To be successful as a Hyperion Consultant and contribute to the success of the organization that values Professionalism. Want to be part of an environment that demands the fullest use of my abilities and experience in the field relevant to my specialization and my inter-personal skills. PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY:  9 Years of total experience in IT, around 5+ years of experience in Essbase, Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), Financial Data Quality Management (FDQM), Consolidation and Planning, Enterprise Performance Management, Architecture, EPMA, Data Warehousing, ETL & OLAP with focus on Hyperion Suite of Technology.  Extensive experience in application designing and development using Oracle EPM system 11.1, Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), Essbase Reports, Calculation Manager, Rules Editor, Hyperion Financial Reporting (HFR) V9.3/11.1, Excel Add-In, Smart View and Hyperion web Analyzer, Financial Data Management (FDM) V9.3/11.1, ERPi.  Experience in integrating the development and implementation of HFM with FDM for organizational financial consolidation, multi currency translations, strategic budgeting and planning, and advanced forecasting abilities  Expert Knowledge on Essbase, Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), Financial Data Quality Management (FDQM) V9.3/11.1 Application Creation (Classic & EPMA) Hyperion financial management Data Grids, Data Forms, Security Class, Metadata Maintenance, Task List, Member Lists, Data Loads, inter-company eliminations, Plug Accounts, Journal Adjustments & running Consolidations, Calculation Manager/ Rules Editor for managing.  Expertise in Hyperion Financial Report 9.3/11.1, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Analyzer/Web Analysis, and Excel Add-In on Windows.  Hands on experience in performing Essbase Reporting, Financial Reporting, Statement Analysis, Trend Analysis, Variance Analysis.  Good Knowledge of Budgeting and Forecasting Process within Hyperion Planning.  Experienced in all stages of SDLC that includes duties like providing documentation on design, testing and migration from development to production.  Adept in preparing Hyperion reports to measure financial performance, analyze profitability, and facilitate effective business decision making.  Experience in Business Analysis, Project Management, Financial Planning & Analysis with focus on domains like Investment Banking, Customer Relationship Management, and Insurance in financial services sector.  Expertise in full project life cycle development, for implementation and integration. A proactive planner with expertise in handling Projects, Business Analysis, Business Development, Internal Audit and Leading the growth of profitability by increasing team revenues, expanding services and products to existing clients.  Proficient in managing & leading teams for running successful projects & experience of developing procedures, service standards for business excellence, excellent team building, communication, relationship management and analytical skills.  Good team player with excellent analytical, presentation and interpersonal skills with an aptitude to learn new technologies. AREAS OF EXPERTISE:

Hyperion Financial Management
 Extensive experience in design, analysis, development and administration of various applications in Client/ Server OLAP environment using Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Financial Management ( HFM), Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDM), Financial Reporting, Interactive Reporting, Excel Add in and Smart View.  Hands on experience with Hyperion EPM applications, OBIEE.  Extensive experience in installation, configuration, server settings, backups, client and server installation of all Hyperion products in both Windows and UNIX environment.  Extensive experience in HFM 11.1, 9.3.1 systems implementations including Infrastructure, Rules, Metadata, Journals, FDM, System Reports, Intercompany, Data Grids, Data Forms, Financial Reports, SmartView Excel Reports, Currency, Cash Flows, Shared Services Security. Hyperion Planning

 Involved extensively in creating web forms for Hyperion Planning applications.1. Atlanta.3. Essbase.x and 11)  Maintain FDM. TECHNICAL SKILLS: OLAP Tools Hyperion System 11. MS Access Hyperion Financial Reports. PL/SQL . Essbase studio 11.1 BI+(Financial reporting. Fannie Mae: Fannie Mae exists to serve America’s families and the housing market – and done so for more than 70 years. design. MS SQL Server 2005. ODI SQL. FR Studio Windows NT/2000/XP/2007. FDM 11. Hyperion Interactive Reports. HFM Rules Editor. HAL.3. AP modules.  Involved in modifying and maintaining business rules for Essbase and HFM applications. EAS.1.  