------------------------------__ - charaderilttca __ _____________ Tool•• material . 2-2· 1-1 1-1 .1M 11-1120-667-12 )("np&ck operation ..l0 _ _ 3-1 _ _ _ Radio Set Control. .ncI IdentUleatioA LouUpeilker. mea.Tammiq. checkt and . a~ 6-8 I-f 2-4 8-1 1-1 I~ 1-1 ANJt...---------------------__ -------...mlttel' Radio ItT -8411 PltC-7f: Contro) •• fndlcatol'J. Operatln.. mea. operation .4386/U Retrarmnl .....__ __ ______ ____ ... Prevcntive main.. Jamminl' Repair ...6 ... toD C.pectlon PI' ventlve malntenanca ____ 4-1 4-5 " u... nee Oreanilationa) mainten. W 4-1 i-C .Tran... S.---- -.. e1eetromapetic L$-64'/PRC Maintenance_mce and lnapeetioll period. .

7 June 1967. BOWERS Major General. United States Army Official: Chief of Staff VERNE L.TM 11-5820-667-12 CS CHANGE l .S e. DC. R~m""eP09"" [nom p"O. 23 July 1975 Operator's and Organizational Maintenance Manual Including Repair Parts Lists RADIO SET AN/PRC-77 (INCLUDING RECEIVER-TRANSMITTER. By Order of the Secretary of the Army: FRED C. WEYAND General. is changed as follows: -LThe title is changed to read as shown above. Remove and insert pages as indicated in the page list below. (qty rqr block No. 353) Operator maintenance requirements' for ANPRC-77 Radio Set.5 HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY WASHINGTON. United States Army The Adjutant General Distribution: To be distributed in accordance with DA Form 12-61. .'lthroUgh C-5- C through C71(C8 blank) 3. File this change sheet in front of the manual for reference purposes. 2. No. RADIO RT-841/PRC-77) TM 11-5820-667-12.

. Test. and modules for which . To determine the serviceability of an item by comparing its physical. module (component or assembly) in a manner to allow the proper functioning of the equipment/system. This appendix may be used as an aid in planning maintenance operations. into position an item. align. end item or system. subassemblies. Consists of those services/actions necessary for the restoration of unserviceable equipment to a like-new condition in accordance with original manufacturing standards. paint. General This appendix provides a summary of the maintenance operations for the ANIPRC-77. preserve. Component/Assembly. Rebuild. e. and/or electrical characteristics with established standards through examination. one of which is a certified standard of lrnownaccuracy. i. Calibrate. To determine and cause corrections to be made or to be adjusted on instruments or test measuring and diagnostic equipment used in precision measurement. assemblies. k. or to replenish fuelJlubricantslhydraulic fluids or compressed air supplies. drain. Overhaul is normally the highest degree of maintenance performed by the Army. To verify serviceability and to detect incipient failure by measuring the mechanical or electrical characteristics of an item and comparing those characteristics with prescribed standards. Column 1. Align. module/component/assembly. riveting. grinding. c. b. subassembly. straigntening. INTRODUCTION C-1.. To adjust specified variable elements of an item to about optimum or desired performance. Column Entries u. The rebuild operation includes the act of returning to zero those age measurements (hours. Overhaul does not normally return an item to like-new condition.TM 11·5820-667·12 APPENDIX C MAINTENANCE ALLOCATION Section I. C-2. subassembly. or fixine C-3. The application of maintenance services (inspect. }. Adjust. subassemblies and modules with the next higher assembly. g. or by setting the operating characteristics to the specified parameters. Consists of the comparison of two instruments. Column 1 lists group numbers. or resurfacing) to restore serviceability to an item by correcting specific damage.Inspect. or failure in a part. etc. Overhaul. Column 2. assemblies. miles. b. That periodic maintenance effort (service/action) necessary to restore an item to a completely serviceable/operational condition as prescribed by maintenance standards (e. Service. fault. part. malfunction. model (component or assembly) for an unserviceable counterpart. replace) or other maintenance actions (welding. The act of emplacing. Operations required periodically to keep an item in proper operating condition. remachining.lnsWll. Rebuild is the highest degree of materiel maintenance applied to Army equipment. service. Repair. d. seating. test. Maintenance Function Maintenance functions will be limited to and defined as follows: a. to detect and adjust any discrepancy in the accuracy of the instrument being compared. adjust. calibrate. DMWR) in appropriate technical publications. Maintain within prescribed limits by bringing into proper or exact position. mechanical. facing. h.e. Column 2 contains the noun names of components. i. the purpose of which is to identify components.g. It authorizes categories of maintenance for specific maintenance functions on repairable items and components and the tools and equipment required to perform each function. The act of substituting a serviceable like-type part.) considered in classifying Army equipment/components. to clean. Group Number. Replace. /.

