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Eyes on

Spans two oors of the Montreal Police headquarters Audio information is transmitted using headsets to limit noise 34 workstations No windows (to avoid any distractions) Maintains a constant cool temperature Senior management can observe operations from a glass room on the second level

Live feed from surveillance cameras

News and events visually

News network coverage

Command centre and information processing
MONTREAL A Quebec Liberal has admitted for the rst time that the threemonth student strike that has upended the province could lead to an election call sooner rather than later. e comments Tuesday by outspoken junior transport minister Norman MacMillan came hours after Premier Jean Charest got personally involved in talks for the rst time. MacMillan, speaking prior to a caucus meeting in Quebec City, said discussions between Charest, the education minister and the heads of four student groups have major political implications. Its not me who decides the election date, its Jean Charest, said Macmillan. But if the crisis (is not resolved), I think (an election) could be one of the solutions. If they (students) do not want to negotiate, what will we do? Are we going to let (this) go? e strike over tuition fees has led to window-smashing rampages, bridge and road blockades and violent clashes between protesters and riot police.

12 - 84 screens form a virtual screen Can be subdivided as required Can display various types of visual information: Images, video, computer data, interactive maps

An interactive map can couple various information, including data from re services and transportation companies.

A look inside the command centre being used by Montreal police to monitor the ongoing protests between the Quebec government and student federations.

Internal collaboration Commander

The operation commander, located at the back of the room, is ultimately responsible for all decisions. He is located further back in the room where he can have an overall view of the situation. Montreal Police internal sta provide support to operations, including investigations, police intelligence, legal and communications.

Operational board
With a computer, ve instructors and a touch screen, the operational manager manages the display of images from various sources, including video surveillance cameras.

External collaboration
External collaborators include special enforcement officials and re and emergency medical services. Each is equipped with its own communication system to optimize the link with its organization.