Prepared the design document and taken the client approval. AR.3.3 to 11. Fannie Mae is a government-sponsored enterprise chartered by Congress to keep money flowing to mortgage lenders. Acceptance & Production.3. DRM 11. data load rules. VB Oracle 11g/10g/9i. Smart View. and to support affordable homeownership. housing and mortgage markets. quality.2. Development Tool Kits.x/9. EPM. EIS. HFM & FDM applications from version 9. the financial application tool to import external data into Hyperion Planning. Hyperion Planning 11. SAS. Financial Planning & Analysis  Expert in business process engineering and software development life cycle.  Exposure with Oracle GL. CMM ETL Tools Programming Languages RDBMS GUI &Reporting Tools IDE Operating Systems Industry Standards PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: Accenture. Dashboard. FDM. and report scripts.x.3. Hyperion Data Integration Management (DIM) Informatica 7.3. including schedule.1.1.1 & perform enhancements.  Experience in building complex Hyperion Planning applications with efficiency.1. development. HFM Client.3.Present Client.x/9. Analyzer.  Supported and administered the Hyperion Planning applications. ensuring high ROI.  Involved in migration of four FDM applications from Version 9. BASEL II. Essbase Excel Add-in EAS. The project kicked off initially with Development environment & later moved in Test.  Experience with other Hyperion products as needed such as Hyperion reporting.3. maintain security. Created new users. to help strengthen the U. Migration & Upgrade of four applications from Version 9. such as a large budget deficit or failing operations. HFM 11. IFRS.2.  Scanning of Metadata and correcting the errors before extracting in to HFM applications. Project Summary: The project was to upgrade Planning.x.1 to Version 11.2. cost & risk analysis. Linux SOX.x/9. an investment banker is called in to study the situation and find a remedy. . Web Analysis. Hands-on experience with current/recent versions of the Hyperion Planning and Forecasting tool (version 9.1.1.  Devising strategies when a corporation is facing financial difficulty. procedures and strategies for securities investment as well as positional trading ideas in stocks.x/9.S. and high standards.  Worked with internal customers to consistently improve and refine process and procedures as it relates to Planning and Operational Analysis. Interactive reporting And SQR).1. FDM Workbench.x.x.x/9. OBIEE. ISO. Role: Hyperion Developer Responsibilities:  Involved in Hyperion HFM Development. create calc scripts. testing and implementation of financial software applications.1.  Providing advisory services regarding the processes.1. GA Oct 11 .1 to 11.

 Enterprise Reporting and Excel Retrieve.  Initiated to perform thorough Unit Test of the migrated applications before moving to actual Test environment.  Created Data Synchronizations for HFM and Essbase.  Created applications. import formats. translate them into HFM/FDM. the Americas. Web forms.1.1 EPMA. SmartView.  Performed proper unit/integrated test plans and tested.3.  Experience in Multi Foreign Currency Translations.  Gathering the requirements from the client to build the consolidation system. FDM. budgets.  Coordinated with the Technical architect team in migration of ESSBASE and FDM. metadata. HFR and Smart view. prepared business process models.  Initiated to prepare thorough Inventory List for the applications.  Strong exposure to Essbase Report Writing. mapping templates. FDM. Build and Test. Hyperion System 9 /System 11 Financial Reporting. Hyperion Planning.  Performed thorough validation between Source & Target systems. Oracle Server. reports.  Reconciling the data between the applications. defined milestone deliverables. Hyperion System 11.  Writing reports in Hyperion Reports for consolidation and reporting purposes. FDM System 11. ESSBASE.  Designed and setup security for ESSBASE. status reports. assist with technical design and implement changes. assignment of applications to Shared Services. and established critical success factors. forecasts.  Highly Energetic and keen on taking technical challenges to explore new areas. With its headquarters in London. Environment: Hyperion System 9 Financial Management.3.  Created Essbase Reports by leveraging current Business Object Reports. Sep 10 – Sep 11 HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organization in the world. Calc Manager.  Creating the target application with the new chart of accounts. data grids. and long-range numbers into ESSBASE. Responsibilities:  Helped manage risk analysis and mitigation plans. Created Hyperion Planning properties file – setup of preferences. . Client: HSBC National Bank.  Checked the interaction of FDM with HFM post migration. consolidation and reporting requirements. provided with necessary functional expertise to augment the technical expertise as required (blend of techno-functional skills). Smart View. Design. Integration scripts and validation rules in FDM. application defaults. the Middle East and Africa.  Designed Intercompany Transaction (ICP) elimination for the new legal entities. locations.2.  