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The End Game Hoax

Pop the Luxury-Narcotics Industry Bubble

Democracy Work
Eradicating the At-Risk Profile Nationwide. Presentation on the Internet at

Google+ Reformation E.U.

Blair Klan FRAUD

Scandal Mills: Rigged Bank, Gay Community use of WallisSimpson
DukeofWindsor KeyNames Consistent 1980-2011
*Elections, University, Private & Public Sector, Employment, University Admissions, Scholarships, Lotteries, Casinos, Gambling, Real Estate Mafia, BuildingNames Exponential Exploitation of the At-Risk Community,
1 month alleged UKGB PM Blair known Extinction 007 EndGameHoax strung-out to 15 years, War vs. Humanitarian Issue, while Old European Authorities attacked & struggling with Economic Terrorism, Attrition, 1996-2015. Gay Community & Terrorists rewarded with CriminalLuxuryIndustry Bubble: RealEstate-BankBubble. *KeyName tinkerng as Theater Goal of Appearance of Collusion & Culpability to reinforce Paranoia, Narcotics Addiction & S/M Slave status.

LuxIrish-Germanic 40+ Year Narcotics-Luxury Industry Bubble

Virtual Reality Tech seen in movie Avatar, SciFi Films advertise NaziCult use of Tech, Psychosomatic eReinforced addiction/ sexual obsession, Porn Studios: eViagraNetwork, Talent Look-alike Escort Services, Pedophile Clients, Kiddie Porn Artists, Politicians, Police, Military Engine, Leadership
Eastern European At-Risk Community used as the Usual Suspects.

IndiaPaki eVolatility Sales, Aryan & EU wanna-bes

Deranged Lunatics: No Insanity Defense, eProgrammed Insane-Delusional for Myopic EgoTrip, bragging while caught & Self-Profiled Pathetic 1990-2011. Many examples of eKidnappng, eHostages have logical link to other people eKidnapped by the GayNaziCult IndiaPaki LuxIrishGermanic Bordello Escort Network. Contact for consultation +1-240-479-9532.
Google+ Reformation E.U.

Bigger Mouse Trap

c1950s 2010: Database KeyName Matrix of Western Centric History & Commerce, news stories promoted/ pushed, Key Locations of Narcotics Trafficking pattern established following history of Colonist Trade, Conquests & Wars, Election Red States, Sub-Prime Default Map, Alignment of Key Names of 1990s adjusted to expose guilty & reinforce/ support guilty, 2000Census used as Doomsday Book, Election KeyNames of Bordello System, 100.00% Identifiable Pattern of Business & Crime, Usual Suspects Key Names linked to:
LuxIrish & LuxGermanic, Western European & EU Expats, IndiaPaki: Sri Lankan, regional Expats of any Citizenship. Blair Klan used same pattern of Nazi Infiltration of WWI & CIA use of former Nazi Officers, with Y2K testing & Enron Systems. Vagrants of Kiddie Porn Serf Virtual Bordellos & Viagra Spammers used to infiltrate. Activity of Viagra Spammers & Virtual Bordellos & Porn Studios, hyper obsessed KiddiePorn Artists on Narcotics, linked to stalking & targeting activity. High End Crime network using eLikeness of Actors, Political & Private Business Leadership. Vagrants following Key Names believed they had bought control of the Talent with shopping, stock purchases, bets.

Google+ Reformation E.U.

Western Historic Record

100.00% Identifiable

Its Chicken Soup: Avoiding Legal Liability means, President Obama is the Janitor President. Westerners need Credibility. RNC & DNC need clear path from point A to point B that does not involve Inflation & Exploitation.
Google+ Reformation E.U.

What did I buy?

Key Named Product linked to Narcotics Terrorist Key Players, Gamblers, Banks, Personalized Terrorism , Trafficking Activity? Advertised Pain Killer, Pharmaceutical & Software Company Stocks, Stock Market Position w/Insider info on IPOs & Penny-Power, Western wasteful & destructive Business Model, narrowing Natural Resources into Commodified & Tightly Controlled Asset aligned with the WWII Nazi Dream of control of Environment, Minerals, Metals, Industrial icons which, in the 1950-1070s, provided the platform for Brainwashing, use of Electricity, Alcohol, Narcotics & Stalkers to Terrorize, eProgram & Exponentially Exploit those with & without money to Earn Rent on Earth.
Google+ Reformation E.U.

Use of Circular Reasoning to Waste Time.

