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The Baptist Bridge

June 2012 By the grace of God, the Philippi Baptist Church shall Embrace, Model, and Share the love of God through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Philippi Baptist Church 107 Church St. Philippi, WV 26416 (304) 457-3206

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107 Church Street Philippi, WV 26416(304)457-3206

Jon Villers, Pastor Lisa Dadisman, Secretary

Life is often referred to analogously as a journey. This imagery has held true in great literature from "The Pilgrim's Progress" to "The Road Not Taken" (Poem by Robert Frost) to Psalm 23 ("though I walk through the valley...") and even to Jesus parable of "The Good Samaritan". The path we take in life is a marker of both the choices we will come to, and the history of choices we have made. Among all the great works of art and literature that reflect life's journey on a path, none is as riveting and poignant as Jesus parable we often call "The Prodigal Son". In the deepest sense, this parable speaks to all people. It is God the Father's call to humanity to return to him. But in a very personal sense, this parable reminds us that the way back from any broken relationship has two primary elements - contrition and humility. Let's read the portion of the parable that deals with the road home for this prodigal. "That brought him to his senses. He said, 'All those farmhands working for my father sit down to three meals a day, and here I am starving to death. I'm going back to my father. I'll say to him, Father, I've sinned against God, I've sinned before you; I don't deserve to be called your son. Take me on as a hired hand.' He got right up and went home to his father. "When he was still a long way off, his father saw him. His heart pounding, he ran out, embraced him, and kissed him. The son started his speech 'Father, I've sinned against God, I've sinned before you; I don't deserve to be called your son ever again.'

"But the father wasn't listening. He was calling to the servants, 'Quick. Bring a clean set of clothes and dress him. Put the family ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. Then get a grain-fed heifer and roast it. We're going to feast! We're going to have a wonderful time! My son is heregiven up for dead and now alive! Given up for lost and now found!' And they began to have a wonderful time.

(Luke 15:17-24 - The Message) Countless teachings have been done on this parable, but I simply want to highlight one element of the process of reconciliation that was squarely within the prodigal son's realm of responsibility. The son had to come to the point of contrition about his own lost-ness, his own lack, and his offense against both God and others (his father, in this case). On doing that, he also made a conscious decision to consider himself less than he truly was in order to find his way back to his father. This is an obvious reversal of the pride that led him away from home in the first place. This teaches us two things about reconciling with others. Contrition - First, if we are not yet ready to admit our own error and wrong relatedness to a relationship, there is little chance of reconciliation. The son saw this and responded with admission and contrition. Humility - Second, we must be willing to humble ourselves if we hope to actually restore relationship. Contrition will be little more than a verbal apology if it is not followed by humility. Humility is an action that re-engages the possibility of relationship by saying "your friendship is more important than my rights". Are you wondering how to start the journey to reconciliation with someone? I encourage you to consider reading the parable of the Prodigal Son. Ask God to reveal practical steps for you to take that you see in the parable. I pray that you will find not only revelation and encouragement from the scriptures, but guidance as you look for restoration in relationships. May God grant you his l love and wisdom in all your relationships as you endeavor to find your road home. from the website of Kim Gentes 2

Please remember in prayer members of our church family who have AB College faculty, faithfully attended down staff and students, through the years, but are Denny Poling Bowers, unable to do so at the Heather Browning, present time: Lee Beuckman, Otilia Franke: Phyllis Crites, (Mansfield Place) Blaire & Pearl Marks, Ralph Crites, Dr. Shearer, Billy Coontz, Mary Tamulitis, Audrey Cross, Vangie Shaffer: Bernitia Dadisman, (Mansfield Place) Becky & Mike Germaine & Austin Elmore, Whitman, Maria Eye, Albert Carman: (Good Samaritan) Jim Friend, _____________________ Carl Gant, Unspoken requests for Jane Gibbons, family members, Joe & Beverly Gouer, unsaved people, The Hinkle Family, community concerns, job Jim Lockhart, and home loss, financial Matt Lake, difficulties. Also, in need of prayer: Ralph Mace, Our national, state, and Christina Maddy, country leaders and Amanda Means, officials. Please pray for Gloria Miller, Victims of crime, war and Donna Moore, violence throughout our Patsy Nelson, country. Pray to protect Dr. Jennifer Parks, military personnel and their families throughout Frankie Poling, Brenda & Gary Price, the world and those serving our Margaret Salimi, country: John Scott, Tim Jenkins, Kaley Sinsel, Chris Mossburg, Major Josh Spriggs, Kris Wood. Jean Westfall, Captain Aaron Cross who was deployed to Afghanistan.

