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For businesses of all sizes, acquiring, retaining, and supporting customers is more challenging than ever before. Activities that were already complex have become highlycomplicated, multi-faceted workflows and procedures that are difficult to coordinate, track and manage. Marketing teams must plan and develop an increasing number of sophisticated campaigns, and deliver them through multiple mediums. Sales reps must follow-up on hundreds of new leads, while juggling existing sales cycles. Support staff must rapidly resolve a growing volume of customer problems and issues. And, management must oversee customer-facing operations across all departments, and ensure that all client interactions are handled in a responsive and professional manner. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems has emerged as a way for businesses to streamline customer-related processes across functional areas, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of customer transactions at all levels, and optimize service quality at each touch-point. Within the CRM world, there are many types of solutions, each having their own flavor, and each meeting different business needs. What is Enterprise CRM? Enterprise customer relationship management is a family of tightly-integrated applications that span both front- and back-office operations throughout a company. These solutions – which include sales force, marketing, contact center, and help desk automation systems – seamlessly coordinate and consolidate the disparate, repetitive processes and silo-ed data that often exist across multiple customer-facing business units. With enterprise CRM, all sales, marketing, service, and support staff can share information and work in synch to build stronger, more profitable customer relationships. What is Hosted CRM? Hosted CRM, also known as on-demand CRM, provides a simpler, faster, and more affordable way for businesses to take advantage of powerful technology tools that streamline and automate the way customer interactions are managed across touchpoints. With hosted CRM, all hardware and software components are purchased, installed, tested, and maintained by a third-party hosting provider at a remote site. The hosting service provider also stores and manages all customer-related data. Companies need nothing more than a standard Web browser to access and utilize the CRM application and its features.
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CRM Solutions
What is On-Premise CRM? On-premise CRM, also known as licensed, on-site, or in-house CRM, is a customer relationship management application that is housed at a client’s location, and managed by its own employees. Internal IT personnel are responsible for installing all hardware and software components, integrating the solution with existing systems, deploying it to end-users, and storing all related data. System administration, upgrades, and other routine maintenance are also performed by IT staff. What is Mobile CRM? A mobile CRM application is a powerful, full-featured software solution that allows field workers – such as sales representatives, service staff, and support teams – to access and interact with customer data while they’re on the road. Using cell phones, Blackberry devices, Windows Pocket PCs, and other Web-enabled handheld appliances, users can retrieve and update customer-related information from back-end systems, manage opportunities and jobs, process orders, check inventory levels, and much more, just as easily as if they were in the office. Key Benefits of CRM Solutions for Your Company CRM solutions can help your business enhance the way it interacts with and services customers through multiple channels and divisions. With a CRM suite, you can deploy company-wide best practices, implementing consistent, effective, and efficient processes across departments and business units, to ensure a positive end-to-end experience for your customer.

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there will be one or more vendors that will be deemed more’s Top 0 CRM Vendor report is intended to be used as a guide to help end-users in their vendor selection process.About the Report Our Goal Business-Software. Given the wide array of CRM vendors currently in the marketplace. Business-Software. The report is organized in the following way: 1) Vendor Matrix – includes an “at-a-glance” matrix that lists the vendors by row and various categories by column 2) Vendor Categories – includes list of vendors by different categories ) Vendor Profiles – includes a high-level profile for each of the 0 CRM vendors in the report In Summary The vendors highlighted in this report represent the top companies in the CRM space and are categorized by different criteria. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.  . some have an onpremise solution while others are hosted on the web. Some vendors offer a monthly-subscription model (SAAS – “software as a service”) while others price based on number of seats. Business-Software. Some vendors are focused on the entire enterprise solution. Depending on an organization’s specific needs. Lastly. Report Contents We’ve organized the contents in this report to best facilitate the research Some vendors offer solutions that are more ideally suited for small or medium-sized businesses while others are optimal for large organizations. while others have specific functional specialties such as Marketing Automation or Customer Service. © 2012. We hope you will find this report a useful research tool as you begin to narrow your search for the right CRM vendor that meets your business needs. Business-Software also presents high-level summaries for each of these vendors to help end-users identify which best meet their specific business requirements. Types of CRM Vendors The landscape of CRM vendors is wide and varied. and other criteria. customer focus. In addition to including an “at-a-glance” matrix that compares the top 0 CRM vendors and vendor category helps users navigate this universe by categorizing the top CRM 0 vendors by functionality. delivery model.

All Rights Sage Adapt CRM Amdocs MyBusiness CRM Avidian Technologies C2CRM ClaritySoft Tracker-RMS Consona Eloqua Aplicor FrontRange Infor Infusionsoft InsideSales. Business-Software. Reproduction Sm all  ite Ma rk Cu st Ho st SF A Ca ll On Su En e .com Ivinex Kana Landslide Marketo Oncontact Software Oracle Parature LeadMaster RightNow webCRM x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Pivotal (CDC Software) x Mid -Si z -Pr e ed © 2012.Vendor Matrix rvic e Se aS /Sa mis e ter om er se x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x g etin Ce n ter pri Company Name 1 2    6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 1 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 2 2 2 26 27 28 29 0 1 2 NetSuite SAP Maximizer Microsoft Dynamics Salesforce.

En e . Reproduction Prohibited.Vendor Matrix rvic e Se aS /Sa mis e ter om er se x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x g etin Ce n ter pri Company Name    6 7 8 9 0 1 VAI Salesnet OmnipriseCRM Soffront SugarCRM Surado CRM ClickHQ Zoho x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Mid -Si z -Pr e ed Sm all 6 ite Ma rk Cu st Ho st SF A Ca ll On Su © 2012. Business-Software. All Rights Reserved.

com Sage Adapt CRM Amdocs MyBusiness CRM C2CRM ClaritySoft Tracker-RMS Consona Eloqua Aplicor FrontRange Infor Infusionsoft Marketo Oncontact Software Oracle Leadmaster Commence RIghNow WebCRM OmnipriseCRM Soffront SugarCRM Surado CRM ClickHQ Sage Amdocs C2CRM Consona Aplicor FrontRange Infor Oncontact Software Oracle LeadMaster RightNow VAI Soffront SugarCRM Surado CRM Workbooks. All Rights Zoho CRM 1 2    6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 1 1 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 2 2 2 26 27 28 29 0 1 2 Customer Service NetSuite SAP Maximizer Pivotal (CDC Software) Microsoft Dynamics Zoho 1 2    6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 1 1 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 2 2 2 26 27 28 29 0 1 2  Marketing NetSuite SAP Maximizer Pivotal (CDC Software) Microsoft Dynamics Zoho CRM © Sage Adapt CRM Amdocs C2CRM ClaritySoft Consona Aplicor FrontRange Infor Infusionsoft Ivinex Kana Oncontact Software Oracle Leadmaster Parature Commence RightNow WebCRM OmnipriseCRM Soffront Sugar CRM Surado CRM Tracker-RMS Workbooks. Reproduction Prohibited. 7 .Vendor Categories 1 2    6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 1 1 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 2 Suite NetSuite SAP Maximizer Pivotal (CDC Software) Microsoft Dynamics Salesforce.

Reproduction Prohibited. Categories 1 2    6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 1 1 Call Center SAP Pivotal (CDC Software) Microsoft Dynamics Amdocs C2CRM FrontRange Infor Zoho 8 © 2012. .com Oracle Leadmaster RightNow WebCRM Surado CRM Tracker-RMS 1 2    6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 1 1 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 2 2 2 26 27 28 29 0 1 2    6 SFA NetSuite SAP Maximizer Pivotal (CDC Software) Microsoft Dynamics Salesforce. All Rights Sage Adapt CRM Amdocs MyBusiness CRM Avidian Technologies C2CRM ClaritySoft Tracker-RMS Consona Aplicor FrontRange Infor Infusionsoft Ivinex Landslide Oncontact Software Oracle LeadMaster RightNow webCRM VAI Salesnet OmnipirseCRM Soffront SugarCRM Surado CRM ClickHQ Workbooks.

com Sage MyBusiness CRM Avidian Technologies C2CRM ClaritySoft Tracker-RMS Eloqua Aplicor Infusionsoft Zoho 1 2    6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 1 1 16 17 18 19 20 21 On-Premise SAP Maximizer Pivotal (CDC Software) Microsoft Dynamics Sage Adapt CRM Amdocs Avidian Technologies C2CRM ClaritySoft Consona FrontRange Infor Kana Oncontact Software Oracle LeadMaster VAI OmnipriseCRM SugarCRM Surado CRM © 2012. 9 . Reproduction Prohibited.Vendor Categories 1 2    6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 1 1 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 2 2 2 26 27 28 29 0 1 2 Hosted NetSuite SAP Microsoft Dynamics Ivinex Landslide Marketo Oncontact Software Oracle Parature LeadMaster RightNow webCRM VAI Salesnet OmnipriseCRM Soffront SugarCRM Surado CRM ClickHQ Workbooks. All Rights Reserved.

All Rights Sage Adapt CRM Avidian Technologies C2CRM ClaritySoft Tracker-RMS Consona Eloqua Aplicor FrontRange Sage Amdocs C2CRM Consona Eloqua FrontRange Infor Ivinex Kana Landslide Oracle Leadmaster Parature RightNow VAI Surado CRM MyBusinessCRM 1 2    6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 1 1 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 2 2 2 26 27 28 29 0 1 2    Mid-Size NetSuite SAP Maximizer Pivotal (CDC Software) Microsoft Dynamics Salesforce. 10 .com Sage Adapt CRM MyBusiness CRM Avidian Technologies ClaritySoft Tracker-RMS Aplicor FrontRange Infusionsoft InsideSales. Reproduction 1 2    6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 1 1 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 2 2 2 26 Small NetSuite Maximizer Microsoft Dynamics Ivinex Oracle LeadMaster webCRM Salesnet OmnipriseCRM Soffront SugarCRM Surado CRM ClickHQ Zoho © Ivinex Kana Landslide Tracker-RMS Oncontact Software Oracle Parature LeadMaster RightNow webCRM VAI Salesnet OmnipriseCRM Soffront StayinFront Sugar CRM Surado CRM Workbooks. Business-Software.Vendor Categories 1 2    6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 1 1 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 2 Enterprise NetSuite SAP Maximizer Pivotal (CDC Software) Microsoft Dynamics Salesforce.

com. California BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * NetSuite * NetSuite CRM + CuSTOMER FOCuS: Fast-growing and mid-sized businesses and divisions of global Novak Conversions Inc. anywhere access.www. 1998 HEAdquARTERS: San Mateo. and reduced technology costs with SaaS * NetSuite receives ISM’s Top 15 CRM Software Award in 2009 * NetSuite Inc. Business-Software. Document Sciences PRICE: NetSuite CRM+: $129 /user /month (includes maintenance & support).600 customers worldwide * Anytime. Free Trial © | 60-627-1000 HigHligHts * The #1 web-based accounting system with over 6. AMPRO. NetSuite: $99 /month base fee and $99 /user /month (includes maintenance. All Rights Reserved.NYSE: N FOuNdEd: | info@netsuite. receives 2009 CRM Excellence Award from Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine * Software Satisfaction Awards 2008: Best Enterprise CRM Software and Best MidRange CRM Software OWNERSHIP: Public . Oakland Athletics. 11 . Reproduction Prohibited. support is extra). SElECT CuSTOMERS: Aeris.

About Netsuite
Founded in 1998, NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N) is the leading provider of on-demand, integrated business management software for growing and midsize businesses. With thousands of customers using NetSuite’s online products and professional services, companies are enabled to manage all key business operations — in a single hosted system, including: customer relationship management (CRM); order fulfillment; inventory; accounting and finance, product assembly; ecommerce; Web site management; and employee productivity. NetSuite was originally incorporated as NetLedger by its founders Larry Ellison and a young protégé, Evan Golberg. The company’s name was later changed to NetSuite. NetSuite enables companies to manage all key business operations in a single system, which includes accounting/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Ecommerce. NetSuite is delivered as an on-demand service, so there is no hardware to procure, no large, up-front license fee, and no complex setups. Finally, NetSuite’s patent-pending “”real-time dashboard”” technology provides an easy-to-use view into role-specific business information that is always up-to-date. Netsuite’s CRM Solutions include: NetSuite - An on-demand system that supports the entire company and includes customer relationship management (CRM) as well as enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality. NetSuite CRM+ - A powerful customer relationship management system, including sales force automation, opportunity management, forecasting, marketing automation, customer support and service, flexible customization through SuiteFlex and more. NetSuite CRM is a hosted CRM application that provides sales reps with a 60 degree view of customers so companies can maximize customer revenue, from lead and opportunity management through order processing, customer service and support resolution, to renewal and upsell purchase management. NetSuite CRM also gives sales reps the ability to create quotes, place real orders, and gain-real time visibility into order status, overdue invoices, inventory, customer transaction history, upsell and cross sell management, and commission compensation.

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HigHligHts * One of the largest software companies the world. * Offers integrated suite of CRM, ERP, Supply Chain, HR, Financial and other enterprise applications. * Forrester names SAP CRM Leader * ISM Top 15 CRM Enterprise Winner in 2008 * SAP named Leader in CRM Magazine’s 2009 CRM Market awards

OWNERSHIP: Public (NYSE:SAP) FOuNdEd: 1972, Germany

HEAdquARTERS: Walldorf, Germany BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted and On-Premise

CRM PROduCTS: * SAP CRM * SAP Business All-in-One * SAP Business by Design * SAP Business One

CuSTOMER FOCuS: Enterprise and Mid-Size SElECT CuSTOMERS: AMD, Colgate-Palmolive, Phillip-Morris International, LyondellBasell, Pentax Medical PRICE: Starting at $7/user/month

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About SAP
Founded in 1972 as Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing, SAP is headquartered in Walldorf, Germany. The company employs more than 8,00 people in more than 0 countries, and serves more than 89,000 customers worldwide. SAP Americas is a subsidiary of SAP AG and is headquartered in Newtown Square, PA. SAP offers CRM on-demand solutions that are easy-to-use, Web-based, and available on a subscription basis. SAP CRM was developed to address the unique, end-to-end requirements for major industries including: Auto, Chemicals, Consumer Products, Retail, Telecommunications, Professional Services, Public Sector, High Tech, Industrial Machinery & Components, Media, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Wholesale Distribution. SAP CRM - for Enterprise Companies Used by more than ,200 customers world-wide, SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) is part of the SAP Business Suite and includes features and functions to support core business processes in the following areas: Marketing – Gain the essential business insights needed to make intelligent decisions, sharpen their focus on customers to drive demand and increase customer retention, and better manage marketing resources to do more with less. Sales – Transform organization’s direct and indirect sales force into a team of knowledgeable and trusted advisors – fostering efficient collaboration between sales, marketing, and service teams to align efforts on fulfilling customer needs Service – Reduce service costs while enhancing customer satisfaction by streamlining service operations and delivering exceptional customer service. Contact Center - Maximize customer loyalty, reduce costs, and boost revenue by transforming a contact center into a strategic delivery channel for marketing, sales, and service efforts across all contact channels E-commerce – Turn the Internet into a profitable sales and interaction channel while providing consumers and business customers with a personalized online experience and convenient self-services. SAP Business All-In-One - For Mid-Size Companies With the integrated ERP and CRM functionality in SAP Business All-in-One, companies

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procurement. © billing. It enables preconfigured process best practices for managing financials. and delivery. eliminating the need for separate installations and complex integration of multiple modules. For example. and upgrades – so companies can focus on their business. SAP Business ByDesign . projects. customer relationship management. and operations. Reproduction Prohibited. maintenance. Unlike many other small business solutions on the market today. Business-Software. not on IT. customer relationships. human resources. The SAP Business One application integrates all core business functions across an entire company – including financials. for Mid-Size and Small This is the fully integrated business management software designed for midsize companies or small businesses that want the benefits of large-scale business applications without the need for a large IT infrastructure. SAP Business One is a single application. sales. companies can use CRM functionality to create an opportunity and convert it directly into a quote. 1 .On-Demand Solution. and the supply chain. SAP takes care of installation. pricing. and then later use the ERP functionality to convert it into a sales order – complete with product. All Rights Reserved. inventory.About SAP can streamline and complete a process from end to end.For Small Companies This is the single integrated business management application for small businesses. SAP BusinessOne .

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. | info@maximizer. or mobile smartphone (BlackBerry® or other devices through web browser) * All-Access (web. BC. web. Société Générale and TD Securities PRICE: Starting at $199 © 2012. Oxford University. 16 . HSBC. offering the lowest TCO in its class * Access options: Windows® | 1-800-80-6299 HigHligHts * Completely integrated sales. marketing and customer service and support management solution * Simple & quick to deploy and Siemens. Reproduction Prohibited. All Rights Reserved.maximizer. Canada BuSINESS MOdEl: On-Premise CRM PROduCTS: * Maximizer CRM 11 • Enterprise Edition • Group Edition • Team Edition • Entrepreneur Edition CuSTOMER FOCuS: Small and mid-sized companies and divisions of larger enterprises SElECT CuSTOMERS: Cathay Pacific. mobile) available for Group and Enterprise editions in one all-inclusive license OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 2002 (Predecessor company founded 199) HEAdquARTERS: Vancouver. desktop. Ipsos Canada.

