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Why Choose A Metal Roof?

The Benefits of Metal Roofing Systems for Homeowners

Prepared by Bil-Den Metal Roofing Systems

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Why Choose MetalWorks Metal Roofing?

Roofing Trends: Premium Roofing and Metal Now Standards

Premium Roofing Trend

The decline of the 3-tab strip shingle is a prime example of the trend towards premium roofing; in 15 years market share of strip shingles has declined from 92% to less than 40%

Metal Roofing Market Share

In 1998, the Metal Roofing Alliance was created to communicate the benefits of metal roofing to consumers; In 2002 the Alliance offered a website to assist homeowners in gathering information and sourcing a contractor; every month over 200,000 homeowners visit the site (200,000 per month!); the market is moving to metal! Over the last 5 years, metal has doubled market share; residentially, one in every 12 roofs is metal; commercially 2 of every 3 roofs are metal!

Premium Building Product Trend

Just as with granite and Corian countertops in the kitchen, Jacuzzi tubs in the bath, and concrete or brick on the driveways, premium roofing is becoming a standard upgrade in most homes Investments are made in premium products for the home due to their inherent ability to improve the home's value and marketability; maintenance free premium products are seen as a great benefit!

Developed by Contractors!
MetalWorks was developed by installers and contractors active in the roofing industry. MetalWorks has been produced since 1996 and has been used in over 7,000 projects since inception.

Technology Contributors!
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MetalWorks has achieved unparalleled integration through its key partnerships with its supplier partners

Centria, MetalWorks' partner, is a leader in coil coating and metal construction products NexTech, a division of

The Techs, is MetalWorks key substrate supplier; The Techs dominate the North American market in light gauge galvanizing

Valspar The Valspar Corporation, MetalWorks' paint supplier, is a world leader in Fluoropolymer technology

Designed for Beauty and Durability

4-Way Interlocking Design MetalWorks interlocks on all sides; no weather penetration! Competitive products use side overlap designs (see picture); MetalWorks specifically engineered the more complicated 4 way locking design to ensure no such gaps could ever exist

Clipped Fastening System for Longevity/Quality

MetalWorks uses heavy gauge clips to install its system; no through shingle fastening is required; this allows for expansion and contraction of the metal, without being bound by fasteners; in addition, it allows the use of galvanized roofing nails that will never be exposed to the elements

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Embossed, Stamped and Tight to the Deck

By embossing and stamping patterns in the shingles and engineering them close to the roof deck, MetalWorks products are tremendously resilient against foot traffic and hail; this is especially true of the AstonWood and Slate profiles (UL Class 4 Hail Resistance - the highest possible)

Quiet Design
As MetalWorks shingles are fastened tight to the roof deck, there's no opportunity for reverberation, thus they make no more noise than a traditional asphalt assembly; after 7,000+ installations, MetalWorks has never received a complaint concerning noise from a homeowner

Proven Durability and Performance

Testing and Code Approvals; Code Compliant Nationwide MetalWorks is the most tested shingle on the market today

UL-997 Wind Resistance

TX Dept. of Insurance Approval for coastal areas (110 mph)

UL-1897 Uplift Tests for Roof Coverings ANSI/UL 1897

Uplift resistance maxed out at 130 PSF air permeable roofing assembly

UL-790 Fire Resistance

Class A over Dens deck and Class C over 30# felt assemblies

UL-2218 Hail ResistanceClass 4

Highest rating possible for impact resistance

FM-4470 Hail Resistance and Foot Traffic

Severe hail damage and foot traffic resistance

PA201-94 Impact Resistance

Impact resistance, Metro-Dade County, FL requirement; Canon fired 2"x4"

ICBO AC07-RI-0797 Uplift Testing

ICBO requirement (200 lbs. of pressure) minimal deformation

ASTM-B117 Salt Environment Testing

Salt Fog Test, 1000 hrs, no blisters or deterioration

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ASTM-G26 UV Exposure Testing

Xenon Arc Test-2000 hrs operating light, water exposure, no cracking, crazing, fading, chalking or erosion.

ASTM-G23 UV/ Humidity Testing

Carbon Arc-2000 hrs operating light and humidity exposure, no cracking, checking, crazing, erosion or chalking.

Proven Field Performance

MetalWorks has completed over 7,000 roofing projects MetalWorks has installations in every state and province in North America

Proven Substrate: G-90 Galvanization

How does galvanization work?

Sacrificial Protection
Steel and zinc both react with the environment, but zinc reacts slightly faster; when exposed to the environment, zinc reacts first, and leaves the steel unaffected - that is, the zinc is sacrificed to protect the steel

Barrier Protection
A durable layer of zinc coats the steel and forms a physical barrier from environmental elements; paint on your house protects this way

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Why not use Galvalume instead of Galvanized substrate?