.•. test.. Tool or Test Equipment Reference Code. the lowest level of maintenance authorized to perform the function listed in column 3... Tool and Test Equipment Require- ments (Table 1) a. Column 3 lists the functions to be performed on the item listed in column 2.. by the listing of a "worktime" figure in the appropriate subcolumn(s). Maintenance Category. NationallNATO Stock Number.. Column 4.. Maintenance Category... The number of man-hours specified by the "worktime" figure represents the average time required to restore an item (assembly. The o F H Operator/crew Organizational Direct support General support numbers in this column coincide with the numbers used in the tools and equipment column of the MAC. Column 4 specifies. those common tool sets (not individual tools) and special tools. This figure represents the active time required to perform that maintenance function at the indicated category of maintenance.. If the number or complexity of the tasks within the listed maintenance function vary at different maintenance categories.. C-2 Change 5 .. Tool Number.... Depot c. Subcolumns of column 4 are as follows: C e.. b.TM 11·5820-687·12 maintenance is authorized... This time includes preparation time.. d... component. Column 5.. c.... The numbers indicate the applicable tool or test equipment for the maintenance functions... troubleshooting time and quality assurance/quality control time in additional to the time required to perform the specific tasks identified for the maintenance functions authorizedin the maintenance allocation chart. C-4. and support equipment required to perform the designated function. Column 5 specifies by code. subassembly. Tools and Equipment. D •. d.. Nomenclature. This column lists the NationallNATO stock number of the specific tool or test equipment.... This column lists the noun name and nomenclature of the tools and test equipment required to perform the maintenance functions. e.... module. Maintenance Functions. This column lists the manufacturer's part number of the tool followed by the Federal supply code for manufactures (fH:ligit)in parentheses...... The codes in this column indicate the maintenance category allocated the tool or test equipment.. Column 3. end item or system) to a serviceable condition under typical field operating conditions..... appropriate "worktime" figures will be shown for each category.

'i' .50 0.8.. thru 23 15 See footnotes at end or chart.50 1.10 0.23 04 HARIIESS.10 0.05 1. CCIl'rON DUCKC11-503/PRC-25 23 06 07 HAl!DSEXH-189/Grr.25 0.00 0.10 0. thru 19 6 thru 12.10 0.00 2 11.10 2 01 JlATrERY BOX CY-2562/PRC -25 0.25 0. thru 19 6 t.00 0.12.10 0.hru 12.50 0.25 0·50 0·T5 12 .9 RECEIVER-'rRIINSMITrER RT~"1/P'RC-7719 Inspect' Test1 Test Test Test Test ServlcelO 0.11.SECTION II MAINTENANCE ALLOCATION FOR RADIO CHART 'IM tl-5820-667 -12 = AN/PRe -11 (3) MAINTENANCE FUNCTION C 0 (I) GROUP NUMBER (2) COMPONENT/ ASSEMBLY (4) MAINTENANCE F CATEGORY H 0 (5) TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT 00 RADIO SRI' AN/PRe-IT Inspect Test1 Ser·n_ce2 Repa1r3 Overhaul4 Rebuild4 Inspect' Repa1r6 Replace'i' Overhaul Inspect5 Repair Repl .10 0.4. thru 23 3.11. thru 3 thru 1.00 2 3 thru 12 . Change 5 C A 3 . 05 JlAG.12.25 0·50 1...05 1.00 Alisn Align Align 23 15 !leplace Repa1r11 !lepa1r Repair Overhaul12 !lebull<l12 0. ELECrRICAL l!Q1JIRIENT sr-138/PRC-25.12. .12 1.00 15 0.50 5..11.10 0.23 5.8 Overhaul Inspect5 Repair ReplaceT Overneuk Inspect 5 Repair Replace Overbeuk 0.11.2 1.10 0. ceT OverhauJ.9. Inspect5 ReDair Rep tac.05 03 ANTENNAAT-2TlA/PRC 0.10 0·50 23 5.23 02 A1fl'EllNAAT~92/PRC-25 0·50 0.50 0.12 II thru 19 6 thru 12.