Please Pray for:

2-Blaire Marks 5-Becky Kines 9-Jordan Griffin 10-Judi Funk 10-Daniel Prusa 14-Pat Solomon Penrose 15-Alice May Bookout 15-Amanda Kines16-Wanda Steele 18-Millard Minor 21-Michele Lewis 21-Scott Springer 22-Graham Klaus 24-Lisa Withers 24-Terry Wilfong, Jr. 26-Gary Price 26-Joann Marsh 26-Mary Wilkins 28-Barbara Springer 28-Dan Unger 28-Marilyn Runion 30-Chuck Scheick

2-Bob and Mary Boyer 10-Caton and Joan Hill 14-Blaire and Pearl Barks 15-Dennis and Nancy Stull 20-Millard and Valerie Minor 23-Mike and Debbie Wolfe 26-David and Marilyn Runion 27-J.D. and Linda Long 29-James and Linda Kines

Calendar Dates from Board of Christian Ed

June 30th Family Outdoors Game Night *July 14th - Vacation Bible School (One day event) July 28th Family Movie Night August 17th- MoveIn at AB and Battler Fair August 18th Battler Fair August 25th Family Game Night September 29th Family Game Night
Join the team! Philippi Baptist Church will be hosting a one day Vacation Bible School on Saturday, July 14th from 9:30-3:30 and we need your help. As part of our team, you can help make the Rocky Point Lighthouse VBS a great time for all of the kids. The students will be in four different age groups (from pre-school through middle school). Each group will have bible lessons, music, arts and crafts, science, and games. We need teachers, helpers, kitchen workers, crafters, people to set-up and clean-up, and people to help with advertising. We can't wait to see you shine at Rocky Point Lighthouse! If you are interested please call: Sarah Ferguson: 304-457-5606 Cheryl Wolfe: 304-457-2910 **Also, please feel free to pass this email on to other church members who I do not have email addresses for.

ABWM Annual Spring banquet Good food, good time, and, great women of ministry!

Dear PBC Family, One Great Hour of Sharing continues to focus on the ways Sharing Brings Joy, this year specifically on how Sharing Brings Joy to Others. Much of the time, our gifts bring joy to others in tangible ways: A family displaced by natural disaster or political unrest is grateful to receive food, shelter, and the comfort of a safe place to begin to rebuild their lives. A woman who has had to walk miles to carry potable water for her family smiles as she draws water from a clean well near her home. A child excitedly arrives for the first day of class at her villages new school. Of course, when we sow bountifully by giving to others, we reap bountifully by sharing in the joy that our gifts bring to those whose basic needs are met through the important work of all our partners in service. But in his Second Letter to the Corinthians, Paul reminds us of another way our giving brings joy to others. In encouraging the Corinthian church to give to the collection for the believers in Jerusalem, he reminds them that when the Jewish believers there receive gifts from their non-Jewish sisters and brothers, they will be moved not only by the gifts themselves, but also by the unity in Christ the gifts represent. Across social and economic lines that might have separated them, followers of Christ reached out to support one another. The awareness of anothers need allowed them to recognize their own abundance as a gift from God, one they were called to share. When we become aware of the needs of our extended global family, we are rescued from the fearful sense of scarcity our recent economic downturn has instilled. We are awakened from the daydream of our isolation and reminded of all those around the world with whom, in the Spirit, we are one. Then we see others in need, not as recipients of our charity, but as sisters and brothers with whom we are called to share abundantly. And the joy they experience from sharing in Gods abundance extends beyond the tangible expressions they receive. Knowing there are those who would share willingly with them, they are reminded of who they are: beloved children of the Creator, sisters and brothers of us all, each one a person of sacred worth. This year, as you share your tithes and offerings with One Great Hour of Sharing, remember all the ways your gifts bring joy to others. Sow bountifully and share abundantly, knowing that you are not only helping change the statistics, you are also helping change lives. May we all give cheerfully and multiply the joy! Sincerely, PBC Board of Outreach and Missions

