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Mancos Library District Board of Trustees Regular Board Meeting 211 W. First St.

January 26, 2012 AGENDA: 6:00p.m. I. Call to order 6:04PM Il. Roll call Darrel Ellis, Danielle Desrisseaux, Kathy Merrill, Lee Hallberg and Sadie Rose Pace III. Amendments to the agenda IV. Minutes of the previous meetings for action A. *December 12, 2011 Regular meeting Kathy moves we approve the minutes for the December 12, 2011 meeting, Danielle seconds. The floor is opened to discussion. All approved, none opposed, the motion passes. V. Recognition of visitors Brian Hanson Martin Stecher arrival at 6:45PM VI. Correspondence A. Note from patron a. Thanking the library for the use of the meeting room VII. Financial reports A. *Approval of January bills Sadie moves we approve the January Bills, Darrel seconds. The floor is opened to discussion. All approved, none opposed, the motion passes. B. Financial Report The end of year financials for 2012 show an increase of about $6000 in income (due mostly to Robin Strothers generous donation) and a decrease of about $11,000 in expenses. (The actual figures in the end of year profit and loss show a greater decrease than that, but non-hourly wages of $16828 (Lees salary and department head bonuses) were strangely omitted from the profit and loss report, and we had about $6500 of 2011 expenses not paid until 2012 (staff training, some computer expenses, quarterly state tax payments, insurance bond).) The bottom line of this is that we had about $17,000 more at years end than we expected as of our December meeting. Thus, we had about $86,000 in unreserved funds at the end of the year, rather than the $69,000 we were expecting at our December meeting. This is good news! We have $15,000 of this in a Mancos Valley Bank CD, and after January expenses, we still have about $52,000 in our checking account. With about $20,000 per month operating expenses, and large county tax payments starting in March, I believe we should put $20,000 of our checking account funds into an interest bearing account. Without fundraising, we are still facing expenses for 2012 that are about $45,000 more than revenues, so we need to keep on with the fundraising efforts. Vlll. Report of librarian A. Monthly Report C. Directs the development and implementation of long range and strategic planning

a. Per suggestion from meeting with Brian Hanson, Charlene, Kate and I will be presenting Social Media Literacy program in Feb. b. Have met with Kate and Charlene re: science programming, will be next project after completion of Social Media Literacy program in Feb. c. Looking to reach out to seniors, taking ereaders, Wii, and other interesting & fun items library has to occasional senior lunches. d. Will be working with KSJD Community Conversations program to help discover needs of community and where library might fill those needs.

Develops and implements library policies in conjunction with Board of Trustees

Presented Unattended Children policy to staff and addressed concerns. Staff feels that if the attorney feels that the policy covers the librarys liability and is backed up by clear procedures then they are comfortable with it. Policy was sent to attorney for review, then I will work on the procedures. Helped with final details of Grievance Policy and forwarded to attorney for review.

Leads and motivates staff members

Continuing to share information from CAL conference with entire staff. Recording of Pam Sandlian Smith presentation from Bayfield being passed around among staff, Board will have the opportunity to hear it as well. Attended both days of Communications Training with staff, gained very valuable information and tools for more effective communications (in all aspects of life). Will be creating a Communications Charter document to post as a guideline for organization culture. Victoria has resigned to dedicate more time to their business, which is growing rapidly. I have been working with the staff to redefine her job description and reassign responsibilities, any staff members that have a desire to do so are taking on new responsibilities and giving up others. Still unsure as to whether or not I will need to hire additional help (Im giving current staff first opportunity to take on additional hours). A staff goodbye party was held yesterday morning. Have been taking the lead for troubleshooting computer problems and assisting patrons with tech while training Charlene for Tech Manager position. Encouraged and assisted in rearranging Childrens Room due to concerns about being able to monitor the computers with younger unattended children. We can now see the computer station easily from the staff room and easier from the Circulation Desk. Met with Follies committee and Social Literacy Training committee, Social Literacy Training should be ready to present to school in Feb. Meeting weekly with Department Heads as a group, & twice a month with all staff (Operations meeting). Purchased and presented staff holiday gifts from MPL during annual staff cookie exchange. Met with Margaret Simon re: HRA, compiled information and details of program to present to staff. Redefined holiday procedure to ensure all staff were getting equal opportunities.

Will be meeting with Department Heads quarterly one-on-one to check in - informal, outside of library. Follies planning in full swing! All staff committed to finding 3 door prize or auction items each. Theme will be Mission ImPossible. A sheet is tacked to bulletin board in staff workroom with donation requests - please check the sheet first before requesting a donation to make sure we dont make double requests. The list is not limited to these items, feel free to write in additional requests. Also, Follies donation letters are on shelf in Lees office. Worked with Julia on updated Circ. Desk schedule, will be filling in on one Saturday per month.

