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Irai Dam Water Level & Rainfall Monitoring System

17 September 2010

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Chief General Manager, (Gen O&M) Chandrapur Thermal Power Station Laxmikant Pochhi Director

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Chandrapur Thermal Power Station is in need of monitoring Irai dam water level, which is only source of water for power plant operation. Also rainfall measurement system at the dam site is required. The sensor based digital water level and rainfall measure measurement and monitoring using Mobile SMS is being proposed.

Proposal No.: 002/MSEB/2010

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The objective... Chandrapur Thermal Power Station is in need of monitoring Irai dam water level, which is only source of water for power plant operation. Monitoring water level for water usage is important for plant maintenance. Also maintaining dam water level capacity at the time of maintaining rainfall becomes critical. The accurate digital measurement of water level and ready availability of the water level information to the operation staff and decision maker of management is required. Also makers monitoring rainfall at dam site is required for spillway gate operation. required The Goals... Chandrapur TPS requires monitoring the Irai dam water level and rainfall at the dam site The goals of the monitoring system are as site. follows: Accurate water level measurement up to resolution of 1cm using highly accurate, reliable water level sensors. Measurement of rainfall at the dam site. Display of water level and rainfall at Dam site for dam site te maintenance staff. The availability of water level and rainfall on mobile GSM and / OR CDMA network using SMS. The water level and rainfall will available using Request SMS, periodic water level SMS High or Low water level Alert SMS, Rainfall SMS, SMS storm Alert SMS SMS. The Solution... The Dhwani Systems Pvt. Ltd. Specializes in radio telemetry solution provider and have in house product development and system have integration capabilities.

The solution is complete turnkey basis which includes feasibility, supply, installation and commissioning. The Dam water level measurement system solution consists of water level sensor, tipping bucket rainfall sensor and radio telemetry unit installed at dam site. The basic systems parts are as follows: 1. Water Level Sensor Sensor: It measures the water level accurately and reliably The Siemens make Ultrasonic Level Transducer Echomax XPS 30 and Ultrasonic Controller Multiranger 100 is used for water level measurement 2. Rainfall Sensor The tipping bucket sensor is used for measuring the rainfall. It provides digital pulse for every 0.2mm rainfall. pulses 3. Radio Telemetry Unit Unit: The unit connects the sensor data output to the mobile network GSM and / or CDMA. The system can be configured to operate in any network available depending upon network coverage at the site location. The hot standby 1+1 mobile network configuration to be operated in two networks, so that system will remain operative for networks, in case of any network breakdown. There is scope for any features addition, so that we can adapt to any requirements. The future expansion provision can be made so that any extra inputs can be added with some e extra hardware. 4. Power Supply Unit. . It provides power supply requirement of the system. Considering continuous availability of power, the power standby arrangement is power, not provided. 5. Display System at Control room The maintenance staff requires to monitor the water level from the the control room. The cable can be laid from sensor location to the

control room. Considering 500 meter length of the control room 500 distance, the RS485 sig is carried using STP cable. signal The water level Transducer and its controller are installed at Dam site. The Radio Telemetry Unit along with display is installed at control room. The water level sensor data is required to be carried on RS485 signal using STP cable. This will provides the flexibility to monitor the water level from control room itself. Also rainfall control collector is installed at the roof top of the control room, which is connected to the Radio telemetry unit

Sensor Cable

STP Cable (RS485) Tranducer

Radio Telemetry Unit with Display

Dam Site Control Room

u s e r

o p e r a t i o n s

The system provides continuous water level measurement and rainfall measurement at Dam site using local display. Water level and rainfall can also available using SMS mobile network. The system requires subscription of the GSM or CDMA mobile network considering network availability at site location. The standby mobile number can also be subscribed. The standby following is different means to get the water level.

Request SMS...
The user sends the Request SMS to the system mobile number or standby mobile number using password. The SMS having water level, rainfall, site name and time stamp of the reading will be send by system mobile. XXXXGETL where XXXX is system defined password. For example 1947GETL Where 1947 is password

Periodic SMS...
The user will get periodic SMS of the water level and rainfall measurement to the predefined mobile numbers. The duration of periodic SMS and predefined mobile numbers are configurable. The SMS having water level, rainfall, site name and time stamp of the reading will be send by system mobile.

Alert SMS...
The predefined mobile numb numbers will get water level SMS, whenever there is rise of water level above the threshold water level, also whenever there is fall of water level below the threshold water level. Alert SMS can be configured whenever there is storm rainfall during last 15 minute period. The SMS having water level, rainfall, site name, time stamp of the reading and threshold level will be send by system mobile.

System Configuration...
The system parameters like mobile numbers, threshold levels etc can be configured using configuration SMS.