Announcements Mens BreakfastJune 9moving crewmeet @ Cottrills all invited Heart & HandJune 4th6:30-8pm Blue & Grey Choir coming June 10th for the Morning Worship Service Sunday morning Childrens schedule for June:

June 3rd Nursery Wee Church Junior Church

June 10th

June 17th
need volunteer Tom Dadisman Pete Ferguson Chuck Ervin Carol Ervin

June 24th
Cheryl Wolfe Allison Villers Heather and Hayden Cottrill Sara Poling Eddy Poling

Wanda Steele Christie Allen Jim Steele need volunteer Cheryl and Abby Blankenship Sara Poing Eddy Poling Koreen and Bobby Villers Sara Poling Eddy Poling

Recently, a few members of the choir took 45 minutes out of our Sunday afternoon and went to Mansfield Place to share some hymns with the residents. The joy we saw in their faces as we sang was one of the most rewarding experiences we could have had. Some residents sang with us. Others followed along with the hymnal. The music was so uplifting, some were on their feet and raising their hands in praise. It was beautiful. As a result, we would like to do this again and possibly start doing it on a regular basis. We'd love to have other folks join us too. We are planning to go again in the near future so we're asking that you give it a try. Not only will the patient's be blessed but I can guarantee, you will be too. Transportation will be available for those who would like to go but are unable to drive themselves. God bless! Mary Boyer

From Worthington, WV to Mexico!! Debbie, Keith, Boyden & Baillie are newly endorsed missionaries to serve in Central, Mexico. They will partner with the Council of Rural Indigenous Evangelicals of Mexico, AR (CICEM) to provide pastoral accompaniment to the indigenous churches. This training consists of training pastors, church leaders, youth leaders and teachers for the children. They will travel to six different areas outside of Puebla to serve and empower the people.

Special Guests at Philippi Baptist Fathers Day, June 17th During the 10:30am Worship!!
Our familys typical Thanksgiving celebrations are spent tent camping in the mountains of West Virginia. The kids pray for snow and we prepare most of the dinner before we leave. One of the other traditions that we have is deep frying our turkey at the camp site. There have been times when the temperature has not gotten above freezing and we have had almost two feet of snow. This year there was a slight difference to our usual festivities. Since we had never been to Mexico, we felt that we could take the opportunity to spend our Thanksgiving exploring the mountains, forests and deserts of the place that we have sensed God calling us to go and minister. If we had any reservations about Gods invitation to join Him at work in Mexico, those reservations were eliminated with our week there. Since we have begun this journey of raising our support and discerning the will of God, we have tried to include the kids in on every part. This trip was a vision trip for each of us. We decide that in this writing we would each share in part of what was revealed to us individually about Gods work.

Keiths vision:
Proverbs 29:18 reads, Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keeps the law happy is he. I believe that God calls, prepares and then sends. My prayer as we left the United States and headed to Mexico was that God would give me His eyes and heart for the people of Mexico. On our third day there is all took shape. We were in Zongozotla, in the northern mountainous region state of Puebla meeting with some of the leaders of a Pentecostal church. Spanish is their second language and they spoke their native tongue, Totonaco. We began to talk about what vision that they had for the church. Their vision included making the church a gathering place for the community; not just for church, but a place for people to come and gather to feel safe. They are looking for ways to do outreach to effectively take the Gospel to their town. As I listened to them talk, what I heard was a passion for the lost and hunger to know God deeper. During our week visit, we traveled many hours across diverse terrain meeting church leaders who echoed the same passion for the lost and hunger to know God more. We saw no church on the verge of perishing because they didnt have a vision. As I have had some time to 8 reflect over the past few weeks, I can say that God did open my eyes and cause my heart to long to be part of the ministry that He is already doing in Mexico.

Debs vision:
Our vision trip to Mexico was what we needed. One of the communities that we visited sticks out in my mind. I had the privilege of sitting down beside an elderly lady. I have always had a special place in my heart for older people and this lady particularly. As I sat beside her, she reached out her hand and took hold of mine. Her eyes gazed on my smooth skin as she placed it within her wrinkled and worn hands. I began to think of what her hands had been through. Her rough and calloused skin was the way it was because of the work they have seen. My prayer is that when my work on this earth is done, God will see my hands the same way for work that was accomplished in His name. I believe that during this trip God showed me His hands and what He desires of mine.