Integration with QuickBooks® and Microsoft GP® accounting software. Quick email templates. © 2012. while exceeding client expectations to build loyalty. Maximizer CRM adapts to the way organizations work. accessible. marketing. Full-featured CRM available through Web access and full integration with Blackberry smartphones is provided with MaxMobile.About Maximizer Maximizer Software is a leading provider of simple. Web and mobile through the latest smartphones. Maximizer CRM provides multiple access options including The right solution will depend on the number of users. As a pioneer in the CRM industry for more than 20 years. Marketing automation. Sales Opportunity Management and Monitoring. Maximizer Software is a global business with offices and business partners throughout the Americas. Maximizer’s CRM solutions enable organizations to accelerate business growth by centralizing customer information and streamlining processes. Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia Pacific. Wizard-driven dashboards. Customer service and support. Key Features of Maximizer CRM: Contact and account management. customer service staff and business leaders access to customer information through a Web browser. Partner relationship management.000 customers. All-Access licenses also include one year of maintenance support. Microsoft Office® integration. Workflow automation. a mobile device or on their desktop. Reproduction Prohibited. and grows as a company’s business grows. and divisions of large enterprises. Maximizer Software has sold over one million licenses to more than 120. Maximizer CRM 11 Group and Enterprise Editions (Full-Featured CRM) Maximizer CRM provides full-featured CRM functionality including sales force automation. 17 . Maximizer offers sales. Business-Software. eCommerce and payment processing. marketing automation and customer service & support. customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. providing high value for small and medium-sized businesses. Sales force automation. ranging in size from entrepreneurs to multi-national organizations. and feature requirements. All Rights Reserved. access. Microsoft Exchange Integration. as well as several add-on modules and options for the solution that matches a company’s business needs. Sales Quota Management. Maximizer offers four editions.

Features of Maximizer Entrepreneur Edition: Contact management. Integration with Microsoft Office®. Team edition includes all of the functionality of Entrepreneur Edition. Collaboration & Access. plus more robust sakes opportunity management. iPhone™. Storm and Tour and through the web browser for Windows Mobile®. On-the-fly reporting with easy exporting to Excel. Integration with QuickBooks® accounting software. the award-winning contact manager. It’s easy to configure right out of the box. realtors. 8000 & 9000 Series. All Rights Reserved. 18 . Features of Mobile CRM: Wireless deployment via email. © 2012. As well as one year of maintenance support and mobile access. Android and other smartphones. Productivity. Palm®. Performance Measurement. Relationship Management. home offices. improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. including Curve. Reproduction Prohibited. is designed to help companies maximize their time. Maximizer Mobile CRM enables immediate updates from the field by providing real-time access to your entire Maximizer CRM database Pearl. Nokia. Bold. and sales professionals in virtually any industry. Opportunity management.About Maximizer MaxMobile (Maximizer Mobile CRM) Maximizer Mobile CRM combines the convenience of mobile devices and the power of CRM to help an organization stand out in today’s competitive environment. financial advisors. so organizations can get up and running quickly and focus on their business. By equipping professionals on the road with full-featured CRM in their pockets. essential for succeeding in the field to win more deals. Entrepreneur Edition is ideal for small businesses. Maximizer fosters the collaboration and customer engagement. Sale force automation. Business-Software. Maximizer CRM 11 Entrepreneur and Team Editions (Contact Management) Maximizer Entrepreneur Edition. Supported Devices: BlackBerry 7000.

Toyota France. Mid-sized SElECT CuSTOMERS: Calamos Investments. Reproduction All Rights Reserved. Savills PRICE: Not published. OWNERSHIP: Public (NASDAQ:CHINA) FOuNdEd: 199 HEAdquARTERS: Atlanta. Pacific Life. 19 . * Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint are embedded within the Pivotal CRM solution for a seamless experience. © 2012. * ISM “Top 15” CRM Enterprise Packages (1997-2009) | 1-877-PIVOTAL HigHligHts * Highly flexible platform and applications enable companies to precisely model their unique business | info@cdcsoftware. Toll Brothers. AAA Western & Central NY. Miller Heiman. Sysmex America. * Industry-specific software solutions offer close business fit. Microsoft Office is closely integrated for one-click data lookup or export.www. GA BuSINESS MOdEl: On-Premise CRM PROduCTS: * Pivotal CRM * Pivotal Handheld * CDC Market First * CDC Report CuSTOMER FOCuS: Enterprise. Softrax. Business-Software.

The Customer-Driven Company™. powerful solution for companies that want to use CRM strategically—to model and streamline their unique processes. global trade management. Reproduction Prohibited. partner management and interactive selling. * Service .Collaborate more effectively with your partner channels.Shorten the sales cycle and improve close ratios. Specialized solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of the following industries: * Financial services * Home building and real estate * Manufacturing * Life sciences * Healthcare CDC Software. Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint are embedded right within the system for a seamless experience. 20 .com. Business-Software. CdC Pivotal CRM Solutions: * Sales . complaint management and aged care solutions. * Partner Management . cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) or blendedhybrid deployment offerings. CDC Software offers multiple delivery options for their solutions including on-premise. customer relationship management (CRM).Increase response rates and lead quality. © 2012.Increase the productivity and effectiveness of field and mobile users. * Marketing . * Social CRM – Market-leading integration of the most commonly used social media applications. supply chain management (demand management. Built for user adoption.About CdC Pivotal CRM CDC Pivotal CRM is an intuitive. is a hybrid enterprise software provider of on-premise and cloud deployments.Make better-informed business decisions. human capital management. enterprise manufacturing intelligence. marketing automation. * Mobile CRM . e-Commerce. manufacturing operations management. order management and warehouse and transportation management). CDC Software’s solutions include enterprise resource planning (ERP). All Rights Reserved. CDC Pivotal CRM provides a powerful application platform and additional capabilities in contact centers. not dictate them. hosted. CDC Pivotal CRM offers unparalleled flexibility and customizability. Leveraging a service-oriented architecture (SOA). * Analytics .Accelerate incident resolution and improve customer satisfaction.

* 2009 CRM Market Leader . PDF. 2008 . and BI OWNERSHIP: Public (NASDAQ: MSFT) FOuNdEd: WA. Pfizer Australia. MidMarket. Mid-Size and Small Businesses SElECT CuSTOMERS: Barclays. XML and CSV. All Rights Reserved. including Excel. Business-Software.dynamics. Reproduction Prohibited.2 and $1. is priced between $0 and $99 per user and between $28 and $99 per server.Enterprise. © 2012. 197 HEAdquARTERS: Redmond.http://crm.ROI Awards * CRM Magazine Leader. WA BuSINESS MOdEl: On-Premise and Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * Microsoft Dynamics CRM CuSTOMER FOCuS: Enterprise. Hard Rock Cafe. * Familiar Microsoft Outlook-like user interface.761 per | 1-888-77-7989 HigHligHts * Highly customizable CRM application/ 21 . Full-suite Small Business Edition. * Robust reporting engine for sharing between users in a variety of formats. United States Air Force PRICE: The full-suite Professional Edition is priced between $622 and $880 per user and $1. HTML. which is a requirement for the Small Business Edition.

With a 60-degree view of the customer. Customer Service . agents can resolve issues quickly and reduce handling times with advanced customer service software. The Sales Force Automation solution supports the following functions: Planning. Cases. and service with automated CRM that’s easy to use. Sales Force Automation . Workflows. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM suite of products provides solutions around Sales Force Automation. The Customer Service solution supports the following functions: Accounts. Marketing . Workflows. automate lead management. clients can also reduce costs and help to ensure consistent customer service is delivered across all touch points.With Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer service solutions. affordable CRM solutions to help companies meet their specific needs. Knowledge Base. Scheduling. Accounts. and Marketing. growing business or a large organization with a high number of customers and large sales and marketing team. All Rights Reserved. satisfaction. Mobility. Business-Software. and between $1. and between $28 and $99 per server.About Microsoft dynamics The full-suite Professional Edition is priced between $622 and $880 per user. Microsoft Dynamics business software offers a wide spectrum of feature-rich. customize.761 per server. 22 . it can use Microsoft Dynamics to help manage relationships even better. streamline sales cycles. is priced between $0 and $99 per user. Microsoft Dynamics for customer relationship management empowers employees to boost sales. Through automated processes. and gain insights to drive more sales. and Analytics. Productivity. clients can transform customer service into a strategic asset. and Analytics. Mobility. and maintain. Customer Service. Leads. Opportunities. Whether a company is a small. Pipeline. Reproduction Prohibited.Clients can get their sales force up to speed quickly with the advanced but easy-to-use features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.With marketing management and automation software from Microsoft © 2012. Full-suite Small Business Edition.2 and $1. Contracts. Customers can take advantage of a highly intuitive interface and embedded Microsoft Office capabilities to boost sales which is a requirement for the Small Business Edition.

and Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace. Microsoft Dynamics solutions are typically implemented by a Microsoft partner with the right industry and technical expertise. including government offices. easy-to-use CRM solutions designed for many industries. healthcare providers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its global community of partners offer flexible. helping sales people to answer customer questions without making the customer wait. Workflows. Response. Reproduction Prohibited. vendors. This brings together data. © 2012. Mobility. entertainment. manufacturing. and gain actionable insight into marketing campaigns. Extended CRM also includes solution management. Extended CRM – Microsoft Dynamics Extended CRM helps companies manage the other relationships that standard CRM products don’t cover. 2 . financial services. When employees use the CRM functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics. customers can market more effectively. and Analytics. The CRM solutions and capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics connect closely to other Microsoft technologies that companies may already use. Events. distributors. These extended solutions are accomplished through the xRM Framework. partner network. This includes a company’s relationship with employees. All Rights Reserved. suppliers. partners. media. The Marketing solution supports the following functions: Data. and critical stakeholders. analytics. retail. This helps reduce the distraction of having to learn and work with disparate software tools. Segmentation. and reporting. a point-and-click feature to customize workflows. system management. Business-Software. Internet Marketing. Planning. they work within a familiar Microsoft software environment.About Microsoft dynamics Dynamics CRM. workflows. professional services. data management. and education. Execution. improve productivity. Productivity.

EA PRICE: Contact Manager starts at $/user/month Group starts at $2/user/month Professional starts at $6/user/month Enterprise starts at $12/user/month Unlimited starts at $20/user/month © 2012. Mid-Market. a directory of third-party applications built for the Salesforce environment * CRM Markets Award 2009 for Enterprise Suite. Mid Market Suite and Small Business Suite * CODIE Award Winner.www.salesforce. All Rights Reserved. Best Business Software Solution: Salesforce CRM OWNERSHIP: Public (NYSE: CRM) FOuNdEd: CA. Small SElECT CuSTOMERS: CNN. CA BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * Contact Manager Edition * Group Edition * Enterprise Edition * Professional Edition * Unlimited Edition CuSTOMER FOCuS: Enterprise. United Way. Wall Street | 1-800-667-689 HigHligHts * Customizable CRM application * Access to AppExchange. | info@salesforce. Kaiser. 1999 HEAdquARTERS: San Francisco. Starbucks. Reproduction Prohibited. 2 . Sprint Nextel.

com was founded in 1999 by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff. Analytics and Forecasting. Since its founding. and help companies to establish a system and a process for recording. territory alignment. and to help businesses manage customer accounts.’s CRM SFA is comprehensive and and optimizes the full spectrum of sales activities including lead management and distribution. Salesforce. Salesforce CRM solutions offer the fastest path to customer success in the cloud. It also provides for customizable sales forecasts. Salesforce.About Salesforce. cloud computing driven sales force automation—led by Salesforce CRM SFA—has pulled ahead of traditional onpremise sales tools. Salesforce. and provide post sales services. Salesforce. investors and the media. Salesforce. Opportunity Management. who pioneered the concept of delivering enterprise applications via a simple Web site. The company’s CRM services principally focus on sales force automation. and channel management. and customer service and support’s sales force automation is easy-to-learn and provides an array of CRM and business application services which enable customers and subscribers to systematically record. data © 2012. Business-Software. globally accessible on demand. deal the Sales Cloud gives business users the ability to tightly manage their sales process and marketing’s sales force automation services enable salespeople to be productive by automating manual and repetitive has achieved remarkable recognition with customers. Account and Contact Management. evaluate marketing campaigns. tracking.’s CRM products and cloud-computing model (also known as software as a service) provide many benefits to enterprises. and sharing information. provide organized data about their current and prospective customers. requiring only moderate operating expense and offering a pay-as-you-go. All Rights Reserved. 2 . elastic model that can scale with a company’s changing needs. Reproduction Prohibited. An integral part of the’s CRM SFA solution features: Sales Management. CRM solution. and frees companies from a large upfront investment and the complexity of server-based sales software. affordable. Activity Management. and act upon business data. track sales’s Sales Cloud: In recent years. marketing automation. store. partners.

com’s Service Cloud: The Service Cloud transforms customer service through the power of cloud computing by bringing together information from industryleading cloud-computing services like Google. a one-stop marketplace for add-on CRM solutions and other software-as-a-service applications. California. Salesforce. one sharing model. Salesforce. and Twitter to capture every conversation and leverage every community expert in the cloud. making it easy to customize and address industry-specific Facebook. © 2012. ensuring that the quality of customer service is consistent across every channel. in all industries. and helps manage approvals and workflows. around the globe.’s Custom Cloud: The Force. Lastly. all preintegrated with Salesforce CRM solutions. makes it easy for companies to find.200 companies worldwide depend on Salesforce to manage their customer relationships. All Rights Reserved. sample. point-and-click is headquartered in San Francisco.1 million subscribers at 6. integration quality management.About Salesforce. The company’s software is used by companies of all sizes. 26 . and select from hundreds of apps for their cloud-computing platform enables companies to build and deliver business applications in a single environment using one data model. and one user interface. More than 1. the AppExchange. Reproduction Prohibited. Business-Software.

Legoland. CA BuSINESS MOdEl: On-Premise and Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * ACT! by Sage * Sage CRM * Sage CRM. Endeavor | 866-08-278 HigHligHts * ISM awards Sage SalesLogix and SageCRM as Top 15 CRM Small & Medium Business Software Award winners for 2009.. Panasonic. Kenexa The Seattle Times Co. 27 .SMB Product of the Year in 2008 * ACT! by Sage given “Excellence in Technology Award” by Small Business Computing in 2009 OWNERSHIP: Public (LSE:SGE) FOuNdEd: 1981 HEAdquARTERS: Irvine. * ISM awards Sage SalesLogix Top 15 CRM Enterprise Software for 2009 * Search CRM named SalesLogix CRM Suite . Reproduction Prohibited. Small SElECT CuSTOMERS: American Building Contractors Inc. Grant Thornton. Avnet. All Rights Reserved. Citigroup.sagecrmsolutions.www. Business-Software. PRICE: Not Listed © * Sage SalesLogix CuSTOMER FOCuS: Mid-Size.

com. integrated view of their contact a robust. customer service. marketing. The company’s software and services support accounting. and customer care teams with the tools they need to market and sell more effectively and provide industryleading service. and support and includes the following features: * * * * * * Centralized Customer Data Integrated Service and Support Robust Forecasting and Reportings Advanced Opportunity Management Full Featured Mobile CRM Back-Office Integration Award-winning Sage SalesLogix provides a complete view of customer interactions across sales. healthcare. distribution. and support so teams can collaborate and respond promptly and knowledgeably to customer inquiries and opportunities. time tracking. fast-to-deploy. Sage’s CRM solutions include the following products: ACT! by Sage -. Business-Software. 28 . complete tasks and make informed decisions to advance their business. Sage SalesLogix . highly-customizable CRM software solution that provides a complete view of customer interactions across sales. impress contacts with their follow-up. © the #1 selling contact and customer manager helping individuals and small business owners to work more effectively. business owners can access a complete. merchant services and the specialized needs of the construction. marketing. human . Reproduction Prohibited. nonprofit and real estate industries.9 million small and mid-sized business customers. SageCRM . an on-demand CRM solution that leverages the power and convenience of the Web to provide a company’s an easy-to-use. on-premise or on-demand CRM software solution with out-of-the-box configurable business process automation.About Sage Sage North America supports the needs and challenges of nearly 2. All Rights Reserved. manufacturing. SageCRM. customer management. With ACT by Sage!. customer service. operations.

com. Yeti Cycles. marketing campaigns. SYSPRO Software. Magic Software.adaptcrm. Dentek. sales force automation. Business-Software. sales opportunity management. Reproduction Prohibited. Anchin Block & Anchin. Taylor Guitars. CA BuSINESS MOdEl: On-Premise CRM PROduCTS: * ADAPTcrm CuSTOMER FOCuS: Small-to-medium sized businesses. All Rights Reserved. and many more © 2012. and defect management OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 1991 HEAdquARTERS: Costa | 1-71-89-18 HigHligHts * Real-time accounting & ERP integration seamlessly links ADAPTcrm to midrange ERP systems * Comprehensive customer service and support with warranty tracking * Easy-to-use setup tables offer extensive platform configuration * Robust contact management. 29 . Dunlop Manufacturing. Benchmade Knife Co. SElECT CuSTOMERS: Raytheon. and divisions of larger enterprises in all verticals..www. service / repair management.

ADAPT is also dedicated to providing total solutions to clients through our professional consulting services staff. project management. documentation. not acquired from various other software developers. project management. to help the customers accurately project time and cost estimates. ADAPTcrm. The system’s intuitive design facilitates interdepartmental collaboration and provides visibility over all mission critical touch points within an organization. was built from the ground end-to-end Customer and Supplier Relationship Management solutions characterized by leading-edge technology. the company’s flagship product. Depending upon your specific requirements. 0 . technology transfer. Because we have always maintained development and ownership exclusivity. has assisted over 1200 companies worldwide in meeting their enterprise software requirements. ADAPTcrm implementation services (data conversion. ADAPT is also dedicated to providing total solutions to clients through our professional consulting services staff. integrated module. comprehensive functionality and a solid implementation methodology. the system maintains unsurpassed interdepartmental integration.About Adapt CRM Since 1991. Reproduction Prohibited. © 2012. the company continues to develop and market moderately priced. ADAPTcrm is designed to track all key customer and vendor communications within a single. Business-Software. Inc. step-by-step plan for implementation. documentation. Each consulting project has a detailed. With more than a decade of experience in multi-platform and web-based custom application development. All Rights Reserved. training and technical support – for new or existing clients. These services include implementation of the ADAPTcrm line of products. ADAPT Software Applications. installation and user training) will in most cases be provided by an Authorized ADAPTcrm Reseller Partner who has invested the time and resources in becoming proficient through our extensive training course offerings. These services include implementation of the ADAPTcrm line of products. training and technical support – for new or existing clients. technology transfer.

