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Test Paper :2 Posted By SAIL 4..7.2009 GK section 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.


galvanization------------------------zinc tounge--------------------------------middle portion testtube baby-----------------------inside mother's.......... oldest veda--------------------------rig veda small state--------------------------- si im joint house----------------------------the president clay court-------------------------------french open Which is required for coagulation of blood------Calcium Where does protein synthesis in cell-----ribosomes Which state has the least population growth rate in 2001 census:--Kerala tropic cancer donot pass----------------------rajasthan(not sure) blood coagulation-------------------------------calcium clay court-----------------------------------------french open Which of the following is the smallest state: 1)manipur 2)nagland 3) mizoram

15. Through which state tropic of cancer doesn't pass? 1)rajasthan 2) uttara hand 3)MP 4)UP ans 1 16. last guru of s i hs 17. principle on which jet engine's angular moment is based a. newton's third law 18. national flag is designed by pingali ven ayya... 19. sudden death is associated with football and hoc ey(!!).... 20. jet plane follows the principle of Newtpn's third law.... 21. Under whos superivision bengal act passed--Lord cornawallis 22. first layer of protection in human body s in 23. land loc ed country---ans laos 24. who among the following 1st started census in india ? a)lord cornwallis b) lord warren hastings c) lord rippon ans:-c 25. colour of star is due to 1)color 2)radiation ans 2 26. stem----------------------sugarcane 27. proteins------------------ribosome 28. alexander visited during---chandragupta maurya , NANDAS

30. which among the following river has no delta.. a) ganga b) mahanadi c) narmada

29. intrument used to measure mil

purity lactometer

ans:-c 31. what is sellers mar et? ans demand is more tha supply 32. Young Camel is called calf 33. 1. who heads the joint session of Parilament i.e Lo Sabha and the Rajya S abha? 34. Council of Ministers are responsible to who among the following ? a) President b) Prime minister, c) vice president d) Spea er 35. Free Trade Port ------> Kandla port

Test Paper :3 Paper Type : Whole Testpaper Test Date : 12 December 2010 Test Location : Delhi/chennai Posted By : Anurag Verma SAIL written test 12-12-2010 Hi Friends, I'm ANURAG VERMA, Mechanical Engg. I want to share the SAIL test Pattern There were two part technical and non-tech. Again non-tech 4 parts GK, English, Aptitude and Reasoning. Technical part was having 100 questions and 100 non tech having 25 questions eac h parts.

Time 2 hour 30 mins. 1.30 mins for each part. First you have to do tech after t hat non-tech part. WRITTEN TEST 1. Technical :

Basic fundamentals question from Thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics, hydraulic mach ines, RAC, material science, production engineering and industrial engineering, Strength of materials. IC engine, Heat and mass transfer and power plant.

2. Non-Technical: (1) General Knowledge: G.K. was easy comparatively. 1. 2010 Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratn Award is given to- Sania nehwal

NOTE- Direct questions from

hurmi objective Mechanical Engineering.

2. BIHU is local dance of which state- Asam 3. 2012 Olympic will organize in- London.

5. Brahm Society was established by- Raja Rammohan Ray 6. State of max. population in density in India- W.B. 7. Who is the ex-officio of planning commition of india is- P.M.. 8. Which temple is made up by cutting Kailasa Mount- Ajanta, Alora,elephentas e tc 9. 20-20 cric et world cup winner of 2010- England 10. Which river drains in Arabian Sea- Tapi. 11. Which country is recently become the member of SAARC- Myanmar, Sri lan a, Bh utan etc. 12. Durand line is in between of which two countries - pa /afganistan. 13. Currency of Bhutan ..And few more (2) English: Synonyms, preposition, 5 best meaning and 2 para graph having 5 que stion each. (3) Aptitude: Profit loss, Ratio and proportion, time and wor , simple interest, compound interest (4) Reasoning: There was 5 question each from Analogy, Venn diagram, Statement a nd conclusion, Direction sense test, cube. Aptitude and reasoning was difficult and time ta ing. R.S Aggarwal is the best f or aptitude and reasoning NOTE- ma e sure you attempt all the sections to qualify, well I was one of, to q ualify written test.


