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1. Web 2.0 2. Websites 3. Newsletters 4. Phishing 5. SEO 6. Blogs 7. Online publicity 8. Social Media
You should look at where you will find a lot of links and documents.


WEB 2.0) is greater collaboration among Internet users and other users. The European commission was the one who started this. and more open sharing of information. and they can adapt more to their needs. Blogs. and users simply viewed or downloaded the content. not word by word.0 basically refers to the transition from static HTMLWeb pages to a more dynamic Web.  Why should you care about EYEBALLTRACKING? Because is a type of analysis very useful tool in order to know the parts of the website that more visible to the user. wikis. and enterprises. Also we can use it if we are in Europe but also the citizens of the Europe. So this is why the information relevant have to be at the beginning and with the exact number of words not to many and not to much. That they get a lot of feedback from costumers and clients. Normaly the part that is more used is the part that is at the beginning and in the left.0 is the term given to describe a second generation of the World Wide Web that is focused on the ability for people to collaborate and share information online. . The rest of the text people just read it on name? Every country has a country code and this one is the top-level domain for the European Union.0  What is web 2. web 2. Web 2. Increasingly. Open communication with an emphasis on Web-based communities of users. users have more input into the nature and scope of Web content and in some cases exert real-time control over it. Wide Web (retroactively referred to as Web 1. and Web services are all seen as components of Web 2.0 and the traditional World 2.0 is been used more as a marketing term than a computer-sciencebased term.1. otherwise the reader will get bored. Web 2. This helps to build a better and more interesting webpage for the users in order to have a better and easy navigation experience.0.0 Web 2. Also. Originally.0 refers to special types of sites such us youtube. they read vertically. wikis or the social network. data was posted on Web sites. One of the most significant differences between Web 2.0. content providers. WEBSITES NAME YOUR WEBSITE  When do you use a .  Which are the opportunities for enterprises to use Web2.

including older people with changing abilities due to aging. that perhaps need to audit additions and changes to content being made Many CMSs offer the ability to delegate roles and cascade these throughout the organisation with some people writing content and others giving the OK. the feeling of empowerment to control your website is a good one. In particular for an organisation or business that is dynamic and needs things to happen fast. Web accessibility also benefits others.WEBACCESSABILITY  Explain what web-accessability is. navigate and interact with the Web. WEBSTATISTICS  Why do you need to have them? When you want to be sure that the website is being used and used properly. . Some examples of website-adaptations are:  Alternative text for images (considering blind people)  Keyboard Input (considering people with with limited fine motor control) CONTENTMANAGEMENTSYSTEM  What is an contentmanagementsystem? Is a program to help/allows people with cero knowledge about HTLM or graphic design to build a website. with many content contributors.  Why is it used? What are its advantages? Used when a lot of people are uploading information and alternate the design or don‟t know anything about designing but you want/need a website to be done. It will give you a lot of relevant information about the ones who use it and about how they use the webpage. and they can contribute to the Web. · the advantages of usin the CMS are:  Ability to add or edit pages on your website yourself It is nice to have control over your investment. Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can use the Web. understand. They can perceive. You have to care more about specific points when you design and build the website so they can use the website in an easy and proper way with their specific browser.  Not have to pay your developer monthly maintenance or hourly rate for changes Why pay someone to do something you can do yourself right? (but can you?)  Useful in organisations. A CMS can be ideal for this type of workflow.

PHISHING  Grupon: Spain http://www. Many times they make spelling mistakes. Look the link (you just put the mouse on them to see the real URL) to se if the address and CC: coincides 3. The software analyses both the number of incoming links and the „quality‟ of the referring webpage to generate a relative measurement between 0 (low-relevance) and 10 (high-relevance).  Give three things you should look at when you receive an e-mail and you doubt whether it‟s a legal Analyse them shortly (which elements do you find in these newsletters? Look also at the bottom of the newsletter) ?????  4. 3. NEWSLETTERS ***  Give three examples of ONLINE-NEWSLETTERS (2 in your country and 1 other) Independence: Spain http://www. what is phishing? Is a method/technique used to get personal information about a person. Because sometimes you can find a mail from a company and the URL doesn‟t 1. SEO SEO means Search Engine Optimalisation  Explain PAGERANKING PageRank is Google‟s ranking software that calculates the relevance of a webpage to the search keywords entered. where the users come from. person… and look to the sender‟s address. the time they spend on the webpage… Also you can compare statistics of your website and realise what the user actually wants from you so you can be offer that to him and gain more. 5.  How does Google Works? What is important for them to make a listing of relevant websites? . What can you learn from them? You can learn a lot of information such us how they found out the webpage. iTunes: http://www.independanceclub. Always check it is a real company.groupon. and if they ask for information it‟s mostly illegal. What this people don‟t know is that this is all just a trick to get information about your bank account in order to steel from you. The people get to their email accounts an email being informed as if they were a bank or the insurance for example and they will tell the people to go to a change their pin or to send some information for “checking”.

