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MRAP Vehicles – Rapid Acquisition to Organic Maintenance Support

2010 DoD Maintenance Symposium

Mr. James Strickland USMC Logistics Representative Joint Logistics and Sustainment Joint MRAP Vehicle Program

Joint MRAP

Vehicle Program MRAP Joint Vehicle Program



and actions to accelerate over the next year the acquisition of as many MRAPs as is possible and prudent” Secretary Gate’s Memo dated 30 May 2007 “Speed is of essence” Accelerated Production to Maximum Capacity by Adding Additional Vehicle Variants to Meet CENTCOM Requirements Faster 3 . assessed and applied where feasible.” OSD TASK Force Charter “Directing that a Department-wide task force be formed to integrate planning. analysis.Joint MRAP Accelerated Plan Vehicle Program SECDEF Memo 2 May 2007 “The MRAP program should be considered the highest priority Department of Defense acquisition program…” “…any and all options to accelerate the production and fielding of this capability to the theater should be identified.” “…the urgency of the situation …requires that we thoroughly examine all options to put as much of this enhanced capability in the hands of our troops as rapidly as reasonably possible.

500 to 10. Nov 06 Army-USMC board 1.882. Sep 07 JROC validated 7.000 vehicles and included 100 test vehicles 15. 26. Jul 09 JROC validated 16. Jan 10 JROC validated Supported increased reqts for OEF Supported M-ATV reqts for OEF Supported increased vehicle reqts for OEF Established Army final reqt at 12K.374. SOCOM final reqt at 378 and final ballistic test reqt at 133 vehicles Increased Army totals from 2.185.Joint MRAP Dynamic Environment! 21.738. Feb 07 MROC validated # MRAP Vehicles 4.000 15.238.482.066. May 06 MNF-W Commander 4 .000+ Service & Congressional call for added vehicle protection drove rapid requirements growth. May 07 JROC validated 5.774. Jul 08 JROC validated Vehicle Program 20.000 10. Dec 06 JROC Validated 185.000 6.838. Nov 08 JROC validated 15.

000+ total  Centralized Fieldings  Centralized Support Requirements  90 Day Parts Block  Pure CLS .Non-Std COTs Manuals Changed to:  Decentralized Simultaneous Fieldings  Decentralized Support Requirements  Hybrid/Organic Support Concept       Multi-variant OEM FSRs Multi-variant OEM NET Trainers Govt Depot Mechanics PLLs and ASLs Assigned NSNs to parts Govt validated manuals for all field-level tasks  Use of Existing Supply Chain Complexity Lessons learned Responding to Warfighter Requirements 5 .Joint MRAP Makeover Extreme Vehicle Program of Joint MRAP Log Strategy Original Plan  USMC  Army  Navy  USAF  SOCOM Current Reality 7.000+ total War Fighter feedback  USMC  Army  Navy  USAF  SOCOM  Ballistic Testing 25.

JointHow MRAP MRAP Vehicle Program Fits into DoD Acquisition Map 6 .

JointHow MRAP MRAP Vehicle Program Fits into DoD Acquisition Map MRAP 7 .

Joint MRAP Joint Sustainment Support Timelines Vehicle Program The “Challenge” Typical Organically Supported Weapon System Provision repair parts Complete Technical Manuals Procure repair parts Fielding Traditional Support CLS Weapon System Prepare to provide logistics support MRAP Fielding Risk MRAP Support Concurrent with Fielding Provision Validate COTS Manuals Buy Initial Spt Pkgs Procure repair parts All MRAP Activities Happen in Parallel – 2 to 3 year timeline! 8 .

standardization. re-task organization of assets designed to support follow-on missions Sustainment Maintenance Operations RESET / REFURB Operations • Repair-and-return • Activity that can be brought as far forward as required • Relies on end item and component repair with some component replacement Capability Insertion (CI) Three Tenets of RESET / REFURB • Replacement • Recapitalization • Repair The integration of technological solutions to drive commonality. sustainment.Joint MRAP Overarching Vehicle JPO MRAP OperationsProgram Building capability over time Cascade Operations …the movement. supportability. reception. and performance enhancements ISS Operations Start + 18 months!! All four capabilities build on each other to enable efficient fleet management 9 . reconfiguration. processing.

Joint MRAP Vehicle Program Representative Retrofit Fielding Schedule Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep ) Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul OEF MRAP Retrofit Fielding Schedule I OIF MRAP Support Facility 10 .

Joint MRAP The Hybrid Strategy JPO provides initial parts push (ASL/PLL/BDAR) Vehicle Program JPO MRAP Mil Air SSAs and Fielding Sites Parts are consumed JPO Buys Initial Support Packages and ships to theater ASL = SSA PLL = Unit Battle Damage = RSA Focusing on Readiness & Operation Scorpion Cascade support ULLS SAMS-E SASSY SBSS JPO Funds all parts buys What Does Hybrid Mean?      PM is the bill Payer until program transitioned to Services Replenishment Uses the Organic military supply chain Employs STAMIS/SASSY OEMs are the source of supply until fully provisioned JPO Executes sustainment maintenance and BDAR at the RSAs  Augmenting maintenance support with RRAD mechanics/ Barstow Mechanics and FSR technical advisors  OEF uses CLS Maintenance via MANTECH & AECOM DLA TACOM LOGCOM Repairables Consumables 11 .