The most effective CRM solutions can be customized to meet specific business needs. 1 . © 2012. Adapt CRM Key Features ADAPTcrm is an integrated solution that allows companies to focus their entire enterprise on their customers with minimal time and effort. to help the customers accurately project time and cost estimates. Other ADAPTcrm highlights include: * Marketing Campaign Management – The ADAPTcrm campaign manager will help customers establish and execute customized. * Advanced Sales Automation – Customers can give their sales staff the ability to manage the progress of pending opportunities as they relate to their business’s selling processes. ADAPTcrm features a Sales Opportunity Manager that analyzes and tracks the life of an opportunity from start to close. ADAPTcrm implementation services (data conversion. installation and user training) will in most cases be provided by an Authorized ADAPTcrm Reseller Partner who has invested the time and resources in becoming proficient through our extensive training course offerings. In addition to offering the ability to track campaign results. while ensuring that budgets are adhered to and that campaign expenses immediately result in new sales opportunities. Business-Software. step-by-step plan for * Real-Time Accounting/ERP Integration – ADAPTcrm offers accounting and ERP interfaces that seamlessly link to industry-standard. Additionally. customers can also independently track the ROI per event. Each consulting project has a detailed. All Rights Reserved. ADAPTcrm Enterprise uses Microsoft SQL Server and offers account replication for remote users using Microsoft SQL Server’s replication technology. and ADAPTcrm can be extensively configured using setup tables that require no complex programming or database administration.About Adapt CRM Depending upon your specific requirements. Reproduction Prohibited. targeted campaigns. mid-range systems so that customers can achieve the greatest ROI from their ERP and accounting investments.

and warranty programs and renewals. All Rights Reserved. defect tracking. © 2012. 2 . Reproduction Prohibited. Lotus Notes. * Email Methods – MS Outlook. SMTP Mail Server. Business-Software. tickets/incidents.About Adapt CRM * Complete Customer Services – To help companies maintain customer satisfaction. there are advanced tools for managing service contracts.

 . Union Bank of California PRICE: Not Published © 2012. Telstra. Vodafone. Clearwire. China Mobile. ABN Ambro. All Rights | info@techexcel. Sprint Nextel. primarily in the telecommunications space.amdocs. Japan Telcom. Fiserve. | (1) 212 7000 HigHligHts * * * * * #1 telecom operations management systems vendor (Gartner) #1 vendor in worldwide billing (IDC) “One to Watch” Enterprise Suite CRM Category (CRM magazine) Product of the year (Amdocs 7) (Call Center magazine). Cable & Wireless. Business-Software. Yellow Pages Group. Bell Canada. 2007 Best Practice Award for Global Billing Solutions (Frost & Sullivan) OWNERSHIP: Public (NYSE: DOX) FOuNdEd: 1982 HEAdquARTERS: Chesterfield. MO SOFTWARE MOdEl: On-Premise CRM PROduCTS: * Amdocs Customer Management (part of CES portfolio) CuSTOMER FOCuS: Enterprise. Reproduction Prohibited.www. SElECT CuSTOMERS: ACER. Quixtar. AT&T. DIRECTV.

Customer Management. whether sweeping or incremental. Amdocs’ mission is to help the world’s leading providers of wireline.and operational support systems—or “customer experience systems. most innovative communications companies in the world. operational and financial excellence. broadband cable and satellite services deliver a customer experience that truly makes a difference and results in a real competitive In more than 1.About Amdocs Amdocs is the market leader in customer experience systems innovation. carrier-class software applications.and operational-support systems (BSS/OSS). and Foundation. Amdocs’ products span business. valuable customer experience at every point of service.” Together. Amdocs has more than 17. Service & Resource Management (OSS). Information Management. they work to minimize the risk and maximize the benefit of systems transformations. proven to scale to support the largest global service providers and their millions of end-customers. the company is helping to deliver a simple. and unmatched industry experience spans all business processes and business. combining the software. © 2012. billion experiences every day. Reproduction Prohibited. Amdocs provides solutions that deliver customer experience excellence. enabling world-leading service providers to deliver an integrated. Amdocs’ roots in the communications industry gives them deep insight into what it takes to build stronger. The company’s unique combination of software.000 employees and serves customers in more than 0 countries around the world.  . service and expertise to help customers execute their strategies and achieve service. more profitable customer relationships.” They are production-ready. Amdocs is the market leader in customer experience systems innovation. Amdocs’ products provides solutions in the areas of: Revenue Management. Business-Software.16 billion in fiscal 2008. A global company (NYSE: DOX) with revenue of $. Amdocs’ customers are among the largest. Digital Commerce and Service Delivery. All Rights Reserved. consulting services and global strategic sourcing (also known as managed services). personal. “customer experience systems. innovative and intentional customer experience™ at every point of service. wireless.

Toyota. maintenance or system upgrade expenditures OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 200.  . Alto Investments PRICE: From $29 per annum (My Start Edition – price includes  users) © 2012. | + 20 286 890 HigHligHts * * * * * Combining CRM. Business-Software. Celebros. server or hardware costs. M+W Group.mybusiness-crm. Sensecom. timesheet and project management in one solution An advanced report generation mechanism & customizable dashboards A Rule Base Generator for automating business processes Modular architecture for a fully tailored system Cloud based software . VibraTECH. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.www. | Sales@mybusiness-crm. Israel HEAdquARTERS: Israel BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * MyBusiness CRM * Timesheet & Project Management Solutions CuSTOMER FOCuS: Small to medium sized businesses SElECT CuSTOMERS: Johnson&Johnson. GlobalLogic. TASC. Lexus.

the system is flexible and intuitive and fully customizable.About MyBusiness CRM Established in 200. Business-Software. Windows.Blackberry. create alerts • Calendar – share calendars and automate reminders • Web to Lead – direct lead transfer from website forms • Mobile Access . All Rights Reserved.evolving operational requirements. The MyBusiness CRM offering includes all the capabilities required for comprehensive management of customer Reproduction Prohibited. iPhone. project management and time tracking. Android • Customizable dashboards • Permissions Module – define access levels per system user • Outlook synchronization • Web Service Interface. An unparalleled product palette allows users to customize the solution and enhance the profitability of their business. sales. The user. campaigns. MyBusiness provides cloud-based CRM. MyBusiness Key Features A diverse clientele comprised of companies from the whole spectrum of business sectors are benefiting from the breadth of features in the MyBusiness toolkit.friendly architecture of the MyBusiness platform enables users to swiftly grasp the building blocks so that they can continue to tailor the system to meet their ever. services. Relationship Management • Customer and contacts management • Customer history management • Task management – assign responsibilities. with key insights and in-depth analytics that ensure they are kept updated on every aspect of their operation.API © 2012. The guiding principle driving the intuitive design of the MyBusiness CRM system is userindependence. by Syrinx Technologies. project management and timesheet software solutions to a global clientele from a broad range of business sectors. Designed with an emphasis on rapid performance. Customization is simple and the system can be easily adapted in tandem with the growth of every organization. air-tight data security and a user-friendly web UI. 6 .

.About MyBusiness CRM Sales • Opportunity Management . quotes and contracts management • Quota progress and business performance monitoring • Sales territory management Service • Help Desk Management • SLA management • Knowledge Base management • RBG (Rule Base Generator) Automated rules and triggers • Interface with CTI. Business-Software. contracts and hours Support • Forum support • Portal support • Email support • Phone support • Free group or 1to1 live online training 7 © 2012.synchronize call center with CRM • Service portal – manage client inquiries Marketing • Mass – Email delivery • Mass-SMS delivery Timesheet and Project Management • User –friendly timesheet • Employee availability planning • Employee hours approval and confirmation process • Project contract and rates management • Project progress monitoring – GANTT • Standard and configurable report generation • Actual estimated cost/hours project reporting • Expenses .real time reporting and management • Billing engine for projects. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.share data across your organization • Forecasting.

business opportunities. enabling system users to provide top-tier service and support to their customers. competitor information. customize dashboards. and successfully executing. Reproduction Prohibited. MyBusiness Technology MyBusiness SaaS CRM employs intuitive architecture for instant user autonomy • Cost effective: No server or hardware costs. marketing and sales campaigns. sales. Business-Software. Businesses can pinpoint relevant data in seconds. servers or hardware. with no additional costs for adaptations.interface allows for swift and simple set-up. 8 .About MyBusiness CRM MyBusiness Product Highlights MyBusiness CRM offers a winning combination of web-based CRM. MyBusiness also guarantees full support from a veteran team of experts. sales forecasts. All Rights as well as advanced management tools. while the easy to navigate web. and anywhere from your laptop or mobile and keep up to date with your system in and out of the office. by industry experts. agreements and contracts. offering guidance on implementation and customization. upgrades interfaces. • Secure: System protection is handled for you externally. laptop. customer service. making data security worry free © 2012. for tracking employee hours and for planning. employee hours or project progress. marketing. maintenance or system upgrade expenditures • Time Saving: Just buy a subscription and get started with no set-up process required • Flexible: Access your system. The vast portfolio of features offers complete command over the operational space according to permission level. Flexible architecture means the system can be fine-tuned to meet each business’ unique requirements. via desktop. or mobile. customer service. An extensive tool kit generates ROI by providing key business insights on customers. The system enables organizations to automate alerts. generate reports and share all critical information vital to successful business performance. anytime. on contacts. The MyBusiness Software as a Service CRM solution can be accessed in seconds. Timesheet and Project Management software in a single solution. multiple projects simultaneously.

WA BuSINESS MOdEl: On-Premise.avidian. Cisco. Reproduction Prohibited.9 for enterprise On-Premise: Starting at $19. Hosted CuSTOMER FOCuS: Mid-Size. Century 21. 9 . Marriott PRICE: Hosted: $9. Business-Software. 2002 HEAdquARTERS: Redmond.www. Small CRM PROduCTS: * Prophet  Personal Edition * Prophet  Advanced Edition * Prophet  Premium Edition * Prophet  Professional Server * Prophet  Enterprise Server * Prophet  Enterprise on * Demand * Prophet  Premium Edition * Prophet OnDemand Premium * Prophet OnDemand Enterprise * Prophet Mobile SElECT CuSTOMERS: AT&T.9 / user © Gateway. up to $299.9/month for individuals and $9. All Rights | 1-800-99-8980 HigHligHts * Easy to use and install * Fully integrated with Microsoft outlook and other Microsoft applications * Attractively price for small businesses * Avidian Technologies named to 2009 INC 5000 List * Avidian Technologies Named One of the Red Herring 100 OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: WA. Fujitsu.9 / user. Dell. Bank of Hawaii.

Prophet Mobile. Prophet . Reproduction Prohibited. Prophet acts and feels like additional features and functionality to Outlook instead of an entirely different application. Compared to other CRM providers. Built with . One of the reasons for the company’s success is its approach to personalized customer service. and one of the best guarantees in the software industry: A no questions asked. Prophet. unconditional 0-day money back guarantee. Having been built with . Business-Software. The company’s core product. © 2012. all can be viewed.About Avidian Founded in 2002. ensures that users can easily share Prophet and Outlook information with other applications.Net. meeting appointment made or task created.Net: This means that Prophet integrates at the object level with Outlook and easily extends into other parts of the business. Built into Outlook: Because Prophet is built into Outlook. and a mobile version.000 companies worldwide. Prophet is used by over 1. 0 . 2. is offered on an onpremise version. Prophet has three key differentiators: 1. Prophet OnDemand. a hosted version. tracked and associated with an opportunity. This increases information organization and ease of finding critical pieces of opportunity information. . Avidian Technologies is an On-Demand/SaaS software development firm that specializes in easy contact and sales management software for users of Outlook and Exchange. Built to leverage existing Outlook data: Prophet software is built to leverage existing Outlook data. Every email All Rights Reserved. users do not have to flip between two applications to manage multiple contact databases.

SElECT CuSTOMERS: Verizon Wireless. Business-Software. simple. TX BuSINESS MOdEl: On-Premise.c2crm. affordable. Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * Relationship Management * Sales Management (SFA) * Customer Service (Call Center) * Marketing Management * Analytics * Knowledge Management CuSTOMER FOCuS: Mid-sized to Enterprise companies. * | C2Sales@c2crm. * Provider of both hosted and on-premise CRM software.www. 1 . Douglas Machines. Cemex. All Rights Reserved. OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 199 HEAdquARTERS: © 2012. Dean | 1-888-9-2 HigHligHts * Premier IBM Business Customer Interaction Solutions 2008 Product of the Year. City of Coppell PRICE: See website: www. Reproduction Prohibited. * Awards: ISM Top 15 CRM 2009.c2crm.

IBM and Clear C2 announced a Strategic Alliance making C2CRM IBM’s primary CRM offering for its middle market customers. All Rights Reserved. Analytics and Knowledge Management — Helps uncover the best or most profitable customers. Customer Service — Tracks post sales activities. C2 can help determine the actual costs associated with servicing a particular customer . Additionally. specifically. Companies can personalize the promotion of their products and services based on a customer’s individual needs. © 2012. Inc. Customer Service. help desk support. and field service activity complete with a built-in knowledge base. Marketing Management — Provides automated. a browser-based CRM solution to help mid-sized companies improve productivity. Business-Software. Clear C2. C2CRM consists of 0 modules that span six solution sets: Relationship Management. increase sales and profits. is a Premier IBM Business Partner which develops applications for today’s changing business world. plus the capabilities required for seamless. marketers can measure campaign results from ‘lead’ status to ‘opportunity’. Solution Sets Relationship Management — Maintains customer information in a central repository for quick access and sharing by all customer-facing and support collaborative marketing communications via the customer’s preferred method of contact. and Utilities. providing a unified customer experience. Sales Management — Includes all areas under Relationships. and build strong customer relationships.without having to wait for reports or IT assistance. time and material billing. Inc. In 2002. determining what those customers really want and how best to serve them.About C2CRM Clear C2. Clear C2 has developed C2CRM. Sales Management. save costs. Analytics and Knowledge Management. efficient Sales Force Automation. 2 . was founded in 199 and is a leading IBM Independent Software Vendor focused on driving customer loyalty. Marketing Management. Reproduction Prohibited.

ClearC2. delivers customer driven technology solutions. A variety of bundles offer flexibility to meet companies’ computing environment needs.About C2CRM These comprehensive modules allow companies the ability to scale the application based on needs and number of users. C2 makes it easy to implement a CRM solution in stages to fit an organization’s business needs.. Accessible to everyone in the organization via the Web. C2CRM provides instant access to critical customer and prospect related information. Reproduction Prohibited. C2CRM also provides 100% off-line capabilities. Business-Software. While 100% web based. C2CRM is sold as a software and hardware solution on IBM equipment but is also platform independent.  . offered as both an On-Premise and SaaS solution. All Rights Reserved. which is ideal for companies with remote sales forces. © 2012.

SElECT CuSTOMERS: Muirfield Energy.claritysoft. All Rights Reserved. XLN Systems.www. OH BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted & On-Premise CRM PROduCTS: * ClaritySoft CRM CuSTOMER FOCuS: Small to mid-size | 1-888-88-787 HigHligHts * Simplified CRM .Install. Leverage the power of ClaritySoft with or without an internet connection OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 2006 HEAdquARTERS: Dublin. Digital Reliance PRICE: $26 per user per month ( year average) © 2012. EGSI Financial. customize and load your data in a couple hours * Intuitive and Easy to Use * Smart client technology combines the rich user experience of a Windows Client with the deployment benefits of a web client * No hidden costs. Wetzel Insurance. Precision Medical. CareerMax. Reproduction Prohibited.  . no need to buy additional hardware or software * No Internet Business-Software.

are difficult to use and fail to provide real value to end users. ClaritySoft is thus easier to install. and delivers the right balance of functionality and simplicity to ensure user adoption and a successful CRM implementation. with a CRM solution that’s cost effective. ClaritySoft CRM Key Features ClaritySoft CRM includes the high value capabilities of enterprise CRM and eliminates the low value features that provide little to no benefit for most companies. Key capabilities include: * Account and Contact Management * Opportunity Management and Forecasting * Quotations and Price Books * Task and Activity Management * Shared Calendar * Email Marketing * Email and Letter Templates * Data Segmentation – For Target Marketing * Easy Customization * User Profile Management ClaritySoft CRM Software Highlights * List Actions – List Actions help you perform powerful functions on any lists of contacts such as.  . In a matter of a few mouse clicks you can send out a targeted and personalized email to any group of contacts in your database. group edit and export. implements fast. © 2012. email. mail merge. Most CRM solutions available today are bloated with too much functionality. ClaritySoft provides an intuitive and easy to use software solution that sales people readily adopt and leverage to drive sales performance. ClaritySoft CRM fills the space between contact management software and mid-market CRM offerings. print labels. Reproduction Prohibited. Our research concluded that most salespeople and managers were dissatisfied with their existing CRM solutions and they were getting no measurable value out of those easier to customize and easier to use. All Rights Reserved.About ClaritySoft ClaritySoft CRM was created on the belief that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology should be better. Business-Software.

