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ISSN: 2229-6646 (online)

IJSTM Vol. 2, Issue 2, April 2011

Hardware and Software based Water level controller system using Microcontroller
Kavita Jindala,Kavita Singhb Apeejay College of Engineering,Gurgaon, India,

ABSTRACT: The water level Controller

designed in this work is a reliable circuit. It takes over the task of indicating and controlling the water level in the overhead water tanks. The level of the water is displayed through the LED. The Copper probes are used to sense the water level. The probes are inserted into the water tank whose level of water is to be monitored. This water-level Controller-cum-alarm circuit is configured around the well-known 8 bit Microcontroller 8085. It continuously monitors the overhead water level and display it .It also switches off the solenoid valve when the tank is full and automatically switches it on when the water level is low. This paper presents the three-level controller design for water tank. The method defines the different approach to control the water level.

Keywords: Automatic control system,

microcontroller, valve. level sensor, solenoid

INTRODUCTION: In the past few years,

control systems have been widely applied to many industrial systems, particularly in the field of the process control that requires the critical control performance such as, high accuracy, high speed and good linearity [1][2]. Nowadays various parameters in industrial processes are controlled such as temperature, pressure, level etc. Level control is commonly used in almost every

process system. The level control system must be controlled by the proper controller. Actual systems and controllers are widely implemented in the discrete time domain since they employ microprocessors or computers in general. Recently, a variable structure control in the discrete-time domain has much received the attention [3], [4], [5]. The objective of the controller in the level control is to maintain a level at a given set point and be able to accept new set point values dynamically. The aim of this work is to present an ideal design technique of the liquid level control system based on the use of the commercially available microcontroller MCS-51[6], [7], [8]. The proposed control system model is composed of microcontroller 8051, level sensor and solenoid valve. Experimental results show that the system model being proposed is able to control the liquid level very effectively and provide a good response. Moreover the benefit obtained from this system is to be able to employ as an educational tool for demonstrating in an educational project and the control engineering laboratory. Furthermore, it is to be expected as this control system for collecting and controlling the physical data such as pressure, temperature etc.


Figure 1 shows the configuration of the proposed microcontroller-based control scheme, which is applied to control the level Page 22

International Journal of Science Technology & Management

ISSN: 2229-6646 (online)

IJSTM Vol. 2, Issue 2, April 2011

of the liquid. It mainly contains a microcontroller, level transducers (LTs) and solenoid valve named SV. We use the assembly language programming in the microcontroller to control the level and also displaying the data through LED from microcontroller. In this designing, the LTs principal task is to produce electrical signal that is directly proportional to the level in the tank. With this transducer liquid level will be transmitted to the C. Afterwards, microcontroller software checks for the condition of the output voltage at each three points and then directs the solenoid valve to operate the control valve inside the solenoid valve. In addition, the water supply is provided in the tank through the solenoid valve. The interfacing circuit of microcontroller with water tank and solenoid valve is shown in figure 2.

CONCLUSION: In this paper, the

alternative technique in which the solenoid valve and microcontroller are applied for controlling the liquid level system is proposed. The proposed control system provides many attractive features, such as, can be applied the level transducer for sensing the liquid level in the tank, can be displayed data on LED via microcontroller interfacing. Experimental results show that the system operation agrees very well with expectations. Additionally, this control system model is now employed for teaching and demonstrating in the control engineering laboratory and educational project.

Figure 2: Interfacing microcontroller 8051 Figure1: Proposed liquid level controller configuration (LT = Level Transmitter)



[1] Rodd, M. G. and Deravi. F. Communication Systems for Industrial automation Prentice Hall, 1989. [2] Kuo. B. C. Digital control system Holt-Saunders International Editions, 1980. Page 23

SOFTWARE DESIGN: In the software

design, we use the assembly language programming for 8051 microcontroller. The operation performed by the programming is described by the flowchart in figure 3.

International Journal of Science Technology & Management

ISSN: 2229-6646 (online)

IJSTM Vol. 2, Issue 2, April 2011

[3] Gao,W.Wang. Y. and Homaifa, A Discrete-time structure control system IEEE Transaction on Industrial Electronics. 42,2 (1995): 117-122. [4] Pan, Y. and Furuta, K. Discrete time VSS controller design. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control. 7 (1997): 373386. [5] Hung, J.Y., Gao, W. and Hung, J.C. Variable Structure Control : A Survey IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics. 40, 1 (1993) : 2-22.

Figure 3: Flow chart

[6] Barnett, R. H. The 8051 family of Micro-controllers. Prentice-Hall, 1995. [7] G.Betta, L. Ippolito, A. Pietrosanto, and A.Scaglieone, An optical fiber based technique for continuous level sensing IEEE Trans. Instrum.Meas, Vol.44,pp. 686-689, June 1995. [8] G.Betta, A. Pietrosanto, and A.Scaglieone, Microcontroller based performance enhancement of an optical fiber level transducer IEEE Trans. Instrum.Meas, Vol.47,pp. 489-493, April 1998.


8051 Microcontroll er

No On Red Led Enough water in the tank (full=?)


Level Sensor
Off solenoid Valve

Water Tank Out -let

No On Green Led Enough water in the tank (medium=?)

Relay Driver & Relay


Solenoid Valve

Water Supply On solenoid Valve

No On Yellow Led

Enough water in the tank (empty=?)


Buzzer On Stop

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