Joint MRAPConcept Vehicle Program of Operations Shift Weight of effort has shifted Iraq Key Tasks:  Fielding completed  Support sustainment of fleet  Support restructuring of force  Support CI in Iraq (as req’d)  Restructure footprint  BDAR MRAP Support Facility Afghanistan Key Tasks:  Ramp up fielding tempo  Build capacity to support increased fleet size  Support Cougar suspension upgrade  Support CI / retrofits in OEF (as req’d)  BDAR 12 .

vehicle upgrades. and GFE efforts all require additional provisioning. 13 .Joint MRAP Vehicle Program Current Provisioning Status Legacy MRAP Vehicles Initiated Process The MRAP Team has completed over 60 Provisioning conferences since February 2008! Provisioning Continues New variants. ECPs.

Joint MRAP Vehicle Program Overall Post-Conference NSN Status Total Parts (Estimated 72984) Reviewed Overall Status •Provisioning Ongoing •Clean-up efforts Continue Not Reviewed 66821 92% 6163 8% NSN Attainment Status (24317 Unique Parts Requiring NSN) Management Status NSN Assigned 20942 86% DLA Managed Pending NSN Assignment 20320 97% 622 3% Service/Agency Managed 3375 14% Goal: 100% NSN attainment based on current provisioning schedule 14 As of 30 September 2010 .

15 . … New parts are added at different stages of the vehicles’ life cycle due to the evolution of the vehicles’ configuration.Joint MRAP Vehicle Program Provisioning Life Cycle Baseline configuration GFE Additional Vehicle Models Capability Insertion Engineering Changes/Retrofits/ MWOs Provisioning for MRAP vehicles will continue as the vehicles evolve: LRIP 20+ vehicles. ISS. ECPs.

Joint MRAP MRAP + GFEVehicle Program GFE Nearly Triples The Total Value of the Vehicle! 16 .

Joint MRAP Vehicle Program MRAP Provisioning Sequence GFE Capability Insertion Retrofits/block upgrades ECPs Initial Vehicle Provisioning Changes to vehicle configurations result in the continuation of provisioning 17 .

JPO MRAP funds Supply Support JPO MRAP forecasts parts buys and funds DLA and services use their info systems to forecast and fund with Working Capital Funds 18 . Maintenance.LOG Demo for Operators.Joint MRAP Sustainment Concept Vehicle Program Crawl Walk Provision weapon system through iterative process (provisioning conferences) Update COTS manuals and contract for Military Standard Manuals Run Complete base provisioning effort Provisioning Assign/identify NSNs to parts needed for tactical level maintenance Technical Manuals Validate/verify COTS Operators. Maintenance.Depot Pilots for system and component NMWRs Organic maintenance supplemented in OIF as needed Maintenance Augment organic maintainers with FSRs & depot mechanics Utilize more CLS support in OIF (AECOM for tactical and MANTECH for sustainment) DLA and services use their info systems to forecast based on demands. and Parts Manuals Complete TMs . and Parts Military Standard Manuals .

Joint MRAP MRAP Vehicle Program Provisioning and Supply Support JPO 19 .

Joint MRAP Vehicle Program MRAP Supply Support Construct Initial Support Packages (ASL/PLL) Deprocessing Kits & BDAR Retrofit Kits JPO MRAP CONUS Distribution Depots JSSC MSF RSAs MRAP U Core Customers Units in OEF/OND HST & PDTE Customers Enhance Readiness & Vehicle Production Maximum Flexibility to Support Warfighter 20 .

Joint MRAP Parts Support: Push / Pull Vehicle Program Units SSAs SMUs PLL & ASL Fielding Packages Wholesale Supply System Units Fill requisitions from the field SSAs SMUs Organic Supply Support from Sep 2007 onwards 21 .

Maintenance. and Parts Manuals Completed Run Develop initial Military Standard Technical Manuals Next develop IETMs Contracted with vehicle OEMs for Operator. and Parts Military Standard Manuals . Maintenance. and Parts Manuals Completed for most MRAP variants Crawl Develop initial COTs Operator.Verification effort has started TM Plan must be adjusted due to planned fleet upgrades Augmented by Safety/Maintenance Messages/Technical Bulletins to update / clarify and cover vehicle improvements System level National Maintenance Work Requirements (NMWRs) . Maintenance.Detailed status follows Component NMWRs verifications to begin 22 .Verification effort to begin .Joint MRAP Vehicle Program MRAP Technical Manual Plan Walk Update COTs Operator.

Joint MRAP Vehicle Program LOG DEMO VS TM VER LOGISTICS DEMONSTRATION TECHNICAL MANUAL VERIFICATION Evaluate SSP PM ILS Manager All Logistics Products Purpose Who’s in charge Focus Type of work package review Percentage of TM Review Work Package Focus Scoring Verify TM MARCORSYSCOM TM Hands On / Desktop Review / Simulation 100% Hands On Selected work packages Executable Red/Amber/Green Accuracy / Completeness Go/Go With Change/No Go 23 .

& Parts Manuals augmented by Safety/Maintenance Messages/Technical Bulletins Started final phase .Joint MRAP Vehicle Program Technical Manual Summary Completed first two phases Crawl COTS Operator. Maintenance. and Parts Manuals Vehicle and Component NMWRs IETMs will be placed on contract Force structure decision will neck down requirement Run Challenging Final Phase – 50+ TMs 24 . Maintenance.Military Standard TMs Walk Operator.

Joint MRAP Vehicle Program Depot Source of Repair  Marine Corps Logistics Command (MCLC)  Maintenance Center Albany (MCA)  Maintenance Center Barstow (MCB)  Army Materiel Command (AMC)  Red River Army Depot (RRAD)  Letterkenny Army Depot (LEAD) 25 .

Joint MRAP Summary Vehicle Program  Vehicles Delivered to Warfighter  Hybrid Support Strategy Transitioning to Organic Capability  Logistics Responding to Service Requirements 26 .

Joint MRAP Vehicle Program Questions? 27 .

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