Algebra 1 11-12 Objectives


End of Year Projects

Name: _______________________

to review Algebra 1 material; to explore mathematical topics of interest in greater depth; to work collaboratively with other students

Expectations: 1. You will complete at least one project; after checking in with your teacher, you may be allowed to complete others for extra credit or you may be asked to continue working. 2. Keep your work organized. Write down the project you have chosen and carefully document all of the work that you do. Annotate your work so that the reader can easily follow your thinking. Complete the project that you choose during class time. You may work alone or in small groups of up to four people. Stay on task and use your time wisely. You may not take work home unless your teacher has allowed you to do so. All of your project work is due on the last day of class. You and your group will prepare a 5 minute presentation explaining your project, the work that you did on it, and any conclusions that you were able to reach.



Grading: This project will be counted as a 50-point quiz. This includes a daily classwork grade, which is based on your level of productivity. Points will be deducted for each instance of unproductive behavior (off-task or loud talking, out of seat for no reason, etc). Your final presentation will count for 10 points. Please attach this cover sheet and the project's description to your work. Score: Score: In-class: ________/30 pts ________ ________/10 pts Main Project: _____________________________________ Extra Credit Project(s):__________________________________

Presentation: ________/10 pts Total score: ________/50 pts Notes:

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