ClaritySoft offers multiple ways to find exactly what you’re looking for. All Rights Reserved.” * Power Search – Find anything fast. © and lets you add the fields and tabs that work best in your unique business environment. Whether it’s a single contact or group of records within a date range. Reproduction Prohibited. 6 . ClaritySoft makes it easy to find the information you need to run your business. ClaritySoft provides the basic fields and tabs you need to run a good CRM system. * Make It Yours – Transform ClaritySoft into a CRM solution that looks like it was built specifically for your business.About ClaritySoft * Data Segmentation – Segment your data by capturing unique characteristics about your customers and prospects. Business-Software. You can then do a search on any combination of those characteristics to create a target list and perform a List Action such as “email contacts.

com | contact@tracker-rms. orders. sales. projects. including Outlook and Projects * Real-time reporting and campaigning functionality * Centralize all company documents & standardize communications via templates * Resource and client portals for submitting tickets. Management Consulting and IT Consulting SElECT CuSTOMERS: The Nielsen Company PRICE: £00 per user per annum © 2012. Buckinghamshire. Sport and | + (0) 81 262 00 HigHligHts * One system tracks leads.tracker-rms. timesheets and expenses and availability OWNERSHIP: Private HEAdquARTERS: Amersham. Telecoms. Manufacturing.www. All Rights Reserved. Business-Software. service & resourcing planning * Automatic Reproduction Prohibited. Recruitment. 7 . alerts. England BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * TrackerRMS CRM FOuNdEd: 2002 CuSTOMER FOCuS: Small to medium-sized enterprises for all types of industries including Marketing. notifications and integration with Microsoft.

TrackerRMS Key Features The foundation component of TrackerRMS offers an all-in-one CRM solution that can be applied to any type of business that require a mechanism for tracking customer activity information and consists of the following features: * Sales – Sales Force Automation and solid Opportunity Management is essential when effectively selling products or services within a sales lifecycle involving lead generation. * Diary Management – Keeping on top of your Activities is essential for any sales organization. sales calls. All Rights Reserved. emails and more. calls. With TrackerRMS software there is no need to acquire any other additional software to run your business and our clients receive maximum ROI and business efficiency in the day to day running of their business. TrackerRMS aim is to continually provide a feature rich yet cost effective CRM.About TrackerRMS TrackerRMS was formed to embrace the ever increasing needs for companies wishing to obtain access to powerful business application over the internet. Resource and Ticket Management solution to clients without the burden of them managing their own data or integrating multiple applications. Reproduction Prohibited. TrackerRMS delivers a fast and actionable insight into their clients and their business. as is the ability to keep a history of your existing meetings. TrackerRMS continues to update and upgrade clients systems to ensure they are always receiving the most up to date features and unrivalled customer support that the market offers. delivery and support tools through your browser. recruitment. 8 . TrackerRMS sales and technical team delivers true on-demand solutions to a wide variety of industries from technical to leisure. * Lead & Opportunity Management – The Leads function hooks directly into your website through your “Contact Us” page or other customized page used to attract © 2012. TrackerRMS is an enterprise level fully hosted ASP tool which is completely customizable delivering cutting edge sales. Business-Software.

com. there is also a set of highly productive tools to let you manage the wealth of content that supports your business. All Rights Reserved. * The Document Library provides an online repository of searchable content and documents that can be categories and version controlled to ensure your teams have instant access to the latest information. 9 . the MailAgent ensures that these are held against your Contacts without the need to cut and paste or re-type. * Reporting & Analytics – The power of TrackerRMS is in the fact that every conceivable piece of information about your business is held within a single application. how this information relate.About TrackerRMS your clients. bringing multiple systems together can be a challenge and even when done. web and telemarketing. setting statuses. * MailAgent – For all important communications either sent or received. Reproduction Prohibited. updating. * Workflow – To drive automation into the sales cycle. fax. * Account & Contact Management – The Account & Contact Management function establishes a solid Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service that allows you to manage your day-to-day contacts and activities. sending alerts. Simply BCC (blind copy) or forward your emails to your MailAgent and © 2012. including more importantly. TrackerRMS Highlights Alongside the day-to-day tracking of Account activity and your sales processes. creating project records. an all-in-one solution that you can extend to meet your needs without the necessity for integration. Integration As most software and systems integrators will inherently know. The advantage of TrackerRMS is therefore simple. * Campaign Management – TrackerRMS brings you a browser-based campaign tool that automates and manages multi-channel campaigns including email. In fact whole areas of the application can be allocated and deallocated to users in  clicks of the mouse. Business-Software. the true value is not always realised because the applications work to different methods and processes. TrackerRMS has a subtle yet powerful workflow engine that takes the pain out of the sales process by making decisions. This allows your team to react instantly to prospects and use. direct mail.

TrackerRMS can still offer a host of both push and pull integration with your back-office applications and extract reports give you an instant and up to date feeds of data. you can ensure that the right people gain access to the right information. © 2012. * Back Office – Although being a web-based Everything from remote access outside of your office. Business-Software. our one-click vCalendar links provide an instant way to store important appointments without needing to re-create them. All Rights Reserved. 0 .About TrackerRMS TrackerRMS will store a copy – including any attachments – automatically. Security Of fundamental importance to all SaaS companies is the security and integrity of the data held and the access controls across your organization. Reproduction Prohibited. * vCalendar – To quickly synchronize your diary in TrackerRMS with your Outlook or other email application. TrackerRMS provides a feature rich set of security tools providing you with high levels of control at the user level which can be implemented instantly. down to the records and reports that can be viewed.

Reproduction Prohibited. 1 . IN FOuNdEd: 200 BuSINESS MOdEl: On-Premise CuSTOMER FOCuS: Enterprise. cost-effective solutions * Consona Knowledge Management Named to KMWorld’s 2009 Trend-Setting Product List * Call Center Magazine named Consona CRM Suite Product of the Year 07. * Offers both customizable and | info@consona.www. All Rights Reserved. VMWare PRICE: Not Published CRM PROduCTS: * Consona Knowledge Management * Consona Knowledge Driven Support * Consona Enterprise CRM * Consona OneServe Citizen Management * Consona Live Assistance * Consona Dynamic Agent * Consona Subscriber Assistance © | (888) 826-6766 HigHligHts * Specializes in Customer Service and Support for upper mid-market to Global 2000 enterprises. Qualcomm. 05 OWNERSHIP: Private HEAdquARTERS: Indianapolis. Verizon Wireless. Mid-Size SElECT CuSTOMERS: Canon.

advanced analytics and more. integrated chat and remote diagnostics and control. Consona Live Assistance. targeted M&A strategy. Consona delivers either bundled or standalone solutions. telecommunications providers. Business-Software. and Consona Dynamic Agent. 2 . © 2012. and cable and internet service providers. Reproduction Prohibited. Approximately 1000 leading companies around the globe.00 customers globally and across a variety of industries. Consona for Digital Service Providers. technical support and or IT help desks. Consona acquired Onyx Software and integrated their offering into Consona Customer Management product. Consona serves more than . including high tech software and manufacturing Consona’s CRM software product suite facilitates effective and efficient service interactions across proactive. and community management. web selfservice.About Consona Consona Corporation is a worldwide leader in providing customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and services for companies of all sizes. IT & managed service providers. as well as by extending its aggressive. This CRM suite is designed for corporate or third-party IT help desks and service desk organizations and medium to large enterprises in the high tech. financial services and telecommunications industries who increasingly focus on building brand loyalty through customer service and support. desktop portal content delivery. Consona CRM solutions are used in more than 0 countries. forums. to enterprises with customer service. In 2006. By listening to the leading companies using its solutions. Consona acquired KNOVA Software and SupportSoft Inc. which grew the product lines to include Consona Knowledge Management. including integrated case management. All Rights Reserved. Consona aims to build the most functional. use Consona CRM solutions. In 2007 and 2009 respectively. deeply integrated set of service and support applications and channels delivered. Consona’s vision for the Consona CRM suite of products is to incrementally enhance the products based on customer feedback and direction. knowledge-enabled service resolution with advanced search. assisted and self-help channels and communities. help desks/service desks.

Business-Software.www. Seagate.  . * Eloqua was named SearchCRM. AON. but also because of its impact on thought’s 2007 Marketing Automation Product of the Year. * Eloqua received the 2007 CRM Market Leader Award. OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: Toronto.eloqua. and was also honored as a “Rising Star” by CRM Magazine. Dow Jones. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction | sales@eloqua. VA BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * Eloqua Lite * Eloqua Express * Eloqua Team * Eloqua Enterprise CuSTOMER FOCuS: Enterprise and Mid-Size companies SElECT CuSTOMERS: American | 866 27 876 HigHligHts * Eloqua was named a DestinationCRM 2008 Market Leader not only because of its software Sybase PRICE: Starting at $100/month © 2012. Apple. 199 HEAdquARTERS: Vienna. Cognos. Fidelity. Canada.

and personalize communications with relevant content to drive increased response and conversion rates. score and prioritize leads for sales.Synchronize leads in real-time between Eloqua and sales (CRM) systems with One-Click Integration.Track prospects’ Digital Body Language to better understand their online behavior.About Eloqua Founded in 199. Event management. Contact management. All Rights Reserved. automate and measure programs that generate revenue. Eloqua automates the science of marketing – campaign execution. future campaigns. and facilitate quick follow up with prospects by notifying sales of hot leads. Sales enablement * Contact Management . and accelerating the selling process. thereby improving the quality and quantity of sales leads. increasing marketing effectiveness. Lead nurturing.Validate decisions and prove the value of marketing programs with intuitive dashboards. automate lead nurturing programs to keep prospects engaged. Business-Software. Reproduction Prohibited. segment audience by activity and profile characteristics. Eloqua is a marketing automation leader and provider of best practices expertise for marketers around the world. prospect profiling. and leverage data on campaign response. performance measurement. © 2012. Data integration.Easily execute email and Web-based marketing powerful reports and insightful analytics. Key Components: Dashboards & reporting. and deliver compelling content. Website forms & landing pages. Lead scoring. Key Components: Contact profiling & segmentation. build creative campaigns.  . Campaign analysis. Multi-channel marketing * Lead Management . develop integrated forms and landing pages and create effective online campaigns all in a single platform. CRM integration. Website analytics. testing. Key Components: Email marketing. Thousands of customers from leading companies rely on Eloqua to execute. and open rates to plan more effective. Eloqua helps companies read and decode their buyers’ Digital Body Language™. Preference management * Marketing Measurement . Key Components: Lead assignment. and lead nurturing – allowing marketers to drive revenue and do what they do best: develop strong brands. Eloqua’s marketing automation platform includes the following areas: * Campaign Management -. click-throughs.

* 100% hosted uptime for the last 5 years. Jaguar. MRIS PRICING: Starting at $99 per user per Florida BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * Aplicor Cloud Suite 7 CRM * Aplicor Cloud Suite 7 CRM and Financials CuSTOMER FOCuS: SMB. * Aplicor Cloud Suite 7 synthesizes CRM and Financials (ERP) in a single webbased dashboard. * Eliminates manual workarounds and complexity inherent in integrating separate traditional CRM and ERP solutions. Land Rover. Reproduction Prohibited. Eco Logic. All Rights Reserved. Direct Med. NOAA. | info@aplicor.  . Midmarket and divisions of large enterprises SElECT CuSTOMERS: US Department of Commerce. OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 2002 HEAdquARTERS: Boca Raton. * One system to manage everything from lead to quote to order to cash.www. © 2012. and divisions of large | 61-7-000 HigHligHts * Focused on serving SMB. Business-Software. Intel.

The company has had 100% hosted uptime for the last  years and enjoys a 98. Its next generation cloud business suite solution is hosted in highly secure globally redundant data centers in the US and UK. Verticals include Government. Business-Software. Aplicor’s Cloud Business Suite has garnered over 0 awards in the last  years and is a recognized industry leader in CRM. The company’s solution is unique in the industry providing a seamless cloud business solution at a single. understanding how their jobs and their organization’s workflow could be made more efficient and then delivering innovative solutions that help them solve complex problems. © 2012. The company is headquartered in Boca Raton. with international customers and strategic partners. middle-market and divisions of enterprise companies. Now everyone can be on the same page. software availability and industry certifications. Manufacturing and Services.1% client renewal rate. empowering your sales. enabling them to manage all aspects of their business from a single dashboard view. High Tech. coordinating their efforts through Aplicor Cloud Suite 7’s central repository and business suite. Aplicor is revolutionizing the way companies manage their business. 6 . Florida. Reproduction Aplicor has customers in over 160 countries.About Aplicor Aplicor is Global Cloud-Based Software Company which features a seamless business suite of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions for high growth SMB. delivering simpler and more cost effective solutions that leverage the power of cloud computing to overcome the challenges of traditional CRM and ERP offerings. Aplicor Cloud Business Suite provides robust business management capabilities in an easy to use solution that truly empowers employees. Aplicor takes a different approach to delivering business value by listening to people on the ground level. All Rights Reserved. Aplicor Key Features The Aplicor solution harmonizes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features and functionality in a single business solution. low price point. marketing and support teams to centrally track sales opportunities from lead generation through sales close and eventually contract renewal.

Measure the effectiveness of campaigns through robust metrics including number of leads contacted versus those that responded and those that closed. 7 . Benefits: * Manage your business from a single dashboard view * Automate the sales process from lead to close to renewal * Keep Reproduction Prohibited. This fundamental shift enables you to eliminate workarounds and the complexity of managing integration between traditional CRM and ERP solutions. Their innovative approach enables you to run your entire business from a single web-based dashboard. all the way from lead to quote to order to cash. Calculate probability of sales close so you can forecast revenue and accurately provision resources. © 2012. escalate issues and track the response. renewals and contracts while recording all customer touches in a central repository. Analyze incidents. Project Office: Organize and implement client fulfillment projects. internal projects or the series of tasks required to get a new client into production. All Rights Reserved.About Aplicor Sales Force Automation: Track sales leads. Customer Support: Track all customer support issues originating from a phone call or a web portal in a central repository to improve customer service and inform sales associates of potential hiccups before and during the renewal process. quotes. Host project-related documentation. marketing and support teams on the same page * Coordinate all customer and lead interaction in central location accessible anywhere * Eliminate manual processes that can bog down sales cycle * Improve customer support Aplicor Highlights Aplicor product strengths are driven by the synthesis of CRM and ERP capabilities enabling an integrated front-to-back office suite that is easily customizable for your company specific objectives and processes. Marketing Automation: Coordinate marketing campaigns from direct mailings to web downloads with an eye on moving leads to closed sales. Business-Software. tasks and communications—all in a central repository that is accessed by your teams no matter where they are working from.

Reproduction Prohibited. Aplicor Software Modules * Sales Force Automation (SFA) * Marketing Automation * Customer Support * Partner Relationship Management (PRM) * Workflow Management * Business Process Management * Project Management Office (PMO) * Financial Management (ERP) © 2012. inventory. Inventory Control. 8 . Project Office and Customer Support in a single easy to use solution. it’s like a Windows application on the web. Get to information faster with one click navigation. Accounts Receivable. Business-Software. Accounts Payable.Aplicor Cloud Suite 7 is available at a single. Dynamic User Experience – This is not a static web page. Order Entry. Marketing Automation.Enable Sales Force Automation. support and invoice customers. All Rights Reserved. Job Costing and Fixed Assets. ensuring that the sales cycle.Integrate CRM capabilities with basic financial (ERP) services including General Ledger. Roll out the Aplicor Cloud Suite 7 business suite quickly with little capital investment. Integrated Financial Management .About Aplicor The Easiest CRM Solution . Cost Effective . marketing efforts. predictive price point optimized for small and medium sized businesses. Business Process Automation – Automates your business workflows. Drag and drop panels and customize your dashboard to meet your unique business needs. shipping and financials are working together in concert to uncover.

Business-Software. Bayshore Home Health PRICE: Starting at $69 USD per user for GoldMine Premium Edition and $99 USD for GoldMine Enterprise Edition © | sales@frontrange. Chicago White Sox. Smith Barney.frontrange. 9 .com | 1-800--7 HigHligHts * One of the most popular CRM solutions in the market with over 20 years experience * FrontRange Solutions offers an integrated suite of CRM. integrated CRM & Voice functionality from a single vendor OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 1989 HEAdquARTERS: Pleasanton. COSCO. All Rights Reserved. Instron Corporation. Call Center and Helpdesk solutions * Only software vendor that provides out-of-the-box. Reproduction Prohibited. American Railcar Industries. Customer Service. Multiple CRM solutions to fit any budget or implementation timeframe. Leyland Alliance LLC. CA BuSINESS MOdEl: On-Premise Software CRM PROduCTS: * GoldMine Enterprise * GoldMine Premium * GoldMine Voice CuSTOMER FOCuS: Distributed Enterprises Organizations and Small to Medium Sized Companies across all industries. First American Equipment Colonial Saw. SElECT CuSTOMERS: Advanstar Communications.www.

