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Inveetor Lmn


scumentation Frocer*)
$erviclng, Inc.
("Mortgage',) and Note (,,Nr)ton): 4tGtZeOI Propetty Address ("Property");

tln Lender, the Lender rrrjll serd rne a lrgnedgopycrfttleAgreefnent, ThtsAgreementwfltnotteGeftectunlessheprecondtilonseetforthtnSecilorr


undsletarld ihat after I sign e,tdjguT two cqies of tNE Agremsnt lo

2 hste been aatefied.


My Rgpresdntattonr.

I COrtify,


Lender, and egree:

A, | trn eperiencinO a financiElhardship, and aE s rosutt, (i) | am in default r"nder the Loen DocUments, atd (li) | do mt hwe sUfflclent incorne or flccasg to srjflclar{ llquld maets to nnkc thernonthly noftgsge payments nav or ln tre near fuilrqi B' I llve In heProperty as my prlnclpal rB$lclence, and he ftoperty has frd besn condemnsd; property since I signwlthe Lpsn Documental C, TherehaE! ry changp hr the oulnershlp of the D. I have prwided documentetlcrr fot all Inr:ome that I recelle (and I und6rstrrnd fret I am nd rewesilng to quelifyfortho Homa Affotljablo Modlfloaflon progrEm('pt1)gHm,,)); E. Under Ftenalty qf PerJury dil dbcuments ard iilfortTtgfon I haw provided to lerrUer ln oonnectlflr with thle Agrflent, Including he doouments and ihformdtioh iegardirrg nry eilgtbillty fu the
Ptogram, are true and conec[
roqulree_ me b obhln credlt counsellng in conrpctiorrwith the Program, I will do so;anq G. I have made or wlll make qll pswnente nqulred urrdar a TrlalFfiod Ptan cr-Loan Wo*urt nan,

reWired to discloge chlld suppot or ailmarry unless I chosoto raly on such lncorne when

F. lf L6nd6r


Adtnowtadgonpnlc and Prscondltlons to Modlflation. I understand and aclinu/vldge that: A' [.ry1.?$-J!9 Modjficatlon Hffoctlw Date ae setforh in Seclion 3 tre LendrqderrmlnB that any of'my rcproeentations in Section 1 aro no lorrger true and conec[ tre toqn biroir]nen6 rvrriicn u" modlfled ano tll!flff TPrywiJltelminale ln thdt ewnt, ho Lenderwtlt have dt of rrerights ano
remediee prwided by the Loqn Documents; and



t f rrpre than ono Borrolvor ot MortoBgor le emcuting thig doeumHt1t, gagh is rclerred tg es "1,,' For purpsor of signilying ttw ringuhr (such m 1^) shall indude tre dulul (euch a+ 'he") 6nd vlco v6rs6 whoro appropdaie.






Form gI57 3/0t (r0v.8/ll9) (page ! of


s-764-6S1 2?/0000a0t-qq 1 -1 0{0G.000-000-000

lf my representertiorrs in Section 1 continue lo be true in all material resnects end all preconditions to lhe modificstiron set forth In Section 2 have been met, the Loan Docurnents wlll automatically hecome modified Dn 41112012 (the "Modlflcaiion Effective Date") ano all unpaid lats Charges be waiVerd. I understand that lf I have failed to make anv pflyments a$ modification under a workout plan or trripl period plan, thlb modiflcatlon irst modlflrsd payment will be due on 4l1lZ01Z
The Modlficatiort.

th fi will

A, B,

The new Maturlty Date will be:51112037. The mqdlfled principal balance of my Note will lnclude Ell amoufits and En'earages that wlll be past due as of the Modlfication Effectlve Date (includirrg unpald end del'ened Interest, fees, escrow advsnceE and other costs, but dxcludlng unpaid late chgrges, collectively, ''Unpaid Amount') l6E$ any mounts paid t0 the Lender but not previously credited to my Loan, The rrew prirrclpal bslanco of my Note will be $508,12ts7 50 (the "New Prlncipal Balernco"), I understand thet by agreelng to edd tho Unpald Amount$ to the outstanding prlnclpal balance, the added Unpaid Amounts acorue intereet based on the interest rate in effect unde,r this Agreement, I also understand that thlg mesns interest wlll now accrue on the unpeid Inte,rest that ls added to the outstandlng prlncipal balarrce, which would not happen without thls Agreement, $424,200-00 of the New Frincipal Balance $hall be defened (the "Deferred Principal Balance") and I will not pay intereet of mrake monthly psyments on this amount. The New Prlnctpai


