Best Student Paper Awards

AIPR 2011 will award a prize for the best student paper, as judged by a special award committee. At most two papers will be awarded a prize of $100 each. A paper is eligible if the primary author is a student at the time of paper submission and this person will indeed present the paper at the workshop if it is accepted. In order to have a student paper selected the following must be completed in a timely manner: Policy: The AIPR Workshop emphasizes new work. Abstracts: For each paper that an author wishes to present at the AIPR Workshop a title and short (one-half page) abstract should be sent to the AIPR Program to encourage early submissions, authors will be provisionally notified of acceptance, rejection, or deferral within 45 days of submission with final decisions being provided by August 1, 2011. Accepted works must have at least one speaker registered for the workshop by September 1, 2011 in order to be published in the AIPR proceedings and to secure a speaking slot. The authors should also include a postal mail address. Paper: Written papers will be required for accepted works being published in the AIPR Proceedings. Final written papers are due by November 30, 2011 to allow authors to revise their papers based upon workshop feedback. The AIPR Home Page can be found at Paper formatting information and submission details will be sent to each author by the Proceedings editor. Proceedings are included in the cost of registration. These papers will be published in the AIPR Proceedings, and indexed in IEEE Xplore. The page limit for each paper is 8 pages (4 sheets when printed on both sides). Please contact the Program Chair if you require extra pages - but please don't require extra pages! The Proceedings will be available soon after the workshop and sent to all paid attendees. Student papers will be identified in the preliminary program that will be provided to each attendee of the workshop.

Judging the best student paper
1. Each day of the workshop at least two members of the AIPR committee who are attending the workshop for the entire day will be selected to rank the student papers presented. 2. On the last day of the workshop, the student papers will be scheduled before 11:00 AM. 3. After lunch on the final day of the workshop, the two best student papers will be announced and the award and certificate presented to the students.

Other IEEE Requirements
A W8/W9 must be filled out for each recipient of a cash award. Also, a printout of the publicized contest that the recipient won, including specific dollar amounts, must be provided as a proper supporting document needed for the payment request.

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