IT Asset Management. consistently following the business’ processes. * Supports native customer relationship management features such as marketing. Numerous CRM editions provide a broad range of CRM functionality including account & contact management. and configuration. marketing and customer solutions with the latest . GoldMine Enterprise Edition — FrontRange Solution’s comprehensive CRM solution combines decades-long experience in sales. marketing automation. © 2012. * Provides multiple levels of business process management needed to run the business. CA. 60 . and rapid return on investment. sales force automation. and Customer Service Management solutions.NET software technologies for improved access. activity management and project management functions.. and Voice Enabled Goldmine CRM. These solutions enable IT and Services Transformation by providing Enterprise-class capabilities that deliver fast time to benefit. The Goldmine product family includes Goldmine Enterprise. FrontRange is a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT Service Management. About GoldMine CRM Solutions FrontRange Solutions pioneered CRM with its GoldMine CRM software product line. With an award winning tradition and recognized as a leader by industry analysts. Reproduction Prohibited. The GoldMine CRM Solutions product line has multiple editions.About FrontRange About FrontRange Solutions Headquartered in Pleasanton. high ease of each developed with a unique person and organization in mind. * Ideal for maintaining and updating customer information across the enterprise. process automation. GoldMine Premium. USA. * Easy integration into the existing IT landscape to advance every customer relationship. Business-Software. They vary in underlying technology. integration. Today’s GoldMine solutions include the following market leading benefits: * The tools any client facing division needs in order to promote the corporation to the best of its abilities. integration and configurability options. FrontRange’s products and solutions are used by over 1. sales management and customer support with easy to customize configuration. customer service and support. All Rights Reserved.000 customers in more than 80 verticals and  countries to quickly improve interactions with external and internal clients and achieve better business results.

Business-Software.About FrontRange GoldMine Premium Edition — An easy to install. Call All Rights Reserved. Voice Self Service. © 2012. Reproduction Prohibited. inbound and outbound productivity applications. all combined with the power of GoldMine CRM solutions. 61 . ACD. complete CRM solution which delivers a quick return on investment to support sales. marketing and customer service business needs. Unified Messaging. software-based IP telephone system with features including. as well as. IVR. Voice Enabled GoldMine CRM — An advanced.

Reproduction Prohibited. Coca-Cola Enterprises. Selected for “exceptional vision. SElECT CuSTOMERS: Denso. * 2009 Intelligent Enterprise Editor’s Choice | sales@infor.www. Manufacturing and distribution. technology innovation and customer leadership”\ * 2008 CustomerSat Achievement in Customer Excellence (ACE) Award from MarketTools * ISM Top 15 CRM Enterprise Software in 2008 OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 2002 HEAdquARTERS: | 1-800-260-260 HigHligHts * Tailored to meet the unique demands of many vertical markets. All Rights Reserved. Godiva. M © 2012. Business-Software. Heinz. 62 . Valvoline. GA BuSINESS MOdEl: On-premise CRM PROduCTS: * Infor CRM Epiphany CuSTOMER FOCuS: Enterprise. TRW.

sales. Infor is one of the largest software companies in the world. As a result. Infor delivers fully integrated enterprise solutions as well as best-in-class standalone products that address the essential challenges its customers face in areas such as enterprise resource planning. All Rights Reserved.2 billion in revenue in 2008. 6 .000 customers worldwide. closed-loop dialogue that nurtures their loyalty to their products and services and improves bottom-line results. Business-Software. © 2012. Additionally.About Infor Through a series of acquisitions. Infor offers implementation and support capabilities in 100+ countries and serves 70. clients can make the most of every interaction with every customer across every channel or touch point. organizations gain true customer product lifecycle management and business intelligence. Infor CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps companies optimize customer relationships by integrating marketing. giving customer service representatives a unified view of customers across all existing systems and empowering them to shorten call times and resolve issues on the first call. supply chain planning and execution. With this advanced CRM solution set. along with the ability to act on that insight. Infor CRM is comprised of the following key components: Marketing — delivers inbound and outbound marketing capabilities that streamline the campaign process and create real-time customer profiles which can be analyzed to identify high-impact offers at the moment of customer interaction. customer and supplier relationship management. the system enables a consistent and continuous customer dialogue based on real-time information. Service — serves as the foundation for personalized contact center operations. asset management. By providing a full 60-degree view of customers. and service. customer-focused processes and offers. Reproduction Prohibited. earning approximately $2. Infor’s CRM solution provides the tools companies need to engage customers in a multi-channel. Powerful real-time analytics drive personalized. Sales — provides sales force automation and opportunity management capabilities that facilitate customer conversations by driving intelligence into every customer interaction.

All Rights Reserved. In each of the industries they serve. 6 .About Infor turning customer interactions into revenue opportunities across emails. and service industries. Air Conditioning (PHVAC) © 2012. distribution. Ventilation. Business-Software. and addresses the unique processes. Infor offers domain expertise in the following industries: Manufacturing Aerospace Apparel & Footwear Automotive Chemicals Consumer Packaged Goods Food & Beverage High-tech & Electronics Industrial Equipment & Machinery Life Sciences Metal Fabrication Plastic Fabrication Shipbuilding Service Industries Communications Facilities Management Financial Services Healthcare Hospitality Insurance Library and Information Management Public Sector Retail Distribution Building Materials (BMAT) Electrical Industrial Janitorial Paper Plumbing. Heating. and web inquiries. Reproduction Prohibited. regulatory requirements. and trading environments of customers in a wide range of manufacturing. phone calls. Infor’s CRM software system helps companies to: * Run campaigns that align with customers’ preferences * Tightly integrate marketing across all inbound and outbound channels * Increase sales productivity by providing customer insight * Manage marketing and sales resources more efficiently * Turn contact centers into profit centers Infor also provides business-specific solutions with industry experience built-in. Infor has domain experts who understand the productivity challenges of that particular

Business-Software. * Free. Hear and Play.infusionsoft. 6 . lead nurturing.00 up-front fee on all packages © 2012. All Rights Reserved. and workflow automation. sales force automation. | | 1-866-800-000 HigHligHts * Complete all-in-one hosted marketing and sales automation solution for small businesses. unlimited phone support. Trainz.www. professional services. online retail. multi-media and marketing AZ BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * Infusionsoft CuSTOMER FOCuS: Small. Reproduction Prohibited. service providers. * Features include email auto responders. internet marketers SElECT CuSTOMERS: All About Spelling. OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 2001 HEAdquARTERS: Gilbert. Just A Minute LLC PRICE: Standard: $199/month Plus: $299/month Premier: $99/month Elite: $699/month Enterprise: $999/month *$1. trade. 2 – 0 employees. info marketers.

66 . to following up.automatic tracking and distribution of leads Email management . All Rights Reserved. appts. CRM functions include: * * * * * * * * * * Marketing automation . e-commerce and small business management into one complete system that enables small businesses to automate and improve their sales.automatic follow-ups with customers/hs Sales force automation . marketing and customer Infusionsoft automatically manages the entire sales process from generating leads. Shopping Cart and Offline Ordering List Management .daily agenda and tasks viewable in the office or on the road Key Benefits * Convert more leads from your web site * Get repeat sales from customers * Gain efficiencies with sales team * Grow your business without having to grow your staff * Anytime. hardware. Infusionsoft’s product combines the best of CRM. or IT costs * Unlimited technical support * Advanced user permissions * Secure.customers and prospects segmented into meaningful lists Billing and Accounting . direct response marketing.sales and accounting reports. to processing orders and collecting the cash.emails. automated billing Calendaring & Tasks . anywhere access * Easy-to-use interface * Configurable for any industry * No software. Unlike traditional CRM software designed for larger companies.About Infusionsoft Infusionsoft provides web-based CRM software and services to small businesses.multi-tiered affiliate structure to manage partner programs eCommerce. Business-Software.robust email tools and deliverability assurance programs Advanced auto-responders Contact management . tasks and phone notes in one place Referral / Affiliate / JV programs . faxes. Reproduction Prohibited. tier  data hosting * Regular data backups © 2012.

SElECT CuSTOMERS: Dun & Bradstreet. to lead capture. Logoworks. Business-Software. Reproduction Prohibited. to site conversion. Free Trial © 2012. to email.009 HigHligHts * bridges different media of marketing and sales into one * PowerDialer for Salesforce * JabberDog * ResponseSwami * Response Dealer * ResponseVoice CuSTOMER FOCuS: Small and and medium-sized businesses. All Rights | 888.297. RGA Legal PRICE: Not Published. UT BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted/SaaS CRM PROduCTS: * insideSales. OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: N/A HEAdquARTERS: Provo. 67 .www. to face-to-face selling tools. FranklinCovey. to phone * InsideSales. was the first on-demand CRM offering integrated telephony tools and is a pioneer in Lead Response Management technologies * adds Power Dialers to hosted CRM * InsideSales. Dura-Tuff. from clicks.

lead is an ideal inside sales. Reproduction Prohibited. InsideSales. the company recently expanded its corporate – The on-demand lead management CRM with built-in PowerDialer and more that made * ResponseSwami – The award-winning solution for Lead Response Management (LRM) and PowerDialing that increases contacts 800%. These innovative solutions have made InsideSales. and marketing solution for small. * ResponseVoice – Toll free numbers on a web site that track offline web analytics by linking an offline response to the site visit analytics. * JabberDog – An on-demand autodialer with voice message broadcasting for live answer or answering machines with survey capability or routing to a live representative. Utah. * PowerDialer for Salesforce – The world’s leading CRM teams up with the most powerful dialer on the planet built right is the first provider of on-demand Lead Management software to integrate a powerful suite of marketing tools that include dialers. All Rights Reserved. InsideSales. and marketing solution for small-to-mid-sized organizations. lead generation. and lead management solution for nearly 00 companies the sales. Requires SiteCatalyst by Omniture. provide managers with timely and effective analytics. Products: * InsideSales. voice messaging and nearly two dozen other productivity-enhancing ‘power tools’. 68 .com the choice for sales professionals who sell remotely. customer. * ResponseDealer – The full suite of productivity enhancing telephony ‘power tools’ for the Automotive industry that doubled sales in 11 months at Jim Click InsideSales. and increase overall customer satisfaction .to mid-sized organizations.all within one complete system. continuing the drive to become the number one inside sales. Business-Software. drive sales.About InsideSales. © products are proven to measurably increase lead qualification. Based in Provo.

SElECT CuSTOMERS: Customer list available upon request PRICE: $60 per user per | info@ivinex. medium.117 HigHligHts * Unique. Business-Software. UT SOFTWARE MOdEl: Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * Ivinex Ultimate Edition CuSTOMER FOCuS: Small.ivinex. © 2012. 69 | Reproduction Prohibited. streamlined CRM platform that can be customized for many verticals OWNERSHIP: Privately Held FOuNdEd: UT.91. and large enterprises of various verticals. All Rights Reserved. algorithm-based sales acceleration methodology * i-design Platform allows customers to tailor CRM applications to meet their specific business needs * An all-inclusive. 2006 HEAdquARTERS: Bountiful.

About Ivinex CRM
Ivinex CRM was founded in 2006 by former Siebel and Microsoft employees, Craig Austin and Derek Miner. Having watched first-hand the evolution of the CRM market as it moved from on-premise to the cloud, the founders quickly saw the need for a truly innovative CRM platform. Since its founding, Ivinex CRM has delivered on its vision of bringing the market an innovative and all-inclusive CRM platform. One of Ivinex CRM’s key features is its original, market-leading user interface, which is more progressive and customizable than the UIs found in older CRM systems. Ivinex CRM also provides a platform that empowers its users. Customers can evaluate their specific company requirements and pull from market-leading methodologies that are unique to Ivinex when customizing their web-based CRM platform. Customers can also utilize Ivinex’s revolutionary i-design product to create dynamic applications that cater to their company’s distinct modus operandi. The i-design platform powers Ivinex CRM’s flagship applications for sales and customer service, and takes customers to a new phase in the evolution of the CRM market. The Ivinex philosophy is to allow customers to take advantage of their innovative CRM offerings without being defined by them. This means customers can incorporate their ideal business model into the i-design platform rather than having to work around the functionality of older CRM structures, which are often inflexible. Another of Iviniex CRM’s defining features is its algorithm-based sales forecasting. The product is unique to the Ivinex platform, and looks at real historical data to calculate a statistical probability and close date—ultimately providing true data as opposed to the subjective forecasting model.

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About Ivinex CRM
The question becomes not what can Ivinex do for you, but what can’t it do. The customer is the designer—it’s their world, and Ivinex just wants to make it better. Here are some of the ways: * Sales acceleration that takes your best sales rep and makes them better * 16-to-1 click reduction means users spend more time doing what you hired them to do * Cloud deployment anywhere, anytime * Global reporting on real-time dashboards configured with the analytics you need * Drip-marketing that alerts your sales rep on their mobile when a prospect is looking at your marketing content

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71 | | 1-800-77-878

HigHligHts * Core competency lies in customer service solutions. * Provides a number of industry-specific solutions. * In 2008, Forrester named KANA a leader in its category for the third year in a row.

OWNERSHIP: Public (OTC: KANA.PK) FOuNdEd: 1996

HEAdquARTERS: Menlo Park, California BuSINESS MOdEl: On-Premise

CRM PROduCTS: * KANA IQ * KANA Response * KANA Response Live * KANA Contact Center

CuSTOMER FOCuS: Enterprise, Mid-Size SElECT CuSTOMERS: Bank of America, Dell, eBay, Hewlett-Packard, Home Depot, IBM, Yahoo!, Wells Fargo PRICE: Not published

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Kodak. Global 2000 organizations across the industrial spectrum use KANA solutions including financial Dell. Verizon. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. so that clients can deliver higher value service at lower cost. managed service across all channels. GAP. multi-channel history. eBay. IBM. Staples. enabling them to quickly and accurately locate the information they need. Starwood Hotels. request management and extranet workflow.a multi-channel customer service application for contact centers that provides an intelligent agent desktop with one-stop access to relevant customers and service data. KANA’S solutions include the following products: * KANA IQ -. Built on open standards for a high degree of adaptability and integration. KANA offers an innovative approach to customer service with cost-effective solutions that enhance the quality of multi-channel customer service interactions. Hewlett-Packard. Citibank. increasing customer retention and loyalty. 7 .About Kana KANA is a world leader in multi-channel customer service. Sony.a robust email management system which intelligently automates the process of managing high-volume email and Web forms in the contact center. Dillard’s. high technology. telecommunications. Cigna. manufacturing. ensuring a consistent service experience across communication channels. KANA provides an integrated solution which enables organizations to deliver consistent. Bank of America. Business-Software. AT&T. including California with offices throughout the United States. * KANA Contact Center -. Customers such as American Express.comprehensive live chat and Web page co-browsing so that Web self-service customers can engage in online conversations with agents. KANA solutions intelligently automate the processes needed to successfully serve our clients’ customers. All Rights Reserved. * KANA Response Live . healthcare. KANA’s clients report double-digit increases in customer satisfaction. * KANA Response -. Reproduction Prohibited. MetLife. retail and services industries. while reducing call volumes by an average of 20%. KANA is headquartered in Menlo Park. and Xerox are among the industry leaders that have implemented KANA solutions. JetBlue. as well as Europe and Japan.a sophisticated knowledge management application that guides customers and agents through the process of finding answers. Palm. Target. Sprint. call centers and Web self-service. © 2012. chat. Priceline. HSBC.

com | 866-0-822 HigHligHts * Landslide Technologies Named To Top 100 Private Companies in Eastern US by AlwaysOn in 2009 * Landslide Technologies Captures “One to Watch” Award from CRM Magazine in 2008 * Leading Industry Analyst Firm Positions Landslide in the Visionaries Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 200 HEAdquARTERS: Pittsburgh. Reproduction Prohibited. Northpak Container. Aethon PRICE: Quick Start $0/mo (Up to  Users). PA BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * Landslide Sales P System (LSP) CuSTOMER FOCuS: Mid-Size. MSA. | inquiries@landslide. Divisions of Enterprise SElECT CuSTOMERS: John Hancock Financial.www. 7 . Sales Support $90/mo © 2012. Inside Sales $100/mo. Field Sales $120/mo. Aethon.landslide. All Rights Reserved.

decrease sales cycle by more efficiently moving prospects to close. and give better visibility into the sales pipeline and increased forecasting accuracy. Landslide’s Sales P System goes beyond CRM/SFA by improving every facet of selling and dramatically increasing ROI. ensures the right sales tools are at-hand for every stage of the sale. Traditional CRM Systems require that they spend a significant amount of time filling in reams of information about each opportunity they work on. Buyer Alignment. but also allows sales the organization to show actions. Business-Software. From entering contacts and leads to updating notes and setting up and conversations. These sales tools help sales team sell more efficiently by automatically presenting best practice job aids right when needed. Landslide’s software embeds selling best practices into the sales team’s day to day activities. and Research & Prospecting. 2) Sales Performance Tools – Landslide’s Sales P System offers tools for Lead Qualification. Average users estimate gaining an additional 2 hours per day of selling time by utilizing the service. and providing greater visibility into the true status of deals. helping sales teams more effectively and efficiently prospecting and preparing for sales meetings. actively tracking and measuring prospect engagement. © 2012. communicating with and engaging prospects through the company’s innovative iO Channel. improving just one of these activities can help a little. they’ll appreciate the availability of personal assistants to whom they can offload this administrative work. Landslide Sales P System Overview: 1) Sales Process Software – Landslide’s software not only maps an organization’s unique selling process. Given that high performance selling requires coordinating a lot of activities. administrative and clerical chores so they can spend more time selling. touch points. Reproduction Prohibited. conversations. but improving every part of the sales process will result in a multiplier effect. All Rights Reserved. measurably improves sales team performance to the level of the company’s top performers. With the LSP System.About landslide The Landslide Sales P System is a best-in-class hosted solution specifically focused on maximizing the effectiveness of the sales organization. 7 . the Personal Assistants service comes as an unlimited-use feature for an additional $20 per month per subscriber. and selling tools required to progress an opportunity to close. ) live Personal Sales Assistants – Landslide’s service enables sales people to offload data entry.

