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Joint venture Watches 1987 Ratan Tata Bangalore[1], India 4 continent and 40 countries. India and other countries esp. Middle east, Asia Pacific and Africa Xerxes Desai, Founder Watches, Jewellery, Eyewear & Precision Engineering 6,532.97 crore (US$1.24 billion) [2] Tata Group

Titan Industries is the world's fifth largest[citation needed] wrist watch manufacturer and India's leading producer of watches under the Titan, Fastrack, Sonata, Nebula, RAGA, Regalia, Octane & Xylys brand names. It is a joint venture between the Tata Group, and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO).[3] Its product portfolio includes watches, accessories and jewellery, in both contemporary and traditional designs. It exports watches to about 32 countries around the world with manufacturing facilities in Hosur, Dehradun, Goa and manufactures precious jewellery under the Tanishq brand name, making it India's only national jewellery brand. It is a subsidiary of the Tata Group.


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[edit] Watch division

A Sonata wrist watch

A wrist watch from TITAN Titan Watch division was started in 1987. At launch it was the third watch company in India after HMT and Allwyn. Titan formed a joint venture with Timex, which lasted until 1998, and setup a strong distribution network across India. As of 2010, Titan watches account for a 60% share of the total Indian market and are also sold in about 40 countries through marketing subsidiaries based in London, Aden, Dubai and Singapore. Titan watches are sold in India through retail chains controlled by Titan Industries. Titan Industries has claimed to have manufactured the world's slimmest wrist watch - Titan Edge.[4] Produced indigenously after four years of research and development, the Titan Edge has a total slimness of just 3.5 mm and a wafer thin movement of 1.15 mm. Apart from the Titan Edge, Titan also offers Steel, Regalia, Raga, Fastrack, Technology, Nebula, Bandhan, Sonata, Octane, special RHosur, Tamil Nadu. Fastrack is a popular brand among youth in India. Fastrack watches come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors.But there's

no result rather than Titan Industries claiming it,since Swatch Skin is world's thinnest watch according to Guinness book of records. On 4 March 2010, Titan Industries Announced the launch of its very first Titan flagship store is located at Opposite Shoppers Stop, Bandra Linking Road, Mumbai, India. Store is spread over a spacious 2,500 sq ft (230 m2) and houses more than 1500 watches on display from Titan like Purple, Automatics, Orion, Raga, Edge, Nebula, and many more.[5] On November 16 2011, Titan Industries acquired swiss watch maker Favre-Leuba for Euro 2 million[6].

[edit] HTSE Technology

In July 2011 Titan launched the HTSE (High Tech Self Energized) collection of watches which run on light.[7] According to Titan these watches can be charged with as low as 200 lux of light which makes them chargeable with light even from a candle.[8] In it's press release the company said that "HTSE draws its design inspiration from the most complex self-energising bodies built by mankind space stations, satellites and spaceships. Targeted at the tech-savvy, young urban male, this ultra-modern assortment is truly an epitome of style and technology."[9] These watches are at current available at select outlets in select cities throughout the world.

[edit] Precision Engineering Division

Precision Engineering Division of Titan was started in 2002. It has become one of the leading manufacturers of Precision Parts for Automotive and Aerospace Industries. The Diverse Product range includes pointers, dashboard clusters like Fuel Gauge, Temperature Gauge, Gear Shift Indicators, Clocks for Automobiles and any kind of Injection molded Plastic parts, Electromechanical Assemblies for automobiles, all kinds of pressed and turned parts for automobiles. The Tooling Sector of Precision Engineering Division manufactures all kinds of Press Tool, Molds, Jigs, Fixtures for various industries. Titan Automation Solution, a part of Precision Engineering Division is a leading Automation Solution Provider for all kind of industries. They made significant contributions to add value during the product development stages of the low-cost water purifier, Tata swach, developed by Tata Chemicals. The Automation Solution applied its precision engineering capabilities to supply automation solutions for the development of special assembly presses that enabled mass production of Tata swach.[10]

[edit] Jewellery division

Tanishq is currently the most prominent jewellery brand of India, and it pioneered the concept of branded jewellery and ornaments in India. The name Tanishq has been formed

by combining "Ta" (the first two letters of Tata) and "Nishk or Nishkh" (meaning gold coin or necklace in Sanskrit).[11] Tanishq is India's largest jewellery brand with a wide range of jewellery in 22Kt pure gold studded with diamonds or coloured gems. It is the fastest growing jewellery brand in India. [citation needed] Tanishq, established in 1995, challenged the established family jeweller and introduced new rules in precious jewellery; a category as old as civilization. Tanishq challenged the age-old jeweller's word with Tata's guaranteed purity. Tanishq's initial foray into the jewellery business was a failure though. Tanishq at first introduced 18 Kt gold jewellery advertising 18 Kt as the 'international standard.' This less pure gold was completely rejected by the market dominated by (purported) 22 Kt gold. Later on, it exploded the market with facts about rampant impurity across India. It introduced technology-backed challenge in a category completely governed by blind individual trust. Tanishq introduced innovations like Karatmeter, the only non destructive means to check the purity of gold; machine made jewellery, which offers superior finish and value to the customer and handcrafted jewellery which is influenced by various jewellery traditions of India. Tanishq has set up production and sourcing bases with thorough research of the jewellery crafts of India. The 135,000 sq ft (12,500 m2). factory is equipped with the latest and most modern machinery and equipment. The factory complies with all labour and environmental standards, located at Hosur, Tamil Nadu. The brand brings together the work of karigars, who specialize in different styles of making jewellery. Karigars, who continue to be an exploited lot with other jewellers, are paid fair remuneration and work under good working conditions in Tanishq.

[edit] Titan Eye + :Prescription Eyewear Division (PEW)

The PEW business is Titan's latest retailing venture. Titan Eye +, the third major line of consumer business from Titan Industries Ltd, ventured into the eyewear segment in March 2007. The move was an initiative to re-define the industry and straddle the marketplace with exacting quality standards, unparalleled in Indias eyewear industry. Titan Eye+ offers wide range of stylish and contemporary eyewear through 190 exclusive optical stores across the country. Benchmarked against the best in the world, Titan Eye+ will herald standardization Titan Eye +, in sync with Tata s principles of quality and trust, offers international quality standards and practices coupled with various aspects such as transparency in pricing, style and contemporary design in the eyewear segment and new practices in the highly fragmented and undifferentiated Indian optical retail segment.[12] .

[edit] Face of Titan

The Company also runs a one of a kind contest in the retail industry called the Face Of Titan (FOT) contest to identify the most talented Sales person, Manager & Service personnel Technician & Cashier.[citation needed] The contest recognizes the best based on a set

of parameters that give a measure of the overall development of the individual in each of the categories mentioned above and is not solely on sales. This program was conceived as an assessment center for front-line staff - by Aparna Ponnappa, inspired at that time by staff who expressed their desire to 'perform' and 'be recognized' for what they do. This program enabled the retail wing of Titan to empower staff to take charge of their own skill development and provided them with a healthy and fun environment to compete and showcase their own talent. The contest leapfrogged into the digital era from the year 2006-07 with the introduction of IT in the capturing of survey data across all of its 200+ stores, that year also saw the introduction of the data gathered at the store level being used to profile the staff at various levels using a custom built web based software developed by I.GEN Labs. TITAN company has good reputation in Indian stock market (NSE). Sonata reached the top 100 most trusted brands of India in a study - The Brand Trust Report conducted by Trust Research Advisory. The same study has also ranked Titan as 10th Most Trusted Brand.[13]