My interview was on 9 March 2011 in Chennai, almost after a month, the result wa s announced. So you will get enough time for interview preparation . There will be two round more to go. 1. Group discussion

In GD there will be three round in continuity. It will ta e almost 1:20 hour so get prepared well.

4. Sign of Indian Rupees is made by. D. uday


2) ran ing some points given and then GD on same. eg-( point on National integ ration) 3) case study. eg-( a data base of a company).



My interview too about 20 mins. I was first candidate after their lunch, I was still hungry. There was a panel of 4 person. Some of the question they as ed. 1. why mechanical? 2. tell your subjects you studied in last sem. 3. how you judge your self a bright study or what? 4 .why SAIL? 5. will you be able to do job any were in India? 6. what is maintenance, its type? 7. what is Entropy, its significance. 8. Define Enthalpy, Unit? 9. Iron carbon diagram draw? 10. steel types 11.what will you do if your wor er says that a machine doesn t need maintenance. 12. what u have contributed to your family.(don t hesitate to say u are down to ea rth) 13. carnot cycle, otta cycle all processes. 14 few quic questions on IC engine.

NOTE-More over they as about the related topics of their field thermodynamics, IC Engine, production and all cycles.

material science,

It was a nice experience throughout the interview. Finally I m selected in SAIL. Result announced on 20 april after 1 month, so no need to waste time on net, as it is crucial. Hope for your better future. And BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR EXAMS.


simple GD on a social topic. eg-( euthanasia- mercy illing )

Test Paper :5 Paper Type : Whole Testpaper Test Date : 12 December 2010 Test Location : Shri Ven ateswara College, Bangalore Posted By : Raghunath Dear All, I have written exam of SAIL for Management Trainee-2010 with E&T as discipline. The question paper consisted of two sections each with 100 questions and 75 mins for each section.

Section I E&T Technical questions. (100 questions) Section II It contained 4 more more sub-sections General Awareness, Verbal ability, Quantit ative aptitude, Logical reasoning General Awareness (25 questions) 1) 2) 3) 4) i 5) a) Who was the winner of 2010 Twenty-20 world cup? Who is the winner of 2010 Rajiv Khel Ratna award 2010? Bihu is the fol dance of which state? Which river has delta in Arabian sea? A)Tapi B) Mahanadi C) Krishna D)Godavar Which of the following states is with highest population density? WB b) UP c) Jhar and d) Bihar

6) Who is the Ex Chairman of planning commission? a) PM b) Lo sabha Spea er c) Vice President d) President 7) Jim Corbett national par is in which state? 8) Durand line is between which countries? Ans Pa istan and Afghanistan 9) Measles is a disease caused which of the following? a) Virus b) Bacteria c) Protozoa Verbal Ability (25 questions) 5 Questions on articles 5 Questions on fill in the blan s with correct words 10 Questions on paragraph reading. Quantitative Ability (25 questions) Most of the questions were based on Compound interest, Simple interest, Wor , Ag e related which can be founnd in R.S Aggarwal Logical Reasining (25 questions)

Note: 1 mar

for correct answer and -1/4 for wrong answer.

A situation was given and questions were based on that situation li e cube paine d with 3 colors and then divided into 64 equal cubes what no of cubes with singl e color and so on. Two statements are given and as ed whether the question can be solved based on t he statements? A person traveled east west and finally how far is from the source? Note: To clear the exam you need to clear the sectional cutoff of each sub-secti on in Section-II also. This was the major deciding factor as after attempting se ction-I for 75 min then only section-II can be attempted for the next 75 mins The technical paper of E&T was difficult as it was mainly theoretical and were b ased on concepts of the subjects. Section-II will be easy for an engineer, but t he time may not be sufficient as there is sub sectional cutoff. Note: In the instructions of admit card it was told to bring only ball point pen but in the exam they the answers were needed to be mar ed with HB pencil. So, p lease ta e pencils with you for the examination. Good luc for your attempts to be a part of SAIL. Awaiting result of the exam now.