Business-Software.00/month © | sales@marketo. Kelly Services.MKTO (686) x1 | HigHligHts * Salesforce customers voted Marketo ‘Best Marketing Automation Application’ on the Force AppExchange * More than 250 customers in 10 countries use Marketo Lead Management (since March 2008) * More than 75 customers use Marketo Sales Insight (since June 2009) OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 2006 HEAdquARTERS: San Mateo. 76 . Reproduction | 877. WageWorks PRICE: Starting $1. Hughs. CA dElIVERY MOdEl: Hosted PROduCTS: * Market Lead Mgmt * Marketo Sales Insight CuSTOMER FOCuS: Mid-Size and Enterprise SElECT CuSTOMERS: Avocent.260. All Rights Reserved. McKesson. Trimble.marketo. SHARP.www.

Sales reps are better prepared at every stage of the revenue cycle to deliver the right response at the right time to ensure the right revenue results. including email marketing. more than 20 mid-market and enterprise companies in 10 countries have selected Marketo. Marketo lead Management Marketo Lead Management is unlike any other marketing automation solution. and an on-demand model that delivers the fastest time to value. Marketo Sales Insight Marketo Sales Insight is a social sales application that helps sales teams understand. so they know who is ready for. Delivered in the Marketing Cloud. meaning there’s nothing new to learn. prioritize. Known for providing the most innovative customer experience. Marketo was voted ‘Best Marketing Automation Application’ by Salesforce customers on the Force. Marketo’s powerful and easy solutions provide the fastest time to value and ignite explosive revenue growth from the earliest phases of demand generation and lead management to the pursuit of revenue and customer Reproduction Prohibited. easy to adopt user interface. © 2012. As of September 2009.About Marketo Marketo is the revenue-focused marketing automation company. lead nurturing and lead scoring. or show other relevant buying signs. revolutionizing how marketing and sales teams of all sizes sell and succeed at every stage of the revenue cycle. with no charge for setup. allowing more time to focus on the strategic and creative activities that improve marketing ROI. And it gives marketers the freedom to execute campaigns with less manual effort. All Rights Reserved. visit the web site. no new tools to install. and most likely to appreciate. 77 . As a result. and interact with the hottest leads and opportunities to enable smart selling and close more business faster. a follow-up call or email. It provides all the rich functionality marketers need to automate and measure demand generation campaigns that generate more high-quality sales leads. Business-Software. And it lets them send smart email campaigns and get instant updates when leads and opportunities open email. and no need for additional IT. Marketo’s innovative customer experience is unparalleled in the industry and combines advanced functionality with a flexible. Marketo Sales Insight works natively inside Salesforce CRM. It gives reps a ‘sixth-sense’ awareness. com AppExchange. integration or training.

Robust customization and integration | 1-800-886-0866 HigHligHts * * * * Focus serving mid-market organizations. SElECT CuSTOMERS: Prudential. 78 . 199 HEAdquARTERS: Depth of functionality and increased automation. ISM Top 15 CRM 2009 OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: | info@oncontact. Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * Oncontact CRM 6. Ecolab. Biotek.oncontact. CuSTOMER FOCuS: Mid-market companies. Business-Software. Reproduction Prohibited. WI BuSINESS MOdEl: On-Premise. Protective. CBC. US Oncology PRICE: Starting at $89 per user per month. © 2012. Carfax. All Rights Reserved.

Reproduction Prohibited. including Prudential. housing all the critical business information an organization needs to develop effective sales. provides a customer relationship management (CRM) system for mid-market companies. manage and track successful campaigns that increase leads and generate sales. Foremost Insurance and Carfax. Oncontact Wireless This feature allows users to sync the Oncontact CRM application to mobile devices. which allows users to decide how they want to manage their customer and prospect relationships. Oncontact CRM Customer Service The key to outstanding customer service is fast. Oncontact Software has over 600 customers worldwide. And. Business-Software. Oncontact’s CRM solution makes outstanding customer service a reality by delivering a full-scale customer service and help desk management system that enables users to track customer service inquiries. Europe. execute. Asia/Pacific and the Middle East. CRM modules include: Oncontact CRM Sales This powerful CRM software application contains a history of all interactions with customers and prospects on an individual or company-wide level.About Oncontact The Oncontact CRM software solution. Oncontact Software is a privately held company with a presence throughout North America. system integrators and distributors. All Rights Reserved. Oncontact’s easy to use CRM solution with a familiar Microsoft look and feel and convenient tab orientation ultimately empowers an organization to build stronger. incidents and problems. is marketing functionality complete with call center features to maximize marketing dollars by allowing users to create. © 2012. South America.NET marketing and customer service strategies. using the latest Microsoft . Oncontact’s products are available through its corporate headquarters and an international alliance of value-added resellers. Oncontact CRM Marketing Also included in the CRM package. the interface of the CRM solution is completely customizable. 79 . more profitable relationships with customers and prospects. accurate answers.

com | 1. On-Premise CRM PROduCTS: * Oracle CRM On Demand * Siebel CRM * Oracle E-Business Suite CRM * PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM * JD Edwards EnterpriseOne CRM CuSTOMER FOCuS: Enterprise. service and marketing * Bundled with a business intelligence and analytics reporting tool for easy creation of rich interactive reports and dashboards * Pre-built integration to Oracle E-Business Suite. Visa © | oraclesales_us@oracle.6. Blue Shield of Arizona.077 HigHligHts * Single pricing for all features of sales. Reproduction Prohibited.www. CA BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted. Small SElECT CuSTOMERS: Dell.800. Allstate 1977 HEAdquARTERS: Redwood Shores. Peoplesoft and JD Edwards ERP * Oracle is one of the largest application software companies in the world offering virtually everything a company needs to run its business. Mid-Size. All Rights Reserved. 80 . OWNERSHIP: Public (NASDAQ:ORCL) FOuNdEd: California. AT&T.

Oracle CRM On Demand. the world leader in CRM. Building on Siebel’s award-winning CRM application with more than 12 years of experience. The marketing tool allows recipients to be segmented. © 2012. Oracle CRM On Demand enables automation of sales. competes with Salesforce. Oracle Corporation was founded by Lawrence J. While the service management tool enables organizations to track customer queries. Reproduction Prohibited. and monitor customer-facing processes and simplify customer data management. flexible platform backed by powerful analytics that enables organizations to change. com. The company’s hosted software. service and marketing functionalities. feedbacks and complaints while ensuring it adheres to strict service level agreements defined. hosted CRM solution with little or no up-front IT investment. CRM On Demand offers low-cost. Ellison in 1977 and is headquartered in Redwood City. analytics solutions and is available in hosted and on-premise version. All Rights Reserved. companies can accelerate sales. Oracle Key Features Oracle offers industry-specific versions.About Oracle Oracle. Oracle CRM On Demand provides a scalable. California. Oracle CRM On Demand offers the most strategic. Business-Software. emails to be sent and its responses to be tracked from within the system without the addition of rd party Unlike other applications. improve marketing and deliver consistently top-notch customer service. comprehensive. 81 . analyze. which focus on short-term contact management. claims five million live end users and more than 100 million registered self-service users. With CRM On Demand. The sales features allow for consistent lead qualification and opportunity follow-ups while ensuring interactions with contacts and organizations are tracked in an effective manner. and cost-effective hosted CRM solution on the market.

About Oracle Oracle Highlights * Built-in analytics and business intelligence reporting tool which allows for historical data analysis and creation of rich interactive reports and dashboards * Pre-built integration to Oracle E-Business Suite. Peoplesoft and JD Edwards ERP * Single pricing for all functionalities of sales. Business-Software. All Rights Reserved. service and marketing © 2012. Reproduction 82 .

com. 2000 HEAdquARTERS: Vienna. © 2012. SElECT CuSTOMERS: The Weather Channel. Jobfox PRICE: Not published. and other applications * Web Marketing Association awards Parature 2009 Standard of Excellence * JMP Securities names Parature to 2009 Hot 100 Private Software Company * CRM Magazine awards Parature CRM Service Rising Star Award OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: | sales@parature. Reproduction Prohibited. JIRA.parature. VA BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * Parature Enterprise Edition * Parature Professional Edition CuSTOMER FOCuS: 8 .www. angel. CenterStone Technologies. All Rights Reserved. * Parature integrates with | 70-6-778 HigHligHts * Specialist in customer service and help desk software. Business-Software. Mid-sized companies.

and all the latest information. Business-Software. software patches. empowering businesses to leverage the Internet to provide outstanding customer service and online support. retain. Parature is the leader in on-demand customer service software. and get ticket status. route and resolve support issues quickly and easily. * Recorded communication – Customer history is recorded and secured in one place. * Knowledgebase – Parature Knowledgebase™ enables customers to help themselves to documentation. Dynamic Interaction – Parature Customer Service software lets end users engage in live chat sessions directly with support representatives. * Easy access to downloadables – Users can easily download documents. Mobile Support – Access functionality from iPhone and iTouch mobile devices. most efficient way to serve. even video files. the value of the knowledgebase content or overall quality of products. answers to faq’s. Reproduction Prohibited. * Management Tools – Parature provides tools to help organizations better manage the activities of a busy support team to ensure everyone is working at peak productivity. so it’s easier to confirm end user identity. The company’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery and integrated. .About Parature Founded in 2000. Business Intelligence – Measure customer satisfaction by integrating surveys throughout the support process for a steady stream of customer feedback. Features of Parature’s Customer Service Software: * Consistent UI – From a portal that looks like the client’s website. 8 * © 2012. Parature provides the smartest. Customer Satisfaction Measurement – Reporting tools to gauge the performance of the support team. intuitive design enables organizations to get up and running quickly. Parature’s complete. customer can access a fully searchable knowledgebase. submit tickets. engage with and maximize the value of every customer. support. easily and efficiently. Community Building – Includes a forum for end-users find relevant support content. and have the insight to upsell * Customer and Account data – Companies can track any level of customer or account data they need. product briefs. * Ticket Tracking – Parature comes complete with a trouble ticket system that lets * * * * companies track. All Rights Reserved. on demand Customer Support software solution and Help Desk software solution allows companies to deliver exceptional customer service 2/7.

com. LeadMaster CRM is one of the best Sales CRM solutions for the Asia Pacific area. CRM PROduCTS: • LeadMaster CRM 8 . Australia (APAC Headquarters) tracking and data mining of customer and prospect | Asia Pacific: CRMteam@leadmaster. high quality. LeadMaster is designed for flexibility and scalability which means that companies from large to small in any industry -.leadmaster. track and reassign leads in real time via the web Manage multiple marketing campaigns Develop custom fields and forms Import leads from web forms and web inquiries directly into your own LeadMaster database * Tailor access privileges to each individual user or user group OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 200 HEAdquARTERS: Sydney.from high technology to insurance to real estate -enjoy the benefits derived from LeadMaster. Reproduction Prohibited. PRICE: Range from AUD $7 to AUD $10 per user per Asia: www.leadmaster. Hong Kong Singapore BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted/SaaS CuSTOMER FOCuS: Their mission is to provide value to their customers by helping increase their sales by delivering powerful. Free trial and demo available.Pacific: www. © 2012. Business-Software. All Rights Reserved. web-based (cloud-computing) software tools for the secure HigHligHts | * * * * +  8 0 8222 | +61 1 00 82 99 US: www.

sales forecasting and ROI measurement. virutal trade shows Email notifications for leads that are reassigned or require action Share campaign updates in the online Information Center © 2012. leadMaster Key Features LeadMaster encompasses sales and marketing solutions which enable your company to close the loop between marketing and sales and provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and tools. sales representatives and field sales management. • • • • • • • • • • Manage multiple marketing campaigns Develop custom web forms with easy-to-use tools Import leads from landing pages. ‘You’ve Got Leads!’ LeadMaster provides web-based lead and campaign management as well as powerful tools for data mining. your company can have their sales and marketing team up and running with a web-based solution tomorrow. LeadMaster CRM takes data directly from landing pages into the lead management system and sends users an alert to let you Business-Software. Users can pass sales leads and other key marketing information via the web in real time to all members of the sales and marketing team.webinars. including predefined channel partners. LeadMaster has Sales CRM solutions that are designed specifically for the Asia Pacific area. Reproduction Prohibited. web forms and web inquiries Tailor access privileges to each individual user Create customized email e-marketing campaigns Establish workflow automation rules . All Rights Reserved.About leadMaster LeadMaster offers affordable web-based lead management system that provides sales and marketing solutions which enable companies to close the loop between marketing and sales and provide top-notch Customer Relationship Management (CRM).no programming required Create a ‘white label’ version of your online marketing database Event Tracker to publicize upcoming events . It provides lead management and campaign management as well as powerful tools for data mining. Working with LeadMaster through their SaaS (Software as a Service) model. 86 . sales forecasting and ROI measurement.

maximize lead management and have real-time updates on your sales pipeline for sales management.instead of trying to keep track of sales leads using a spreadsheet or email program. CRM Solutions for Sales . © 2012. lead aging. CRM analysis provides deeper insight into your customer relationships. Automating your sales lead management system means sales people will be able to spend more time doing what they do best . etc. You’ll get more leads from more places.fully searchable afterward • Perform market research analysis to improve target marketing • Analyze marketing campaigns ROI • Build and maintain a data mart • Download targeted mailing lists • Produce powerful reports . ROI analysis provides the marketing organization with the information they need to decide which marketing programs are producing the best results and the hottest leadMaster • Host online event registration • Store additional information within the specific lead record . landing pages etc. sales rep comments. etc. Complete information on each customer is available.with the LeadMaster CRM system leads flow into LeadMaster from the call center. The LeadMaster CRM system bridges the gap between sales and marketing by providing transparency to both the sales and marketing process. 87 . CRM Solutions for Marketing . • Analyze feedback on leads • Import scripts for telemarketing .selling . Your company will know who’s buying and why and where the next customer is likely to come from.with the LeadMaster CRM system the marketing department will know which programs are working and why.forecast. leadMaster Product Highlights With LeadMaster CRM solutions sales and marketing teams will enjoy new levels of success. Workflow automation solutions improve sales people productivity. customer comments. Reproduction Prohibited. including what sales did to follow-up. All Rights Reserved. Business-Software. Multiple levels of access provide everyone in the company with just the right view of the customer.sales quotes.

Easy access to the data can provide valuable insight into future needs. a single partner. There are no worries about upgrades.LeadMaster has been successfully deployed for both help desk systems and support The only hardware they need is their computer. Because of the different levels of authorization and access. All Rights Reserved.LeadMaster is ideally suited to selling through partners and resellers. a sales district. Your company will find LeadMaster provides seamless CRM integration with partners and sales channels. a region. © 2012.About leadMaster CRM Solutions for Management . CRM for Channel Management .with the LeadMaster CRM solution management will have real-time access to ROI information for marketing programs as well as the latest sales forecast from the sales rep around the corner to the sales team around the world. On-demand means your company doesn’t need any software other than their browser. maintenance or IT costs. CRM for Help Desk and Support . Reproduction Prohibited. 88 . a country or the company. Business-Software. leads and sales can be tracked at just the right level of access whether for a single rep. leadMaster Technology LeadMaster Online Sales CRM is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. data center capacity. All the customer information is centrally located in the LeadMaster system.

| 1-866-60-7669

HigHligHts * One of the highest retention rates in CRM industry * Fully integrated into multiple channels such as web self-service, email management, phone, social web, live chat, communities, feedback * RightNow is recognized as a Leader in 2009 Magic Quadrant for E-Service Suites; * Forrester ranked RightNow as a leader in enterprise CRM suites and midmarket CRM suites OWNERSHIP: Public (NASDAQ: RNOW) FOuNdEd: MT, 1997 HEAdquARTERS: Bozeman, MT BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * RightNow Service™ * Right Now Marketing™ * Right Now Voice™ * Right Now Analytics™ * RightNow Sales™

CuSTOMER FOCuS: Mid-sized to large enterprises. SElECT CuSTOMERS: Ben & Jerry’s, Black & Decker, British Airway, Fandango, Daimler Chrysler, Nikon PRICE: Start at $110/user/month.

© 2012, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.


About RightNow
Founded in 1997, RightNow is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, with additional offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Greg Gianforte started the company in 1997 with no investor money and created a software product that was initially focused on customer service with an integrated knowledge base. As the company grew, it added sales automation, marketing automation, voice automation, customer feedback management and analytics to its product, creating a full CRM suite. Today, more than 1,700 organizations worldwide use RightNow solutions including British Airways, British Telecom, Cisco Systems, Continental Tire North America, Nikon and the Social Security Administration. RightNow Technologies, Inc. provides customer relationship management (CRM) software. Its CRM software suite includes RightNow Marketing, RightNow Sales, and RightNow Service. These solutions are designed to provide real-time visibility across all customer-facing departments, maximizing the efficiency of an organization and helping to provide a superior customer experience. RightNow Service - Provides a multilingual and multichannel customer service solution that captures customer interactions from both traditional and online channels. RightNow Sales - An intuitive, easy-to-use sales automation solution, RightNow Sales maximizes sales efficiency and productivity. RightNow Sales suite provides sales forecasting and reporting data, and manages accounts, track leads, organize contacts, and creates selling opportunities. RightNow Marketing - Offers functionality to manage marketing campaigns and automate standard campaign activities. RightNow Marketing helps turn ideas into reality, reducing the complexity of campaign administration and providing the actionable insight to track campaign impact. RightNow experience and leadership in consumer-centric CRM spans numerous industries including: Consumer Electronics / Hardware, Financial Services, Government, Higher Education, Retail / Consumer Packaging Goods, Software and Online Services, Telecommunications, Travel and Hospitality.