Retains primary responsibility and oversight for the operating and capital budget

Submitted final budget and required paperwork to Montezuma County Assesor, took copies to Town of Mancos and School District. Also filed required paperwork and budget with State of Colorado. Will be working with Charlene, Kathy Graf, and Easton LaChapelle to update the Librarys Tech Plan and submit it to the State Library so we can pursue E-Rate. Met with Chuck Forth re: Onward! Foundation, similar structure to The Community Foundation - information available for review. Checking with Shelley Walchak to see if any legal issues with investing library money. Met with Robin & Nancy Strother, they had expressed interest in helping the library financially. Discussed views for future of the library, they donated $5,000 to be used at the librarys discretion. Robin is also interested in partnering with Tom Buffalo to help support the librarys core collection, they will be buying books recommended on Ivy League schools reading list. Fundraising plan attached. Will be instating a $10 collection fee for patrons with extremely delinquent materials.

Maintains inter-governmental and community relations

Attended (happily) Chambers cookie contest as a judge. Will be working with Jeanne at Mancos Times to do a feature article about the Follies and the Capital Campaign in late February. Also contacting Julia and I visited Valley Inn Nursing Home and met the new Activities Director and refreshed 1/2 of their book selection with new titles donated by the Friends. We will be making a second trip soon to refresh the other half, and then every 2-3 months. Those that can get out and want to will be making regular trips to the library. Met community members and delivered letters but have had no response from the community regarding the Renaissance Faire.

Serves as the Mancos Public Librarys advocate and spokesperson

Met with Jeff Pope from KSJD re: partnership for Community Conversations program - we will be hosting Mancos Conversations in the future.

Visited Hardison at the Beehive and gave him documentation on MPL to assist with his decision re: Library Board & encouraged him to apply (I think his input as a business owner would be very valuable to the Board). Attended Friends of the Library meeting, discussed fundraising plans. Friends will have annual Valentines Day Bake Sale. Will be attending Southwest Librarians meeting with some of the staff on Feb. 17 in Ignacio. READ poster project has been put on hold, will revisit after staff reshuffling and training settles down - possibly use to help promote capital campaign.

Plans, implements, and evaluates library services

Kates Community Cinema, Jan. 19 was Daisy Bates: First Lady of Little Rock. Attendance was low, but discussion was good. Verbal History Program tapes have finally been digitized and we have online access. Available on librarys website, under Links in the left column. IRS forms are available next to the kids room. We will be purchasing movie license to show Inside Job on February 9, I will be hosting Movie Mondays for teens / tweens after school on Mondays starting Feb. 6. Great Decisions resumes Monday, Jan. 30. MPL will be hosting the Colorado Water 2012 display April 15 - 28, we will also be organizing programs to accompany. Midge will be hosting a book discussion centered around Untie the Strong Woman: Blessed Mothers Immaculate Love for the Wild Soul by Clarissa Pinkola Estes on January 28th from 10 am - noon. Charlene has had visits from various middle and high school classes to highlight some good titles for reading for pleasure, schools are instituting a Stop, Drop and Read program where kids drop everything for 15 minutes a couple times a day to just read for fun. Charlene and Kate have started planning Summer Reading Program. Fahrenheit to put on coffee workshop February 25th. Kates February Community Cinema will be Feb. 16 - More Than a Month about controversy surrounding Black History Month. Charlene working on bringing a classical music event to the library, will be presenting some ideas to Fundraising Committee. Victoria hosted an introductory Facebook class on Dec. 21. Gaming Daze continues to have steady attendance. Charlene has resumed visits to Headstart and from various school classes, storytime, and homeschool groups. Kate & Charlene will be hosting Valentines Card Making class on Feb. 11, open to adults and kids. Considering adding option for patrons to request ILLs directly online (free), getting setup details from SWIFT. Midge is poring through a donation of books by women writers to add to the collection. Charlene has been busy ordering new books for the collection, which has kept Kathy busy with cataloging and Enid with book processing.

Oversees utilization and maintenance of the physical plant, grounds and equipment Joe McKinley has been plowing as needed. BTOP laptops being used regularly in the Childrens room until issues with library network are resolved so Userful can provide us with an update. ADA / Workforce computers are up and running, staff will begin training on use. Sunpower site (monitors solar system) has been down for almost 2 months, Ben from Living Solar has restored service. Assisting with snow shoveling while part of janitorial staff has been on vacation. Peter building additional step stools for the library and a shelf in the tech closet Julia, Kathy, and Dee Graf will be making a trip to Boulder Thurs. / Fri. to pick up (free) shelving courtesy of Boulder Public Library - thanks to Dee for volunteering time, truck and trailer. Quoted $500 from Nice Electric to replace broken outlet cover in teen area, provide & install outlet in Childrens area, hook up electric and run data lines in Childrens room (to relocate computers). Planned to be a 2011 expense but unable to get a quote quickly enough, hoping to use surplus money from Computer budget. Julia has been cleaning interior windows. Julia has been attempting to contact Automated Control Systems who installed and set up the software that controls the HVAC unit to inquire about frequency of back- ups. My computer crashed due to a mechanical failure of the hard drive, luckily Geeks on Grand were able to recover the data ($350)- I learned a hard lesson about the importance of regular back-ups. The computer was still covered under warranty and the hard-drive replaced at no cost. Provides staff support to the Board of Trustees


MPL featured in WebJunction Webinar sponsored by ALA about Small Rural Libraries using Social Media. Met with fundraising committee, working on preparing documents for capital campaign. Have been relaying pertinent information from Board meetings to Dept. Heads during weekly meetings. Ordered and arranged for bookplate in Bobs gift from the Board.

