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5 yoga poses to strengthen your lower back

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5 yoga poses to strengthen your lower back
July 20, 2007

Back pain, especially lower backache, has reached epidemic proportions due to lifestyle changes. Yoga is used widely to relieve victims of this self-limiting affliction. Though backache was earlier associated with an aging body, it has begun afflicting younger generations. There are several reasons for this: lack of exercise or even mismanaged exercise, a sedentary work-style, sedentary forms of entertainment, lack of ergonomic furniture where one is required to use them for long hours, use of household gadgets which restrict or deny the body its natural and full range of motion, high stress levels which contract key postural muscles and lack of repairing nutrients in one's diet, such as vitamins C, E or magnesium. Though lower backache is largely due to spinal degeneration, certain yoga schools subscribe to the view that stress also contributes to its manifestation. The large muscle band at the back, called psoas, becomes contracted in reaction to extreme negativities such as fear or anger. If physical examination, including an X-ray, establishes no known cause for chronic backache, it is safe to assume psychosomatic triggers. In such cases, resorting to yogic practices will offer immense relief. But even where the triggers are physical, yogic exercises form part of a holistic therapy. In fact, most exercises in your physio-therapy, as advised by your spinal expert, will also definitely be yoga-based. Lower backache can be more stubborn to heal than upper or middle back pain. But it responds just as well to therapy. However, unlike with other areas, the problem must be clearly identified by a spinal expert and an individualised therapy be drawn. Self-diagnosis or joining a general yoga class when the pain is acute can be counter-productive, by acerbating the existing problem. Shameem Akthar, yoga acharya trained with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, takes you through five yoga poses used to heal lower backache. Text: Shameem Akthar Photographs: Saisuresh Sivaswamy Catch more of Shameem's yoga writings and about her upcoming workshops at Also read: Breathe easy with yoga

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2/4/2012 1:12 PM

2007 04:36 AM Permalink | Hide replies Hi shammem ji.hai friends this is arun frm hyderabad.blogspot. 2 of 4 2/4/2012 1:12 PM father is facing an eye problem.this is eye problem by on Apr 07... 2008 07:50 PM Permalink .com itself: if any one knows the exact solution for this.. thanking you. I am also feeling pain in my legs and get my legs pressed to relieve of this pain..I travel in bike about 50km per day.htm Forward | Report abuse Yoga for glucoma by jojo laila on Jul 31. Can I have the link to your website please? Regards. I am from Srinagar Kashmir. I want complete cure of my back pain please suggest the Forward | Report abuse Back pain problem by Ravi Shankar on Aug 16.. 2007 10:59 AM Permalink Hi! Shameem.. This is Ravi Shankar.How to get relief from my back pain? Forward | Report abuse Your website by Reza Arif on Aug 01.. i would appreciate your help if you can let me know of some yoga exercises to get rid or reduce glucoma.and also high BP.the problem is nuecamia. My wife is suffering from upper back pain mostly in between the shoulder down the neck. I noticed your query below.. Further.I was a softwareEngineer by profession. it is http://jaisivananda. The site is mentioned in the article above also:) Forward | Report abuse RE:Your website by arjun on Feb 17. Even when she has a small work. 2008 02:21 PM Permalink Shameen Akthar i have back pain from last 10 years and i am regularly doing Bhujangasan and Shalbhasan it helps me to control my back pain but when i stopped doing asana once again pain will start.. 2007 01:11 PM Permalink Rezaji.rediff. 2007 11:17 AM Permalink | Hide replies Shameem ji.I have been diagonised with glucoma for nearly 3 yearsand i need to take eyedrops everyday to control my glucoma. related to the article on yoga for easy breathing.plz give the reply. Forward | Report abuse back pain especially upper side in between shoulders near neck and pain in legs by Aslam Parvez on Aug 23. Please suggest some exercises to overcome such problems. it is on that he is not watching the objects i want to know if there are any yoga exercises for glucoma.htm Discussion Board Write a message Total 92 messages AMD AGE RELATED MACULAR DEGENERATION by vinee mehra on Aug 16. Regards Ashish Forward | Report abuse RE:Your website by Shameem on Aug 01. Moreover I am usually having low blood pressure.5 yoga poses to strengthen your lower back http://specials. 2007 12:39 PM Permalink Rezaji.. Reza Forward | Report abuse RE:Your website by Shameem on Aug She feels tired all the time whenever working. This is the link.. 2007 01:00 PM Permalink Hi Shameem... 2011 10:48 AM Permalink CAN U SUGGEST EXERCISE TO EVEN CONTAIN THIS DISEASE Forward | Report abuse Watch this board Pages | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Older > hai viewers.

5 yoga poses to strengthen your lower back http://specials.htm 3 of 4 2/4/2012 1:12 PM 4 of 4 2/4/2012 1:12 PM .5 yoga poses to strengthen your lower back http://specials.