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May 30, 2012 Dear retreat attendee, We are excited that you will be part of the Mens Retreat entitled THE SPIRITUALITY OF IMPERFECTION: HEADED FOR HOME on Friday, June 22 Sunday, June 24 at the Audubon Center, Sandstone, MN. We trust that these instructions will be helpful as you prepare you for this event. In the attachment is also a Medical Form. Return it by June 10 to Terry Shaughnessy, 716 Osceola Ave, St Paul, MN 55105. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to drop an email to Terry Shaughnessy at You may also call him at 651-207-5535. Peace, The Servant Team of the Mens Retreat: Dick Rice, Kevin Anderson, Dennis Schmidt, Terry Shaughnessy, Damien Poling, Steve Robach, Louie Doering.


When should I arrive? You are welcome to arrive anytime on Friday to enjoy hiking in the woods or swimming in the lake. Registration will occur from 3:005:00 PM in front of the Dining Hall. When does the retreat officially begin? Friday, 5:00 PM In the Crosby Lounge, followed by supper at 6:00PM. When does the retreat officially end? The retreat concludes after the closing liturgy on Sunday (around 12noon). What if I would like to car-pool or I need transportation to/from the airport? Please contact Dennis Schmidt (Transportation Coordinator) at 952-607-6664. Or email him at He will connect you with another attendee who can provide transportation. What does the camping option entail? Bring whatever camping equipment you will need, including a tent, sleeping bag, pad, pillow, etc. The areas for camping will be made known on your arrival. Showers/bathrooms will be available for tenters in the extra rooms of the Crosby Building and Lowry Building.

What does the dorm option entail? There are two dorm buildings for our use (Crosby and Lowry). You will be assigned a room with 3 other men. Crosby is the dorm that was used for the Mens Rite of Passage (MROP) experience. It is air- conditioned and each room has its own bathroom/shower facilities. Lowry is not air-conditioned but remains relatively cool. Lowry bathroom/shower facilities are shared. Those who be staying in Crosby is determined by the date of their on-line registration. For the dorms, bring your own towel and either a sleeping bag or sheets/blankets for a twin mattress. Bedding and towels are NOT provided, but the Audubon Center has bedding available for $10 for those flying in. What is the weather like at the Audubon Center in late June? Highs from the 70s to the low 90s. Lows in the 50s or 60s. It can be humid and thunderstorms are possible. We encourage you to check or some other forecasting service to see what the weather might be like in Sandstone/Hinckley, MN. What will be asked of me physically? Hiking in the woods is optional for Saturday afternoon, otherwise the physical demands are minimal. Is there anything extra that I need to bring to the retreat? Please bring a small container of water from your home. This will be used in one of the rituals for the weekend. You may also want to bring a journal and pen for your personal note-taking during the talks and/or the reflection time on the weekend. Also, many men find it helpful to bring ear-plugs when they are sharing a room with other men. Bringing a drum is a good idea. Many of the sessions will begin with ceremonial group-drumming. We will have extra drums available. Do not bring a cell-phone or any media device. Leave these in your car. If you need to make a call do so before you arrive. Cell coverage is limited anyway at the Audubon. In case of emergencies, have your people call the Audubon Center (phone # is below) How do I get to the Audubon Center? The Center is located only six miles from Interstate 35; 90 miles north of the Twin Cities (about 1 1/2 hours) and 60 miles south of Duluth (about 1 hour). The Audubon Center is on Grindstone Lake and is near Banning State Park. The toll free phone number of the Audubon is 888-404-7743. (See for a map). Driving From the Twin Cities and Duluth: From Interstate 35, exit on the Sandstone Exit 191. Go southwest on County Road 61 just over two miles. Take a right on County Road 27, cross the Munger bike trail, turn left (Grindstone Lake Road) and go just over three miles. Take a right on County Road 17 (Fox Road). Turn left between the stone pillars (Audubon Road). Follow this road to the office - one mile. (There will be signs the entire way) Directions are also available at

Do I need to do any preparation prior to the weekend? That is not necessary, although reading Richard Rohrs book Breathing Underwater may help you get into the mind-set of the retreat.

To bring Toiletries Towel Soap Any other personal items you will need. Clothes for cool evenings and warm days Water from your home to be used in a ritual (bring only a small amount, 4oz. or less) A journal/notebook with a pen or pencil Rain Gear Durable shoes appropriate for walking Water bottle Flashlight Backpack Sunscreen

Insect Repellent with DEET (not only for mosquitoes but for deer ticks Central MN is a high risk area for ticks that may carry Lyme Disease) Tweezers (important for removing any ticks) Hat (important for sun protection) Any drum (or percussion instrument) you care to bring. If you have an extra drum, label it and bring it for someone else to use. No experience required. Other rhythm instruments are encouraged too. We will have extra drums available. Swim suit Watch (to arrive on time for activities) Sleeping bag (or sheets/blankets), pillow Tent (for those tenting)

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