THE PERFECT EXECUTIVE CHOICE The Citroën XM has individuality of style, luxury and sheer presence that has always seriously challenged its most prestigious rivals. The XM is also distinguished by the way in which it exploits the best that modern technology can offer. That technology is employed however not to impress but is an integral part of the car's design and function, employed solely to serve the practical needs of driver and passengers. With ten different saloons, five estates, four equipment levels and five engine choices, the Citroën XM caters for every need in the wide range of executive motoring requirements.


The driving environment of the XM is testimony to Citroën's belief that a comfortable driver is a safer driver. So you will find that the XM's interpretation of "comfort" extends much further than its sumptuous seating and luxurious levels of trim. A seemingly limitless adaptability to individual needs and Citroën's understanding of the value of ergonomics ensures the perfect driving environment. A steering wheel which adjusts for rake and reach, together with height adjustable front seatbelts and electrically adjustable seats (on most models), allows the driving position to be precisely tailored to individual requirements. In all respects, the cabin is the epitome of ergonomic design where every measure has been taken to put the driver in command. Inside the cabin of the XM the accent is on putting the driver in command. Once seated behind the wheels, you enjoy an undisturbed view of both the road ahead and the comprehensive instrumentation. With this in mind, the dashboard is divided into two carefully planned zones so that the instruments can be easily read at a glance. The upper half of the panel clearly displays constantly needed information, such as speed, engine revs and fuel level. To avoid distraction, secondary information like time and outside temperature are in the lower section whilst auxiliary warning lights sited behind the smoked glass screen become visible only when necessary. On VSX models and above there is also an LCD warning panel with 24 different messages; for example it will alert you if a door has been left open. Additionally, a multi-function trip computer on all VSX models (except Automatic 2.1 Turbo Diesels) and above provides details of fuel consumption, range on remaining

fuel and average speed. All controls have been thoughtfully placed to be easily accessible. For example, those for the high quality Philips radio/cassette system are conveniently mounted in the steering wheel while all ancillary switches are to the driver's left. Among the features of the stereo radio/cassette are RDS, EON, strongest-signal search, security coding and six speakers. An ingenious addition on VSX models and above is an indexable passenger door mirror that dips to give a view of the kerb when reversing, and returns automatically to your predetermined setting afterwards. Also conveniently located close to hand, cruise control is standard on Exclusive and an option on VSX models (Automatic and 2.5 Turbo Diesel Manual only). This allows a chosen speed to be preselected and maintained without continuous use of the accelerator - it can be overridden by the driver at any time. Heating and ventilation play an important role in the safety as well as the comfort of a car's occupants. Which is why even the least expensive XM models offer an outstanding system with independent heating controls for driver and passengers, as well as an air recycling facility. Most models in the range feature the refinement of automatic temperature control which, once set, maintains a constant minimum temperature. While top of the range models have their own microclimate, in which airflow and air-conditioning are computer-controlled to maintain the interior temperature at a constant pre-set level, irrespective of the temperature outside the car. Everything has been carefully considered at every level across the range. Even the entry level SX models have electronic ABS and a sophisticated alarm, as well as electric front windows, remote control central locking, power-assisted steering, electric sunroof and electrically operated and heated door mirrors. The executive appointments of the VSX models are even more impressive. In addition to the features above, they also provide electrically adjustable front seats, elegant "Cadiz" velour upholstery and electric windows all round (one-touch on the driver's side). Models in the top echelons of the range also boast air-conditioning, full polished wood trim and stylish allow wheels. The flagship V6 models feature the luxury of heated front and rear seats upholstered in sumptuous leather, as well as the added refinement of automatic transmission. In all respects, the XM has been designed to significantly reduce the effects of an accident; as well as providing the capability to avoid one in the first place. Passive safety is clearly evident in the XM's exceptionally strong safety cage together with standard features such as the driver's airbag, front seatbelt pre-tensioners and side impact bars. The other side of the equation, active safety, is equally well represented by advanced computer-controlled suspension, electronic ABS braking and power steering. All of which puts the driver firmly in control, even in the most demanding of circumstances. A wealth of security equipment has also been incorporated, to protect the XM from any unwanted attention. Citroën convincingly demonstrated that nothing is of greater importance than the protection of the XM's occupants. An uncompromising approach to safety has been