Test Paper :6 Paper Type : Aptitude - General Test Date : 12 November 2010 Test Location : Guru Nana Public School, Chandigarh Posted By : Sorabh Malhotra SAIL-2010 g question 1) olympic 2010 held in------london 2) Currency of Bhutan-------NUGULTRAM 3) Measles is a type of--------VIRUS 4) Heart beat of Adult---------72 5) Heavy, strongest and long bone of body------FEMUR 6) JIm Corbet national par -------------Uttarnchal 7) Rupess symbol designed by-------D. UDAY KUMAR

9) Winner of 20-20 world cup-----------england 10) winner of Rajiv gandhi hel rattan award-2010---------saina Nehwal 11) which river falls in arbian SEA--------------tapi 12) BIHU is a fol dance of-----------assam 13) budh name------------sidhart 14) brahm smaaj----------raja ram mohan roi

8) Durand line is Between--------pa

& afganistan

15) company related to insurance---------------IRDA 16) gadar movement telated with------------------hardyal singh 17) new member of SAARA------------------afganistan 18) olive branch signify----------------------PEACE 19) language under 8th schedual----------------22 20) alpha eratin protien present in-------------------FIBER 21) Which state receieve winter rainfall by western disturbance------Tamilnadu 22) equality of oppertunity of all citizen in matter of public employement come under------ART 16 23) Kailasa temple-----------ajanta 24) EX-office planning commision------------Prime minister 25) Most dense populated state.................UP Sorabh Malhotra Test Paper :7 Paper Type : Whole Testpaper Test Date : 12 December 2010 Test Location : Rainbow Sr. Secondry School, Delhi Posted By : Manoj Bijnori Hello Friends! There was an exam for Management Trainee Position in SAIL on 12th December 2010. The whole test paper consist of 2 part. 1) 100 Technical Questions related to B. Tech Branch. 2) Part 2 consist of 4 sub section i) Numerical ability (25 Questions) ii) English (25 Questions) iii) Generel awareness(25 Questions) iv) Reasoning (25 Questions) Since i am from Computer Science Branch. So I am posting mainly technical questi on of CS on based of my memory. Part -1 Technical ( 100 Questions Computer Science) Q(1) What will be output of the followingmain() { printf("tim"); main(); } (a) tim (b) eep printing tim (c) blac screen (d) none Q(2) In which Data structure insertion and deletion is not possible in middle bu t at ends.

(a) Lin ed list

(b)Pointer Array

(c) Queue

(d) Dqueue.

Q(3) OSI Model consist of how many Layer (a) 2 (b)4 (c) 7 (d)9

Q(4) Why NAND gate is called universal gate? Q(5) Which of the following not supported by C++ (a) Encapsulation (b) Abstraction (c) Reflection (d) Inheritence Q(6) Which of the following support Diamond Inheritence (a) C++ (b) Java (c) C (d) none Q(7) Suppose X is a class and arg is parameter then What is syntax of passing pa rameter in a copyconstructor (a) X(X arg) (b) X(X *arg) (c) X(X &arg) (d)no ne Q(8) What is difference between Hub and Repeater? Q(9) If there are 6 input to a Nand Gate the how many column will bw there in Fu ll addre table? Q(10) Which of the following is a DDL statement (a) Delete (b) Turncate (c)Both a and b (d) none Some other questions I am not remembering exactly. But approx 8 simple question s were based on OSI model layer and 7 Question based on simple SQL queries and 1 5 questions based on Java and C++ and 7 question on digital electronics and 15 q uestion on Operating System and 15 on Data structure. C++, Java, DBMS, SQL, Computer Networ , Operating System and Data Structure are the subject from which questions were as ed in paper. Overall Technicl section was easy but need some rivision of technical question. Part -2 Section (1) Generel awareness (25 Questions) Q(1) Who have desinged the Symbol of Indian Rupee? Q(2) Where is Jim Nationa Corbet par in India? Q(3) Who have got the Rajiv Khel ratan award of 2010? Q(4) In which state of India Population density is very High? Some other questions were as ed based on current g . Section(2) Reasoning(25 Question) Just li e R.S. Aggrawal boo Questions Section(3) English (25 Questions) 5 Question were Based on Article use, 5 on correct preposition based, and 10 Qu estion were based on Comperihensive Passage Section(4) Numerical ability(25 Quetions)