Validation roll-ups and translation tables. FDM System 9.  Conduct systems maintenance including security. MD.  Worked with Client and/or with functional users to identify.  Took ownership & helped Accenture to prepare step by step Technical & Functional Documentation. rules/logic.500 offices in 87 countries and territories in Europe.  Creating the same application using ESSBASE with the same chart of accounts.  Writing business rules to recreate and enhance the consolidation logic which existed in previous environment. Bethesda.Pacific region.1. control tables. and specification of custom tools.  Troubleshooting and helping users on ESSBASE.  Experience in Full life cycle management implementation: Requirements gathering.2.  As part of the Development team.  Employ strong time management skills to produce monthly reports via Reporting Studio System 9.1. Financial Reporting Studio.  Coordinated user account setup/changes within ESSBASE & FDM. analyze. FDM and HFR. FDM.  Hyperion 11.  Coordinated user account setup/changes within ESSBASE & FDM. its international network comprise around 7.  Advised on Hyperion best practice.1 (Fusion Edition) Financial Management. SmartView.  Coordinated with the Technical architect team in migration of HFM and FDM. the Asia. and client presentations.  Participating in the parallel closing process before going live.  Worked very closely with the DBA’s while performing Schema migration. Role: Hyperion Consultant.  Load monthly data.

Hyperion Planning. Essbase Excel Addin. Rules. The company is based in New York City. etc. SmartView.e. Dec 07 – Feb 09 Pfizer is an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation.  Support the monthly financial close. Hyperion FDM. Environment: Hyperion System 9 Financial Management. Role: Hyperion Consultant. New York. Environment: Hyperion System 9 Financial Management. troubleshooting. Workspace. Presented user training class to a group of twenty. SmartView. Responsibilities:  Responsible for design.  Monitored Foreign Currency Transactions.  Troubleshoot issues with both client and server systems i. composite data forms with top down and bottom up approach.  Designed Essbase databases using Hyperion Planning application to meet financial requirements. and quarterly forecasts. monitored logs for errors.  Monitored application performance.  Worked closely with management and end-users to develop and enhance the application processes that will result in a stable productive environment. availability..2. . installation. Hyperion Financial Reports. investments and retail.    Created ESSBASE Metadata. NY.  Provided ongoing problem management through identification.  Effectively document and present proposed solutions and final architecture to client.  Advised on Hyperion best practice.  Monitor system usage metrics. as well as treatment and cure for diseases across a broad range of therapeutic areas. and web forms for planning users in the role of Hyperion Architect for financial systems. outages. Connecticut. Hyperion System 11. Financial Reporting. and validation of Oracle EPM and BI Products. Client: Pfizer Inc. and Hyperion Reports.  Was responsible for complete Planning and HFM management of the project including security and provisioning. with its headquarters in Groton. SmartView. IR.  Was responsible for designing Hyperion Planning applications for Planning.1 (Fusion Edition) Financial Management Hyperion System 9 /System 11 Financial Reporting. Mar 09 – Aug 10 JPMorgan Chase & Co.. It is a major provider of financial services..  Assist in the upgrade and migration of Oracle EPM and BI solutions while guiding our clients on the most effective implementation approach and providing the best solutions to ensure business continuity. Columbus.  Design and assist in Disaster Recovery planning and execution. Role: Hyperion Consultant Responsibilities:  Build data forms. WEB ANALYSIS. and utilization.  Ability to identify and troubleshoot Hyperion system problems and requests in a timely manner for end users.. annual budget process. SQL Server.1. Pfizer has a leading portfolio of products and medicines that support wellness and prevention. Hyperion Planning. Load data and metadata from PeopleSoft to Hyperion. It is the largest bank in the United States by assets and market capitalization. Web Logic etc. Studio. Created FDM interfaces for 8 General Ledgers. Essbase. Hyperion System 11 (Fusion Edition) Financial Management Hyperion System 9 /System 11 Financial Reporting. with assets of $2 trillion and is the world's largest public company. Client: JPMorgan Chase. Exposure to SAS and Oracle R12. budgeting and Forecasting (PBF). and elimination of issues faced by our clients and delivery consultants. OH. assist with technical design and implement changes. EIS.  Training and mentoring other Hyperion resources within team.  Provided user support and other ad hoc requests. is an American multinational banking corporation of securities. Windows Server 2008.

