Greenbrier Homeowners Association Newsletter

December 5, 2011
Thanks to the Bore’s for hosting a Festive Holiday Meeting on December 5th, 2011. at 1pm sharp to help collect food. Leave bag at your door to donate. 3. Neighborhood Security. The board received several communications from residents about security in Greenbrier. The complaints range from petty vandalism (stolen flower pots) to delivered packages being stolen. One concern is the empty house on 76th at the corner of 148th. The front door was unsecured for more than a month. The latch mechanism was removed from the door and the door was wide open. That lock was mysteriously reattached and the front door is now secure. Thanks to whoever repaired it. Several neighbors saw people pull up to look at the house, so maybe they repaired it. The look of the house is neglected & unkempt. It was moved and seconded GHOA pay to have tree debris and leaves removed from a recent windstorm to improve the appearance of Greenbrier. That motion was approved. There are several years of dues owed on the house. Ole is going to check on the process to file a lien on the house to collect those dues. 4. HOA Dues. It was moved and seconded that the dues remain $100.00 annually in 2012. 5. Thank you to our outgoing board. This is the last meeting for several long-term members who have decided to retire. Our sincere thanks to Toby, John, Kathy, Jerry, Brian, Sheri, and Renee for your service! 5. Next Board Meeting will be at The Auerbach’s January 16th at 7:30. All residents are welcome to attend.

Next Meeting: Mon. March 5th, 2012 Andrew Residence 7706 146th Ave NE 7:30 pm

Minutes Review:
The minutes from the September 11th meeting were approved as distributed.

6. Next General Meeting will be Monday, March 5th at 7:30pm at the Andrew Residence 7706 146th Ave. NE 2012 Greenbrier Board Members

Hospitality Report:
No repot.


Treasurers Report:

Treasury Report was approved as presented


ACC Report:

It is slow season for the ACC. No activity to report.

Jane Andrew


Old Business:
1. The landscape project on the large cul-de-sac has not been started so it was suggested we add the project costs to the 2012 budget. The residents are waiting for bids. This project will be completed in 2012. 2. Greenbrier Website: Paul Raff is developing and testing a site right now and hopes to have it out to the board to test in the first quarter of 2012 3. CC& R Project: John Mowery presented letter to residents asking for feedback several suggestions were made. John will present the final draft at the next meeting.

Heather Bore


Pam Auerbach Vaman Bedekar Joe Kuhn Robin Newton

see ACC

867-1987 885-4670

Lani Vanderlip 702-8134 Silvia Van Vegchel 206-458-3306 Hospitality: Silvia Van Vegchel Lani Vanderlip see Board see Board

Ilana Bergen 556-9626

New Business:

* * * * * * * * *
Architectural Control Comm. (ACC): Pam Auerbach, Chair Brian Brewer Jerry Weltner 895-0075 881-7507 867-9704

1. Nomination and election of officers for 2012 will be done at the January Board meeting open to all residents. A notice will be sent to residents and posted to the mail boxes. 2. Food drive is Dec 18th. Notices will be posted. Meet in the south cul-de-sac of 144th

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