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Does Viewing Religion as Mythology Mean the End of Believing in God, the Supernatural and Miracles?

Why or Why Not? By Tanae Ware Even the oldest known religion in the world, which is Hinduism, was created from a variety of traditional beliefs from different cultures and mythologies. From there, many, many religions were created, one being Christianity, which is greatly supported by the majority of the human race that live by religion. The fact that religion was made by the thoughts of man is enough to view it as a myth, which is a traditional story accepted as history that serves to explain the world view of life. However, if the human race views religion as mythology, it would not be the end of believing in God, the supernatural and miracles. The majority of people in the world who support religion would reject the idea of it being mythology. This is because a lot of people are closed minded and would be scared to be introduced to a different view of what they believe in. This is also because they will have to grasp the fact that everything they were taught is a lie. This will cause them to lose trust in the ones close to them. They will have to reach out and dig even deeper to find out who they really are. They will have to search for their purpose of living and where they will end up when they die. Because of this, people wouldnt want to look at religion as mythology. Over the years, nonbelievers have tried their best to convince religious people that religion is not what it is presented to be. Still, people continue to believe in some kind of deity, whether it is God, Allah, Buddha, or even Satan. People feel that they need to believe in something of the kind because they believe that it will keep the world from

going into total chaos. Basically, in most religions, youre taught not to do certain things that are known to mankind as evil things. If everyone followed these guidelines, or commandments, the world will be a better place and that life after death will be even better. Therefore, people will believe in God forever for guidance and assurance from bad. Viewing religion as mythology will not be the end of believing in the supernatural. Supernatural relates to anything above or beyond the natural. Since the past, present, and future mysteries of the universe cannot be explained by the human race, many people believe that a deity holds the answer to this. They believe that the universe and everything in it was created by the power of a higher source, such as God. They have dismissed the Big Bang theory and evolution, which is said to have created the universe and is responsible for the development of all life forms, respectfully. Though the Big Bang theory has been proven through the scientific method, those who believe in God continue to argue that is another way God tests your faith. Also, viewing religion as mythology will not be the end of believing in miracles. Believing in miracles has to do with everyday things such as commercial plane crashes in which everyone survives or someone is healed of a serious health problem with no medical explanation of how and why. Miracles differ from religion in that it does not have a deity or deities in which one believe but it is a natural occurring event in which someone survives the impossible or something of the impossible occurs of good benefit. Therefore miracles are something that people will never cease to stop believing in. In conclusion, there are many different views in the world as to how religion is the self righteous choice. Classifying it as mythology will not relinquish the belief of

people in God. Supernatural events and miracles will be a belief of people through the end of time even if religion is classified as mythology because supernatural events and miracles are apart of everyday life.