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HigHligHts * Send personally addressed mass emails / SMS to selected target groups * Manage customers activities and notes to ensure vital customer task are never missed * Using the customizable sales pipeline and budgets customers can easily see what has been sold and forecast revenues and gross margins. * Over 5000 users and 90% subscription renewal rate * Quick to implement and adapt * Integrate to other systems thru API OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 2002 HEAdquARTERS: Leicestershire, United Kingdom BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted/SaaS CRM PROduCTS: webCRM

CuSTOMER FOCuS: webCRM is targeted towards small and midsized enterprises that want a CRM solution that is flexible to use and, fast and easy to implement. webCRM is also able to accommodate the needs of large companies that want a flexible, intuitive solution and don’t need excessive CRM tools and features. webCRM customers cover manufacturing, franchise, professional services, media, telemarketing, training, property retail and management, IT, consulting and much more. SElECT CuSTOMERS: Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners, Lambert Smith Hampton, Farnborough College, CSCS Ltd, Money Saver Magazine, Scottish Widows plc, Seafield Logistics Ltd, Ltd, The UK Consumer Protection Agency, Albatros Travel, Maxisat, MultiMentor, PowerPile, Viherio, Responsum, ADVICE, , The Curtain Girls PRICE: From £ 1 pr. User pr. month
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Business-Software. mail. All Rights Reserved. webCRM Key Features webCRM features improve efficiency and help to enhance the quality of customer communication. emails. webCRM targets the same person that sells their system to also provide any assistance and support. very easy to customize & personalize. they tell them. No Nonsense webCRM customers want to know that webCRM understands their business and they are subscribing to a service which works for them. ecommerce site and much more. The result is a simple. We use webCRM every day to help us build and maintain a healthy business. 92 . The result is a simple. tasks and calendar • Design searches and reports in minutes • Export data to Excel (or Word) and import existing data from Excel or other formats • webCRM to handle enquiries and automatically create follow up activities with contact information webCRM Product Highlights A CRM solution Sales people love to use webCRM has worked hard to take the complexity out of CRM. Additionally. webCRM has a great API for easy integration to other systems such as your ERP. If it won’t work for the customer. Reproduction Prohibited. affordable online CRM solution that sales people really love to use. It saves a lot of time and cancelled Designed especially for small to midsized businesses it is quick to implement and adapt fast.About webCRM webCRM was founded in 2002 by a team of experienced sales executives with the goal of providing simple and easy to use sales & marketing solutions. which doesn’t help anyone. user friendly and really helps improve productivity and close more deals. quick to implement. Furthermore webCRM is. The features can be turned on and off as you require: • Send emails and SMS directly from Web CRM • Use webCRM templates for writing personal and professional messages • Send personally addressed mass emails / SMS to selected target groups • Use a shared web-based calendar to see everyone’s appointments • Outlook two-way synchronization with contacts. © 2012. user friendly and fast CRM solution that sales people love to use.

from the initial enquiry. backup solutions. It’s all hosted When businesses choose webCRM.without excessive features that will never be used. webCRM is about maintaining and retaining our customers. software. through evaluation and post sales support. but they also have a great price too. managing sales teams and managing deliveries. per user. No strings attached! Exactly what you need webCRM has exactly what businesses needs to become a more effective sales & service organization . Subscription is only €15 /month.About webCRM Successful implementation webCRM staff are all handpicked CRM experts with +10 years of experience in understanding sales processes. Users do not have to buy expensive servers. Real Long term value They differentiate themselves by offering continuity of service. This ensures that our account managers understand their customers’ business and provide the correct and most efficient solution. webCRM does the hard work for their customers. Value for your money webCRM not only provide a great CRM software. Their easy customization helps users get things done fast. “With over 90% subscription renewal rates we must be doing something right” Your benefits: Ease of Customization webCRM understands the need to customize their service to your specific needs. 9 . They can just focus on selling and leaving the rest to webCRM. All Rights Reserved. They can only do this if their systems provide a significant return on their investment. © managing sales pipelines. Business-Software. etc. They offer qualified and to the point assistance in order to accomplish a successful and short implementation period minimizing the implementation costs and maximising the chance of achieving the expected benefits. Reproduction Prohibited.

Business-Software. the webCRM solution can easily be configured and adapted to present to the individual user exactly the features and functions required – nothing more. 9 . © 2012. All Rights Reserved. This will highly increase the chance of a successful adaptation by the users.About webCRM Automatic updates with webCRM users will always run the latest version. data is safe with hosted web CRM. webCRM Technology With webCRM. Although rich in features and options. Access to web CRM data is available on-line and users can benefit greatly from using cloud Reproduction Prohibited. Their solution is automatically updated to include any new feature releases and performance updates. Data can easily be imported and exported. nothing less.

NY CuSTOMER FOCuS: VAI’s flagship product. * Awards include: “Inc. Advanced applications such as Warehouse Management. Bryden. retail. | ealmonte@vai. Norscot. All Rights Reserved. CRM.www. | 1-800-82-7776 HigHligHts * Over 30 years of experience * IBM Premier Business Partner with custom software solutions backed by superior service and Wist Office Products.” OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 1978 HEAdquARTERS: Ronkonkoma.S. Joshen Paper & Packaging.vai.” Long Island Software’s “Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies” and numerous IBM awards. McClarin Plastics. Reproduction Prohibited. 9 . Haier America. Naghi Group. S2K Enterprise. Fraenkel Company. with clients in the manufacturing. is used by a variety of businesses worldwide. Ince Distributing © 2012. food and related service industries. SElECT CuSTOMERS: SOFTWARE SOluTIONS: * S2K Distribution * S2K Manufacturing * S2K Food * S2K Warehouse Management * S2K Retail * S2K e-Commerce * S2K Sales Force * S2K Analytics * S2K Service and Repair * S2K Rental A. American Fibers and Yarns Company. 5000 America’s Fastest Growing Companies. Business Analytics and e-Business provide companies with the power to leverage their information technology investment. wholesale distribution.” Deloitte & Touche’s “Fast 50 Award. including the “IBM Beacon Award for Most Innovative ‘Built On IBM Express Portfolio’ Solution.

VAI’s history of customerdriven software development and commitment continues today. California. New VAI is committed to helping its customers meet their objectives by delivering the most robust. Chicago and Oroville. Key features include: E-business application © 2012. with a number of clients in the manufacturing. feature rich. distribution. saving money and enhancing customer satisfaction. retail. enterprise resources. The IBM Power Systems™ technology is cost effective and can enrich business processes across-the-board. with branch offices in Miami. VAI provides flexible. 96 . S2K Enterprise is used by a wide variety of companies worldwide. food and related service industries. Designed for the mid-range market. Orlando. The company’s continued expansion into Canada. Business-Software. VAI is headquartered in Ronkonkoma. Reproduction Prohibited. flexible software solutions available.About VAI (S2K) VAI is an award-winning software developer and an IBM Premier Business Partner. VAI S2K distribution Key Features VAI’s Enterprise for Distribution offers numerous solutions to help you manage your supply chain. companies obtain reliable data that will streamline business processes to make it more competitive. VAI continues to grow as a leading provider of ERP Software solutions. responsive. Hundreds of features suggested by customers are incorporated into VAI’s products yearly and new technologies are continually integrated into new offerings. improving productivity. With VAI’s high performance Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application. Europe and the Caribbean has provided VAI with worldwide recognition as an industry leader for ERP solutions. fully integrated business software solutions that give companies of all sizes a true market advantage. and profitable. and customer relationships more efficiently and effectively. All Rights Reserved.

purchasing. and job scheduling.About VAI (S2K) Sales Analysis Financial Management Warehouse management Purchasing Manufacturing Software S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing is a manufacturing software solution that will help you manage all your operations with superior responsiveness and performance. Increase Staff Productivity with advanced features such as windows application integration. and ordering process. so that you can meet your company’s operational performance objectives and increase customer satisfaction. A variety of tools help to minimize the burdensome tasks associated with manual purchasing through the automation of your demand workflow alerts. Key features include: Forecasting Product Quality Tracking Work Order Processing MPS and MRP Streamlining Capacity Requirements Planning Shop Floor Management Warehouse Management Software VAI’s WMS system helps you enhance productivity and improve overall warehouse efficiency. Business-Software. Key features include: Inventory Management/Tracking Automated Receiving/Pallet Creation Order Management Performance Tracking Cycle and Physical Counting VAI S2K distribution Product Highlights S2K Enterprise provides one of the most advanced purchasing programs available today. All Rights Reserved. © 2012. Reproduction Prohibited. 97 .

Reproduction Prohibited. add users and incorporate new technology without any additional fees. All Rights Reserved. and counting an unlimited user license and no upgrade charges. S2K Service and Repair Software VAI’s S2k Service and Repair application is an integrated field service software solution that provides a means of recording and tracking service and repair calls through the various stages. Inventory Management. CRM. © 2012. allowing you to grow. Accounting. S2K e-Commerce VAI offers a variety of e-Commerce solutions that allow you to leverage the opportunities that the web provides. This application offers a complete solution for the retail industry. distributors can manage their supply chain and customer relationships more efficiently than ever before. By centralizing information across your entire organization. Equipment Servicing. Financials. S2K Food Software Today’s food service enterprise systems must incorporate the latest industry features. and make more informed decisions. Our Commerce Express solution is ideal for small businesses looking to quickly start selling on-line. and e-Commerce. offer unparalleled ease-of-use with a minimal learning curve. you can locate and move items more effectively. eliminate costly delays. order verification. our field service software system assigns and tracks technicians with on-line inquiry support providing real-time information enabling you to provide your customers with the best possible service. Purchasing. industry-specific solution. product movement. Sales Order Processing. Inventory Management. Purchasing and CRM. and be flexible in design and scalable in scope to meet the needs of a dynamic business environment. With this powerful. In addition. S2K Retail Software With S2K Retail Software. Warehouse Management. 98 . including Point-of-Sale (POS). VAI’s S2K for Food Software meets these criteria and delivers much more. S2K’s Rental Software covers all aspects of a rental business including Reservations and Allocations. Business-Software.About VAI (S2K) Unlimited Growth Potential – VAI’s value pack offer includes source code. S2K Rental Software The rental industry spans many different types of equipment. you can transform your retail business into a multi-channel organization. Eliminate costly mistakes and improve warehouse productivity with features such as receiving/pallet creation.

users can move data into Excel Spreadsheets. This integration provides users with the flexibility to utilize desktop applications while taking advantage of the power. and security of the VAI Enterprise software. All Rights Reserved. reliability. 99 . Reproduction © 2012. and schedule appointments into their Outlook calendar.About VAI (S2K) VAI Technology VAI’s S2K Enterprise software provides complete integration with PC-based productivity products such as Microsoft Outlook. and Word. Business-Software. In addition. send emails to contacts. options like *View and *Excel allow users to create PDF or Excel files for all reports. create customer letters in Word. At the touch of a key. Excel.

training and education. Dedicated Hosted Solutions) OWNERSHIP: Public (NASDAQ: RNOW) FOuNdEd: 1999 HEAdquARTERS: Atlanta. | 1-866-72-862 HigHligHts * Focused on driving sales effectiveness * Access via web. Business-Software. All Rights | sales@salesnet. © 2012. Valley Bakers PRICE: Not published. and real estate.salesnet. SElECT CuSTOMERS: Sovereign Bank. Namasco. software. Reproduction Prohibited. 100 .com.www. smartphone or offline application * Outlook integration * Cross-browser and platform compatible * Advanced Navigation – Easy to Learn * Fully Customizable to your business * Patented sales process and workflow engine * Powerful reports and dashboards allow you to see how your data is changing * Comprehensive Integration Suite (APIs. ITSM Academy. GA SOFTWARE MOdEl: Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * Salesnet CRM Standard * Salesnet CRM Enterprise * Salesnet Mobile CRM CuSTOMER FOCuS: Salesnet focuses on customers who are driven to increase sales effectiveness. Salesnet services a variety of industries including manufacturing.

Excel or in CSV format. even group data and add filters – all accomplished easily on-the-fly. and serves over 1. employs more than 800 people. customizable. and phones running Windows Mobile. © 2012. marketing efforts. Android devices. * Outlook Integration: Salesnet CRM works with Outlook to synchronize your RightNow Technologies is headquartered in Bozeman.900 organizations worldwide. including those found on the iPhone. Reproduction Prohibited. The resulting data can be quickly exported to Word. Salesnet is part of RightNow Technologies. Users are able to sort data by any field. change order of the fields. Based in Atlanta. * Reports and Dashboards: The reporting capabilities in Salesnet CRM allow you to effectively forecast and track your sales. Business-Software. and workflow. Salesnet is a pioneer in customer relationship management software. Salesnet Key Features * Patented Sales Process Workflow Engine: Salesnet’s Process Builder is fully adaptable to your organization’s way of doing business regardless of your industry or sales methodology. a provider of on demand customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that help consumercentric organizations deliver great customer experiences. All Rights Reserved. The application does not require a download and is designed to be accessed via any standards-compliant smartphone browser. Blackberry. and tasks.About Salesnet Founded in 1999. Georgia. The Dashboard brings your sales and marketing data to life. You can create an unlimited number of custom queries providing quick access to fixed sets of data. 101 . appointments. * Salesnet Mobile CRM: Salesnet Mobile CRM provides users access to comprehensive Salesnet CRM functionality regardless of their location. and easy to use. RightNow Technologies is listed on the NASDAQ under the symbol RNOW. * Powerful Data Visualization: Salesnet’s ability to zero in on desired data and adjust its presentation is unmatched. Salesnet provides a web based CRM solution that is effective. * Report Snapshots: Users can take snapshots of reports and compare them to see how their data has changed over time. Montana. The Outlook integration solution also allows you to link both sent and received email messages to contact records in Salesnet CRM automatically.

and grant usage rights to layouts for specific positions. * Lead Management: By using the Lead Management functionality in Salesnet CRM. marketing automation and customer support software via XML Web Services. * Individual and Company Profiles: Set locale. * Importing & Exporting Data: Import data in comma separated values (CSV) file format from external sources. fiscal year. establish password rules. * Won/Lost Reason Codes for Opportunities: Enable your organization to analyze why its Opportunities are being Won or Lost. * Marketing Communication Manager: Salesnet CRM integrates with Microsoft Word to allow users to create custom templates for form letters. E-mails can be generated with the click of a mouse. teams and individuals. * Web Services API: Integrate your Salesnet data with other best-of-breed applications like call center.About Salesnet * Dashboard Comparison: Save and compare up to 2 instances of a dashboard to instantly see how data has changed over time. All Rights Reserved. and other preferences on an individual user or company wide basis. create role based access rules. time zone. 102 . and budget vs actual spend. * Salesnet Security. Business-Software. Stability and Scalability: Salesnet’s application infrastructure is designed to provide airtight security. business hours. Contacts and Opportunities. * Marketing Campaigns: For marketing managers and other executives. and mailing labels. Export your data directly to Word. use IP address restriction. * Security Preferences: Users can specify the number of consecutive times someone can log in unsuccessfully before being automatically locked out (login attempt limit).com. currency. which is key information for improving your sales organization and increasing your bottom line. stability and scalability. Reproduction Prohibited. This allows for customized interfaces for different departments. * Multiple Layouts and Layout Usage: Create multiple screen layouts for Accounts. you can easily keep suspects separate from qualified prospects and existing customers. Excel or a CSV file for use in other applications. and restrict access to certain fields. the effectiveness of campaigns can be easily measured with Salesnet CRM by viewing vital statistics such as responses. HTML email templates and distribution lists can be created and used within Salesnet for mass email campaigns. conversions. envelopes. © 2012.

decreasing time in front of the computer and increasing time in front of the customer.About Salesnet Salesnet Software Highlights * Easy to Use – Salesnet CRM automates many tasks and allows salespeople to see at a glance which opportunities need immediate attention. appointments and other important information through your web With our patented Process Builder. to see related sales activities and to distinguish how this information is changing over time. Business-Software. * Access from Anywhere – View and edit your opportunities. All Rights Reserved. unlike other CRM applications that force you to adapt your processes to their CRM software. * Customizable – Salesnet CRM is simple to customize with clicks. you can quickly configure Salesnet CRM to adapt to your unique processes. or offline. on your smartphone. * Powerful Reports and Dashboards –Salesnet CRM allows you to view real-time information on opportunities. not code. Reproduction Prohibited. © 2012. 10 .