12 11.10 0·75 .0 0.pair13 Repair Repair OverMul Rebuild 0. 15 thru 23 2 11.12 22 11.12 22 11.25 0." TRAN1MI'l'l'ER VF'O 070203 MOIllLE A39.25 0.7.00 1.25 0.10 070202 MOOOLE" A38. 070201 MOOOf.$ AND EQUIPMENT 0701 PANEL ASSEMllLY A28) (INCLUDES A11l'ENNA LOADING NErWORK Test Test Teet Replace Replace R. l!1RF AMPLIFIER T<>st17 Teat Replace Reps1r18 T-eet17 Teet Replace Repair Teat17 T.12 11.t Repla"Ia Repair 070206 MOOOLE A)4.25 0·50 1.10 2.12.23 11.10 0.23 0.5 070204 MOWLE A32.50 0.25 0.11.23 11.12 22.00 0..12 11..12 22.E A36. at "lid C~ m.5820·667-12 SECTION II MAINTENANCE AL.10 070205 MOOOLE AS3.10 0.0 0.L. 77 (3) MAINTENANCE FUNCTION C (I) GROUP NUMBER (2) COMPONENTIASSEM8L Y (4) MAINTENANCE 0 F CATEGORY H D (5) TOOL.12 22.25 0..12 5.14 Repslr15 Repair16 Repair Overhaul Rebuild 0. RECEIVEIlII'IPU'l' a 0.10 0.0 0...10 1.25 1.!l.23 11.23 11.23 11.12 22 0.12 22.23 ll.75 3 thru 12 4 thru 19 6 thru 12.23 11.L.12.TM 11.23 5.12 5.11.0 0..10 0.10 0.10 0·25 0.12 5.25 0.11.nge $ Of ch&rt.12 22 ll.12 22.25 0.23 11.11.5 0.25 0.11.10 0.0 5. RECEIVER MI XER see footnote.O 0·75 "·1. TRANsa'l'l'E!! POWER AMPLIFIER Test17 Test Replace Repair18 T<>at17 Test Repla~8 Repai Test17 Test" Repla"is Repair Te"t17 Test Replae>e Repair! 3·5 0.10 1.10 0.12 22.0 1.. 2.12 22.dRF AMPLIFIER 070207 MOWLE A3S.25 11.10 0. .OCATION CHART FOR RADIO SEl' AN IPRe.12 22 11.12 22 11.0 0.12 5.12 0702 CHASSIS ASSEMBLY Teat 'Test Test Repla".12 22 11...12.11.10 1. snlTHESIZER VFO 1.

