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First lets set the scene:Both Health and Disease start off as Virtual. What do we mean by that? Well, your body expresses itself as a hierarchy of both Structure and Function by that we mean that the thing with which you are walking, talking, feeling and generally relating to the world, can be broken down into ever decreasing units of organized energy, till you basically end up with only that. Energy! Take the tour. We start off with a BODY of great complexity, and any BODY owes its existence to many SYSTEMS (respiratory, nervous, digestive etc.). If the systems are working in harmony, and free of disruptions, then the BODY experiences HEALTH. SYSTEMS are comprised of ORGANS (heart, liver, lungs etc.), which determine the health of the SYSTEMS they make up. ORGANS are made up of varieties of specialized TISSUE, some designed to mechanically support and give shape (connective), some to protect (immune, lymphatic etc.). TISSUE itself consists of specialized CELLS little self-contained factories that basically make thousands of different chemicals of life. Some make things happen, such as Hormones, while some stop things from happening, such as your immune systems Natural Killer Cells. The average sized body is made up of around 75 trillion cells. The CELLS have their own internal organs called ORGANELLES, the machinery of the factory all with special functions such as energy creation, garbage removal, protein manufacture, and security to name a few. The NUCLEUS of the cell is equal to the yolk of the biggest cell we ever see, namely a chicken egg. It contains the information (data files) needed to make another cell. These are in the form of 22 CHROMOSOMES, the equivalent of folders, which contain many kilometers of coded ribbons of DNA the basic molecule of life. When researches broke DNA down to its chemicals they were surprised to find that they were greeted by LIGHT light of a quality of Coherence equal to the best LASER. This vibrating orchestration of frequencies makes up the Human Bio-Field and both Health and Disease begin and end with the positive and negative influences on this living ENERGETIC BLUEPRINT.

ENERGY MEDICINE measures and treats this BLUEPRINT. We can call this the VIRTUAL BODY which gets sick or gets which then downloads to your physical body. Science now knows DISEASE occurs in this VIRTUAL first (in the software). The goal is to find it and fix it before it manifests in the cells, tissues or organs of the body. Conversely you cannot get well without restoring this Energetic BLUEPRINT back to its optimum state. Given that you are replacing around 300 million cells every minute based on the energetic integrity of this blueprint we now have a tool which allows us to see any disease process forming without having to wait for physical pain and dysfunction to get your attention.!!

So how does it work? It works by sending an infra-red triggering signal of extremely low intensity to the Bio-field around the brain via specially designed headphones. The principle is based on the fact the every cell tissue and organ has its own unique frequency pattern that varies as it experiences a load or stress. The healthier the area being investigated the more stable its frequency pattern is. We can direct the INTROSPECT to investigate the unique frequency of say the tissue of the right lung, given that the Bio-fields of both brain and lung tissue, (as with all parts of the body) are in constant communication with each other. The stability of that scanned signal is then picked up by resonance detectors mounted in the headphones that the person is wearing that then feed the information back into the INTROSPECT software/hardware interface. That information is immediately compared with thousands of stored patterns in the database. The results are super imposed on an anatomical photo or image of the area being scanned. This provides an energetic representation of the condition of the area being evaluated. There are six possible representations of the scanned object or area shown with colored numbered icons. The darker the color and higher the number the more degraded the signal is to and from that area. They are listed as:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Latent or undeveloped (premature tissue or energetically a pristine pre-corrupted state) Optimum stable state (the energetic equivalent of healthy tissue) Initial load or stress (first stage of loss of vitality) Continued load (may be interpreted as irritation or inflammation) Continued load has forced changes to occur (may be interpreted as Pathological adaptation) Loss of the ability to further adapt (may be interpreted as loss of integrity, breakdown of tissue)

They are depicted as seen below

Level of a latent capacity. A pre-developmental state.

Asthenia (weakness) of regulatory systems. Mild Systemic Stress

Compensation failures of the adaptation mechanism. Long term strain on the system has forced a negative adaptive change

Level of optimal regulation. High level of compensatory adaptation regarded as the ideal.

Shift of characteristics to a higher level of strain on regulatory systems. Can equate with inflammatory processes.

Collapse of the adaptation mechanism, expressed morbid conditions due to a failure to cope with the ongoing load on the tissue or system.

In addition there is a comparison of the shapes of Energetic waveforms that can equate to inflammation compared to those that represent degeneration. These are depicted as red and blue lines on a graph. This graph can be analysed and compared with the graphs of thousands of health conditions until those that have a high (95%) similarity with the current graph are selected and highlighted. These then represent the conditions the person is most likely experiencing or will experience based on their current energetic state.