Boydens vision:
This past Thanksgiving, I had an extraordinary time in Mexico. The people that we had the privilege of meeting were freely giving of their selves, by this I mean they gave the best they had. Only on special occasions would they eat meat, because they have put a lot of money into their animals. Almost every village that we visited they gave us meat to eat with our meal. In a way, this reminds me of the heart of God in the same way He is so giving to us. In our short time there, a challenge that God has laid on my heart is to be more like the people we encountered on this journey. I look forward to getting to Mexico and joining God in this work that He has already begun.

Baillies vision:
Part of our trip that sticks out in my mind was a small community that we visited on our last day of travel in Mexico. The place was called Huacapa (wa ka pah) and the ethnic group was Mixteco. As soon as we pulled in there was little girl who ran up to the van. She was excited to see Chuck, but she was shy at meeting us. Come to find out, she was the daughter of the Pastor who we were there to visit. After a short while of being there, she started to warm up to me. Her name was Elizabeth and she was six or seven years old. The Pastor showed us plans they have for building a church and discussed his vision for their community. During this whole time Elizabeth and I began to befriend one another. As we were leaving, she wanted to come with us. The feet that ran toward us when we arrived were just as anxious to go with us when we were leaving. It reminded me of the armor of God where it says to be ready to spread the gospel of peace. Through a little girl, God showed me His feet. It was an exciting vision trip to see God at work all around us. In our short time there, much was confirmed with the call of our family to Mexico. We still have a long journey to get back to the place where God has called us. In the meantime, God wants us right where we are. There is no experience that he is permitting us to go through today that he wont use tomorrow.

Union Association Summer/Fall Cluster Services 2012 All services begin at 7:00p.m. June 3 August 5 Hepzibah Baptist Church Mr. Chad Griffith, Speaker

NO JULY MEETING Summit Park Baptist Church Pastor Larry Fleming, Speaker

October 7 Point Pleasant Baptist Church Pastor Bruce Hoffman, Speaker November 4 Union Baptist Church Pastor Chris Mullett, Speaker December 2 Flemington Baptist Church Pastor Alan Rosenberger, Speaker All offerings will go to the General Treasurer of the Association. If you have any questions regarding these meetings, please call Roger Delaney, Chairman of Discipleship, Union Association, at 304-842-5149.

The list of roles that Darlene and Ken Waddell have played at Philippi Baptist Church is almost endless. Ken has served on the Diaconate several times and has been the Moderator at least twice. He sang in the choir for many years. Darlene has served as a trustee and the Treasurer. Both of them have taught Sunday School, and the two of them led the youth group (as many as twenty-five members at one time!) every Sunday night for seventeen years. Those are the growing-up years, Ken says, a very important time of life. Young people need a lot of listening time, and we tried to provide that. He thinks for a moment then says, That was probably the most rewarding experience we have had in the church. Then he laughs. But I finally decided that Id had enough of sleeping on the pews or the floor during overnight retreats, so we resigned and have been sitting in the pews instead. Both Darlene and Ken have been active in churches all of their lives. In fact, it was in the Parkersburg church that they met. Darlene was working in Family and Children Services, and Ken, after teaching positions in various locations, was an educational consultant. He was later offered a position in Barbour County and eventually became Principal of Philip Barbour High School (1975-1977). After other administrative positions in the school system, he retired in 1999. Thats when I got serious about artwatercolor in particular. He has excelled in that area, winning many awards. I particularly like teaching other people, he says, mostly right now through the Art Center in Elkins. He and Darlene, whose own artistry lies in cross stitch and basketry, find spiritual meaning in their avocations. Its amazing, Ken smiles, what God can do with a piece of paper and a brush and some pigment. Or some strips of reed or strands of thread, Darlene adds. Originally from Beckley, and with a father who was a coal miner, Ken attended public school there and later graduated from West Virginia Tech. Darlenes father, on the other hand, was in the automotive business in Michigan, where she was born and grew up. It was after he retired that they returned to West Virginia, her mothers home state. The Waddells have a daughter, Kendra, and a son-in-law, both of whom are physicians in Morgantown. The Ken and Darlene also have two granddaughters aged three and six. Both of the Waddells, in addition to their work in the church, have been active volunteers in the schools and in Heart & Hand Ministries. Service is important to us, Darlene says, because of our Christian commitment. Church has always been and will always be at the center of our lives. What a blessing they have beenand are!to PBC!