12 22 07021201 MOruLE Alb.10 1.50 0.25 11.~5 0.12 9.12 22 11. TRAN~ IPA 0702ll AUDIO AND COIfl'ROL· CliASSIS MCll'HERllOAJID57 A 5 1.12 22.10 22.00 0.25 0. TONE GENERJi1'OR 8 0. Change $ C-5 .'UI Teet Replace Repair Te81.50 010210 IPA MorHERBOARDA49 5 0.10 1.10 11.25 0. vourAGE REGtJLAroR S<te notes e.23 1l. SPEECH AMPLIFIER LIMITER 070212 smrHESIZER McmIERllOARDA-56 5 0.10 0.12 22 0T02l00l.12 11.12 22 11.25 0.25 0.30 0.12 22. RECEIVER RF AMPLIFIER LD!I'l'ER 07021102 MOl:I'JLBA55A.t end of chart. TRA!IS..25 0.25 0.8 Teat Teat Replace Repair Teat Replace Repair Te"t11 Teet Replace Repair18 Te"t17 Te8t17 Replace Repa1I.25 1.10 0·50 0.aci8 Repair Te8t11 Test RePlaCt8 Repair Te8t17 Teat Replacis Repa1l' Te "t17 Test Repla:! Repair T.11.12 22.1.10 Repa1 TeatU Teet Replace R~air18 0·~5 0.12 22 5.12 22 07021161 MOWLE 1.. TOllE SQJJELCIl 11.crTl'ER MIXER O'j'02J.0 0.25 0.12 1l.50 0.12 22 0702llO4 MOWLE 1.23.12 22 11.12 22 1.10 0. WIDEBAND ATTENUATOR 0.23 U.10 0·30 Te"t Repla~ Repai Teet R"Pla.1.11. Ra:EIVER AUDIO 01021103 MOWLE A54. Replace Repa1.12 11.23 11.S AND EQUIPMENT 0 e 0 F 070208 MOOOLEA31.12 23 1l.12 07021105 MODULEA22.12 0T0209 MOOOLEAlSo.23 11.J. TRANSMITTER FREQ CONTOOL TutU Te81.00 0.12 22.10 0.12 22.20 0.50 0.12 1l.11 Teet RepJ.23 1l.10 0.10 1.25 0.25 0.10 0.25 0.00 0.10 2. MOOOLE/150.SECTION II MAINTENANCE ALLOCATION CHART FOR RADlO SEl' Ml!PfIC-77 (I) GROUP NUMBER (2) COMPONENT/ASSEMBLY (3) MAINTENANCE FUNCTION (4) tMlNTENANCE CATEGORY H (5) TOOL.23 1.25 0.10 1.12 22.23 11.25 0.12 22 11.12 22.25 0·50 0.23 U.00 0.OOO MOWLE A31.25 0.75 0.50 23 11.

50 0. 'o>o""1d"1'.ur by repla" ea ent ofoomponen:ta PIlrt of the """'plete n..25 0.dulce and selected i teOle• Overh<mJ. by sssemblles..12 22.etc). Clean and replace batt e ry (3)!o set.. See 'I'M ° 1110l C1""". ot knobs . kat only.10 0.ul o..eps1.12 1l.. organization.2.25 0.50 0.25 0.10 0..50 0.. i6 """'-"ted components. PlMSIl OOMPARl'l'QR 11.75 0.25 0.te<'! ~ __F:I.r Teotl. 531'mz ~ER 1l.I{.25 0.12 1l.12 07021209 l'lOwtE A~4 5.25 0.d to 1>e include<'! 1ntegr. ver-tranar:t1 tter • 'tellt n%ttl. j_ncl. etc.. Replaced by operator but EIIUIIt ob'~n fro:. battery connector... .25 0·50 1l. (15) Repair by replacement of J:lodules.10 0..<1 ecnneeeor covers.I!al. Antenna S"pport AB-591/Pl1C-25 w. .. MIXER 11.t RePlao~ Rsps1.e5...25 0."".by .8 not a rep.NCE FUNCTION C (4) MAINTENANCE 0 F CATEGORY H D (5) TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT 07021202 MOWLE A~O.23 22 aeplc~ Rspa1 1l."t deJ><>t.l.urable item. Repai r..g lJ!!.23 22 0702l..25 0.hi.2.10 0. and otber ee'lected 1 te"..12 2:2.. or rebul. (J_~) RO'place battery connector gesket.l8 22.12 0702l204 ).23 11.1 Test Replace p. Replecement or ch . known .10 0.r rebuild by coaponcnts .12 1l.aec!nant of pressure rellef R valve.~.T5 0. FSS SEOOND MIXJm Teat17 TMt RCplc.rubaosyn .4i set.l2 22..".. 12 .25 0.50 0. aub""s"""bl1.operable fir ~l/FRC71.12 22.12 2l< OT0212~ MOWLE A1T.D. 5. ~~ Includes 1l~5965-280-15...!.25 0.&IHz IF Al4FUFIER 2:2.. . Teat17 Teat Replace R~p81r18 T.25 0.44/ A~"4A.12 (1) (2) Operational.12 U.ATOR TestlT Test Repla.d. __ .25 0.rebuil. FS. ONE MIIz SJ'Et'I'RUM' (lIOOl!lJId'OR w1.3 22 1l.r by repl..ud.2(lT ~10ruLE A43.12 22 22. (See breeko"t for aBsY".!Ll.!OItILE AlS.ODULE 1. 13) Repair by r-epkaceneut. s Test by """'PIlrl.') Overha. (5) In~pect1on is 1nelllded in inspection tim.12 2l< .12 11.Jlgmnen+/adJustmeJlt into recei.. INTERlML OSC.ts Repal.llA.e Reps1r18 Test17 Teat ReplaceRel's1'~ Test1T Test l1eplcee Repe1r18 Te"tlT 0.23 22 1l.23 22 0702l205 . .. 6~) el'O>l.3 11.•" ot ~ ..on in .d..23 22 01021208 lrooot..t17 Te.10 0.10 0. FSS DISCRlMlllATOR A Test 1l.nary wljustment. (I. pilot.SECTIOI'I" MAINTENANCE ALLOCATION CHART FOR RADIO (I) GROUP NUM8ER (2) COMPONENT/ASSEMBLY sm AN/PRC~77 (3) MAINTEN.12 07021206 !('ODtlLE Al2." "." tor overh a ul.25 0.repdacectenf or . Dapot repair of module.

