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There arent many other courses on the WTS circuit that rewards a good swim like Madrid. I knew this and Jamie had told me plenty of times that I would be rewarded with a good swim. A good swim I had, 8th out of the water just a few seconds from the leaders. I was feeling good in the water at the same time knowing that the pace was on. Straight out of T1 there is a solid hill on the ride, which is why breaks tend to stick. Running to my bike I had my eyes on the guys in front of me, my thoughts were ahead of the present moment and I was thinking 5 minutes up the road to the top of the hill. Before I knew it I looked across and saw bike rack #7. Holy (insert expletive) Im up the other end of transition at #49!!! I turned and sprinted to the other end of transition, got my bike and bolted onto the course. I could see the front group of 10 had already got organised immediately. They were only 10 seconds up the road but I couldnt get myself across the gap. To say I was feeling shattered at the time was an understatement, a stupid amateurish mistake like running past your bike in transition cost me an absolute golden chance of a top 15 and maybe even a top 10 if I couldve lifted on the run being in a good position. My T1 time split shows only to be around 6-8 seconds slower than the average, but it shows how ruthless this racing can be when 6 seconds can cost you minutes in the end. A small group of around 5 of us rode hard for the first 2 laps desperately trying to bridge to the leaders, but as we saw the time gaps blow out each lap our motivation dropped. Our group of 5 eventually blew out to 20 midway through the ride and then by the end it was out to 40 as the 3rd pack caught us literally 100 metres from T2. I was feeling ok as I started the run and I went out with confidence of still scalping a result from the race. I thought a top 25 was still capable from this position even with the lead group of 10 two and a half minutes up the road. I lost form during the middle part of the run where I was running in the mid 20s and I fell to 33rd by the end. In my first 3 WTS races this year I have gone from 47th to 44th to now 33rd so the results are coming down, which is a positive. Another positive was the fact that when the pace was on in the swim I was good enough to be there I just cracked at a crucial moment. I am still shattered with the mistake I made in T1 as the result that wouldve come had that not have happened would have been awesome for me. Absolutely awesome! But such is racing and these things happen, it will take a bit before the disappointing feeling leaves but I soon will get over it and use it as motivation in the future. I now have 3 4 weeks without racing so its time to put my head down and work hard for the races coming up. Cheers, Aaron.