Thinking of You

JUNE 2012

With cell phones, Facebook, email and the like, it seems easier to keep in touch these days. And yet, heartfelt and authentic messages, that are handmade and personal, are increasingly rare. By getting out your stamps, paper, and ink, you are not just telling your friends and loved ones thank you, hello, and thinking of you; instead you are doing it in a creative way that will make a lasting impact. Get inspired to reach out with our My Monthly Hero Thinking of You ideas for June.

SUPPLIES: K5574 Big Eyes, 330053 Heydey Sentiments PS572 Earth Cards, PS624 Earth Mixed Layering, CH262 Earth Buttons, AF101 Black Dye Ink, and color pencils

SUPPLIES: CL579 Special Time, 330053 Heyday Sentiments, PS629 Designer Paper - Blush, CH252 White Pearl Accent, CH137 Med White Pearl Accent, PS572 Earth Cards, and AF214 Cup O’Joe Mid-tone Ink

SUPPLIES: CL574 Say It ALL, CL475 Friendly Flags , AF208 Bubble Gum Mid-tone Ink, AF207 Butter Bar Mid-tone Ink, AF209 Green Hills Mid-tone Ink, PS629 Designer Paper, PS569 Sunshine Cards, and CH259 Sunshine Buttons

SUPPLIES: CK209 Flourish Flower Cards, C5591 Thinking of You, PS622 Foliage Layering Papers, and AF101 Black Dye Ink

SUPPLIES: K5585 Starbursts, C5600 Handmade for You, CL574 Say It All, PS569 Sunshine Cards, PS622 Foliage Layering Paper, AF210 Field Green Midt-tone, AF164 Mango Dye ink, and CH137 Med Pearl Accents

SUPPLIES: CL480 Wish You Were Here, 330053 Heyday SUPPLIES: C SUPPLIES: Senti Sentiments, CG405 Leaf & Floral Background, PS639 Pool ntiments, ti Sentiments, Cards, AF164 Cards, AF164 Mango Dye Ink, AF124 Soft Stone Mid-tone Ink, and PS666 PB&J Paper Pad

SUPPLIES: CG429 Hello Flowers, C5592 Just Saying Hello, PS572 Earth Cards, AF120 Brown Dye Ink, AF144Soft Sand Mid-tone Ink, CH136Sm White Accent Pearl, and CH137 Med White Accent Pearl

SUPPLIES: AC001 Untitled Postmark, 330054 Heyday Thoughts, CG422 Zig Zag, PS624 Earth Layering Papers, CH137 Med White Accent Pearls, CH252 Lg White Accent Pearls, AF207 Butter Bard Mid-tone, AF214Cup O’Joe Midtone Ink, and AF213Wet Cement Mid-tone Ink

SUPPLIES: AC001 Untitled Postmark, CL578 Good Friends, CG422 Zig Zag, CH261 Sea Buttons, PS623 Sea Layering Papers, AF101 Black Dye, and AF210 Field Greens Mid-tone

SUPPLIES: CL578 Good Friends, CL475 Friendly Flags, CG422 Zig Zag, PS568 Blush Cards, AF150Ruby Red Dye Ink, AF207Butter Bar Mid-tone, AF101 Black Dye Ink, and CH268 Sunshine Dots




SUPPLIES: CG405 Leaf & Floral Background, CL577 Remember, AC002 Untitled Heart, PS619 FLoral Layering Paper, AF134 Soft Lilac Shadow Ink, AF103 Blue Dye Ink

SUPPLIES: AC002 Untitled Heart, CG422 Zig Zag, PS621 Sunshine Layering paper, PS619 Floral Layering Paper, AF208 Mid-Tone Bubble Gum Shadow Ink, AF168 Lavender, Shadow Ink, AF105 Green Dye Ink, AF164 Mango Dye Ink

SUPPLIES: CL586 XO, CG422 Zig Zag, CG412 Newspaper Flower, PS621 Sunshine Layering Papers, PS622 Foliage Layering Papers, CH160 Green Colored Gems, AF197 Spun Sugar Distress Ink, AF201 Wild Honey Distress Ink

SUPPLIES: CG405 Leaf & Flower Background, CL586 XO, AC002 Untitled Heart, PS619 Mixed Layering Paper -Floral, AF166 Lavender Dye, AF208 Bubble Gum, White Embossing Powder

J U LY 2 0 1 2
Coming in July is “Summer Adventures,” providing sunny and creative ideas for making the most of your weekends, journeys, vacations and adventures. Available in stores in July and only from Hero Arts.

PS019 Thinking of You Supplement

Thinking of You
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