 Created financial reports such as Revenue report by product. Customer. setup user security at report level as well as data level.  Worked on Adding dimensions to the application from shared library. Improved the aspects of peppermint.  Implementation support Hyperion Planning and Financial Reporting in Windows Environment Build Planning Model using EPMA. Assisted in system Forecast Performed quality analysis on peppermint samples to ensure it met customer standards. Determined the composition of menthol using the data obtained from distillation columns. submission of insurance claims. Responsibilities: . Financial Reporting Studio. Star Analytics. Environment: Hyperion Essbase 7. operating expenses reports by cost center. New York.  Build Process management based on Entity and Scenario. Hyperion Reports. Company: Goldman Sachs Services. Worked on Hyperion to retrieve the data and work on the same to report to the cost center directors. Entity. India Sep 05 – Sep 06 Kotak Life Insurance Company ranks fourth in the India for life insurance. with more than 10 million policies issued. Reported critical metrics like Quality. budget vs. Environment: Hyperion Planning System. Responsible for building reports in Hyperion.  Prepared ADS file to upload Account.  Build task list and configure task list to send email notification. ERPi to view transaction details. investment management. MAXL.  Involved in all the phases of the project life cycle like Development. Enable data form properties to let the planners take the Data form offline as well as perform planning in Smart View. Productivity & Compliance and prepared Dashboard for Senior Management as well as on-shore partners to mitigate any risk.  Publish financial reports in workspace.  Created Multi Currency planning application and setup the application parameters. Solaris. Prepared and analyzed business and financial model of the prospective alliance partner. FDM. Excel Add-In. and other financial services primarily with institutional clients. Essbase Excel Add-In. Smart View. Vendor.  Used FDM to load data from ERP and drill down to GL. Company: Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd. Role: Senior Financial Business Analyst. Worked with the Business Development team in identifying profitable JV/Alliance partners (Realtors. Builder and Financial Institutions) in US residential mortgage market. Hyperion Financial Management. Assignment involved Web-based online purchase. Headcount and Scorecard Analysis.  Build Finance Book using Financial Reporting tool and schedule reports using batches. Application deployment. Oracle. actual variance reports using financial reporting studio. Testing and Production. Hyperion Essbase. VBA. Involved in budget Variance analysis using SAS. Assets from PeopleSoft and setup import profile to create the shared dimension in dimension library. Smart View. securities. Workspace. NY Oct 06 – Nov 07 Goldman Sachs is an American multinational bulge bracket investment banking and securities firm that engages in global investment banking. Analysing various investment related matters of the customers & advising the right investment. Employee. Shared Services. Ratio. Expense. Role: Technical Specialist Responsibilities:             Involved in Budget Sensitivity. Windows XP. Trained and mentored the team members on various areas of research along with database training. Developed the material preparation using Hyperion and SAP. VB API. Windows 2000/NT. Product.