Balance less the Defened Principal Balance shall be referred to aa the "lnterest Bearing Principal Balance" and thiE amount is $84,007.50. Interest at the rate of 13.87570 will begin to accrue on the lntereet Bearlng Principal lBalance as of 3/1/2012 and the first new monthly payment on the Intereot Bearing Principal Balance will be due on 41112012. My payment
schedule for the modlfled loan is ao followg:



M0mnty Frincipal

l;Etimated lVonlhly

Tqtel Monthly

Paymonl Bgins On

Nurrbar of
Monthly PBymsnls

Change Dste



\4sy adju$t





$c78.14 D4/





MULt'I$'thTl) HOME AFFORDAIILII MODII'ICAII'ION AGRIIf,MEN'I'" $l4le Fnmily. Fannir Mr0/l'lqldlp Mat UNII'ORM iurtlr 315? 3i09 (rev.8/09) (pilsd ] u.l' .5 lrqge'r) INSfRUM!]N'r'

$-7$4_O{'1 21q00000+_oo1



rThe,escrow payrnenb may bo periodlcally in accordanco with applicable larv arrd .adjusted t her ef oE my total rnont hly payn ent m ay c hanr ge acc ordi n gly.

Theebweterms in this $ection,3,c, shdl

srupersgde any proVeionu tothe c;ontary in the Loan Documenb, including but not rimited to, provisions for an iojusuur" oi si#lnt,erest rau,

minimurnm offered and loan will be

D I will he h default Agreement,

I undershn

mcdlflcaton, the

ns r 'ill no longer be ule'f or mY modified

My modifled loan wlll not haw a negati\e amortization feature that wouH alor,v H.-,## the inbrest due reeullirrg irr any unpaid htorellt b be rdded to the outstandrng prhoipal batance-


lf I do

not comprly wlh ther terms of


Loan Documsnts, as modlfied by hts


lf a default rate of hterest is parmtted under the Loan Documents, hen ln the event of default under the Loan DocumentE, as arnended, f|e intEreEt th8t will bedue will be tho rdt6 st forth ir.l Soclion 3.C,


I agree to pay In full the Deferred Principal Ba ance and any other ahounts still fiffed under he Loan Docu ments by the earliest of (l) the date I sell or f an'sf er an interest in ino eroperty, liiy principal Balance, or (iii) the new the date I paythe enilre Interest Bering Matlflty

u_ lf I make a partial prepayment of prhoipet, the Lender may apply that parilal prepayment first t0 any D etsrred principal Balance beforo applvlng such parlialprepa),rrent to othei amounts



AddltlonA Agreemente, I agree to tre followlng:

A' Thst all prsons

who Eigned the Loan Documents or heir auhorized r6pregentslle(s) hare et 0r co-bonor/ver ie deceaeed; (ii) the borrurr,ver and has ben faneferred lo one spouse in the divorce nlBrest in the property nEed not eign hts Agreement tlnue b be held liabta for tre obligatiorr under the Loan Documents);or (lll) fie Lender has waived thir; reqdrement In writing,

B. C.

That this Agremfft shall supersede he terms df any modlflcaflon, forbeanance, Trial Feriod Plan, u Workout Plen that I prwtousty en Frect inb with Lsndet.

To comply, ercept to the e)dent flrat ihey are modified by thls Agrcement, vvtth sil covenants, ngreemenb, and requlrements of Loan Docunneflts Includlng my sgreernent to make all paynenb
of taxes, insurance premiurns, agsegsmentsj Escrow ltems, imporrrrde, and erll other psytnenrs, the amount of which may change periodically o\ler the term of my Loan,


Lender sn h6 day pflyments are under the Loan ent, untll the Loqn is paid in full, d surn (the "Funds") (a) taxes flnd assessments and othor iteme which ian or Bncurnbrance on the Property (b) leasehold paymenb or ground rents on he Froperty, if any; (c) premlums for any and all insurance Equlred by Lenrler undef he Loan Documonts; (d) morQage insurance premlums, lf any, or any 6ums pawble tr Lerrder In lleu of he payment of mortgage insurance premiilm$ ln flccodance with the Loqn Docurnents; and (e) any communlty gssociation duee, fo6s, and agsessments trat [ender requina+ to be 68cr0wed. These iteme arE called "Esorovv ltems,n I shall prompty furnlsh to Lender all rptcee qf dmountc b be paid underthis $ec'tlon 4,D, I shall pay Lender the Funds for Escraw lbrfl8 unless Lenrler waives my obligation to pay th Funds for any or all Esemw ttems. Lender

DocumfiltB provide for attaln priorit

Funds for Eecrow ltgnra, I wlll pay

waiver may only be In wrllifg. ln dre event of such wairuer, I shall pay dhecil:t, when snd where -Funde pa),ble' he amountE due for any Escrow ltsnng for whloh pqymenrt irf tiae neen walved by Lerdu and, if Lender requiros, shsll fumish to Lender mceipts er,ldenclng such paymant vrihin

msywsilemyobligatontopaytoLenderFuntleforarryorallEscrffMtEmsatEnytim6, Anysucn




MOIlllt|CAIlON ACRllt:MEN'l'-

Shrgtc FrrrnitJ.



