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THE DOOR TO HEAVEN: ==================== Doors are an essential part of our life. even more so than most of us realise.

D oors enable us to enter our homes, our shools, our churches and our places of bu siness. Without doors we would be locked out of many comforts and joys of life, the ease and confort of home, the opportunities for worshipin church, the opport unites for work in the office. There are many kinds of doors but all doors cannot be seen. - There is a door to knowledge that we call study. - There is a door to skill that which we have labelled practice. - and a door to character, we call discipline. - There is another door that we cannot see. One that is just as real. It is The DOOR TO HEAVEN. Jesus says (Jn:10-9)"I am the door. By me if any man enter in he shall be saved. " THere is only one door to heaven. People would have us believe there are many do ors to heaven. - Some say the door to heaven is GOOD WORKS. - Some say the door to heaven is GOOD CHARACTER. - Others say the door to heaven is CHURCH MEMBERSHIPS. - and then there are those that insists that SELF RIGHTEOURNESS is the door to heaven. Many are indifferent to the life beyond and pay no attention to heaven's door. S ome procastinate meaning to enter heaven's sometime what they cannot be concerne d with it now. To all such God says "Now is the accepted time. Now is the day of salvation" 2 C or: 6-2 What these doors lead onlty to destruciton: - for God say is Psalms:14-3 / Ro: 3-12 "There is none that doeth good, no, no t one". - Jesus said (Mk: 10-18 / Lk: 18-19 / Mt:19-17)"There is none good but God". - Ro:2-23 "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God". - We can belong to many different churches but unless we are members of the tru e church which is the body of chirst, we are lost (Col:1-18). - It is not for us to trust in our own righeousness. The bible says: - Is: 64-6 - Not by work of righeousness which we have done but according to His mercy hat h he saved us. Christ is the only door to heaven (Jn:10-8). People have idea that there is a specail door to heaven for everyone. Now of us would build a home with special door for each memeber of the family. We all use the same door. And ofcourse we know that the door which is large enought for the biggest one of the family is large enough for the samllest one too. So it is with heaven's door. It is large enough to permit the biggest as well as the smallest sinner to enter if he but come seeking admittance in the name of j esus. Some doors can be entered only after a specified entrance fee is paid. Heaven's door is open to all without money and without price. for just because we pay not hing to enter does not mean that no price was paid. Often times great museams of fer free admission to the public inspite of the fact that they have been built a t enormous costs. So it is with out entrance into heaven. it is free to us but h

ere it is what cost to our Lord Jesus. not silve or gold nor precious stones but his own precious blood. Some doors are open only certain hours of the day. But heaven's door is open at all times - night and day. But despite these facts some will seek other ways to get into heaven. Lord jessus has this to say of them (Jn: 10-1) "He that not.." Doors enable us to seek shelter from the storms of life. and so the door to heav en enables us to find shelter from the storm of God's wrath. It makes all the difference in the world which side of the door we are on - insi de or outside? Those who have chosen to enter through the heaven's door can never come under th e wrath of God. But those who remain outside the door are already under the wrat h of God and must suffer the full force of the storm when it breaks. WHICH SIDE OF THE DOOR ARE YOU ON? Most doors permit us to carry anything through them as we enter. Mathew 7-13,14 - but heaven's door is very narrow and will permit us to take not hing with us. - No one can carry his sin into heaven. Those who will not forsake their sin can not enter heaven's door. but those who will allow the LORd Jesus to wash their s ins away will be able to pass through heaven's door. - no one can enter heaven with a hear of unbelief. only a heart that believes on the LORD jesus will have enterance there. - Men cannot take their riches with them. At heaven's door we park with all eart hly gains. - Earthly things too must be forsake at the heaven's door. - Even unsaved friends and loved must be left behind unless they can be won to t he saviour before it is too late. But there are many things we shall leave behind gladly. At heaven's door we part with sorrow for evermore. We leave all sufferings behind. All dissapointments too will be gone for ever. All worries will be left behind.

There is only one thing that we can take with us through that door. Those we hav e led to the saviour. What a joy it would be to take it to the saviour's presenc e many whom we have won to him. Now during the day of grace the door of heaven is open wide and the saviour's in vitation to all is" COME, ENTER IN". Will you not answer that call. will you not accept LORD Jesus t oday and thereby become one of those that can enter heaven's door. Do not delay my freind or someday that door will be closed by God's himself and no power on e arth will be able to openn it. Then you will seek in vain to enter. Then you wil l have only vain regrets because you did not enter while you could. But praise b e to God for his mercy on the children of men. heaven's door is still wide open. Won't you enter while you may. Won't you heed the words of Lord Jesus When he s ays (Jn: 10-9) "I am the door. By me if any man enter in, he shall be saved" Won 't you accept him as your saviour and there take your place among those who will

someday pass through the door into the beautiful city of God.