Reports of officers and committees B. Board Development Committee a. Danielle and Sadie both interviewed Brian Hanson for membership on the board. They reported back to the Board of Trustees that they feel he would be a strong member of the Board and bring experience, interest and knowledge to the position. The Board Development Committee recommend Brian Hanson to be voted as a member of the Mancos Public Library Board of Trustees. C. Fundraising Committee

In order to supplement the librarys budget for 2012/2013, the Fundraising Committee has decided to commit to a capital campaign for the library. This campaign will be focused around Keeping the Mancos Library Relevant during financially challenging times. Im currently working on developing a letter and promotional materials to support the campaign, the Millwood Follies will be the kickoff event. The theme for the Follies is Mission ImPossible, which may be carried through the entire campaign. We are still looking into developing a managed fund for the library. The fundraising committee has looked at the information regarding both local foundations, Id like the remainder of the Board to look at the information as well before we move forward and make a decision. Ive contacted Shelley Walchak for consulting to ensure there are no legal ramifications from investing library moneys into these type of funds. A plan for grant researching and writing has started to take shape, Midge Kirk will be researching relevant grants that the library may want to pursue and will work with me to write those grant applications. Clara had expressed interest in assisting with grants prior to leaving the board, we hope to still be able to call on her expertise for any large grants that we may want to pursue. Fundraising to date has been encouraging. Empire Electrics annual donation came through for $1,000, and the donation from the Strothers and the anonymous donation that came in late December have given us a good jump on the $30,000 needed for 2012. Im attempting to get out into the community more to promote the library and library services, as well as spread the word about our financial situation and the fact that we need community assistance. Unfortunately, due to unexpected setbacks (such as Victoria leaving) I havent been able to network as much as Id like. Current plan for events for 2012 is as follows: January Grant letter to Masons - Donation request letter to Montezuma County - Needs list for newspaper February - Follies planning & preparation March Follies (1st weekend) April May - Pancake Breakfast w/ Masons June - Possible Read In or Read-a-thon in conjunction with Summer Reading Program (similar to a Walk-A-Thon, but reading rather than walking). July Mancos Days - Library will have a booth promoting services and information re: capital campaign August September Balloon Festival - Library will have a booth promoting services and information re: capital campaign October Taste of Mancos harvest event with local food prepared by renowned local chefs - possibly coupled with a music event. November Carlos Nakai evening (w dinner and auction)
December -

D. Policy Committee
Here's where we are so far with the Policy Committee. Midge and I have completed both the Unattended Children's Policy (with input from the Stechers) and the Grievance Policy. Lee has approved both policies and we have sent them for approval to Mike Green. We have not heard back from him at this time. We can either put these on the agenda to vote on pending Mike's approval or we can wait to put them on the agenda until we hear from him. I'm open to either. I do feel that we need Mike's final approval on both of these before we sign them. You will notice a slight difference between the 2 policies. Typically we are simply doing Policy- The What and leaving Procedure- The How to the staff to determine what works best. However in the Staff Grievance Policy we included the Procedure. This was because as you can see, the Policy itself is extremely minimal and we determined that the Procedure was important to have be part of the Policy. We didn't want there to be any questions about how to get satisfaction, and we want to be clear that the Director is the person the staff deals with except in extreme circumstances. Staff approaching the Board with issues is far from kosher, as we all know. Hopefully you all agree that this is broad brush that allows the director to handle situations that arise, but doesn't stifle the staff from getting their needs met.


Old Business A. Follies & fundraising XI. New Business A. Employee Resignation & HRA Kathy moves that we give Victoria Petersen $50.00 bonus in lieu of her HRA contribution for the month of January. Danielle seconds. The floor is opened to discussion. All approved, none opposed the motion passes. B. *Board member applicant discussion & decision Kathy moves we approve Brian Hanson as a member of the Mancos Public Library Board of Trustees, Sadie seconds. The floor is opened to discussion. All approve, none opposed, the motion passes. D. March meeting update March meeting will change to Thursday March 22, 2011. XII. Public Comment a. Martin Stecher brought questions and concerns about First Amendment Rights within the library. b. Board of Trustees director Darrel Ellis had to remind Mr. Stecher numerous times that we had limited time to hear his concerns. Mr. Stecher continued to speak for over 20 minutes despite being asked by Darrel to respect the boundaries of our meeting. *Amended 2-5-12 Adjournment Kathy moves to adjourn the meeting, Sadie seconds. The floor is opened to discussion. All approve, none opposed, the motion passes. Meeting adjourned at 7:40PM. NEXT MEETING: February 23, 2012 at 6:00 pm