Most of questions were as ed from Simple intreset, Compound intrest, Percentege, Time and wor . Just follow R.S. Aggrawal. Best of luc to all for next time in SAIL Exam.

Test Paper :9 Paper Type : Aptitude - General Test Date : 12 December 2010 Test Location : CPS, Kali apur, Kol ata Posted By : Biplab This is the continuation of paper written by Biplab( General awareness: 101. which one is densely populated state a. WB b. Bihar c. Uttarpradesh 102. Durand line a. India/Pa istan b. Pa istan/Afganist c. India/China 103. Rajiv gandhi hel ratna award 2010 a. Saina Nehwal b. Krishna Poonia

105. Which state recieves the rainfall due to western disturbances a. Kerala b. Punjab c. Tamilnadu. d. Gujrat 106. Bihu festival in which state a. Assam, b. Bihar c. Si im

108. Olympic games will held in 2012 a. London b. Chicago c. Rai di jero/brasil 109. Curreny of bhutan a. ngultram b. rupee c. rial 110. Who invented the indian currency symbol? a. D. Udaya Kumar b. D. Prashant Kumar 111. Who is the the ex-officio chairman of planning commission a. President. b vice president c. spea er of lo sobha d. Prime-minister

Test Paper :10 Paper Type : Whole Testpaper Test Date : 12 December 2010 Test Location : Bhopal Posted By : Shreyansh jain& Pintooji Hi Friends,

107. Kilash Temple in which famous roc a. Ajanta b. Ellora. c elliphanta

104. Cobett national par a. Uttar handa. b.UP

in which state

I'm Shreyansh. I'm from Electrical stream. I have appeared for written exam of S AILl for M.T. There were total 200 questions out of which 100 technical, 25 general nowledge, next 25 are of English, next 50 based on aptitude and reasoning. Total time was 2.30 hour. Technical From questions no.1 to 100 are of technical, about 40 questions are from electro nics 2-3 based on transistors, 2-3 based on Fourier transformation, 1-2 question s based on Z-transformation, 2 questions. based on OP-AMP, Some questions. I remembered are. 1. TRIAC is li e Two parallel thyristor, Two Anti parallel thyristor, 2 parallel Diode, 2 Anti parallel Diode. 2. Transformer principle- self induction, mutual induction, static induction, dy namic induction. 3. Relative speed of magnetic fields in synchronous machine between stator and r otor, Zero is right option. 4. Insulation of EHV transmission lines is based on- Switching voltage

6. 2-3 questions are from bac side of P. S. bhimra of machines. 7. What is d cause of not starting of single phase I.M. but ma ing humming noise even when full voltage is applied. 8. Why 3-phase I.M. widely used. All the reasons you read were in option but all of these was not the option, so the best you now may be the answer. 9. IGBT is in general a combination of npn BJT with n channel mosfet and li e th is other options. 10. For pea load which power plant is suitable- diesel, nuclear, hydro, steam. 11. An extra pin in 3-plug is given for- to provide earthing, prevent from short c t etc. Overall tech. portion was not so tough, except some electronics questions. English: In English first 15 questions are based on Synonyms, Fill the correct word (gene rally articles). For the next 10 questions. They give 2 Much complicated passage ( I thin that are of microprocessor or from any computer science subject, whic h they as ed as English Language Passage). You have to read THE HINDU news paper with concentration, if you want attempt this part. G.K. was easy comparatively. 1. 2010 Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratn Award is given to- Sania nehwal 2. BIHU is local dance of which state- Asam

5. 2-3 questions are from bac

side of C.L. wadhwa.