ensured that whatever evasive action is necessary, the driver can depend upon the XM to behave impeccably. The computer-controlled intelligent suspension system automatically reacts to road and driving conditions within 0.05 seconds of the need becoming apparent, ensuring unsurpassed handling. Combined with the controlled stopping power of electronic ABS braking and power steering that enhances driving efficiency, the XM is abundantly equipped with dynamic qualities necessary to respond effectively to any potentially hazardous situation. To complement its comprehensive active safety features, the latest thinking in passive safety is eloquently expressed in the XM. Computer-aided design and computer modelling were used to develop the rigid body shell with its immensely strong passenger cell and precisely calculated crumple zones. Moreover, the provision of extra strength in critical areas like the floor and structural beams was achieved without paying an undue weight premium. For extra protection there is the added reinforcement of high strength steel side impact bars. All of which reflects exceptional build quality where every conceivable measure has been taken to ensure the security of the car;s occupants. To further minimise the chance of injury in an accident, a driver's airbag and seatbelt pre-tensioners on both front seats are also fitted as standard. The seatbelt pre-tensioners have sensors that detect sudden deceleration due to a serious accident and retract up to 10cm of slack in the belts in under 25 milliseconds. This pulls the front seat occupants firmly back into their seats and well away from the danger zone of steering wheel, dashboard and windscreen. Meanwhile, working in conjunction with the pre-tensioners, the airbag reacts to a different signal from two crash sensors and fully inflates to a volume of 45 litres in under 50 milliseconds, deflating when the driver's head and chest make contact in order to cushion the impact. Even the smallest details of the XM - including features such as a steering wheel adjustable for rake and reach, efficient ventilation and heating, carefully designed seats and sensibly organised controls and instruments - provide a safe and pleasant driving environment. In addition to providing maximum protection for its passengers, the XM is itself protected by an extremely effective programme of security measures. For example, there is a remote control anti-theft alarm and deadlock system that makes it impossible to enter the vehicle without a key. First press the button on the key fob and it locks the doors and activates the advanced ultrasonic and perimetric alarm system. Press the second button and it engages the deadlocks. In order to frustrate a would-be thief even further, an electronic anti-theft key pad immobiliser on all XMs ensures that the car cannot be started until a unique code, chosen by the driver, has been keyed in. Even the key itself has been designed with added security in mind. It is of a two section cruciform design that permits many more variations than those of conventional key designs.


In keeping with its executive status, the XM provides superlative standards of luxury for passengers as well as the driver. Citroën's designers have ensured passenger comfort with orthopaedically correct yet opulent seating. Rear head restraints are standard on all models - and in most cases are adjustable for rake as well as reach. The luxury of heated front and rear seating upholstered in sumptuous leather is standard on V6 models and optionally available elsewhere. Additionally, almost all models in the range feature individually controlled face-level ventilation for passengers in the rear seats. Plentiful space has always been a Citroën attribute, and the XM perpetuates this tradition. Generous internal dimensions and inspired planning produces more legroom and elbow room than most cars even in this exalted class. And the large curved glass area which creates superb all-round visibility, creates a light airy cabin.


Citroën has an unassailable reputation for practical innovations that have re-written the rule book, and the XM's computer controlled self-levelling suspension is a perfect example. This unique system automatically adapts its characteristics to suit both the road conditions and the way you drive. For example, on a motorway it will provide the luxurious ride of a limousine; on a winding country lane it will firm up to give a positive 'feel' and surefooted handling that equals the best sports saloons. By combining Citroën's mastery of hydraulics with computer technology this unique suspension system gives the XM unsurpassed standards of ride comfort and control rivalling all other executive cars. The primary functions of a car's suspension are to absorb road shocks; to keep the wheels in touch with the ground and to maximize stability by minimising movement of the suspended assembly. It is also fundamental to providing a comfortable ride, positive handling and effective roadholding. However there is a dichotomy. Comfort requires a gentle action and supple springing, while good roadholding and handling calls for the firmly damped, stiff suspension normally associated with sports motoring. A satisfactory compromise between the two cannot succeed with conventional systems, as strength in one area inevitably results in weakness in the other. The introduction of Citroën's computer-controlled self-levelling system provides a uniquely effective answer to the problem. The revolutionary system combines the well-established benefits of Citroën's famous self levelling suspension with modern computer technology. It solves the problem by not attempting to achieve both modes of suspension at the same time. Instead, spring and damper settings are witched between firm and soft suspension states automatically and instantaneously. These changes are made in

