Abhyudaya Nagar: Case study

It has been over 54 years since MHADA developed Abhyudaya Nagar Housing Board Colony kalachowki , Parel-sewri Division. Spread over approximately 1,34,000 sq.mts. , this large complex houses 48 separate housing society buildings that are 3-4 storeyed consisting of 36 to 90 members each. Consisting mostly subsidized Industrial housing Scheme (S.I.H.S.) buildings and also other structures within it such as BMC schools, Samaj Halls, encroachment areas both residential and non-residential. There are some dues pending from individual societies and members to MHADA as also from MHADA to BMC, the decision of which is pending with the government. Apart from owning this land, the conveyance by MHADA to the individual societies has not taken place, except from a few buildings Resident has fond memories of growing up in the colony. Shaheed Bhagat singh ground has, over the years been witness to sports tournaments and community festivals. All the individual societies have come together and form an Apex Body, a federation called MAHASANGH , which has been in existence since 2006-2007. Over the years, the roads and the drainage systems have outlived its relevance and have become outdated. Pockets of encroachment and unorganised markets have sprung up in and around the colony. Some buildings are on the verge of collapse and pose a serious threat to the families living in them. We conduct survey at Abhyudaya nagar and found out that Large amount of population is lower middle class, Maharashtrian families, Average monthly income per family is around Rs. 15000/-, Average no of working people in family is one and Average no of people living per house is six. The average current monthly expense per family is around Rs.1000. People are paying Rs.200 Maintenance to individual society and Rs. 150 to MHADA. Area of room is 180 sq.feet. It is one room kitchen so monthly electricity bill to individual room is around Rs. 600. Total Property tax to each society is Rs.18000 that get divided between all rooms in building and that come to Rs. 20 there is no water tax because that include in Rs.150 that members paying to MHADA so total goes to Rs.970 per month. So for 15000 monthly incomes this amount is in favor to members in colony. MAHASNGH is thinking of redevelopment of colony and for that they have shortlisted 3 builders DB Reality, HDIL and DS. The redevelopment will take place under DCR 33(9) where in development of old buildings in the form of cluster by single developer would result in better planning , better infrastructure , better facilities being provided to the tenants and DCR33(5) it is a regulation by the government for the redevelopment of MHADA housing societies ,ESW,L.I.G,M.I.G and H.I.G. housing colonies.

7500.per month. . per house. Electricity charge also going to increase due to more numbers of rooms. However if some members wish for rent/compensation for the transit accommodation . ft.M. rent will be paid as per the prevailing market rates at that time which shall be minimum Rs 10000 per month . Therefore usable carpet area shall be 750 sq. 1500 per month. Also residential members shall be given a 2 BHK flat of totally measuring 570 sq. All this looks very good but due to increase in area of living the monthly expense per family is also going to increase and we found out that after the redevelopment monthly expence will be approximately Rs. The another good option in front of Abhyudaya nagar is redevelopment through MHADA because MHADA is offering 484 Sq. 500 need to pay to BMC this add up to around Rs. Area per flat because of that members need not to pay Property tax.C. carpet + maximum balcony area as approved by M. Property tax will charge Rs 2800 per month and finally water tax of Rs. maintenance and electricity charge will also get reduced and finally members will need to pay only Rs. in that case . Which is definitely a huge cost for the families hoe earns 15000 per month. Resident of phase 1 will be required to shift into transit accommodation for a period 2 years. Due to tall buildings maintenance charge of lifts etc will be Rs 2500. ft.G. 11 + 1 months’ rent shall be paid advance by developer. ft.7500/.Re Development will be take place in 3 phases.

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