3. 2012 Olympic will organize in- London.

5. Brahm Society was established by- Raja Rammohan Ray 6. State of max. population in density in India- W.B.

8. Which temple is made up by cutting Kailasa Mount- Ajanta, Alora,elephentas e tc 9. 20-20 cric et world cup winner of 2010- England 10. Which river drains in Arabian Sea- Tapi, Godavari, Krishna etc 11. Which country is recently become the member of SAARC- Myanmar, Sri lan a, Bh utan etc. 12. Durand line is in between of which two states 13. Currency of Bhutan is And some more questions I don't remember but this portion was not so tough. Aptitude & Reasoning: For doing this section I will suggest you to go through R.S. Aggrawal Boo of qu antitative aptitude and reasoning BUT do tough questions don't do easy question and time is main factor for crac ing this paper. All the best for next papers Regards: Pintooji Prabha ar & Shreyansh jain

Test Paper :11 Paper Type : Aptitude - General Test Date : 12 December 2010 Test Location : Kochin Posted By : Sivaprasad. A Question paper contained 2 section 1 hour 15 mins given for each section. Technical 100 mar s Quantitative Aptitude /Reasoning/G.K /General English As I am for Computer Science and Engineering all tech from comp scince All Technical questions were from object oriented programming, Dbms and Computer networ s & OOps. Section I 1. Language which support diamond inherritance a) C++ b) Java c) Both a and b d) None

7. Who is the ex-officio of planning commition of india is- P.M., President, Lo sabha spea er etc

4. Sign of Indian Rupees is made by. D. uday


Dbms Some basic sql functions li e trunc some questions from Oracle in C.N All of them basic questions Diff b/w hub and switch? What happend to header of pac et if routed from bottom to top layer etc. Section II Refer any Text boo of Quantitative Aptitude Read Competition Success for G.K and English

Test Paper :15 Paper Type : Technical - Other Test Date : 10 February 2008 Test Location : DURGAPUR Posted By : DEBESH KUMAR SAIL PAPER ON 10th February 2008 AT DURGAPUR

HI every body !!! Recently I gave the paper of SAIL from ELECTRICAL Branch the paper which i ncluded 250 questions.of which I attempted 160 questions

Negative mar ing -1/4 th Total questions-250 Duration Technical-100 Apti + English+ Gen awareness -150 questions. Technical was o and the questions mainly came from Psu boo published b y Galgotia Publications near about 50 questions came from it. They mainly concen trated on Electrical Machines. Some questions based on power system came from C .L. WADHWA (ELECTRICAL POWER SYSTEM). However some of the questions which came i n exam are as follows. (1) Which type of motor is used is used for self balanced machines (a)dc servo motors (b)dc shunt motors (c)ac servo motors (d)ac shunt motors. (2) Which type of motors has two types of constants in it (a)Reluctance motors (b)Pole shaded motors (c)dc shunt motors (d)ac s hunt motors.

