Monthly Newsletter March 2012

Giles was sharing her favorite Lenten hymn with me the other day. It is #145 in the Hymnal, Now quit your care. The author, Percy Dearmer is something of a hero of mine, but I did not know this particular hymn: 1. Now quit your care and anxious fear and worry; for schemes are vain and fretting brings no gain. Lent calls to prayer, to trust and dedication; God brings new beauty nigh; reply, reply, reply with love to love most high; reply, reply, reply with love to love most high. 2. To bow the head in sackcloth and in ashes, or rend the soul, such grief is not Lent's goal; but to be led to where God's glory flashes, God's beauty to come near.; Make clear, make clear, make clear where truth and light appear. 3. For righteousness and peace will show their faces to those who feed the hungry in their need, and wrongs redress, who build the old waste places, and in the darkness shine. Divine, divine, divine it is when all combine! Divine, divine, divine it is when all combine! There is something beautiful in this hymn, for it reminds us that the Christian life is not to be like that of Sisyphus, an endless, frustrating task, , but a journey of reconciliation and renewal. Lent is training for this life and should involve laying down habits that have become burdensome, so that we may open our hearts to joy. I value this attitude in the people of St. Andrew’s. I think that the mission that we have chosen, or found ourselves called to, is one of openness, with more of an emphasis on God’s grace and love, than our sin and sorrow. This is certainly what has drawn my heart to the gospel.

As we move through Lent this year we are also on a pilgrimage of hope for our future. Our plans for expansion and renewal are designed to give us a sound basis for continuing and expanding this mission now and into future generations. As we move forward together, let us all commit ourselves “to prayer, to trust and dedication,” that for one another, and for those who will come to us, we can “Make clear where truth and light appear.”

March 4 at 10:00 a.m. As we move closer to the Easter season we have 2 exciting treats in store for you! First, we will be making small wooden prayer pots. What is a prayer pot? Be sure to join us to learn more about the origin and how it plays a role in this Lenten season! Second, do you ever wonder where the ashes come from for Ash Wednesday? Come meet our special guest and see how it is done! We look forward to seeing you March 4th!

I recently visited an Episcopal church in our Diocese that had a plaque over the inside the narthex door that said, "You are now entering the mission field." What a wonderful reminder of our call as Christians to serve others. Every Sunday we are fed at the Lord's Table and out of that feeding we are called to feed others. March 3 - March 10 a team of missionaries from our parish, coupled with missionaries from St. James and Church of the Servant, will trek down to Alabama. This is our fourth adult mission in as many years: Dominican Republic 2009 & 2011, New Orleans Katrina Rebuild 2010 and Alabama Tornado Rebuild 2012. Many of us are called to serve in these types of settings. Some of us would like to serve but cannot due to varying circumstances. It is important to know that all Christians are called to the mission field and that you can serve God in some way, shape or form. Perhaps you are able to serve God with a few hours locally at Inner City Ministries, Good Shepherd, or a Habitat Project. Maybe you have a conversation with someone who is struggling. Holding people in your prayers is also a wonderful way to serve God. Being a missionary not only encompasses journeying to a faraway place, it encompasses the understanding that all around you is a mission field. We serve in many and varied ways bringing God's Kingdom here on earth. As our Lord made the ultimate sacrifice for us on the cross, we are called to make sacrifices in our lives to serve Him and His people. Blessings, Mark Powell


What’s on the Menu? Green Salad and walnuts with Balsamic Vinaigrette Choice of Roast Leg of Lamb OR Chicken Marbella WHAT’S ON THE TABLE? Rice Kugel Carrots with Snow Peas Fresh Mint Sauce Poached Pear with Raspberry Sorbet for Dessert Red Wine White Wine Grape Juice WHAT’S THE PROGRAM? For the program the Haggadah will be read and each item found on your table will be explained. The items are a Hardboiled egg, Haroset, Horseradish, Parsley, Salt Water and Matzot. TICKETS SOLD AFTER EACH SERVICE IN APRIL $16 Adults $8 Children (12yrs and younger) Checks to be made to St. Andrew's On-the-Sound please specify Lamb or Chicken

This event, at the First Baptist Activity Center on Independence Blvd., is helping to combat local hunger. The event runs from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and features homemade soups and breads from local restaurants. All proceeds go to the Good Shepherd House and Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, local nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing meals and groceries to local residents in need. Tickets are available at The Good Shepherd House. Please contact Virginia Colantuono at 256-2954 with questions about buying tickets and volunteering.