OmnipriseCRM has the ability to fit any process. 10 . SElECT CuSTOMERS: South Central Bank. Reproduction Prohibited. All Rights Reserved. Oscarware Inc PRICE: OmnipriseCRM offers three different software packages designed to meet any size © 2012. Bowling Green-Warren County Regional | 1-800-929-826 HigHligHts * From start to finish. Business. flexibility and ease of use to easily integrate with any existing process.omniprisecrm. management can supervise a company’s sales pipe line in real time * OmniSync seamlessly connects OmnipriseCRM with Microsoft Outlook * OmniAPI allows OmnipriseCRM to integrate with almost any 3rd party software * Provides a fully hosted or on premise solution * OmnipriseCRM is turnkey upgradeable to a fully functioning ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 1999 HEAdquARTERS: Bowling Green. Business-Software.mills@hitcents. Mariah’s & YOLOS Restaurants Warren County. Aspire Federal Credit | Ed. Ky BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted or On-Premise CRM PROduCTS: * OmnipriseCRM * OmniAPI * OmniGUI (Graphical User Interface) * OmniSync CuSTOMER FOCuS: OmnipriseCRM is scalable for any size company and customizable to meet any type of industry OmnipriseCRM focuses on functionality.www. Kentucky Government. Instead of entering a niche market. Educational Institution or Government Agency.

organize and manage current leads and opportunities by sales stage. Reproduction Prohibited. Business-Software. All Rights Reserved. “ This is not just the mission statement but a total philosophy that has catapulted the company into the forefront of the CRM and Technology specializes in “Bringing it all together!” OmnipriseCRM Key Features Dashboard System Data anywhere within the system may be harvested to manage at-a-glance reporting. Technology. Hitcents. The company has grown in leaps and bounds while ensuring that all employees stay true to the mission. but uses the tool. Website. delivers on its promise to provide “Superior” customer service with a dedicated staff of programmers and developers. Productions and Self-Service solutions providing resources that can meet almost any company’s technological needs from start to finish. Custom Report Writer Create custom reports with a point-and-click custom report builder easy enough for anyone to use. Creative. Customers can be sure that Hitcents. Database. Opportunity Tracking believes a company shouldn’t be afraid to use their own products and through this usage ensures that once it gets to the provides solutions for Customer Resource Management software and offers a rich Enterprise Resource Planning Software. Not only does Hitcents. Marketing. 10 . Turn custom reports into real time widgets that can be shared with other users within the system. the quality and usability is a cut above the rest. sales Track upcoming follow-ups by opportunity or contact ensuring that regular communication is made with key customers. Widgets provide snapshots of information useful for top executives and ordinary users. © 2012.About OmnipriseCRM “Continually exceeding expectations by creating innovative and insightful technologically driven solutions while providing superior customer sell OmnipriseCRM. Hitcents. sales representative and more.

All Rights Reserved. OmniLive A Microsoft Windows©-based application enhancing users’ Omniprise experience. OmniSync Connects Omniprise with Microsoft Outlook© automatically synchronizing and transferring contacts. calendar events. multi Monitor support and much more OmniScan Users can attach uploaded business cards. Users interact with OmniDrive via a mapped networked drive making file access as easy as ever. tasks. Business-Software. monitor and maintain all aspects of your employees ensuring maximum efficiency and system security.About OmnipriseCRM Organizational Management Boost user productivity with tasks and system alerts. and notes in real time. © 2012. OmniDrive A virtual hard drive on the Omniprise web server used to store and back up files. Reproduction Prohibited. 106 . documents. contracts. OmniGUI OmniGUI for 2 and 6 bit Microsoft Windows© offers multi tabbing. and more from one easy to use application. User Management Create. Managers can delegate work and track employee progress in real-time. Track user activity within Omniprise. OmniAPI Allows companies to create custom software integration to Omniprise without outsourcing development. Users are continually connected to Omniprise while creating a virtual private network to ensure data security. customizable navigation

Users will be familiar with the system allowing a quick transition to the ERP solution. OmnipriseCRM Modules: * Employee Permissions * Data Import * Data Export * Omniprise Help * Filter Locking * Location. Data is ALWAYS backed up. Optional backup plan provides a redundant location ensuring data safety. Reproduction Prohibited. Business-Software. © 2012. has three different configurations that can meet almost any CRM requirement but is also customizable. Division & Department Tracking * Personal Settings * Company Manager * Server Administration * OmniToolbox * OmnipriseCRM Dashboard OmnipriseCRM Technology SaaS option provides security and reliability with built in load balancing and redundancy.About OmnipriseCRM OmnipriseCRM Highlights Flexibility and ease of use puts OmnipriseCRM head and shoulders above other CRM Software providers. Automatic server monitoring provides optimal user experience. All Rights Reserved. out-of-the-box. This platform design is built for growth improving the ROI by eliminating the need for additional training and administrating on an additional rd party software On premise option provides control and flexibility and quick access of data for local users. 107 . OmnipriseCRM has an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows administrators to integrate with rd party software enhancing the existing capability of the software. OmnipriseCRM. ensuring 2/7 availability. OmnipriseCRM is modular and works hand in hand with OmnipriseERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) allowing businesses to grow without having to rely on third party options.

108 . Sand Technologies. | 10-1-9000 x20 HigHligHts * Focus on providing CRM Software to Business-Software.www. | sales@soffront. CA SOFTWARE MOdEl: On-premise. Reproduction Prohibited. © 2012. mid-sized and enterprise companies * Offers complete suite of CRM solutions * Provider of both hosted and on-premise CRM software OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: CA. Ternion Corporation. Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * Soffront CRM CuSTOMER FOCuS: Mid-market SElECT CuSTOMERS: ensim. All Rights Reserved. 1992 HEAdquARTERS: Fremont. HitSoftware PRICE: Not published.

service and knowledge management with greater adaptability and customization than any other mid-market provider. All Rights Reserved. and local governments. state.About Soffront Soffront was an early pioneer of CRM in 199. Soffront CRM has evolved into a complete end-to-end CRM solution. For over a decade. marketing.00 customers worldwide. Soffront offers both Web-based and On-Premise solutions. © 2012. 109 . focuses on mid market companies seeking CRM solutions. Soffront CRM is comprised of: * Sales Automation * Marketing Automation * Customer Support * Defect Tracking * Order Processing * CRM Portal * Employee Portal * Knowledge Management * Asset Management * Mobile CRM * Email Response * Partner Portal * Project Management * * * * * Employee Portal Outlook Integration Quick books integration Quotation Management Employee Help Desk Soffront Software Inc. mid-sized providing sales. with the release of its customer help desk and defect tracking solutions. Soffront Key Features Soffront offers an end-to-end CRM solution spanning sales. federal. Reproduction Prohibited. Business-Software. Soffront’s installed base includes Fortune 00 companies. With more than 2. marketing and support.

Business-Software. 2009) * 2008 CRM Market Leader from CRM Magazine OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: | sales@sugarcrm.www. $799 annually up to 10 users Sugar Professional . 110 . H&R BDO Seidman. All Rights Reserved.sugarcrm.$0 /user/ month Sugar Enterprise . Reproduction Prohibited. AthenaHealth PRICE: Same pricing for on-premise and hosted: Sugar Express .$0/user/month © 2012. flexible and feature-rich CRM platform 2009 CODiE Award Winner: Best Open Source Solution 2009 Best of Open Source Enterprise Software Award from InfoWorld Best Open Source Technology by CRM Magazine (2008. AXA.$99 annual subscription up to  users . Coca-Cola Enterprise. Small SElECT CuSTOMERS: Avis. CA SOFTWARE MOdEl: On-premise and Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * Sugar Express * Sugar Professional * Sugar Enterprise * Sugar On-Demand CuSTOMER FOCuS: Mid-Size. 200 HEAdquARTERS: | 1-877-82-7276 HigHligHts * * * * Open.

costeffective alternative than proprietary applications. SugarCRM has been recognized for its customer success and product innovation by CRM Magazine. allows organizations to manage Sugar on their own servers. SugarCRM applications have been downloaded over five million times and currently serve over 00. In the last year. InfoWorld. SugarCRM is a good choice for budget conscious companies who primarily need sales force automation functionality for fewer than 0 users. Sugar Cube. Customer Interaction Solutions and Intelligent Enterprise. proprietary alternatives. Founded as an open source project in 200. enterprise-class CRM system built on open-source technologies. It is designed for maximum ease of deployment for the management of sales leads. business contacts. Sugar On-Demand is hosted by SugarCRM. but the fully licensed commercial product will be the better choice for corporations because of its broader feature set. including customers have chosen SugarCRM’s On-Site and Cloud Computing services over lock-in based. All Rights Reserved. The company offers a complete. The SugarCRM platform is available in installed. Reproduction Prohibited. and the Apache Web server. They must also have the interest and technical resources for in-house customizations. provides plug-and-play CRM appliance inside a company’s firewall. and more. hosted and appliance-based versions that offer the full range of CRM functionality. SugarCRM easily adapts to any business environment by offering a more flexible. Sugar On-Site. © 2012. MySQL.000 users in 7 languages. 111 . The open-source version of Sugar Professional is free. Over .About SugarCRM SugarCRM is the world’s leading provider of commercial open source customer relationship management (CRM) software. SugarCRM’s open source architecture allows companies to more easily customize and integrate customer-facing business processes in order to build and maintain more profitable relationships. Business-Software.

data and document management and analytics that you would Reproduction Prohibited. marketing automation. PRICE: $29 user / month © 2012.www.bpmonline. The CRM modules incorporate all the robust functionality for time optimization. | | + (20) 8816 820 HigHligHts * BPMonline CRM merges CRM with BPM (Business Process Management) suite. All Rights Reserved. sales automation. 112 . UK BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted/SaaS CRM PROduCTS: * BPMonline CRM CuSTOMER FOCuS: Small-sized to Enterprise companies Industry-tailored CRM+BPM solutions SElECT CuSTOMERS: Contact BPMonline for customer success stories. This forward thinking product provides a powerful set of tools for process design fully integrated with the CRM solution. OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 2002 HEAdquARTERS: London.

com. Moreover.About BPMonline BPMonline was launched with a genuine desire to create a CRM solution that can help businesses build first-class relationships with their customers. All Rights Reserved. BPMonline Key Features BPMonline CRM incorporates the following features: * Enhanced Business Process Management & Workflow Management Capabilities (BPMS) * BPMN 2. . business process management (BPM) can be employed to help management align tasks and activities with business strategy and current market needs.0 Based Process Editor * Sales Force Automation * MarketingCampaign Automation * Account& Contact Management * Contact Profiling and Segmentation * Lead & Opportunity Management * Sales Forecasting * Quotes& Contracts * Invoicing & Payments * Email Marketing * Task and Activity Management * * * * * * * * * * Shared Calendar Email Integration Email and Documents Templates Document Management Integrated Content Library Custom Dashboards CRM Analytics. Business-Software. We have added process management tools into the CRM application to automate business processes and operations that are part of the CRM strategy. Graphs and Reporting Custom Report Engine User Profile Management Back-Office Integration 11 © 2012. and monitor business processes. deliver outstanding service. Reproduction Prohibited.

BPMonline Modules * Business Process Automation * Customer Data Management * Sales Management * Marketing Management * Time Management * Document Management * Internal Collaboration © 2012. All Rights Reserved. * Only $29 per month. Powerful data center. * All benefits of SaaS. No additional IT costs for hardware. CRM software that enables limitless extension opportunities and assures independence from vendor. IT staff etc. * unparalleled self-customization tools. This means that processes designed in the solution are easily accessible and comprehensible for business users and IT staff. The BPM module using BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) allows you to design and run processes directly from the solution. The key advantages of BPMonline CRM are: * BPM + CRM. * Open source configuration. marketing automation. Reproduction Prohibited. premises. IT solution that can be tailored with the click of the mouse.About BPMonline BPMonline Product Highlights BPMonline CRM merges CRM with BPM (Business Process Management) suite. Unprecedented price for cutting-edge solution. The CRM modules incorporate all the robust functionality for time optimization. data and document management and analytics that you would expect. This forward thinking product provides a powerful set of tools for process design fully integrated with the CRM solution. Business-Software. guarantees secured access to BPMonline CRM from anywhere in the world. BPMonline CRM software combines CRM with business process management (BPM) allowing users to streamline business processes and deliver outstanding customer experience. sales 11 .

co. Reproduction Prohibited. developed and supported in the UK by people who have built and run SME’s and who understand the everyday issues * Unique interface and system logic really resonates with business owners and managers * Business software specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses * User friendly solution works the way you do * Fully supported implementation process OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 2007 HEAdquARTERS: | 08 88 00 20 HigHligHts * | sales@clickinnovation. SElECT CuSTOMERS: See company website for customer case studies PRICE: £ per user per month including all features and telephone support © All Rights Reserved.www. UK BuSINESS MOdEl: Cloud – SaaS CRM PROduCTS: * ClickHQ CRM Software * ClickHQ Ecommerce Software * ClickHQ Small Business Software CuSTOMER FOCuS: Small and medium sized businesses of all industry types. Business-Software.clickhq. 11 .

intuitive nature and business logic of the ClickHQ system which is based on experience in running fast growing SME’s. Reproduction Prohibited. * The overall value for money and a rapid return on investment for customers © 2012. ClickHQ CRM software is designed to work as one joined up business system which will enable small and medium sized businesses to run efficiently.They design. easy to use software solutions that address those challenges. Click Innovation CRM Highlights What really sets Click Innovation apart from other business software companies is: * The level of handholding and customisation at the implementation stage which is based on taking the time to understand the customers’ business in enough depth to tailor the system specifically for their needs. Click Innovation take full responsibility . Click Innovation work with their customers through the implementation stage to make sure that the system is effective from day one and is configured specifically to work the way that they do. Click Innovation’s ClickHQ software is a fully featured web based CRM software system that is easy to use and can be accessed quickly and securely from any web browser. * The joined up. By focusing the system around people. and how they really work. Business-Software. All Rights Reserved. Click Innovation clients are able to deal with more customers in less time. deliver and support the ClickHQ solution in house in the UK. * The quality of the on-going UK based support and the importance placed on customer relationship The system provides simple to access up-to-date data across all business functions and is designed to enable staff to easily access and disseminate information in one simple click.About Click Innovation ltd. Click Innovation is an experienced software development company that prides itself on quickly understanding complex business challenges and in providing user friendly. value for money. 116 . develop.

com. 117 . delivery notes & invoices * Account ledgers. Reproduction Prohibited. Click Innovation CRM Key Features * Customer and contact management * Account management * Lead and sales opportunity management * Document management * Product management * Tariffs and pricing * Quotes. proposals. All Rights Reserved. Business-Software.About Click Innovation ltd. payments received * Business process management * Diary management * Campaign management. Telesales and Email marketing * Reporting * Internal collaboration * Ecommerce integration * Outlook integration * Sage integration * API for integration with legacy systems or websites * Bespoke modules on request © 2012. credit notes.

www. | + (0) 118 00 100 HigHligHts * Simple windows-like Web 2. Reproduction Prohibited. 118 . All Rights | sales@workbooks. UK BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * Workbooks CRM * Workbooks Business CuSTOMER FOCuS: Small PRICE: Free 0-day trial © 2012.0 interface .easier to use and quicker to adopt * Web based: No hardware or software required * Part of a suite of ‘prospect to cash’ online applications * Based in UK OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 2007 HEAdquARTERS: Berkshire.

customer service and purchasing and supplier management. All Rights Reserved. Workbooks CRM includes key features to assist in the a number of important operations.0 technologies. in contrast Workbooks is ready for use as soon as one subscribes . This removes the traditional requirement for small and mid-size businesses to select. Business-Software. 119 . including: * * * * * * * Sales Force Automation Marketing Automation Sales Order Management Customer Service & Support Supplier Order Management Invoicing and Cash Collection Company Management © 2012. Workbooks Online solutions help to increase productivity through efficiency gains and provide the framework to better manage business risk. The service is competitively priced and delivers unlimited scalability and guaranteed availability. invoicing. Workbooks CRM and Workbooks Business help organizations improve the performance of their business. Reproduction Prohibited. sales order management. implement. Workbooks Online applications are pre-integrated on the WorkbooksOne™ technology platform.and starts to deliver value immediately. integrate and manage separate CRM and back-office software and associated hardware.About Workbooks Workbooks is a web-based CRM solution that takes advantage of the very latest web 2. Headquartered in the UK. purchase. including sales. with real-time visibility of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Workbooks Online provides a suite of easy-to-use business applications designed specifically for small and mid-size organizations to run their business . Workbooks CRM and Workbooks Business comprehensively support organizations’ business lifecycle.already fully integrated and delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS).

Inc. Reproduction Prohibited. easy customization. All Rights Reserved. Cobblestones | 1-888-900-966 HigHligHts * Awards: “2008 Small Business CRM: Leader”. Inc. * 100% Free Edition available. * Fast and easy | support@zohocrm.. “2008 CRM Market Awards: Influential Leaders”. Power Systems Direct.. PRICE: Free Edition – Free for first  users Professional Edition –$12 per user/month from th user Enterprise Edition – $2 per user/month from th user. ImplantVision Communications LLC. 120 . and easy to use and train employees.www. © 2012. Business-Software. BITS LTD. pay as you go. CA BuSINESS MOdEl: Hosted CRM PROduCTS: * Free Edition * Professional Edition * Enterprise Edition CuSTOMER FOCuS: Small SElECT CuSTOMERS: D-Tools. Henchmen Productions LLC. OWNERSHIP: Private FOuNdEd: 1996 HEAdquARTERS: Pleasanton. * No long-term commitment required.

a privately-held and profitable company in business since 1996. 121 . Reproduction Prohibited.Zoho Projects for project Many of them are complementary to Zoho CRM. Customer Support & Service. All Rights Reserved. desktop sharing and remote support. Marketing. and be more productive while at the office or on the go. Zoho is a division of AdventNet. and Zoho Meeting for web meetings. without having to worry about expensive or outdated hardware or software.About Zoho CRM Zoho is a comprehensive suite of award-winning on-line business applications. AdventNet serves the technology needs of more than 0. CA and offices in Austin. Customers can use Zoho to run their business processes. who can login to Zoho CRM directly with their respective accounts. Tokyo. With headquarters in Pleasanton. for example . the single sign-on advantage extends to Google and Yahoo users. Zoho CRM users can use the same account to take advantage of the other 20+ different applications that Zoho provides. and Beijing. © 2012. Zoho CRM empowers organizations with a complete customer relationship lifecycle management solution for managing organization-wide Sales. Business-Software. Zoho Invoice for customer invoicing. Zoho currently has more than 1. New Jersey. Likewise. and Inventory Management in a single business system. manage their information. million registered users. London.000 customers worldwide.