2.5 Hrs

(3) Which type of power plant requires maximum expenditure (a)Hydel power plants (b)Nuclear power plants (c)Thermal power plants (d)Gas based power plants. (4) Base load of a power station stands for (a)2-4 hours/day (b)4-8 hours/day(c)8-12 hours/day (d)12-24hours/day (5) Bode plot is used to (a)analyze lead-lag points (b) now maximum stability (c) now relative stability(d) now absolute stability (6) A wire is placed on the top of a transmission line to (a)surge high voltage (b)acts as neutral (c)acts as a transmission wi re (d)acts as ground wire. APTI+G.K was simple. For more R.S AGARWAL However some of the questions whi ch I remember are as follows :(1) 1/0.05 equals (a)5 (b)20 (c)50 (d)100 (2) If the radius of a circle is increased by 100% how will then the area increase (a)100% (b)200% (c)300% (d)400% (3) If the length, height and breadth of a cuboid is increased by 100%,200%& 300% then the volume of the cuboid will increase by (a)3 times (b)6 tim es (c)12 times (d)24 times (4) A shop eeper buys 30 pens .He sells 27 pen at the mar ed price of the 30 pens. Then what is his profit (a)31/3% (b)23/6% (c)10% (d)111/9% (5) After seeing the picture person says his mother is the wife of my father s son.Then how is the person in the picture and the person is related? (a)Nephew (b)Uncle (c)Grandfather (d)Grandson (6) A can do wor in 30 days,B can do it in 40 days. A and B started the wor and then A leaved it after 14 days then how much time did it ta e for B to complete the wor (a)5 days (b)6 days (c)3 days(d)2 days (7) When did the Burma was separated from India? (a)1937 (b)1905 (c)1912 (d)1926. 5 questions on passage & questions based on it. 4 questions on similar words.

5 questions on fill in the blan s with correct words 5 proper words.


Test Paper :16 Paper Type : Candidate Experiences Test Date : 19 July 2009 Test Location : visa hapatnam Posted By : Sundara Ramaiah Dear aspirants of SAIL, here is my experience and guidance for the ET (ECE) exa m. The paper consists of two sections. Section-I : Technical of Domain Branch. Section-II : General Awareness 100 questions- 1 hour time. 150 questions- 90 mts time. All are multiple choice questions with 1/4 negative mar ing. The technical paper is not very difficult. Our general subjects (ECE) similar to any compettive exam are to be read thoroughly. less number of problems are give n.Those given are, from EDC, communcation subjects. Friends, Maths is the subject which I didn't expect. Simple problems are given . Easy to score. Matrices, differential equations, series, areas of curves, probability etc from our engineering mathematics subject are given. Around 12 problems came. I was ab le to answer only two. Section II consists of 1) General nowledge/awareness (35 questions) : not difficult. basic Biology, P hysics must also be seen. 2) Verbal (around 40 questions) :: I found it difficult. Comprehensions, synonym s, antonyms, fill in the blan s etc. should not be neglected. preparation is nee ded 3) Arithmetic :: R.S. Agarwal is enough. But 2 to 3 questions from each chapter . All types of problems are given. 4) Reasoning : R.S. Agarawal. Here too all types pf problems. In section II, each subsection has its individual cut off. . Don't try to attemp t all the questions. Time management is very important. I have less hopes on this exam. Its an experi ence for me. All the best my dear friends!!

Test Paper :17 Paper Type : General - other Test Date : 10 January 2009 Test Location : Government Engg.College ,Ahmedabad Posted By : Shagun

SAIL PAPER ON 10th JANUARY AT AHMEDABAD Hello, I Have appeared in RRB AHMEDABAD examination on 10thjan and i want to sha re some questions which i remembered.There were 150 question in 120 min The paper was quite easy subjects: GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ENGLISH ANLOGY HINDI-GRAMMER PHYSICS /CHE(BASIC) FEW QUE 1.) Terminal colours of Rainbow? a: Violet&Red 2.)First lady in INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS? a: Indira gandhi b: sarogini naidu etc 3.)First Nuclear plant in INDIA is situated in a :trombay b: nellore etc 4.)2 capacitances are in parallel gives 6 micro farad & in series gives 25 what will be the value of indivisual capacitance. 5.)Who invented THERMOMETER? ANS: Farenheit 6.)Electrostatic potential is a Scalar Quantity or Vector Quantity? 7.) Among values 1 to100 Probability of occurance of numbers ending with 9 is? a:1/10 b:9/10 c:1 d:0 8.)Si,Ge lie in ........bloc of periodic table a: III b: V c: IVA(ANS) D: IV B 9.)some eqn was given x=20 sin 157t then calculate frequency 10.)Which Filter is used for passing ONLY HIGH frequency a: LADDER B. crystal 11.)In Zener brea down is proportional to Ans -ive coefficient of temperature 12.)If water is heated from 0degree to 10 degree effect on volume a: increase steadily b: remain same c: decrease steadily