Blair, Key Named FRAUD in Office, allegedly directed Narcotics Terrorist Nihilistic Cult, AtRisk Community that was scheduled to be exposed to Christian Salvation & Nixon Era Operation Scared Straight, Blair allegedly made non logical link between use of Public Personality, Noam Chompsky & use of Oxford Students Iraq Sexed up Dossier, while trying to claim State Sponsored Terrorism was Constitutional Government Program, rather than publication of United States Civilian, an opinion & failed idea. Priorities Programmed: Simple, Easy to Solve Long Standing problems of Immediate Need purposefully neglected to Set the Stage, provide for Racist Ego Trip & fluff statistics of poor. Culpability & Appearance of Collusion from RNC & DNC, Westerners was supposed to cause Depression, dependence upon Pharmaceuticals, combined with Program of Non-News & Bickering in News Media. No Logic in War Activity: War electronic Mode exists: used to push spending & defense budgeting fluff, use of mass brainwashing campaign with Manufactured Poverty, War in Nations of Humanitarian Issue. References to activity, aggression & violence in Non Western Countries made w/ Public Personalities to Vagrant & Narcotics Community only. IsraelPalestine aggression allegedly linked to Schwarzeneggers Narcotics Terrorist Stalkers of Northern California, DNC & RNC SpookFRAUD confusion. LuxIrishGermanic obsessed on Pubs, Beer Halls as center of activity directing Publishing Houses, Civil War, News Reports, published material signaling Terrorism.
Google+ Reformation E.U.

Scenario: Outside eProgramming Activity, Conversations, News Media

Analysis of all conversations from any medium/venue around 1 person or group of people within 1 hour 24 hours would render identifiable the planning activity & conversations of Narcotics Terrorist Stalkers,
I wasnt speaking to you.: Traditionally, racists didnt speak to Non Westerners. IndiaPaki Stalkers, LuxIrishGermanic, dont speak to Non Westerners as rule. IndiaPaki speak to IndiaPaki only. Telepathy = Terrorists listening to own voice. Use of Key Words: Againn, As Well, Also, were supposed to automatically link the mindbody of the stalked person to an VR Brainwashing device. A.I. Non Sentient: Vocabulary of Stalkers not standard, ESL, unusual, not trying to sound intelligent while using 25cent words. IndiaPaki Terrorists word game: Ridiculous, pushing the idea of DickCheney as candidate for Political Office. Gay Community sound & act the same everywhere? Unusual facts of Gay Community were to be exposed as of Narcotics Terrorist Community c1960s. IndiaPaki & LuxIrishGermanic tried to deny Gay Community of Christian Salvation, ability to self program as functional and/or straight productive people of Western Community.
Pedophile Conversations heard when listening to conversations of Parents talking to their Kids. Behavior & Mannerisms increasingly sloppy, informal in Mainstream News Media, Reporters & Politicians. Narcotics Terrorist Gay Leadership (LuxIrishGermanic) wanted everyone to sound dysfunctionally Gay rather than functional & dignified as planned 1970s.

Google+ Reformation E.U.

11-9-2001 Event Horizons, Timed & Scripted Mass Media Campaigns

Narcotics Terrorist Stalker Neural Network finds delivery times, Sends information to Night Clubs, Night Clubs simply follow directions of LuxIrishGermanic Narcotics Terrorists who have set profit quota per Territory, Same pattern used for Information Intercept without use of the ECHELON Info Intercept & using Info on Passenger Arrivals & Excavations, Patent Processes & Non Western Habits, Ideas & Conversations, Facebook Population Database, WMD, IndiaPaki tried to play FaustFAILED, ended IndiaPaki in EU by electronically Kidnapping Non Westerners, supporters of President Obama & The World Peace Organizer, & programming an Waste of Time in RNC & DNC EXPLICITLY against World Peace & Life of Earth, (As though all Westerners were Racists.)

IndiaPaki&LuxIrishGermanic circling Wagons, dont want competition. Blair allegedly used Conservative as though Racist Nazi Cult Members, targeting with Database Matrix.
Google+ Reformation E.U.

Blairs Scandal Mill Commercialized

The Reputation of the Blair Administration in Europe was notorious for Extortion, Bribery & unfair play (support for African Americans & exploitation of African mines), Systems of Stalkers were set up to provide 24/7 surveillance, UKGB MPs complained about the excessive Surveillance practices of the UKGB, Virtual Reality Technology of LuxIrish & LuxGermanic, IndiaPaki Viagra Spammers has the ability to puppet people as though Video Games, Film, Gamer, Video Games became popular to promote idea of puppeted War & Expose the Puppeteers allegedly linked to Schwarzenegger, Any Given Sunday, was supposed announcement of Blue Screen Sports gambling. ALL TERRORIST ACTIVITY OF LuxIrishGermanic & IndiaPaki was EXPLICITLY ANTI WORLD PEACE.

1950s Hell of the Mind:

Google+ Reformation E.U.

Profile of Stalked & Narcotics Terrorists

Stalkers targeted those with past history of Narcotics use, affected behavior & habits to mirror habits of Stalker:
Junkie habits, junk food, munchies, uncontrollable eating, drinking, binges, anti-social self-destructive behavior, dependent upon TV-radio, Electronics, Internet. (IndiaPaki Viagra Spammer Network of Asia Pacific, hackers & VR Tech.) Iraq War Report is in Gay Bordello coded Langauge Profile used in Advertising, Front Page News, Hollywood Movies: LuxIrishGermanic Actors & Vagrants, Narcotics Terrorist, believed NixonEra Hazing would work to reinforce order of FAKENaziCult, published info/ of Profile & KeyNames of members, Skull & Bones as though stalked & watched 24/7 rather than intercepted info from ECHELON Satellite System. (HughGrant-ElizabethHurley-NeesonFiennesFamily-SeanBeanPenn.)