Galvalume has a higher aluminum content (55% by weight); the zinc/aluminum alloy in Galvalume corrodes faster and shortens the duration of sacrificial protection Zinc (predominant in G-90) is more malleable than aluminum, and does a better job of molding itself around the formed radius of a stamped shingle

Why does MetalWorks require G-90 Galvanized Substrate?

Many metal roofing products typically available in sheet form, such as are used in the agricultural market, require only G-30 or G-60 levels of galvanization; these offer only 1/3 to 2/3 the protection of G-90; G-90 is the recognized standard in the architectural community for monumental buildings

Why Coatings Fail

Coatings breakdown when exposed to 1 2 3 Pollution Moisture Ultra Violet Rays

The 2 most significant effects of these elements are

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Degradation of the resins in the paint at the surface of the finish, primarily due to ultra violet rays

Substances in the environment attack pigment in the paint causing color change

What are Fluoropolymer Coatings?

Fluorspar is the base mineral from which Fluoropolymer resin is developed (Kynar 500 and Hylar 5000 are the brand names for Fluoropolymer based resins)

The reason Fluoropolymer coatings stand up to the elements and resist chalking and fading has to do with the chemistry of the resin

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The Carbon/Fluorine bond is of the strongest in the universe

What does this mean for MetalWorks coatings performance?

No known chemistry can compete with the resistance to chalking and fading exhibited by Fluoropolymer coatings MetalWorks shingles and accessories will hold their color for 40 and 50+ years Valspar, a $2 Billion corporation and the largest non-automotive coatings manufacturer in the world, stands behind the coatings they manufacture for MetalWorks (Specifically: <5 Hunter 'E' units of fade over thirty years; <8 Hunter 'E' units of chalk over thirty years)

Valspar warrants the coatings, backing MetalWorks shingle performance!

How do you know they'll perform on your home or building?
Valspar has completed rigorous real world testing on Fluoropolymer coatings for over 30 years

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Fluoropolymer coatings are used on Monumental buildings around the world; they're required coatings for leading architects worldwide

Energy Effects of MetalWorks Shingles

How do Metal Shingles keep a home cooler in the summer?
Florida Power and Light Utility conducted a study to determine the load on A/C; seven identical homes were built, on which different roofing products were installed; the graph below charts the average attic temperature throughout the day for each home

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The study determined that energy savings can exceed 60% in environments such as Florida, and should save as much as 40% in northern climates, during the summer months

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How does reflectivity and conductivity affect my attic temperature?

Metal is highly reflective

This involves solar radiation being reflected away from the surface

MetalWorks Shingles conduct less heat into the attic

MetalWorks Metal Shingles, due to the air cavity behind the shingle, and the limited direct contact with the deck, conduct (transfer) significantly less heat into the attic space, as compared to asphalt shingles

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MetalWorks and the Environment

Made from Recycled Materials
MetalWorks base carbon steel is made from as much as 50% recycled steel

MetalWorks Metal Shingles and Accessories are 100% recyclable; they'll never end up in a landfill.

Energy Star
Due to their recyclability and energy efficiency, MetalWorks Metal Shingle systems have earned the Energy Star label!

The Alternative
As much as 30 BILLION pounds of asphalt shingles are thrown in landfills every year, year after year; MetalWorks is doing its part to reduce this environmental disaster.

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Impacting a Home's Value

In what ways do MetalWorks Metal Shingles affect a home's value?

Curb Appeal
The beauty of MetalWorks Shingles augment the look of any home; the proper selection of profile and color can significantly improve a homes appearance

Transferable Warranty
MetalWorks warranty is transferable to the next homeowner; many individuals include a copy of their warranty transfer in their listing agreement when selling their home; its piece of mind for the buyer

Agents/ Appraisers
Agents and appraisers often discount the value of a home due to the fact it may require a roof in the near future, even if the existing asphalt roof is only 7 or 8 years old; this can reduce an offer by as much as $5,000 to $10,000

Quality Products Add Value

Just as with granite countertops, brick driveways and Jacuzzi tubs, MetalWorks shingles add value to the home; estimating conservatively, 40 to 80% of the investment in a permanent roof will be retained and added back to your homes value

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Investment vs. Expense

Asphalt shingles are an expense and begin depreciating immediately after installation; MetalWorks requires no maintenance and reduces energy and insurance costs, thus reinforcing their investment value - and they don't cost you money to maintain!

Metal Roofing in Ontario, Canada

If youre convinced in the benefits and value of having a MetalWorks metal roof installed on your house, contact the MetalWorks exclusive contractor for all of Ontario - Bilden Roofing Systems. A member of the Better Business Bureau for over 23 years, Bilden Roofing Systems is located in Whitby, Ontario and services Oshawa, Markham, Durham Region as well as the Greater Toronto Area.

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