With this information we have many other options.

Tissue Preparations We can produce a homeopathic style Energy remedy based on the selected tissue that matches the scan results, for example the lymph node in the lung if that was the one highlighted by the program.

Biochemical Homeostasis We can search for whatever VIRTUAL body chemistry may be involved such as C-reactive protein, an inflammatory marker, thyroid hormone or white blood cells and determine if they are out of range and even make a remedy out of them if indicated. Remember this investigation is occurring in the VIRTUAL PERSON and is NOT a medical style blood test so the rules of reality are different. In the quantum world we can do things that conventional science says is impossible.

Pathomorphology This is where the program gives us a likely evaluation in the VIRTUAL MODEL of the person such as bronchitis or emphysema as mentioned above in our lung example. Again this is NOT A MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS but instead an evaluation.

Micro-organisms and Parasites All bacteria, viruses fungus and parasites have their own unique spectral signature and when a match is found anywhere in the body with the INTROSPECT, it can mean that that organism has either left its energetic footprint or is actually present in that area. The database has an extensive list of pathogens. .

Allergens This highlights the substances that have become energetic stressors due to the weakened condition of the area investigated. They usually vanish when the area is strengthened. .

Allopathy This option shows medical drugs that fit the condition based on spectral similarity and they can be converted into energetic remedies if they test as being beneficial. The advantage of making an energetic remedy this way is no molecular content, so no drug side effects. .

Homeopathy A selection of suitable homeopathic remedies are list here based on the current state of the body part scanned. They can be then given off the shelf or made on the spot if they are highlighted. .

Phytotherapy This heading contains a selection of possible herbs that if highlighted in red would be suitable based on energetic frequency matching. .

NeutraCeuticals This area contains pre-recorded frequencies of commercial Vitamins and formulas from many different companies, and any that match the state of the scanned body part will be highlighted. Foods This is a list of foods based on Blood type compatibility and those highlighted are deemed to be most suitable for the existing condition again based on energetic matching of frequencies. The above options give any practitioner many options of correction for the condition but the one thing that stands out is the ability to try before you buy! A function called VEGETOTEST can be applied to all of the above potential remedies where the program gives the energetic remedy selected to the VIRTUAL organ, tissue, cell etc. Both the practitioner and client can then observe the degree of benefit that particular remedy would be or if there will be side effects and determine if it is in fact worth taking. This saves time and money by avoiding taking remedies that only work in theory if you had the exact same problems, metabolism and uniqueness of those in the original trials or studies ones individual needs are truly addressed. Individual supplements and remedies that the person may bring with them can also be tested this way by putting it into the test beaker and sending its energetic signature into a selected organ or tissue model. It can be a real eye opener to find that sometimes the most recommended supplement in fact makes things worse in some other part of the body. . Meta Therapy Perhaps the most powerful and popular function of the INTROSPECT is the corrective procedure known as Meta Therapy. With the push of a button the disturbed frequency patterns of the specific area that was scanned can be sent back to the Bio-field in an inverted form as Bio-Resonance, and the progressive improvements in the Bio-field of the area under investigation can be watched on the screen in real time. This correction, occurring initially at the blueprint level, is a true quantum therapy that immediately initiates the repair process in the energetic realm. Given that 300 million cells per minute turn over throughout the body, doing a correction on the major problem areas in a persons Energetic Blueprint can have a profound effect. Supporting these changes with the Blood type Diet and Lifestyle factors can bring a solution to most of the health problems out there. Some amazing results have been witnessed during and after this process. The INTROSPECT NLS Analysis Device is NOT a classic medical device and is not a substitute for Medical Diagnosis or Medical Treatment and is to be used for Education and Evaluation purposes only as Designated by the Manufacturer.