If[hrle MaeffrddleMsc UNt$oRM

310s (rsv, B/{rg) (pase J u-[ S pugeil

S-784-681 2+qq0000S.001 -1 2-000-qq0400,000

such linE pEriod ss LendBr may,require, l\ shsll, f or All pgfp06ss, be deemed to be a c the phrme,,co\,enant and agreernent', is usrod i Items dlrecty, pursusnt to a waiwr, and I fall exeEise ib rights undq fie Loan Documentt a

o permit Lender to apply t-re ;t ('RESpA), and (b) not to rhall estirnab fre amount of tres sf future Fscrwv ltems.

The Funds shall be held in an institnflon whic,se 0r enlity (including l_ender, lf Lerrder is an ins{t
Home Loan


appliceble law pennits Lender b make suqh applicable taw rEuirEs interast to be paid on t Intsrest ot earnings on tre Fundg, Lender end I 0n the Funds, Lendor shall provide me, wlthout
by RE$PA lf there is a surplus of Funds hell in esorotry, as deflned under RE$pA, Lerrder shall account to rne for th6 exceso funds in sccordance wlth RESpI\. tf

ffider RESPA. Lender shall not charge m{: for escrow sccopnt, Of Wrifying the E3CE\# lbm

Lender shalt apply the Funds

any Funds hetd by Lendar.

under RESPA, Lender shall nolify me as necessery to malc up the shorhge In 6( paynenb, lf there is a deficlency of Funds held rne aB requir6d by RESPA, and I shalt pay to Le accordsnce Wh RESPA, but in no more than 12 Upon paymont in full of all sum$ secured by the Lmn Docurnents, Lender $hall prompily refund to me


Thal the Loan Documenb src connposed ol duly rmlid, binding agreemefit$, enforceable ln sceordance with their terms and are heroby reaffirmed.


Dr in_l of specifically provided in,

rovisione of tre Loan

and effect; nQ'hing e in whole or in psrt



Landw's.priorwritbn consent, Lender may, a! it-s option, requtre lmmediab paymnt in trrioi aecured by the Mortgag. However, Lender shall ndt exercbb tnls option it s:latiiry fJei"ifaw, ruEs or regUlatlons prohlblt tre e>ercise of such rte oxsrcistsE his option, Lender shail give me rha less than 30 days fnrm lhe dah tho notice is mu by the Modgage, lf I fail to pay theoe rd. lEm6dies permittsd by the Morgage wlthout f That, as qf the Modification Etfeclive DEte, I urrddrstand that the Lender wlll only allow ha transfer and rumertt, to a bansferee of my pfop$ily eE permitbd Under 0re n .tZ01J-3. A buyer or transferce of the ptuperly will not be to sssume the Loen, Ercept as ndted herein, thl6Agreament buyer or transferee of he property,

and I wiil be bound by, and wlil conply with, arll of he terms and oondltions oi ttp Loin Oocurirents, That, as of he Modlflcston Effectiw Date, notwithstsnding eny other provisiorr of the Loen Documenb, sgrce fls foilo\,vs: lf all of drry part of the property or any irfterast in it is sord ar transfen.d

contarned In the Loan oo"Jm*nt"j and that as exprcssly firodified by, ilris Agreement the Lender

pt as epressly rfltodifid by this Agreement, shEll be Und6rsl;ood or construed to be a

vrihorJt Elt$r.rms

qpt noti rCeli sums


That, as of the lvbdificaton Effecfve Date, ary provieion in the Note, a$ fimenrJed, f or he assessment of s penEly for full or.padial.prepaynrent of he Note rnust be welved wlh respmt to any borrower ,'pay for perfotrnance" prhclpal reductiorr payrnents hat ere spptted to the Loan,


UUllSl'A'lE HOME Aff'ORDABLII MOIIIFtcAf ION ACREEMENT ' glngte Ir snf ty . Fnnnic Mro/!.reddle Mrt UNlr6Rtsl Form iIS? 3/09 (rev. flthl) (pas+r I t/,5 pnge!1


?a0000003"001,1 g-000_000{0G000


Tha[ | wlll

cooperate fully with L.errder in obtaining any tiils endorsement(s), or similar title insurance



lnce ruch

subordihatton agreement{s), hen fie terme of Modlflcatlon Effectve Date arrd th,rAgreement will


That I will $(ecub such other documents a$ mey terms and condiions of this Agreement; or (ii) cqr detsctsd efter H(ecution of frls Agreement.'l'und me and his Agreernent will be rniC end of no leg sly such conected Agreemenl lhe Frms of the effect, euch tenrn will not be modifid by this Agreemen! and lwill not be el$lblefor a modlflcaqorr under the Home Affordable Modification progrim.