ELllCl'RONIC AN/USM-207 6625-00·813-8430 6625-00-999-7465 6625-00-868-6352 6625-00-973-3986 6625-00-911-6366 6625-00-646-9409 6130-00-445-6933 7 8 9 10 11 12 I1IlLT IMETER ME-26B/11 POWERSUPPLY pP-3514IU TOOL Kl'r. C. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: 1.H.N~120 MULTIMBl'EIl AN/11SM-223 S. KlOOLATION ME-57/t1 ANALYZER.EC:rRONIC EQUIPMEm TK·lo1/0 6625.D D D CAPACrrY lII!lml Zl!-3/lr SIDNAL GENERATOR AN/IlRM-I27 rrutT DIETER ME.D F. ELIDTR!ItllC .R.D F.JOAN.00-.S.H./NA TO STOCK NUMBER TOOL NUMBER 1 2 3 0 0 F MlJLTnEl'm AN/'tJRM·l05 'fOOL KlT.D 'liST SET.D H.51120.D F. (FABRICA'rEll BY DEPOT) ALSO. TOOL ANO TEST EQUIPMENT R£QUIREMENTS FOR TOOL OR TEST EQUIPMENT REF COOE MAINTENANCE CATEGORY NOMENCLATURE NA TIONAL.DEPOI'.B REPAIR FAC1LITY..R F.D F.n D'S * U.581-2036 5160-00-064-5176 MUNl'l!lNANGE KIT roR DIREC'I' SlJPPORTJ CONSISXnlO OF STAIIDARD ITEMS OF SlJPPLY AND lTOO TO BE ··fABRWATED. EI.H.D H.H. A. PERIPIlERAL TEST EQU1PMENT 23 D DEPOT SUPPORT SHOPS AND FACn. SPEC'l'RtIK TS-723B/II OSCILLOSCOPE AN/tISM-281A S roNAL GENERATOR AN/11SM-hh MAIHTElNANCE Kr1 FOR .D F. B.D H.IDNAL GDlERATOR A11/URM-l03 VOLTMErER AN/lJRM-I4S COllNl'lm.OUIC EXlUIPI'!ll1Nr XK-l05/11 SUPPORTJ COlISIS~ING OF STANDARD ITEMS 13 !I MAlNI' ENANCE KlT FOR IlI!Nm4L OF SUPPLY AND r1EK> TO BE FABRICATED BY GENERAL StlPPOR1' MADlI'ENANCE SHOpS PE!I TM 11-5620-667·35 14 15 16 H H.D F.H F.18 6625-00-228-2201 17 16 19 2C 21 METER. .EQOll'KIilNT TK-l00/lr 5160-00-605-0079 5180-00-610-8177 EtEC'I'il.D H.H.H. BY DIRECT SlJPPORr MADITENAliCE SHOPS PE!I TN 1'-SI!20-667-35 4 5 6 F."Ill 11.667. RF F'CWmI. TOOL KIT.. E 6625-00-229-1060 6625-00-183-5965 6625-00-643-1670 6625-00-647-)737 6625-00-668-91.75-685143/1113 .12 TABLE 1. COIISISTOO AND ITOO OF STANDARD nEMS OF SUPPLY 6625-00-669-4031 TO BE FABRICATED BY DBPOl' PER TM 11-5820-667-35 22 D IilDULE TEST FJXTtlRES FOR DEPOl' It:)J:JUl.

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