More about Introspect

The hardware-software complex "Introspect" is designed for bioresonance testing of a human body and projective bioresonance correction of a problem part of a body (an organ). Thus it is important to remember that the primary goal of the device is diagnostics, not treatment. Bioresonance testing is based on the comparative analysis of the standards recorded in the program database with those signals which are received by the device from the body of the person. Device " Introspect " is used only for carrying out psychophysical researches. The equipment does not refer to the class of medical devices and does not require registration in the commission on certification and licensing of medical activity. The device is intended for conducting the computer nonlinear analysis and the forecast of a condition of investigated systems. It allows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. to receive quality estimation of a functional condition of an organism; to check efficiency and results of realisation of various methods of therapeutic intervention; to evaluate adaptive abilities of an organism; to carry out the analysis of dynamic changes of a functional condition of an organism during treatment; to determine primacy of the centre of functional disturbances; to evaluate character of a pathology, using expert systems; to evaluate homeostasis key parametres. Advantages of the device: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Low level of power consumption Low noise level The strong case Convenience of use, thanks to wireless technology from Philips Safety in use - the device does hardly have contra-indications Research split-hair accuracy (more than 80 %) High speed of conducted researches Safety for environment - it is produced of only non-polluting, recyclable raw materials It is completely tested and ready to use The delivery complete set includes disposable covers for ear-phones, in quantity of 60 pieces (at cost of complete diagnostics on device Introspect and similar by a principle of action devices in 50 Euros for a session, 60 pieces are enough for 100 % of a recoupment of the device), produced of specially developed nonwoven medical material which has following functions: - Does not distort accuracy of research - Is non-allergic - Does not accumulate static electricity The basic features of device " Introspect ": 1. 2. 3. 4.

The device is non-allergic High reliability of the device The goods are provided with the European certificate Convenient case for storage and transfer 3 year warranty


Action principle
The principle of action of device "Introspect" is based on understanding of a human body as a whole system where organs and tissues are interconnected with the biofields, interpenetrating objects of complete vital system interaction between which is optimized by the central nervous system and, first of all, a brain. The human body is the most perfect bioresonance device. Device " Introspect " operates on the basis of a principle of short-term transmission of the electromagnetic impulses affecting metastable structures of an organism. From the point of view of physics the device is system of electronic oscillators, resounding at wave length of the electromagnetic radiation which energy is adequate to energy of destruction of the dominating communications supporting the structural organization of biological object which in turn by a principle of a feedback from organism systems transmits signals of bodies for restoration of a former information-field condition of an organism which are caught by the supersensitive trigger gaugereceiver and are transmitted for the further analytical processing by comparison of results of research with reference significances. Thus, device " Introspect ", no less than all devices constructed on a principle of bioresonance research, makes the least interference in the processes of life-sustaining activity proceeding in a human body and is capable of stimulating processes of self-restoration of an organism by transferring back (effect of bioresonance therapy) reference significances of frequencies of organs and tissues. But it is necessary to understand that the processes proceeding in an organism cannot be modified instantly and by means of device " Introspect " only, also it is necessary to understand that work with the device should take place not more often, than once a 72 hours and in a quiet condition of an organism. Researches carried out with device " Introspect " considerably surpasses the ones by a method of ultra-sound diagnostics in terms of safety. Application of the device is not recommended during pregnancy.

Conditions of discounts
We or our representatives grant discounts for all our buyers. The constant discount of 10 % is granted any buyer after acquisition of the second device Introspect. The constant discount of 20 % is granted any buyer after acquisition 3 devices Introspect for any period of time. Discounts do not extend on the devices delivered subject to conditions of leasing and are not summed up. Technical Specifications 1.1 2.2 3.3 4.4 5.5 6.6 7.7 8.8 The name Power voltage, V Power frequency, Hz Generator carrier frequency, GHz Strength of a magnetic field on helical coil surface, mT Frequency range of current interruption in a helical coil chain, Hz Step of regulation of interruption frequency , Hz Porosity Frequency of modulation: Low-frequency, Hz Value 2205 505 4,9 101 1,8 -8,2 0,1 0,5 - 95 % With step 5 % 240

High-frequency, GHz 9.9 10.10 11.11 12.12 Error of installation of frequency Life expectancy (continuous operation), hour Overall dimensions, mm (may be change) Weight in a package no more, kg

1,5 - 4,9 Max 0,3 % min 5000 22016550 2,5-3,0

Metal and polymetallic coatings correspond to the international standards: ISO 4521:1985; ISO 4523:1985. The device goes under a climatic modification "UHL" according to exploitation conditions, and corresponds to the international standards: IEC 60721-2-1 (1982); IEC 60068-1 (1988)

The delivery complete set 1. 2. 3. 4. The name Device "Introspect" Bio inductors(in the form of ear-phones) The system for retrieving information (transmitter) only for cordless version The resonant chamber for record and retrieving information Quantity 1 1 1 1

Tools and accessories 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. The interface cable (USB) The adapter Installation compact disc (CD) Bio inductors' batteries charger (not for all versions) Carrier bag 1 1 1 1 1