response to a constant stream of data on road conditions and driver reactions fed into a central computer. When in Normal mode, the system is biased towards a softer, gentler ride, changing to a firm setting only when safety and stability demand. In Sport Mode, changes to firm damper and spring settings are more frequent, which suits the more enthusiastic driving style. Additionally, a switch beside the gear lever allows the driver to lock the suspension in Sport mode if so desired. Five strategically placed sensors gather the necessary information so that the computer can select the correct suspension state and change spring and damper settings accordingly. A sensor located on the steering column provides information on the angle and angular speed of the steering wheel, whilst a second sensor monitors the speed of movement, in both directions, of the accelerator pedal. Braking effort is assessed by a pressure sensor with the fourth sensor measuring body movement. Finally, the fifth sensor mounted in the gearbox constantly measures vehicle speed. Using this information, the computer makes constant changes between the suspension states within 0.05 seconds, which effectively anticipates the car's dynamic behaviour. Turn the steering wheel sharply, for example, and the suspension has already 'stiffened' before the body has started to roll, so that the roll that eventually takes place is reduced. The end result is impressively high levels of control, safety and comfort in all motoring conditions, together with an automatically maintained ride level, whether the XM is empty or carrying a full complement of passengers and luggage. Proven in independent tests Independent tests carried out to ISO standard 2631 by AIB Vincotte, have proven the effectiveness of this system. The tests were carried out in both motorway and urban driving conditions and measured the XM against eight of its principal rivals, to establish the reaction of their suspension systems to: 1) vertical forces, 2) axial forces and 3) transverse forces. Predictably, the more firmly sprung cars scored well under cornering and other 'stress' conditions. The more softly sprung models gained points in tests designed to establish comfortable ride qualities. However, the Citroën XM equalled the highest scores in all three areas: clear proof that its computer controlled suspension eliminates any need for compromise between comfort and secure handling.


The XM smoothly makes the transition from spacious saloon to capacious estate without detracting from its innate style and executive status. As an estate car, the XM's extraordinarily roomy interior and flat, unobstructed load area emphasise its suitability for the role of workhorse - albeit an especially elegant

workhorse. Citroën's unique self-levelling suspension maintains a perfect state of balance on board, no matter how heavily laden, ensuring the highest degree of safety, ride comfort and driving pleasure. Practicality has never been so prestigious. The concept of an elegantly spacious carrier of people and loads is a challenge that Citroën have responded to magnificently. Combining the qualities of impeccable style, hardworking practicality and luxurious comfort has set standards that others find difficult to match. Opening the tailgate of the XM Estate reveals a prodigious amount of flat, unobstructed load space. For example with three people seated in the rear, a cavernous 25cu.ft (hidden beneath a retractable cover) can accommodate their luggage. Above them is a remarkably generous amount of headroom. Fold the back seats down, and the load area (together with a class-beating 892mm load height) gives a total capacity of 69.2cu.ft. Split folding rear seats (2/3 and 1/3) provide additional flexibility for awkwardly shaped loads, whilst retaining ample rear seat passenger capacity. However, it is Citroën's unique self-levelling suspension that distinguishes the XM from rivals thanks to its ability to maintain a perfectly level ride height, whether carrying or towing the heaviest of loads. This height-adjustable system allows the car to be lowered to facilitate loading or to hitch up a caravan; or it can be raised to give extra ground clearance. Add a towing capacity of 1.5 tons and rear brakes which adjust automatically to the load being carried and the reasons behind the XM's success in The Caravan Club's Tow Car of the Year Awards become apparent. The XM Estate is available with a choice of five petrol and diesel engines (including the new 2.0i 16 Valve and 2.5 Turbo Diesel variants) as well as three levels of trim. But above all, Citroën's designers have not forgotten that the XM Estate is, in essence, a luxury executive car. For this reason, individual model derivatives boast the same opulent standards as their saloon counterparts.


The five advanced engines offered within the Citroën XM range can justifiably claim to satisfy every executive motoring need. The range includes two exciting newcomers, the Refined 2.0 16V and the power 2.5 Turbo Diesel. They join the innovative 2.0i Turbo which is available at all trim levels and boasts an impressive 150 hp and the flagship 3 litre V6 engine. The 110 hp 2.1 Turbo Diesel, also available at all trim levels, continues to offer those keen on frugal fuel consumption the convenience of automatic transmission. From the technical viewpoint, all five are among the most advanced engines available today; the result of state of-the-art engine technology, painstaking development, exhaustive research and stringent testing.

