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yeah yeah uhm knox i just left court im loosing my mind the judge gave the word im doin

gsome time so many thought in the back of my mind like how my kids gon heard from me doin this time i already did so much time my nikka im tired well everybody talk about it i rather be quiet i did this rap shit to get out of my past but the feds wont let me forget about that conversation with my father now the love grows now i understand how it feel how to raise a child errnight to provide a meal used to drink water just to fill my stomach to get wat i wanted i had to take something never hussle for nigga to make nothing became my own boss in my hood cuzz money giv u power in the neibohood but nikka trynna kill u in ur neibohood took a shot to the stomach had to wear bag heat paralyzed so i stay mad firend and foes that how the word turns nikka ain shit but they gon get their turn i cant sleep on this night time n im trynna get it when its day time i hope im bless im lil brother is doin time i forgot to mention i cant read his letter cuzz hes crying out i wish i could heal his scare i wish i could bring him home the pain got me in the zone so i rather be alone

10 bullet in my pistol all of u nikka lay low party all night u prolly should called m albert puyos party to the limit i called that boy so frsh im so fly u can put me in a airport beat so fresh i swear i wanna do it like ca passe hatian baller my name should b montana french ain my first language but i hablo that shit like it days time rhyme so well i had to smoke a cigaar 10 carrot on the boy ring thought i told u i was a guard ballin like a mango my friend always called m ringuard palatalk most wanted rapper that why they call m 2k miami nikka thought i had 2 keys

all i do is get money with my FR clique. dont me madd if she wanna suck my fren ch dick. fuck hoemarcus i hate dat boi. R.I.P senor is dat boi. im bussin out the window with a big mac bussin out da window with my victom. 50 bullet in my gun every body get down.

i bought 10 keys last night the dealer told m i was so fly yeah she was a girl the only reason why u think i cant flow hes cuzz ur ear wack this 2k theres a reason why the ak only has 31 bullet mholla thats a bitch name man holla at him wen i flash on ya ass ur boy told m that u ran had to make it clear. shyt aint even fear. got bitches up in here like the booba video premeire. fuck the all fake rapper still got my hat cock. hottest nigga in the game, never strike a matchbox. ra ra, like a dungeon dragon. see me in the streets, in my pants is saggin. gucci on the feet, got damn he flashin. down south royalty, u cant imagine. let ya ladies oil me. do it like a porta potta, let her know its more of me. so she fuckin everybody. tell ya like dis, lot of purple in my spliff. let me not on the strip. trynna party like chris. im goin to body himmmmm , im goin to body ya marathon bitches party all night .. last night it was all good called 3k he told me he had 4 keys im talkin kiloz my nikka always spit 10 bars or anything im a french nikka f r e n c h nikka thats how that hoe called m nikka im goin ham on this beat right now u could nt rap like m even if i gav 10keys right now this kind of flow is the kinda that made ja rtired but now im a go str8 at u bitches 10 bullet in my pistol u had to lay low 1 for u head , ear and 2 for ur ass only rap in french cuzz it bring all the hoes back paltalk most wanted freestyler cant speak english

blame it beat b double o n yup that boon the wack ass than nikka trynna battle 2k seriously get the fuk outta here with yo black ass im the best guy on paltalk ain none better than m u can ask mholla

boon been luaghin too much at 2k but the boy got bars like jesse in the vodoo pot my flow so hard my mom told m im undefeated my rhyme might sound simple but they dogoulou like loco local home in paris and vegas never been there tho still i don like vega remeber back in 07 i used to smoke blunt with a-z but according to mholla my flow is crazy cuzz that bitch knows better noone hotter than my on paltalk except bumdotcom better than me means u eat dick better than me means u can spit 10 bars without thinking im the boss on this shit r o s s taught m that so right now im goin to drop the mic being humble never got m there so i better just drop the mic hahaah how u lov that hoe

2k 2k baller of the year stunt so hard i swar my feet never touch the ground 2 pistols in the suit case one black the other red cuzz it only shot blood bullet fuck shaun prophetix that nikka wack couldnt beat m on this pal shit im the boss bentley or the porshe overseas see jet skis slide across this is my 24 verse 2k goin at it like a 24 virgn and but vrge i mean virgin last train from paris metro ride was so hot that mormning was so cold i didn hav to wear my jacket like mc jacky chan but ian got no chain on my necklac all i have is jewrly 2k best rapper on paltalk i thought i told u bitches who doesnt suck my dick only get 1k u wan 2k u gotta suck that baby i m a man hoe' in a man whole wat u thinkin release ur thought -let it go free mgk 2 k , 2 chainx we the best man i got my jew jwey yeah its night time brought two rolex with m like jack crime one on my foot the other on my hand jack always said fuck the police

but hpw he goin fuck the polixe when hes scared of the feds saw me the other days with my nikka styles p nikka thought i was a ghost writter for the dz skill so advanced i need an ambulance balli till the end well call that booboo dance im so raw my jeans only cost 10 carrats shoes for 2 carrats 2 k baller of the year yeah true

2k is back , 2k is back Steady comin got you runnin for your damn life I'm busting bars with this mic, nigga act right You crossed this nigga how you playin I'm a naughty head The last bitch got 4 shots to the head I squeezed off and watched her brain hit the concrete Last breath, last motherfucking heartbeat. There was no motive for the murder on the straight tip And all you can seen was blood and brains every damn where So I refuse to shoot a nigga in his stomach or his face or his forehead (killa!)