EASTER BASKETS It's that time of year again!
The baskets will be available in the Parish Hall on Sunday, March 11. We ask that you return them no later than Sunday, March 25. There will be a list of suggested items in the basket to give you some ideas. These baskets will be taken Easter Morning to Newton Grove and given to the children of Inglesia La Sagrada Familia (Church of the Sacred Family). We support this Episcopal congregation with Easter Baskets in the spring and book bags in the fall. This is the ninth year we have filled the baskets. You have been so very good to these children over the years, and it certainly has been appreciated. Thanks to each and every one of you for your kindness and generosity. For further information please call Alice Schauf at 686-5837. Thank you, Kathy, Alice, and Billie

Each year at this time, between March 1 and April 30, the Good Shepherd Center takes part in the annual Feinstine Challange. The Feinstine Foundation supports a nation-wide fight against hunger by offering matching funds for any gifts received from donors. Gifts at anytime are appreciated, but can have a double effect during the challenge. Mail Checks to Good Shepherd Center, Feinstine Challenge, 811 Martin St., Wilmington, NC 28401. Thanks, Joe Clem (686-2657)

We will be helping other local churches build another house starting in mid March, which should be a good time to work. The home will be built in Cottages at Cornerstone, which is a great neighborhood. We will inform the many St. Andrew’s On-the-Sound volunteers from last year of our assignments by phone and in the weekly church bulletin. Frank Dolezal (399-1823) again will share coordination of St. Andrew’s On-the-Sound volunteers with Joe Clem (686-2657). The Spring weather will be a great improvement over last year and we look forward to a meaningful role in building a new home for a deserving family. We will be in touch, Joe and Frank. Date March 17 April 21 June 16 June 30 Task Groundbreaking Roof Priming and Painting Prepare easy lunch for 15 # of Volunteers Needed 2-3 10 8 5

Date: March 23, 2012 Time: 6:30-8:00 p.m. Host: TBA What: Bring a beverage and appetizer. Simple and easy to celebrate the week’s finish or better yet the weekend start! Who : Anyone, no exclusions, no age guidelines. Open to those looking for a Christian fellowship base at a different time currently offered AND those that may be looking for a new Church Home. Feel free to invite someone! Matthew 18:20….. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I will be in the midst of them.” Please consider hosting - sign up sheet is available on The Table in the church. Thanks for your help in building a stronger St. Andrew’s On-the-Sound Fellowship Community for 2012!

The next Men's Breakfast will be Saturday, MARCH 17, at 8:30 a.m. in the parish hall. Team 1 will be our hosts. All men are welcome, so please join us for a GREAT breakfast and fellowship.

WHAT WOULD JESUS BREW? Do you brew your own beer at home? Would you like to learn how? In the middle ages monks became known as master brewers of beer. Most famous and still functioning today are Trappist Monks. In this traditional connection between church and beer, Front Street Brewery and St. Paul’s Episcopal church are hosting a brewing competition. The competition will begin with classes at Front Street Brewery on March 6 at 6:00 p.m. While there we will learn home brewing techniques as well as the history and theology of the church and beer. Each church participating will come up with their own brew and the judging will take place in September. The winning beer will be sold on tap to the public at Front Street Brewery. There may be some cost associated with this competition which will be shared by those who are on the brewing team. However, tasting rights go to the team first. We need at least eight people to make a team. If you are interested in being part of the SAOTS Brew Team please contact Mark Powell at or (910) 256-3034. Must be 21 or older to participate.

The Innercity Ministry program would appreciate contributions of ketchup and mustard for the month of March. Virginia Colantuono 910-256-2954

CALLING ALL LADIES OF ST. ANDREW'S ON-THE-SOUND! Once a month, a group of our ladies get together to chat, laugh, celebrate, eat dinner, see a show, and/or whatever seems to be of collective interest at that time! We're still trying to figure out what to call ourselves, but, don't let that deter you! We are always looking for new conversation buddies, if you are interested and would like to hear more, please email Susan Herrmann at or call her at (910) 409-4740. She'll be happy to add you to our contact list. We are really enjoying our times together! There just simply isn't time enough to be together on Sundays! We hope to hear from you and see you soon! Sending our very best to everyone!