Smooth delivery of power is one of the leading criteria applied to luxury cars - a quality that is epitomised by every unit across the XM range. 2.0i Litre 16V The 135 hp 2.0i 16 Valve petrol unit boasts a brisk performance - a top speed of 127 mph - with smooth refinement. The modest fuel consumption is equally impressive, as 43.5 mpg at a constant 56 mph convincingly demonstrates. 2.0i Litre Turbo Next in the line-up is the 150 hp 2.0i Turbo petrol unit, in which turbocharger technology has been used to produce an engine with characteristics specifically tailored to an executive car. Here, flexibility and smoothness are more important than a high power output, so the low pressure turbo provides maximum torque at just 2500 rpm and maintains it across a wide rev band. 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel This unit features state-of-the-art computer-controlled electronic fuel injection to maximize performance while minimising fuel consumption. This sophisticated unit develops 130 hp, and delivers an awesome 217 lb ft of torque at a low 2000 rpm. 2.1 Litre Turbo Diesel For those who want the option of diesel with automatic transmission there is the highly acclaimed 2.1 Turbo Diesel with computer-controlled electronic fuel injection. 3.0i Litre V6 Finally, the engine that is widely considered to epitomise the required virtues of a luxury car is the all-alloy 3.0 litre V6. This engine develops 170 hp, and thanks to its efficient fuel injection system delivers a superb performance with an exhilarating top speed of 136 mph. No matter how beautiful a car, quality and reliability are the major criteria by which it is judged. Since its inception, these considerations have been of paramount importance in the development of the XM. Which is why Citroën invested £750 million in a dedicated plant employing state-ofthe-art technology and advanced methods of manufacture. The result is a production facility whose sophistication is commensurate with that of the car it was built to produce. A further £125 million was devoted to a specially commissioned 25 acre, 'zero dust' paint shop and anti corrosion plant. In short, every conceivable measure has been taken to ensure that today's XM will retain its distinctive good looks and essential strength of character for years to come. Citroën have set a new benchmark in automotive manufacturing at the factories producing the XM. The body assembly line is entirely automated with an impressive

line-up of 109 robots and 103 programmable machines offering absolute precision and consistency. On the final assembly facility, there are the latest generation positioning devices - photo electric cells, ultrasonic sensors, fibre optics and lasers.


Across the UK, a network of 250 Citroën dealers is equipped and trained to meet the needs of today's motorists, each with a team of technicians skilled in the care and maintenance of the Citroën XM. Each can also offer a selection of finance packages to suit the private and business purchaser. Lease purchase, Finance Lease and Citroën Contract Motoring are tailored to business users, whilst Elect 3 Personal Contract Purchase and Citroën Personal Lease offer more flexibility and choice to the retail customer. It provides new levels of flexibility, control and affordability in a scheme designed with you motoring needs in mind. Citroën Elect 3 and Citroën Personal Lease The Elect 3 finance package is designed to be flexible to your needs. You decide on your ideal monthly payment, then set your preferred contract period, anticipated annual mileage and whether routine servicing or the full maintenance option should be included. At the end of the contract period you have the added flexibility of purchasing the car, part exchanging it for another new Citroën or simply returning it to the dealer. However, if you are not concerned with ownership, you can opt for a two year Citroën Personal Lease. Thanks to new VAT legislation, private individuals can now lease a vehicle for a given period and a specified mileage and then return it to the supplying dealer at the end of the agreement. here also, routine servicing or full maintenance is available depending on your motoring needs. With either Elect 3 or Personal Lease it means that you can drive a new Citroën every two years. Citroën Fleet and Business Centres These dealers are dedicated to meeting the specialist needs of the business buyer. Their comprehensive service includes advice on important business decisions, such as alternative acquisition methods and disposal of your existing fleet. In addition they offer valuable after-sales facilities to minimise inconvenience to you and your company, including express check-in for routine servicing, courtesy car or pick up/set down service and service pagers to let you know when your car is ready. In short their expertise provides a 'total transport solution' to all your business vehicle needs. For further information on any aspect of fleet purchase contact Citroën Fleet Connect on 0345 940940. Citroën Assist

In response to a free phone call, Citroën Assist brings rapid expert roadside assistance in any emergency. It come free of charge for a full year and operates 24 hours a day, in all parts of the UK or Western Europe. Comprehensive Warranty XM offers the benefit of a 12 month, unlimited mileage warranty package, plus a 6 year anti-corrosion warranty and a unique 24 month/65,000 miles suspension system warranty. Inexpensive Citroën Assured extended warranties give an extra 1 or 2 years security with virtually all mechanical and electrical components covered.

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