The documentation 10. The certificate 1

The warranty
MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTIES 1. The warranty period at observance by the consumer of exploitation, storage and transportation conditions is 36 months from the date of device launch in operation. During a warranty period the manufacturer repairs the device free of charge. 2. The manufacturer is entitled to refuse guarantee repair in case of mechanical damages, infringement of safety of guarantee seals, fixing connections of the case, presence of marks of opening on internal surfaces of the device, independent repair or change of internal communications. 3. The warranty expires at a loss of vendibility of an item, casual damages (a damage caused by the client, animals, insects), damages caused by water and other liquids, and as instability of a power supply, act of nature. 4. Conditions of the warranty do not provide periodic service, repair or replacement of details at infringement of standarts of operation. In all these cases repair or replacement of details can be made at additional expense. 5. Transportation of a faulty item to a guarantee workshop is carried out by the client.

Service is completed in no more than 30 working days. Replacement of the non-restorable items is only possible in case of availability of item original package.

Delivery is carried out to the required address following the advance payment by means of EMS/DHL in a case there is no our representative in your country . Also you can acquire the device from any of our business partners directly.

About the company

Our company is a development department of the manufacturer and the developer of devices Introspect. ( Device Introspect is a great advance in the field of diagnostics of diseases and we will develop more and more perfect devices for preservation of health of people. We are opened for all kinds of interaction with our partners from any country. We serve one purpose - to help people to save the health - and the best method to make it consists in prevention of diseases, first of all, caused by "treatment" at incorrectly delivered diagnosis. Our company successfully develops in the world market of the medical equipment since 2003. The stored experience and hi-tech production facilities guarantees invariably a choice quality of our devices.

How to become the Business partner

To become the business partner it is necessary for you to familiarise with conditions of reception of the franchise from Introspect (Introspet Smart Franchise Solution). One who comes of full age could be the Business partner. For this purpose it is necessary to familiarise, accept attentively the electronic dealer agreement and to acquire a dealer set. There are two kinds of a dealer set: 1. 2. A simultaneos acquisition of 3 devices grants the right to lifelong 20 % the discount. A simultaneos acquisition of 4 devices grants the right to reception of a bonus product - the Internet decision on development and service of business of Introspect (management and marketing system Information Partner). It includes: Internet site with functions of Internet shop for your clients, optimisation and support, and also possibility of construction of the dealer network. Also our company within the limits of system Information Partner renders comprehensive support in development of business partners: - Search optimization, - Constant improvements of services, - Working out of new electronic services. The management module by own orders, orders of personal clients, the account and work with a dealer network is at present developed. It is important to remember that business partner compensation can reach 37 %* from a recommended retail price.

* The maximum total discount is formed of a personal maximum merchandising allowance (30 %), 2 % from trade turnover of your junior business partners (at achievement by junior Business partners of the maximum discount in 30 %, up until that time you receive a difference between their existing discount and yours of 30 %. Negative discounts are not paid), and 5 % from trade turnover of the country of allocation the dealer. 5 % are regulated by the separate regional representation agreement. Business partner responsibilities:

1. 2. 1. 2.

Consultation of clients on functioning and use of the device (for the clients). Dispatch of devices of the clients for warranty service in authorized service centers Introspect (Russia) in case of their malfunction. Clerical work conducting according to the franchise. Sharing in the discount program of the company (the maximum client discount of 10 %).

The information Partner

The management and marketing system "the Information Partner". It is provided free of charge. The system incudes: Internet site with functions of Internet shop for your clients and possibility of construction of the dealer network Optimisation for promotion Hosting support (located on our server) The instruction to the control panel Consultations on business development Consultations on system service The help in Internet site SEO The site content is duplicated from the core ( in English. Translation of the content into national languages is carried out by the Business partner and transferred for allocation to our technical support or (if preferred) allocated independently by means of the control panel. All developments of the Site are carried out free of charge by the experts of technical support. The Business partner chooses and acquires independently a domain name for the Site. Our company within the limits of system Information Partner renders comprehensive support in development of business partnership. The basic features of the system: Attraction of new clients by means of the Site Convenient and clear system of the account of sales and orders

* A simultaneos acquisition of 4 devices grants the right to reception of a bonus product - management and marketing system the Information Partner.

