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So you have searched long and hard for that which the Order has kept secret and hidden throughout history. Surely by now you must be wondering if it even actually exists. You have probably read Laurence Gardner's books and heard of David Hudson, but that White Powder of Gold seems to be lacking something doesn't it? It has amazing properties and does wonderful things for the mind and body, but it's not the Red Pill you are seeking; the gateway to the Universal Energy is what you desire - power. The First Matter The Prime Materia or First Matter for our stone is a mercurial-sulfur everyone posses in abundance, yet it is hated and despised by all; thought to be the most vulgar and revolting of all substances. It is the golden liquid we dispose of every day and regard merely as waste - Urine. You must let it putrefy for 2 weeks and separate out the clear oil and white earth. The white earth is ammonium nitrate and phosphate compounds. The urea breaks down and becomes ammonia, then bacteria converts the ammonia into nitrates. When the oil first appears, it is clear and easy to miss if you don't angle the light correctly. It will reflect a rainbow of colors as most oils do. When separated and cleaned, it is then united with the earth and carefully dried into a powder. If too much heat is used, it will explode. This is the unmultiplied true stone of the Alchemists. Proof of this can be found in transmutation. 1 part of our Red Universal Stone will transmute 10 times it's weight of molten lead to gold. The Discovery 12,000 years ago in what is now the Sahara desert of Africa, there was a man who found a white salt and consumed it for food. It changed him profoundly and he realized what this salt actually was -- it had formed from his urine; he had found it at the same place he would urinate every day. But this was only the White Earth, or the White Stone. For thousands of years this secret was kept among a few chosen people, and they named their brotherhood the White Brotherhood because of their fascination and obsession with this white powder. Eventually this brotherhood became the Rosicrucian Order. The word Rosicrucian comes from the words ROSI means dew, and CRUCI means crucible (fire-cup). But to cover that up, they would say it means ROSE and CROSS. This is because they found that when Morning Dew is digested on low heat in a flask, a brownish material forms which then becomes a white powder and is much like the one from Urine. And it can be digested further and become red. Much later on in history, they discovered a Red Oil could be obtained from putrefied urine. If left in the dark and only exposed to the rays of moon, but never the sun, eventually a colorful clear oil forms on the surface. This is the Peacock's Tail. It turns red after being separated and circulated. This was the material which would become the famous Philosopher's Stone of the Middle Ages. They found that it cured all disease and eventually even tried it on metal to discover that lead (and other metals) can indeed be transmuted into gold. This is where the phrase "Lead to Gold" came from. They weren't searching for a substance that could do that to a metal; they happened upon it by divine

It strengthens the Astral Body until it achieves domination over the physical. It sharpens the senses until the Spirits and beings of the Astral Realm become visible. o Never add more fresh liquid after the first day has passed.. that won't be the case. You must try again and again through various seasons and temperatures. a lot of health benefits have been found from substances in the urine. Now you will obtain your desire. you will see a film form on the surface and some of this skin/film will fall to the bottom also. it is far from a happy place. it becomes impossible to reveal this secret to anyone because it will just sound like quackery. Reverse the spin of any element.coincidence.M. Add twice it's volume of pure distilled morning dew water. Any water will do. Luckily for you. the red powder would transmute it to gold. You can use pure ammonium nitrate found in bags of "instant cold packs" and you can clean the oil well using plenty of water until it loses it's vulgar odor. and some go so far as to drink their own urine. This . You don't need to drink this vile waste. By doing it this way.A. And though you will see the White Earth forms effortlessly on every occasion. and many old alchemy texts that claim it is a waste of time to try and make the stone from urine and such vile things. For as long as the lot of the Philosophers remains a small one. There is so little written about it that searching the net for "urine" and "the Philosopher's Stone" will turn up only a few documents about the process. And perhaps the diet has something to do with it. But why gold? It is the only element on the periodic table with a right-hand atomic spin. __________________________________________________________ o Dilute the urine as soon as it's collected. and another is a copy of a 200 year old letter sent to Sigismund Bacstrom which he never intended to make public and it's still very hard to find. They simply wanted to see what medicine they might be able to make from metals with this Red Mercury. Each alchemist used his own urine to make their own Stone. It will remain out of the general public. yet within reach of the dedicated Alchemist. and it becomes possible to leave and travel to the 125 billion galaxies of our Universe. o Because you have diluted the urine. but pure distilled Morning Dew will help produce more oil.. (part of the R. or perhaps it is dependant on certain astrological alignments in the heavens as the Alchemists have always claimed. the Oil does not manifest itself every time. So they would now unite the White Earth with the Red Oil to form a solid powder which changes your mental functioning so profoundly. they related it to the way lead is changed to gold by this Universal Tincture. and keep the secret. By heating the metal to red hot and boiling.S manuscripts) Then you have this document here by me. In these modern times however. and it will become gold. One document that plainly reveals the process is by a psychic. God Bless. So now you know the secret. I've placed it here so the secret can be 'findable' by the seekers of our Art.

Why did he believe this was the prima materia? Most likely because he witnessed it's manufacture and use in the Order and the name of the Order itself is a metaphor for morning urine. Add enough ammonia nitre until you have made crystals. the Oils will not transmute the metals. o Now digest the last water/film solution until the clear oil forms on the surface. It is what causes the "pop" or tiny explosion when you throw the stone into molten lead. William Wynn Westcott. _______________________________________________ TIPS: o Expose the solution only to moonlight and never sunlight. Without this explosive ammonia nitre. and then bacteria oxidize that into ammonium nitrate which is what precipitates to the bottom of the vessel. It's also interesting that Westcott is the creator of the Hermitic Order of the Golden Dawn. Shown in the photo to left is Gustav Meyrink (1868 . He was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and believed the "prime matter" to be struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate) which is made by adding magnesium chloride to urine. . He was also a member of a Rosicrucian society. and yet even he left the Order and made another one. the Stella Matutina. o The Urea in the urine decomposes into ammonia. Then let it cool and you will have your Stone. o It is multiplied in power by using the quintessence of Gold. Be very careful not to evaporate too far or you will begin evaporating the oil itself. sent him a letter which remained in his archives. o Clean this precipitant with several washes until it no longer has an is what the oil forms from. then place the paper into clean water and filter again. Evaporate the water until you have only the oil remaining. add the ammonia nitre. Separate it by filtration. Repeat this until the film no longer has a vulgar odor. It precipitates to the bottom as a white salt. This is the white earth you must collect. ________________________________________________ Another method: o Add magnesium chloride to the urine and a precipitant forms which is magnesium ammonium phosphate. It must be kept warm because the ammonia nitre will want to make it cold by it's reaction with the trace amount of water.1932). It's interesting to note that during the time he was a member (1889) he also opened a new bank. Now while the oil is still warm. Perhaps to funnel money from his work with transmutation? It was proven that he was a member of this Order because it's founder. Digest further and it becomes red. The sunlight or even artificial light will help other bacteria and fungus grow which will impede the work. o This material has taken the phosphor normally found in the top oil and combined it with the ammonia found in the white earth. o Melt the crystals at 350F and be very careful because the ammonium nitrate can explode at this point.

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