499116126-English2C-Winnie Kung193. Explain what you would do if you won the lottery.

How many people can win the lottery over once luckily? I think this is a rare situation for a person to win the lottery twice or three times. Thus, if I have chance to win a lottery, I have to value the only once lottery. I imagine the lottery is about one million dollars. I will do three things reasonably. I won’t say that I will donate that or give some people who need help. I can say I am a real-life person. But I won’t do any bad thing to hurt other people, and then make me better in something. I donate in the current life. For example, I always donate my ticket lottery on the street. And I always donate my blood in setting time. I think charity is done by heart, not do it purposely. So, this lottery will be used by my way. I think I will use it to make the quality of my family’s life better. Since I was born, my family is not a rich family. We live so brief in early time to now. My parents work so hard to effort my sister and my little brother and I to study. Although we still live so happy every day, I also want to give my family a better life. So, if I can have this luck to win a lottery, I will use it in my family carefully. Firstly, I will buy a flat for my parents. It doesn’t so large or so great. I just want to give a comfortable area to my parents. For me, parents are the most important things in the world. I believe every child also is their parents’ treasure. We can’t choose my parents who they are, but I am sure every parents love their children. If there are no my parents, there are no me. I think every child have to be pressure that they have their own parents. I know maybe they would have their own way to requite their parents when they grow up. Nevertheless, if I can have this chance to buy something to thanks for their love right now, how can I do nothing for them? So, I will do my best in this gift for them. I will buy every furniture, light and tile by myself.

All the decoration of the house will also be designed thoughtful by me. I am sure my parents can feel my love for them. I think this is a great gift for my parents. On the other side, I think flat can be a good investment nowadays. In this era, the property prices are more expensive every day. The price of a flat is a sky-high price. Maybe we can’t buy any flat even if we work for fifty years. If my parents don’t want to live in there, they can be a landlord to rent out the flat to earn some money. Then they don’t need to trek in their hard job. At the same time, they also can sell out the flat when the property prices are the highest. Then they can be a little couple richer, and then go on the life without sorrow and anxiety. After the most important people, I think there are four guys are also so important in my life. They are my sister, my sister’s boyfriend, my little brother and my boyfriend. Actually, they warm the time when I am in home. Also, we always go out to play and have a lot of fun together. But we always waste so much time to take a bus to arrive one place. So, secondly, I want to buy a car for my sister’s boyfriend. Actually, buy for who is not so important. I just hope we can go everywhere to play a whole day conveniently. Although we all have the license plate except for my little brother, I still want to buy for my sister’s boyfriend because he works in Macau. He can take a good care to the car better than us. My sister, my boyfriend and I are also study in Taiwan. We just go back Macau twice a year. That is about four month’s time. So, I think maybe we are not a good choose to get a car. At the other side, my sister’s boyfriend can be our driver when we go back Macau with caring a so big baggage. He has in love with my sister for seven years already. I love him so much. He just likes my brother. I have put him in my family tree already. The car doesn’t so deluxe. It can give us some basic requirement would be fine. Finally, I will use the remaining money to go to another country and have a nice trip alone for a half of month. I suppose I have to go around the world when I still am

a little girl. I think this world is so beautiful and meaningful. Different people, different cultures and different languages are so funny for me. Variety delicious foods attract me. This world is so large. How can I just stay on one of the tiny corner of the world for my whole life? I won’t be willing. I have to adventure this world. Life is like a journey. If we just sit at the same site, we won’t see more. So, we should take more trips to color our dreary life. At the other side, I believe travel can make me learn more things that can’t learn in my textbook. I believe travel can give me experience that I can’t feel it in my ordinary daily life. I believe travel can learn some principle that teacher can’t tell me in the class. There is a sentence said by the old people is very famous in my hometown. I remember the meaning of that sentence is that it is better to travel 10000 miles than to read 10000 books. I believe this is right. So, why I start my travel planning to learn more if I can have economic ability right now? I am sure I will have more travelling after I have a job. I will work so hard for having one more travelling. I love travelling very much. I can no eating to save money for a trip to Japan when I was sixteen years old. I save one thousand US dollars in my daily pocket money in a half of year. I still remember I just ate bread for lunch every day at that time. I want to say travelling is one of an important part in my whole life. If I have enough money to take a trip right now because of the lottery, I think I should I need to take a trip immediately for praising this luck. So, I think a great trip will be the best gift for me about the lottery. We can have quantities of friends. We can have a lot of chance to earn money. Nevertheless, we just have the only one lovely family. I don’t think there is anything more important than my family. So, I want to use the lottery to improve the life of my family. This is the reason why I want to buy the house for my parents and the car for my sister’s boyfriend. At the same time, I think every person should have some extra things to reward ourselves. We handle different problem every day. We are suffered

in different situation. Sometimes, we really want to relax and make ourselves happy. So, this is the reason why I want to make a trip for myself. I have to make this lottery endless and memorable. I am sure that giving these gifts to my family and I also will be thought that is the best way to use the money and it can be more meaningful if I use it in this best way after many years later. I won’t use the lottery to buy some useless, and then I will throw it ten years later, and then I will forget today’s luck that is given by god. For example, if I use it to buy a hundred set of clothes, I will throw it when the fashion trend is change. Then, my lottery becomes so meaningless. So, I am sure my way is the best way to use that lottery money. However, lottery is a kind of gambling. If we win that, it is just once luck. We can’t indulge in these. Gambling not only makes the gambler lose money, but many people also lose their family because of indulging in gambling. Everything has a good face and a bad face. If we can’t catch the good point, and then stop is immediately, we will get the bad face. Luck is not logical. If we spend the time of our whole to waiting that once lottery, we are stupid because we waste the time that we can earn more money to enjoy more magnificent things in our life. We can have our own ability to have this, so why we have to wait this rare chance.

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