Franchise Opportunities
Marketing-plan (grid of earnings of the partner): 20 % - fixed percent. At simultaneous purchase of 3 devices (in case of purchase of a starting minimum base package of Introspect) 21 % - fixed (not dependent on sales) percent at simultaneous purchase 4 devices (in case of purchase of 4th device within the first month after simultaneous purchase of 3 devices) and a chance to receive a bonus product the Information Partner for free. 23 % - are given at sales not less than 5 devices in a month. 25 % - are given at sales not less than 10 devices in a month. 27, 5 % - are given at sales not less than 20 and more devices in a month. 30 % - at sale of 30 and more devices in a month. Franchise Opportunities Sales volume (in a month) 20% 3 21% 23% 25% 10 875 27,5% 20 962,5 30% 30 1050

4 (3+1) 5 735 805

The income from the device, euro 700 The total income, euro

2100 2940

4025 8750 19250 31500

Percent is effective during any actions taken by the company in order to achieve the increase in sales volumes. After achievement of the sales level necessary for reception of higher amount of commission, the business partner receives the corresponding percent which cannot be reduced within 2 months even if sales throughout these months will be minimum, but in this case the partner amount of commission will be reduced to the next month to value of previous level, but not less than 21 %. In case of successful sales the percent is rounded up every month. Example of franchise opportunities: Being the business partner and the information partner (21 %), after successful realization of all 4 devices, the partner receives 735 Euros from each device that in the sum makes 2940 Euros. And it is so in case of the minimum percent. At sale of 10 devices in a month the partner receives on 875 Euros from each device and, accordingly, 8750 Euros of the net profit. At achievement of 30 %-s' level the Business partner receives 1050 and 31500 Euros accordingly. The achieved level of the income of the Business partner is held on the position within two next months, but indexed every month. We guarantee that production of Introspect will be developing and the quality will be constantly improving. We suggest you to begin the business of Introspection construction of a dealer network on the terms of the franchise. It is important to remember that business partner compensation can reach 37 %* from a recommended retail price. *The total maximum discount is formed from the personal maximum trading discount (30 %), 2 % from goods turnover of your junior business partners (at achievement by junior Business partners of the maximum discount in 30 %, up until that time you receive a difference between their existing discount and yours of 30 %. Negative discounts are not paid), and 5 % from goods turnover of the country of the location of the dealer. 5 % are regulated by the separate regional representation contract.

Business Franchise Solution

Introspect Business Franchise Solution Key Features: 1. Device competitive price. The price is at least twice as low as of the devices with similar operating principle and functionality.

Introspect Device costs 3500 euros (delivery is non included)

2. 3. Generous commissions for the Business partner (up to 37 % from a turn from sales = 30 % + 2 % + 5 % *) Brings in the passive income at a rate of 2 % for life (100 years) from goods turnover of your dealers reached 30 % level of compensation (3500 euros/device*2 %*30 pcs = 2100 euros a month from each dealer). 4. Flexible system of discounts for your clients. 5. Low cost business franchise (small amount of the initial capital). 6. Absolute transparency of transactons. 7. Technical support. 8. Simple and intuitively clear automatic system of management and marketing the Information Partner (includes a site, optimization and support). It is provided free of charge. 9. Unique business franchise opportunities with Introspect for your clients (doctors, the diagnostic centers, dietary supplements sellers ). 10. Unique opportunity for business development : o Possibility of inheritance of the business. o All clients and dealers in your country joined after visiting the Internet resource are automatically connected to already operating dealers, in the program Information Partner, in any order. Clients and dealers in your country joined after visiting your site *** automatically join in your dealer network. o You receive a positive difference between your compensation and compensation of dealers from your network (for example: your percent is 27, 5 %, your dealer's one is 23 %, thus you receive a difference in 135 Euros from each device sold by your dealer (825 - 690 Euros) * 5 pcs = 675 Euros. Therefore your dealer before achievement of 30 %-s' levels brings your passive income. o Your sales volumes are summarized from your sales and sales of your dealers who have not reached 30 %. I.e. in order to achieve 30 % discount it is enough for you to have 6 dealers reached 23 %-s' levels in the network. Sales of Introspect devices are carried out only through Franchise Business partners. For more than 5 years our devices are successfully applied by practising doctors, Spa resorts, medical clinics and private users across all Europe and the USA. If the cumulative sales level of the network constructed with your participation, including your dealers who have reached 30 %-s' levels makes 300 devices in a month according to your desire you can receive the status of official Introspect representative in your country or region and to obtain 5 % reward from the country/region/state (there can be only one official representative). For a period of one year (optional prolongation) within the limits of the franchise according to the terms of the separate contract.
Our Dealers:

In Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Japan, China and all Asia, Africa, South America, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Moldova please contact: Ivantov Alexei EU-Head office Director Wertiko Prointelgrup

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