Thursday 1 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 9:30 AM Al-Anon 6:30 PM Adult Choir

Friday 2 Sabbath day for the Rector & the assistant to the Rector 5:30 PM Stations of the Cross 8:00 PM AA

Saturday 3 9:00 AM Altar Guild Meeting

4 7:45 AM HE at St. A’s 9:00 & 11:00 AM HE at St. A.’s 10:00 AM Fish Sunday

Civil War Round Table, open to everyone Men’s Spiritual Formation, open to all men Episcopal Youth Community, grades 6-12 Episcopal Church Women, open to all women Daughters of the King, open to all women Open to those who are 50+ Open to those 20-50 years old
5 7:00 AM MSF Group 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 8:00 PM AA 6 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 9:30 AM Women’s Bible Study 10:45 AM Healing Service 7 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 11:00 AM Knitting in office 4:00 PM Jr. Singers 5:30 PM Lenten Program 7:30 PM Healing Prayer Group 8:00 PM AA

EYC New Beginnings

8 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 9:30 AM Al-Anon 6:30 PM Adult Choir 7:00 PM CWRT

9 10 6:00 PM Sabbath day for the Rector & the assistant Sounders to the Rector Spring Forward tonight. 5:30 PM Stations of the Cross 8:00 PM AA

11 7:45 AM HE at St. A’s 9:00 & 11:00 AM HE at St. A.’s 10:00 AM Christian Formation 12:15 PM Daughters of the King

12 7:00 AM MSF Group 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 8:00 PM AA

13 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 9:30 AM Women’s Bible Study 10:45 AM Healing Service 6:15 PM Bell Choir

14 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 11:00 AM Knitting in office 4:00 PM Jr. Singers 5:30 PM Lenten Program 7:30 PM Healing Prayer Group 8:00 PM AA

15 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 9:30 AM Al-Anon 6:30 PM Adult Choir

16 17 Sabbath day for the 8:30 AM Rector & the assistant Men’s Breakfast to the Rector 5:30 PM Stations of the Cross 8:00 PM AA EYC Happenings

18 7:45 AM HE at St. A’s 9:00 & 11:00 AM HE at St. A.’s 10:00 AM Christian Formation 5:00 PM Capers

19 7:00 AM MSF Group 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 8:00 PM AA

20 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 9:30 AM Women’s Bible Study 10:45 AM Healing Service 6:00 PM Vestry Meeting 6:15 PM Bell Choir

21 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 11:00 AM Knitting in office 4:00 PM Jr. Singers 5:30 PM Good Shepherd Night 7:30 PM Healing Prayer Group 8:00 PM AA

22 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 9:30 AM Al-Anon 6:30 PM Adult Choir

23 24 Sabbath day for the Rector & the assistant to the Rector 11:00 AM Empty Bowls 5:30 PM Stations of the Cross 6:30 PM FFFG 8:00 PM AA 30 Sabbath day for the Rector & the assistant to the Rector 5:30 PM Stations of the Cross 8:00 PM AA 31 9:00 AM Altar Guild Meeting

25 7:45 AM HE at St. A’s 9:00 & 11:00 AM HE at St. A.’s 10:00 AM Christian Formation 5:00 PM EYC

26 7:00 AM MSF Group 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 8:00 PM AA

27 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 9:30 AM Women’s Bible Study 10:45 AM Healing Service 6:15 PM Bell Choir

28 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 11:00 AM Knitting in office 4:00 PM Jr. Singers 5:30 PM Lenten Program 7:30 PM Healing Prayer Group 8:00 PM AA

29 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 9:30 AM Al-Anon 6:30 PM Adult Choir

