Chase’s Kennel Liner

Materials: • 1 yard of soft, strong fabric, such as corduroy, flannel, or denim • Fabric scrap in a contrasting color • Matching and contrasting thread for the primary fabric • Low-loft crib size batting (45” by 60”)
Free Pattern - Not for Resale © 2008 Jennifer Worthen

Chase’s Kennel Liner
This pattern is for a liner for a dog kennel which measures 36” by 22” for which the inner portion of the tray inside measures 33” by 19”. Adjust accordingly for smaller or larger kennels. 1. Cut Out: Cut primary fabric down to a 40” by 35” piece. In one corner, diagonally draw a large bone using a chalk pencil. Be sure to place it far away enough from the edges to leave room for the 1” seam. Cut out the bone from the primary fabric. Cut batting down to a 33” by 57” piece, and fold into thirds so that the resulting piece is 33” by 19”.
1” 33” 1”


2. Sew Bone: Pin right side of the fabric scrap to the wrong side of the primary fabric to cover the bone cutout. Sew the two fabrics together with a 1/2” seam using a decorative stitch, such as diagonal, with the contrasting thread. Flip primary fabric over and trim the excess secondary fabric. 3. Sew Liner: Fold the primary fabric in half, right sides together, and sew together one short side, the long side, and half of the other short side using a 1” seam. Insert the batting into the open edge. Then, using matching thread, sew by hand or machine the last half of the short edge closed.

Free Pattern - Not for Resale

© 2008 Jennifer Worthen