Configuration Activity for CRM ECC Integration

Define Logical Systems in both the systems.
First we need to define the “Logical Systems” in both the system CRM and ECC, Which facilitate both the system for creating connection between each other.

Go to ‘SALE’ : ( First we will Do the Config in CRM )

Follow the menu path as shown in below screen short

Define a Logical System

A. Click on New entries button

Create Two logical systems One for SAP ECC and SAP CRM C. Select the Present client in which Your work D.B. Assign the Logical system to the Client .

RFC destination needs to be defined in both the system. A. Go to Tcode : SM59 and create a RFC connection to connect the Host machine . logically. Summary : Created Logical systems and assigned the CRM with its Logical system 2) Define RFC Connection between systems.And Save it . thus connecting the systems. from SM59 transaction.

Go to Techicnal table and give the Target host and System Number of the Host machine ( Ie in our case ECC 800) AND SAVE THE ENTRIES . C. Give the logical system name of remote machine and give a short description .B.

Go to Logon and Security tab and enter the ECC default language username password (Login Credentials ) .D.

Check the connection using ‘Connection Test’ and try to Login using ‘Remote Logon’. . Now repeat the process in ECC wise versa.E.

Copy the Standard BOR (TSTC) to make a custom BOR. Tcode : SWO1 Now save it in a package .ECC SYSTEM : Create a BOR in ECC to display the ECC transaction in CRM UI.



Click on generate when ever we make some changes. CRM SYSTEM : BD97 .cntrl + f3 to generate the Object System will generate a runtime object which is ready to execute.

And now save it Tcode : CRMS_IC_CROSS_SYS .

“”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ In crm System to get the path go to tcode : SICF .


“”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ .

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