March 4 March 11 Vestry Person of the Month: Bill Salter and Mark Matheny Lay Readers 7:45 a.m. 9:00 a.m. Bob Suddith Linda Brown Stephanie Kraybill Bob Remillard Norma Knight Nancy Hosea Robin Wetherington Jeanne Kendig James Clinard Donny Ross Chapel Barnes Taylor Mullaney Lauren Hedrick Allie Earnhart Wilker Ballantine Zack Lewis David Brown Mary Schumacher Bobbie Gibson Billy Sowers Leslie Owen Bill Salter Kathy Laing Rosemary O’Hayer Team 1 Royce/Reabold Alicia Rudd Doug Donald Steve Coons Bobbie Gibson Mary Ann Ryder David Cordle Valeria Davidson Kellen Hanson Donny Ross Julia Ross Jack Clayton Grayson Barnes Nathanial Hanson Kellen Hanson Nansi Holt Wilker Ballantine Roy Jameson Joe Clem John Grudzien Howard McCain Neel Patrick Polly Gibson Kathy Cormier Martha McCain Team 2 Laing

March 18

March 25

11:00 a.m.

Sid Brooks Sally Vasilevich Natalie Sherwood Frances Goodman Mary Mobley Melinda Rider George Earnhart Jonathan Earnhart Alexis Nunes Taylor Nunes Cameron Rieman Kelley Kinlaw Daniel Gay Megan Earnhart Allie Earnhart Wilker Ballantine Jim Otley and Ron Foster Paul Farley Sam Green Curtis Gregory Hubert Bordeaux Carol Nasca Bobbie Gibson Ann Lees Team 3 Shore

Elizabeth Woodside Mary Thomson Mary Evans Missy Kennedy Julia Ross Scott Lander Cathy Miller Willie Scholz Trey Carraway Julia Ross Chase Carraway Conner Heckman Nansi Holt Grayson Barnes Jack Clayton Zack Lewis Bob Thomson Steve Clinard James Clinard Dave Bramley Tom Colantuono Alice Schauf June Clem Bill Sowers Team 4 Drewry

Acolytes 9:00 a.m.

11:00 a.m.

Ushers 7:45 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. Greeters 7:45 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. Altar Guild

Want to see what goes on behind the scenes at St. Andrew’s On-the-Sound? Come to the Altar Guild meeting March 3 at 9:00 a.m. in the church. We are actively looking for new members of all ages- even mother/daughter combinations are most welcome. That’s how I began! Hope to see you on the third. For more information contact either Kathy Laing at 256-2480 or Alice Schauf at 686-5837.

OUR COLORFUL CHURCH YEAR From Christmas white to Easter white with green, purple, and red in between we have a very colorful church year! White is used at both Christmas and Easter. It is the color of joy, victory, celebrations, and peace. White is also used at funerals as we celebrate the person’s passage into the Kingdom of God. Green is seen everywhere in plants and trees, and symbolizes life and hope. Green also reflects our own spiritual growth. Red is the color of fire, energy, and power like the coming of the Holy Spirit and is used on Pentecost and at Confirmation. Red is also used on Palm Sunday to symbolize Jesus’ powerful entry into Jerusalem and his death that is to come. Purple is the color of humility, penance and wisdom that comes from inward reflections. Purple helps us to remember that we are preparing for the coming of Christ so we use purple in Advent. We also use purple in Lent to show the season of penance and renewal. When you enter the sanctuary and look at the altar, note the colors and reflect on their meaning as part of your worship experience.

You are invited to join Sounders this month for an EVENING OUT at Havana’s Restaurant 6722 Wrightsville Ave! Go ahead and mark your calendars and reserve your sitter for Saturday evening MARCH 10, 6:30 p.m.!! Please RSVP by March 1 to (Havana’s needs an advance head count to prepare for our gathering.) For more information or to add your name to our email list, contact Beth Green at

We are busy at preschool and very happy to have so much wonderful weather during our outside time. The 4 year old class has purchased bird feeders and are excited to see them eating right outside their window. The 3 year old class had one of the best days ever as they learned about the letter "P". They wore their pajamas, ate pancakes, pineapple and popcorn while watching "Pongo" (a movie). How fun to come to school in your PJ's! The 1 and 2 year old classes continue to grow and flourish each week. We are so proud of them and how well they are following directions. Love and blessings, Catharine Hedrick