What are the Key Signs? Gay vs. Hindi.

If youre being stalked you show signs of: Rosetia, Dark Circles around Eyes (IndiaPaki stalkers), Dermatitis, Touretts, ADD, Anti-Social or Schizoid behavior, Impulse shopper, BiPolar Manic Depressive or Aggressive behavior (of 1980s-2010). 1990s-2001: Nervous Breakdowns, Racist ways expressing themselves in old age while young, Elderly becoming Hardliners thereby creating Economic Dysfunction in Family, Businesses, KiddiePorn Diva Attitude, etc. Unmanned Drones = Vegetables: Vegetarianism was pushed from IndiaPaki Narcotics Terrorist community, Gay Community pushed use of Animals, Pets as Virtual source of Cortisone. Pet Companies became popular, PetMeds was the combination of interests in the Gay Community, stalkers organized per Prescription/ Region. Painkillers = Brainwashing. Obstructionist: Non Logical Zero Sum Game conversations, circular reasoning (Wall Streeets, Im stupid.) used as excuse for denial of service to those of Immediate Need, Family, Friends, nickel & diming people, haggling over numbers, obsessed with monthly credit rating (Non Sentient Shell.)

Google+ Reformation E.U.

Avoid Exponential Exploitation: Solve the Problems of the Native Indigenous & Solve Problems Internationally.
100.00% Identifiable Bubble around Gay-Luxury Cmty, WMDs: LuxIrishGermanic believed Underground activity made mainstream would be acceptable, exposed underground & NaziCultS&M reference to Commerce 100.00%, IndiaPaki wanted tobe European vs. Asian, tried to save souls as though tradition, Bribes were more like Extortion with smiling Hindi on the other end, IndiaPaki & LuxIrishGermanic routinely fed information into Gay Network of Night Clubs & Traffickers, keeping tabs & trying to avoid competing with Non Westerners & Political Competition, Volatility Sales = sale of eKidnapping of your Competition, origin of your Patent Ideas & Book/ ScreenPlay Idea, Conflict Diamonds.

FAILED LuxIrish LuxGermanic & IndiaPaki slaves selling these positions to try avoid Competition 1990-2008.

IndiaPaki&LuxIri shGermanic selling time = eKidnapping & Economic Terrorism of Competition.

Google+ Reformation E.U.

World Peace is the only International Clandestine Plan.

Earth's Nature is Self Sustaining ABUNDANCE, resources for forward planning & participation exposed in Earth BioSphere Education. Theater Campaign can be useful in providing International Support for Native Indigenous Ancestry, Languages, Traditions as Poverty is Curable with International Competitions: Suggested Immediate Reparations needed: Participate in the CELEBRATION, an International Renaissance of Native Indigenous Ancestry, Languages, Trade: Avoid further Liability to Western Constitutional Governments 1st Annual Multi Religious Multi Ancestral European Union Reformation, Rome 2012, Support Democracy Works KID SAFE Community Safety Net, Quality Jobs, Intervention & Rehabilitation resource, Support GKnot Foundation Affordable Quality of Life Policies & Projects Join and Donate to Democracy Work

Google+ Reformation E.U.

"The Hoax", "I Am Legend",, Japan film, "Ringu", "Chunking Express", "Half Baked", "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead",, "The Departed", "My Own Private Idaho", Mark Rothko "Brief Encounter" "Double Indemnity", "Blood Diamond", "Body of Lies", Genocide for Entertainment 100.00% Provable, Gamer, Surrogates, IMF GDP Growth Datamapper Narcotics Terrorism Routines of Hollywood ENEMY COMBATANTS: India Paki & Irish Germanic eProfiling: Irish Germanic last ditch "Plan of Attack", Eric Arthur BLAIR: Electronic Narcotic http://bit.ly_eNarcotic Blair's Racketeering Mill, WMDe Foodquake, Narcotics Trafficking Signaler The Pentagon Papers Situation Room Brain for Elder WH Advisors, India Pakistan DERANGED LUNATICS,

World Peace Plan suggestions for an Affordable Quality Lifestyle Suggested IMMEDIATE REPARATIONS, Democracy Work, ECHELON Space Satellite System Information Loop, Racketeering Spin Cylce, Western Political & Commercial System, Information Theft & eKidnapping, Paul Hellyer's UFO Landing Hoax,, Western War Cycle as "Life", Download Narcotics System & Signal Code, Read Google+ Info: Reformation E.U. Twitter: DWorkNews, DemocracyWork, Democracy_Work, D_Work Blair Klan's War Crimes, Heads of State OfficialUKGB document explaining "Blair Never Existed" necessary,

Google+ Reformation E.U.