First of all I will write about the characteristics and the benefits from it to the readers. With a good structure. New Toyota car for young women Toyota. Also I would creat an event and or PR‟s will we the bloggers. to the readers that are coming not from a commercial that is sometimes no reliable but from a person so it gives confident. . And there are the blogs of journalists or dedicated to journalists. Tags and keywords are very important. The most important thing is that your webpage is structured and organised and that you have a clear sitemap. I will choose blogs that are written by consumers/clients such as: 1. many people follow and listen to what this people say and is a great opportunity to move all this people towards my company. And there are blogs from consumers/clients which are very interesting for communication. so they have information that is relevant for them.  Explain how you can make your website been shown among the ten first solutions on Google without paying! Using good descriptions. new car.  How would you use your own (company) blogs to promote either the ToyotaIQ-car or the parfum Chanel 5? I choose the perfume Chanel 5.  Give examples of 3 existing blogs which could be interesting to communicate on. Also is interesting to use links and description of images. http://www. I will use the blogs as a page in which people could give their opinion or experience about the product and share it. removable enery OK subsides =TOO BROAD Explain the working of ADWORDS! 6. This will feel. Tell more about the links. They will go to the event not only to see the bloggers but to know better our product because someone that I admire say it is worth it. women cars. women 2.  Explain the working of AdWords and give some examples of keywords you would use to promote 1. titles.Google uses the search engine optimization (SEO) and webmaster tools to assist webmasters.theblondesalad. worm water boiler. BLOGS There are blogging CEO’s and there are blogs run by Enterprises. A government campaign in favour of subsidies for a warm water boiler on solar heating Solar heating.

8. displays. Also there will we an event created. FACEBOOK: I will create an account in which people will add as a friend and will find info about the new product. she has to be well know and really pretty. social media… in which the target are women and they are the interested in the product. in this case the perfume. probably Rachel Bilson or Freida Pinto The background will be pear white with shadows . It has to look stylish and chic. only 2 will win the prize. . facebook. I will use a famous person or a model. SOCIAL MEDIA ***  How will you use Facebook and Twitter? Integrate Facebook and Twitter in the promotion of the car or the perfume.amlul. http://yoshino-poupeedechiffon.  Explain what you put on the banner.).  How can you use it in your online pr? Clients. It is a very useful tool because people can see all the information you have published in a very short time. customers..) or the perfume Chanel 5 (banners.2. They can also check the information using a feed reader but they can still do it with the normal browser. stakeholders and press will subscribe so they will we well informed by you 7. something like if you go to a chanel store you will have the opportunity to try the product and get some samples and the first 100 clients to get it will be in a raffle for a whole set of mini chanel perfumes. Basically I will promote the perfume in fashion blogs... This tool links both  What is TRACKBACK ? Is a tool that permits you to receive an announcement when someone that is in other blog is posting something that is in your blog. fashion magazines. I will use social media to promote the product..blogspot. http://www. I will use banners.  What is a RSS-FEED? RSS feeds are little information that you send automatically to the people who are subscribed to your page/blog. ONLINE PUBLICITY  HOW and WHERE you would promote either the Toyota-IQ-car ( 3. the model will show the product and the logo will just appear in the bottle. As I was telling in the previous question.

and communicating about the raffle. follow interesting people that might give us the followers that we need. People can we updated easily if they follow your profile. Also important to use other social media tools to inform about the twitter profile.TWITTER: create a profile separate from the chanel profile and start posting the pictures. So at the beginning we are going to need to get to know the profile. .

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