It is hard to believe it is already March; hopefully, great weather is soon to be here, that is if we beat Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction. February was busy with our lock-in, local outreach projects, Pancake Dinner, and discussions about Lent and how we can best support the “Sound Future” campaign. We had 20 youth attend our lock-in at First Baptist Activity Center, where basketball, ping-pong, video games, movies, pizza, and above all a lot of energy and laughs made the night memorable. The lock-in would not have happened without the support of our chaperones: Ray Borges, Rich Carpenter and Claire Reddick. Thank you! February was not all fun and games, we were fortunate to be able to participate in a few outreach projects. On Feb. 12, we sent a group to New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s Betty Cameron Women and Children’s Center, where we were able to visit sick youth and their families as well as help restock and clean their recreation room. This was a very eye-opening experience and touched many of our hearts. We will have another group going March 2. While some of us were at the hospital, the rest of us wrote letters and baked brownies for Marines with 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion, from Camp Lejeune, and currently serving in Afghanistan. What an experience that was, making homemade “desert brownies” in the church’s kitchen. Thank you to Anne Randall, who is our EYC baker, and helped walk us through using the kitchen. We wrapped up February with the Pancake Dinner, which is always a fun event for us, and look forward to some of the Lent events and participating in “Sound Future.”

This month is full with youth conferences. Our middle school students will be attending New Beginnings, March 2-4, at Trinity Center in Pine Knoll Shores, NC, where our very own Nathanial Hanson will be the Shepherd and Emily Summerlin a staff leader. A few of our high school youth will return to Happening, at Trinity Center, March 16-18. Trey Carraway, Cody Rieman and Lauren Hedrick will all be on staff, while the rest of us participate in Inner City Ministries, March 18.

Altar Candles are given memory of Dick, by Anna Mae Taylor. Sanctuary Candles are given in thanksgiving for my family and friends, by Bobbie Gibson.

Will be meeting March 18 at 5:00 p.m. Hosted by Dan and Norma Knight.

The DOK will be meeting at 12:15 p.m. on March 11.

March 1 March 2 March 3 March 4 March 5 March 6 March 7 March 8 March 9 March 10 March 11 March 13 March 15 March 16 March 17 March 18 March 19 March 20 March 21 March 23 March 24 March 25 March 26 March 27 March 29 March 30 March 31 Faydene Corbett Amy Kuuskoski Sue Jameson, Nancy Briggs, Brett Goulding Mary Schumacher, Ann Souder, Mearlene White, John Williams Bob Busch, Alissa Respet, Jim Otley, Andy Hajek Kitsy Lackey, Richard Rhoads Becky Skelton, Scott Lewis, Brad Hildreth, Andrew (Rocco) Geisler Lindsay Kastner, Donald Medlock, Patty Lisk Kay Boone, Gabe Lovejoy Lindsay Howard Bill Briggs Dylan Mihaly, Riley Hubard Hilah Dorsey Patrick Ballantine, Louise Buck, Dianne Stansbury, Carlton Wells, Erin Pinter John Feeley, Cody Rieman Taylor Mullaney Richard Elliott, Zachary McClatchy, Pete Clow, Martha McCain Lauren Heckman, Chris F. Thomas Forrest Devita, Mason Parker, Ginger Thornton, Henry Evans Aimee Wrangell, Betty Hill, Ireland Pinter, Sid Brooks Gerald Normandt, Pam Darden, Diana Maines Eli Beard Robert High, Gretchen Parker Polly Gibson Bobbie Gibson, Zachary Lewis Wyatt Beard, Carter Fogleman

March 1 March 8 March 15 March 27 Kent and Muffy Pepper John and Karen Williams Doug and Honor Lewis Gerald and Jerri Normandt John and Rose Meldrum, Frank and Joan Dolezal

St. Andrew’s on-the-sound 101 Airlie Road, Wilmington, NC 28403 The Rev. Richard G. Elliott, Rector The Rev. Mark Powell, Assistant to the Rector The Rev. John C. Drewry, Deacon Richard Rhoads, Minister of Music Laura Wells, Director of Christian formation Katherine Dodd, Parish Administrator Pollykate Cantey, Parish Secretary Tom Covil, Sexton 910-256-3034

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