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{\rtf1\deff0{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fcharset1 Tahoma;}{\f1\fnil Calibri;}}{\colortbl ;\red255\green0\blue0;\red255\green0\blue0;

\red255\green0\blue0;}\pard\tx1500\tx 3000\plain\fs20\b1 From: \b0\tab Margaux Sanguyo\par \pard\tx1500\tx3000\plain\fs20\b1 To:\b0\tab Hamlin, Michael\par \pard\tx1500\tx3000\plain\fs20\b1 CC:\b0\tab Azupardo, KN; Carvajal, Jenny; Ga rcia, Erika Joy; Gonzalez, John; Liber\par \tab ato, Allen; Orozco, Trizzy Jennifer\par \pard\tx1500\tx3000\plain\fs20\b1 Date: \b0\tab 15/05/2012 13:00\par \pard\tx1500\tx3000\plain\fs20\b1 Subject: \b0\tab Liquidation\par \pard\tx1500\tx3000\plain\fs20\b1 Attachments:\b0\tab TOPSHEET_BCC_10042011-0321 2012.xlsx\par \par {\stylesheet{\fs20 GroupWiseView;}}\fs20 Thank you, Karen and John.\par -----\pa r Mike,\par Summary of inputs to your liquidation report below; details and note s in attached file.\par Please satisfy requirements asap; then we'll be ready to file for your last payment.\par Any attendance sheet or receipts requested are required to be submitted in original copies.\par \par \par \b \f1 Amounts of Co ntracts\f0 \b0 \f1 (in USD)\f0 \par \b \f1 Phase I Contract\f0 \b0 \f1 11,000.00 \f0 \par \b \f1 Phase II Contract (Pre-terminated)\f0 \b0 \f1 2,300.00\f0 \par \ b \f1 TOTAL AMOUNT OF CONTRACTS\f0 \b0 \b \f1 13,300.00\f0 \b0 \par \b \f1 Total Liquidated Amount\f0 \b0 \b \f1 10,830.56\f0 \b0 \par \b \f1 Total Unliquidated Amount\f0 \b0 \b \f1 2,469.44\f0 \b0 \par \par \par \par \par \par --------------------------------------------------------------------------\par "Please c onsider the environment before printing this email.\u8221 ?\par --------------------------------------------------------------------------\par \par MARGAUX D. SANGUYO\par Programme Officer for HIV and AIDS\par \par INTERNATIONAL LABOUR O RGANIZATION\par Subregional Office for South-East Asiaand the Pacific\par 19F Yu chengco Tower RCBC Plaza Ayala Avenue, MakatiCity\par PHILIPPINES\par Direct Lin e: +63 (2) 580 9935\par Trunk Line: +63 (2) 580 9900\par Fax No. +63 (2) 856 7 597\par E-mail: \ul \cf1 {\ul\cf2}\cf0 \ul0 \par \ul \cf1 {\ul\c f2}\cf0 \ul0 \par \par This electronic message may contain c onfidential, proprietary or privileged information. \par It is intended for the use only of the named recipient. If you are not the intended recipient, \par ple ase notify the sender and delete the message; do not disclose, distribute or cop y the \par information. Electronic messages are not secure or error-free, and ma y contain viruses; \par the ILO is not liable for any such event.}

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