 Helped manage risk analysis and mitigation plans. As on 2009 November. and established critical success factors.  Handling internal audits & maintaining thorough internal control.  Strong Client management skills in managing dynamic business demands. Role: Senior Financial Business Analyst. Responsibilities:  Responsible for planning. Shanghai. Role: Financial Business Analyst. preliminary approvals applications. India. and Dubai. for historical reference. and assisted architecture analysis and design using UML and Rational tools. Hong Kong. cost analysis.  Identify project risks to define risk strategies and develop the risk management plan. status reports. The bank also has offices abroad in London. documented and delivered functional specification documents.  Provided situational leadership to motivate individuals. . defined milestone deliverables.  Manage proactively the resource allocation by ensuring that appropriate resources and tools are assigned to the tasks according to the project plan. It was established in 1906. adding value to client business and exploring new business opportunities. generate invoices for all labour and expenses and ensure all the invoices are paid in time and from an internal organization perspective ensure revenue is recognized. maintaining strong operation relationship & coordination with over 375 branches coming under Bangalore circle.  Responsible for the right resource level mix for the team to ensure quality and profitability. worked in getting acceptance signed by client for all the deliverables.  Providing the benefits. spread across India. document lessons learnt and project closed in system. prepared business process models.  Steering initiatives for operations management and inter-branch coordination. Environment: MS Office. Responsibilities:  Define the scope of the project based on the organization need to meet the management expectations.  Leading a team of 4 individual contributors. Company: Canara Bank. Company: ING Vysya Bank. Bangalore.  Conducting trainings & regular meetings on the products to help the team to be successful. India. Oracle 9i. Windows XP. Oct 02 – Feb 04 Canara Bank is a state-owned financial services company in India. achieve their goals & to boost the technical and soft skills of the associates.  Monitoring the overall functioning of processes. Environment: MS Office.  Performing reconciliation’s between sub ledger & general ledger on a weekly basis. and design and production of site plans.  Gathered requirements during inception phase. the bank had a network of 3057 branches. Primavera.  Maintaining various accounts & control accounts. Make the customer understand & give them complete satisfaction in their investment plans. Moscow. making it one of the oldest banks in the country. and client presentations. Bangalore.  Assessing operational risk in the business & process high. MS Project.  Identify key project team members and define roles and responsibilities to create a project organization structure to develop a communication plan. Doha. Mar 04 – Aug 05 As a Financial analyst. and for audits.  Maintaining a repository of all project-related documents for use throughout the project. advantages & features of our products to the customers. to maintain the integrity with the firm’s books. MS Project. identifying areas of development and implementing adequate measures to maximize Customer Satisfaction / Employee Satisfaction.risks checks.  Providing superior customer service & maintain very good rapport with existing customers as well as the prospective customers.

project plan. Environment: MS Office. EDUCATIONAL CREDENTIALS:  Indian Institute of Management.  Managing reconciliation’s of DDs of more than 375 branches under the Bangalore Circle. Delivering superior service to branch heads within designated authority levels & develop centre of influence groups to enable smooth operations between all reporting branches. etc. nature & value of security.  Bachelors in Commerce (Advanced Accountancy). comply with statutory requirements. lessons learned.  Ensuring 100% accounting of the DDs. Calcutta (IIMC) Executive Program for Young Professionals (Finance). surveys. project schedule.  Reviewing of manuals relating to operation & conduct inspection of branches.  Conducting analysis and accounting of monthly profitability statements.g.) in order to retain organizational knowledge. risk and issues logs.  Conducting weekly consolidation. tallying and closure of the DDs transaction with that of the figure shown by the Head Office. cash outflow tracking and transaction errors due to hardware failure and reconciliation. Requirement Analysis. .  Verifying correctness of asset classification.. India. inter branch accounts reconciliation. Windows 2003.  Handling local cheque clearance and cash remittance.  Verifying the completeness of every balance sheet from various branches and handing it over to central auditors for consolidation. date of NPAs and year of doubtful furnished in the returns. historical information and documents (e. SQL. ATMs transaction reconciliation. and ensure availability of data for potential use in future projects and internal/external audits.  Archive and retain project records.

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