No, these just ain t fucking words No, this ain t no fucking verse Nigga this my fucking life I been through the fucking worst First they took my father from me Shot him in the fucking head Then they took my homies from me Locked em in the fucking Fed Then they took my cousin (Churl)? And they kidnapped Mardy s girl After that I lost my deal Had me screaming fuck the world (Now my nigga Mardy locking Feds ran up in Puffy shit)? But I worked too hard to get signed And I been through too much to quit So much pain inside my heart So much passion in my eyes That now I just invite the pain I think it s passion in disguise Bless my God that kept me safe I cherish every single breath But Lord knows I been through so much That up s the only thing that s left Momma if I m bitter lately Sorry I don t mean to be But I wake up in cold sweats Fighting demons in my sleep Pray to Lord my soul to keep Want for nothing less than more

So anything I m going through is everything I m destined for

homie ur not hard i bodied ur hot bars

back in 2012 2k was the best on paltalk the boy rap rap so well but never try thoz trap blocks back the the lyrics the french chalk lives in a bad blcok so nikka start callin him zack nice combination lyricis is back so call m tw2 k next time ill get on this mic kid this is my 24 verse 2k goin at it like a 24 virgn and but vrge i mean virgin bitch ur a goat a better version of billy the goat after i finsih droppin this lil bar ull prolly need a boat thats the only thing she wrote wack ass rapper can fuck with the fed note ur bars so wack i swear i need gayo on this beat u ain killin no shit the only thing ur gettin is my dick in ur mouth mholla i body ur hot bars call m 2k yeah im stronger than 2 thousand horses riri shit 2k back in this bitch 2 thousands clay bombs

boom look whoz trynna to battle boon its 2k the boy with the 2 hundred flow marine trynna to step his flow up but he cant tho hes goin against 2k only days u goin to win against m goin be may but not today okay bring back the clay bombs its 1997 biggie about to get shot boon snitched b double o n yup that boon the wack ass than nikka trynna battle 2k seriously ur dreamin boy im the best guy on paltalk ain none better than m u can ask mholla

ahhaha bpoon u need a better flow if u wanan get at me my style so fresh u r not ready to get at m my name ain homo last time i check bumdotcom was a homo name

u ain shinnin bro ur dreamin boon ur not hard i body ur hot bars this rhyme r writin im freestylin bro ur the one reading last time i 20 thousand bars on this shit boon couldnt murder me i 2 k b es t rapper on paltalk i rip wack ass nikka like b o o n uhm boon ur lyrics so lame ur flow is outdated ur american n still i rap better than u 20 carats on him mic i swear my mic is shinin right way too strong wave boon had to cloz his eyes boon try to take the kay away from 2k i came back at him like mayway did to cotto

If you talkin about me nigga you're on trouble boon you ain't nothin but a Yungstar stunt double I re member when i first saw u on paltalk And you where comin up to me tellin me that you flow But I was like you can't do no song wit me if I let you do a song wit me what's wrong wit me You can't rap, you wanna sound just like a Yung bitch Now how many times on the freestyle can you swing and swung But fuck that, nigga I'm on 35 tapes, I'm on 55 states fuck 55 dates You ain't shit your mom ain't shit your chain ain't shit Nigga what name are you on your name ain't shit you claim that shit But fuck dat you really don't know I'm the Freestyle King I ain't know Freestyle Pro I'm a Legend on the Screw Tape

So when ever you say my name bitch don't forget france C-Note my nigga, Big Pokey my nigga Nigga you out of line you'll be smokin my nigga You think I'm jokin my nigga, I'm provokin my nigga One ahead of me is like PCP pokin my nigga I'll bust a nigga head then tuck him in his bed Nigga fuck you like Santa I'll fuck you in slid Wit a AK and choppa, shoot you like a boppa Nigga I just step on niggaz I smash them like whoppas Cause they already saw I'm gon win you lost Nigga if you talk the talk Bitch be ready to walk the walk I'ma duct tape you, I'ma kidnap you If you see me in club I just might slap you so don't Speak to me don't be tryin to give me some dab

