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Loan Management Software for Autonomous Bodies:

Loan Varieties
House Building Loan Personal Loan Long Term Loan Intermediate Loan Short Term Loan Special Loan Festival Loan/Seasonal Advance Emergency Loan Educational Loan Medical Loan General Loan Etc.

Scope of the software

Maintaining Employee s Loans & Interests in EMI method and Diminishing method Capturing Operator/User names for security Capturing Interest Rates for various Loans with effective date Capturing Eligibility Criteria like Maximum Limit s, Maximum Installment No., etc. for various Loans with effective date Capturing Loan position of employees at the beginning of computerization Capturing of information of Employees Insurance Policies, Service Bond Amount, Service Years, Pay, etc. Process ing Loan Application with Guarantor Information and eligibility criteria Automatic generation of Loan Sanction Order following Eligibility Criteria Processing Loan Payment Voucher Automatic Monthly Interest Calculation for the Loans Automatic Demand Generation for Principal/Interest Recovery for Payroll Capturing Monthly Principal & Interest Recovery Receipts Processing of Bulk Refund of Loans with Revised Interest Calculation Generation of Loan Payment Slip Generation of Loan Issued Register Generation of Loan Ledger Generation of Employee wise List of Loan Statements/Schedules for a period

Salient Features of the software

Fully customizable as per the users requirement Unlimited data/record storage capability with Centralized Database maintenance Supports unlimited users/client-computers in Network simultaneously Completely easy GUI software with no command operation Fully Network Compatible Supports Web-based platforms & browsers Tight Security with Password Privileges for operators & data locking system Provides easy record searching & modification facility Reports are available on -time Provides Strong Data Security & safety from RDBMS Scheduled Backing -up of database Easy & quick Restoration of database for disaster recovery Operational Manual for users is provided

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Few Screen-Shots (Records are Dummy below)

Fixing Interest Rates for Various Loans:

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Fixing Loan Criteria:

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Home Loan Payment Voucher (in WDV method):

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Home Loan Payment Voucher (in EMI method) :

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Capturing Loan position of Employees at the beginning of computerization:

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Automatic Demand Generation for Principal/Interest Recovery for Payroll:

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Monthly Principal & Interest Recovery Receipts from Payroll:

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Policy Register:

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Loan Management Software for Central Govt. organization:

The Loan module is mainly developed for Central Government Employees. Operation label starts from entering the sanctioned details of loan for an employee. Type of loans that are maintained given below : HBA Loan Computer Loan Car Loan Motor Cycle Loan Festival Loan Loan can be paid to an employee is four no. of installments at different dates. At the time of sanctioning the interest rate along with the installment no. is set, also the year and month of loan disbursement is set. Monthly recovery is done very easily by auto-posting in loan refund module. Installment no can be modified while processing of loan refund. Interest calculation is done after the recovery is finished. One can fixed the interest rate while calculation of interest. While refunding of principle loan one can refund the balance principle amount along with the interest amount at a time. Schedule report can be viewed for any month.

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Implementation Chart:
Stage No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Stage Description On-site detail study of the existing system Preparation of the Document for Software Require Specification (SRS) Settlement of SRS and agreement on the same Software Development & Coding based on SRS Installation of Software On-Site Training of Users on the Developed Software Providing O n-site Guidance on Parallel Run of the software Providing O n-site Administrator Training Duration 5 days 2 weeks 7 days 1-2 Months 1 day 5 days 1 Month 2 days

Development Tool:
Back End Front End : Oracle 9i or higher (RDBMS) : Oracle IDS or higher (Forms & Reports)

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