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Creating SSD accounts for several people

If you are logged in as an admin or supervisor, you will be able to see the Generate login name and password button under the Persons overview (or a selection of persons). When you click this button, you will see a template with which you can set up the login names and passwords for the group of people in question. If you want to mail these details to people automatically, you will have to set up an event and an action. Follow these steps: 1. Go to Settings Management. 2. Open the Event Explorer and create a new event for people (Edit card). 3. For changed fields, use Encrypted Self Service Desk password. 4. Go to the Action Explorer and create a new action for people (email message). Make sure that this action is also active for the Operators Section. 5. Under Insert field login name select Self Service Desk login name. Select Encrypted Self Service Desk password under miscellaneous. Make sure that you select the Only send if selections are used option under use for selections. 6. Link the action to the created event. Want to visit the Help & Support site? Click on the question You will have to refresh the System Settings before the event and action can be used. mark icon on a process page in TOPdesk, or select the menu option Help > Help & Support. We are always updating our Help & Support site with new manuals and tips on how to get the most out of your TOPdesk. The replies below this text will not be included in the mail import. If you are working with an HTML email, type: <font size =1 color=white> -----answer answer----- </font>

Avoid including earlier messages in a mail import

Another useful option in the Event Management module is available when using the mail import for incidents and changes. As of the 4.4 update, it is possible to add text to emails generated by the Event Management module that will prevent the entire conversation from being imported. This is ideal for keeping memo fields clean and organized. This is done as follows: In the emails plain text, type: -----<text> <text>----(five dashes word space word five dashes)

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