Mor$age Elec'tronic Registration Sptems, tnc. xlstlrE under hB laws of DelawarB ard ha$ en ad Ml 48501,2028, (888)67S,MERS. tn csses otly legsl ffle b the Interests gr,Bnted by th mminee for Lender and Lende/s successorrs thoeo inbreets, lnctudtng, hut not llmlted to, the rl Action required of Lender including, but not lirnibd

not llmited to, my


l terms of tre
ection wifr the

lcome, payment hlsbry, atd activity, In addition,

Trial period

guflranbr or r
lcable) rnortgal ion f]rografi'l ar
cerUfled housing counsel or-

N. I ag|Ee that if any d0cument relstd b the l-oan Documents

Lender Lender documenb sgree to de


andbr frie Agnaement ia loet, rnisplaced, misstated, inaccurately reflects tre true and conect terrns snd condlflons oi rhe losn as modifij, or is 9Jheryis.e mis$ing, I will comply vr,{h the Lender's requ$t b erecr.tte, aoknor^itedge, iniilst, and delirer to the Lender tne ortglnat promT,l.ory n,it* i* [pr".eo, the against with a demanrl orr he griginsl

de ar ,rne unde hin bn (1(

note, All

ehall be rsferred to as "D"ocumenis,,, after | rccdve the Lender s wfiten request for suon

In Witness Whereof, th6 Lender and I

haw execuiled this Agreement.,

Americen Home MortgdgE Servlclng, Inc.



[Space Below This Une For AcknorvtedgementL.,,., ,,

MULI'ISIATE HQME AFTTORDABLE MODITICA1 ION ACREI|IMENT' glngte Famtly - FrnntsMa/Frddls Msc UNu,'OltM TNSTRUMENT Form JISZ r/09 (rrv, 8/01) fpisn tit t rroirl,l



l HMP0031 7750 1 8HMOpA03D7'r 2



lil illtl ill

llltllltllll]tlltiltl ltl

8-784'ttB1 ?+0000003001 -3-000-000_000+00

iissesomer tho torms of thd trir um wlll \,t/8ve ALL lfi pay due when rnoe the loa

past due amounts nd corhh





l|rnl ed a

INTEREST RATE. The lntelost rat6 on your modified toan will be adjusted as nobd in the stbshed Modlflcation Agreement in Seclion 3,C.

tpal. You w

ll be
ls due,

this Eccount to pay your real estate taxes and lnsurance 6scr0w peyrfiBnt amount wlll adjust if your taxers, insuran the amount of your monthly payment that the serylcer mt This means thet your monthly payrnent rnay change, yo amount ls Included In the loan payment noted ln $ection neecl to remlt this amount separately.

in account for payment ot your property L"Jj-i:l.lfl,jllff{Itilprior an eacrow escrot,vs by yodr bnder tl no ionger i'n taxe$, insurance premiums, and othar required fees' Any waiver of etteci, yiliilwHiwiil

ESCROWACCOUNT. The terms of yoUr Morllflcetlon figreerrent require the servicerto set astde fl portion of
diaw on

rd insurance peyments, we havr determlned that thoro is t of 9586.88. You may pay this flmount over a live -yeai )een Included In the monthly Gsc,row payment stated lump eum, pleaae contact us. eaytng thls amount rtgage payment. PAYMENT ScHEDULE. The encloaed Modification Agreement includes a peyment schildule In $ecilon 3,e, showing your payment plan for the life of your modifiedloan after the trial perlod,

FEE$, There are no fees or other charges for this modifiication.

REPRE$ENTATIONS. Please read the enclosed. Modificetion Agreement csrefully and tnake sure thst you undBrstand it and that the statements set fofth In the "My Representatlons" secilon are true and accurate-, lf you have any questions, please contact u$ at 1-877-304"3100.
BORROWER INCENTIVE, lf you mak6 your rnortthly m( beneflt eguat to $83.33 [the lesser ofr (i) $83.33 or (ii) onr paymentl. As long as your modgage loan does not beoo, monthly beneflt to your mortgage loan nnd reduce your p annivdrsario$ of the month In whlch the Trlat Perlod ptan days delinquenl, you will loee all.accrued but unapplied principal reduction beneflts and w,ill no longer be eligible t0 accrue addltlonal principel reduction benefite; even if the mortgage loan is later brought current.