13.)if we dig EARTH FROM North to South pole and a stone is dropped in it then e fffect on its velocity a :increase continously b: First increase and become Zero in center c. It Will Start Oscillate 14.)Dandi march was related t0 ........ a: Salt b: sugar etc 15.)Radiation pattern of loop antenna a: cardioid b. semicircular c. circle d. none 16.)DENMARK lie in which continent 17.)Coo s island is situated in which continent? 18.)Range of AM Signal? 19.)In an Electrolyte if rod is immersed then mass on rod will be proportional t o a: current passed in it 20.)largest unit in energy

22.)plural of "DIBIYA"IN HINDI 23.)Sarvnam chatiye 24.)RADDISH is a a: modified root b: bulb c; stem 25.)X Rays are .......Rays Ans emw 26.)ass:bray::sheep BLEAT 27IN HINDI PEHLE JANMA(AGRAJ,ARGAJA/AAGRAJETC) 28.)LORD SHANKAR IS RELATED TO originaetor of ...........river 29;) also called JALDHAR 30) fs is used in a: telegraphy b: telephony c :radio transmission etc

Test Paper :18 Paper Type : Candidate Experiences Test Date : 3 April 2008

21.)spelling chec


Posted By

: sruthi

SAIL PAPER ON 3RD APRIL,2008 Hi................Friends........ I am sreevasavi.......I would li e to tell abo ut the written test which was conducted by SAIL...... I am from mechanical branch.........basically we have 250 questions............. that we have that 1.Aptitude in that they have as ed most of the questions from percentage , profi t and loss , problems on train , Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Calender, A ge problems, Time and Wor ,H.C.F & L.C.F, average, square roots, Decimal Fracti ons, Discount problems, Odd man out and series. Hey friends just go through the R.S AGGARWAL. 2.Verbal in that they have as ed for meanings, opposites, appropriate words, Pas sages, analogy, relationships, Coding and decoding ,cubes and dice, statement an d conclusions, Mirror images, Alphabet test, Mathematical Operations, Data suffi ciency. follow Verbal and NON-verbal Reasoning by R.S AGGARWAL. 3.General Awareness this all about general nowledge test of the student. So try to refer some G.K general questions li e some quotations given by great people li e Mahatma Gandhi they will give some quotation n they will as who said this quotation li e that, next O2 is carried out by red blood cells n some on nature n some n history n some on current affairs n some on politics n some on food pro ducts li e that so try to now some general questions. 4.Technical Test In this they will as about subject as I am from mechanical the y as ed questions from Automobile engineering, Design of machine members, Streng th of materials, Kinematics, MOF, Thermal subject study all cycles n about wor i ng of piston n they have as ed some problems from DMM n some problems on turbine s n some of determining speeds so frens do concentrate up on core subjects which we have in our 2nd and 3rd and 4-1 sem subjects that too core subjects. Frens we have negative mar ing for each wrong answer they will deduct 1/4 mar so first try to do only nown questions n they try other questions we will have time for 2hrs and 20mins so try the best. to day only I have given exam I donno any information regarding portion so I din t perform that much good in General Awareness and some tech questions and I am p oor at I dont want other people do the same as I did in the exa m so I giving clear cut of this SAIL written test.Hope the best frens........bub bye.... Pray for me frens (vasavi)