Nigga you ain't eva eva eva bought a slab You wreck the food stamps you wreck up the fuckin fist You ain't even got the new tab leppin kiss So you better motherfuckin stop rappin cause that shit in your heart my nigga is not platinum It ain't even gold that shit look like breast Nigga on your next couple don't put your face use your ass Cause you a hoe, and you ain't go Neva be shit I'm the Freestyle King I'm in the Screwed Up Click You in the hoe click Nigga you ain't really shit 2k I blow up in one year really quick I'm on Hoe Tape Lil' O E.S.G. you know Bitch you ain't shit but a motherfuckin HOEEEEEE

Fuck im about cash im from the school of hard knocks you out fast errthing come out yo mouth trash. use to bein in the hole like a mousepad and now im surfin through them house ads. 2k killin marine and every obstacle i outlast. You aint gonna treat this boy like a outcast. hell no bfo' i sell out i sell sno, judge already paid nigga fuck i need bail fo? me and hood junes copin shoes compin melrose. money talk make it look like heaven in this hell hole. thats just how it is huh drop a little cheese on em. i see e on her i see me on her. Colder than a bitch whole rish put a freeze on it me hood and cash runnin 3 man weaves on her. stay around hella hoes cribs like the cathouse. twistin all heads to the ball till they past out. cause you only live once then you cash out. if you aint goin trough it now then you assed out.

You kno wat that mack bout bitches up in that house. Nigga holdin macks out. waitin fo you to back out. soon as you act out take you the backhouse. legs shot chest shot make it blow yo back out.

stay around hella hoes cribs like the cathouse. twistin all heads to the ball till they past out. cause you only live once then you cash out. if you aint goin trough it now then you assed out. Check it, im just sayin the facts i been the best i was playin the back that ke ep change. they say this rap shit failed we need change got me wonderin while labels keep lookin at me strange. Cause i aint from a big ass gang wit street fame. Cause i aint got a big ass chain like t-pain. well i mean it though this aint the game i got the meanest flow hot every seaso n o errbody breathin o. i wont stop cause the top is where i need to go see im addicted to this crack m an i need to blow. Logically you aint hot as me im spittin prophecies. like an einstien philosiphy when i roc da beat. heavy on that jag shit streets need a new sound. see even vince carter ready fo some magic so far ahead you aint ready for my la st shit overnight average im classic... 2k. i make stadium music we takin ova homes i lost me fam real lif souja homes. twenty two you kno its on i kno how to hold a chrome tell em shop anywhere life is like a mobile home. stylin in a coop cute shoes lookin overgrown. i kno how to post it on kill the game ova gone

im the greatest one to do it since Pun biggie n pac homie as marine about it

Yeah I m counting all this money 2k for this bandana And my girl ass thick like Buffy the body And which one I ma choose I think her with the booze I keep paper like the kid in elementary school You know I m smoking on the finest G6 to the islands I m too flex yeah it s like I m on autopilot Man stop it I m way outta your league See it ll take a lifetime to spend all this cheese I got a new bitch for erryday of the week Suck a nigga off til I m fast asleep

The stronger I become the more ya'll weaken So when I'm at full power your gonna be a weaklin My heart still beatin and my lungs still breathin My brain still thinkin ain't none of ya'll eatin Over my dead body and my blood still bleedin

I'm a rap rebel Clap a black metal Look into my eyes and realize what pap symbol Lies but wise got pride is that visual Nah I don't slap high five with you [? ] It's not my vibe You just not my size I cock my 9 Cats got 9 lives get shot 5 times I cock pistols and blast clap missles Black it's that simple Kick the door down, weighed glock, bag the money, gimme all that you got, Than its back to the hood, fo a all night flight, tryin to slang a lick at the g amblers spot, All or nothin, win or lose, grind all day, no time to snooze, Stack o' cash, one dolla at a time, just earnin' stripes, and payin my do's, 5-9, 5-8, South Lee, South Bake, Lil E, Big Mix, my partna Bowdy, pour up the dr ank, Getcha eagle on flip a bird, 16 deep can buy you a brick, Plus that clock go stone for stone, gram for gram, lick for lick, Ova night celebrity in the streets, bust a move feet to feet, Cut the corner, slide off in the wind, and its back to the block for a meet n gr eet, Where's the drank? Where's the dro? Where's the whip? Where's the blow? Pop seal, pour a fo', fire up the piff, light n blow, I'm comin straight from dat Houston, Texas, I got the tech, who's next wit plex? I do yo ass, like a garbage fest, I'll peal yo shell n snap yo neck, It's Paul Wall no need to explain, emerged from the game in a slab on swang, Sip the drank, take it straight to the brain, I'm fuckin' round with that Drama King,

Your sword s grown old and rusty Burnt beneath the rising sun It s locked up like a trophy Forgetting all the things it s done And though it s been a long time You re right back where you started from I see it in your eyes That now you re giving up the gun When I was 17 I had wrists like steel And I felt complete And now my body fades Behind a brass charade And I m obsolete But if the chance remained To see those better days I d cut the cannons down My ears are blown to bits From all the rifle hits

But I still crave that sound