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The Corrs These are the Corrs. Its Mr. Dan Corr, Mrs.

Elizabeth Corr and young Tess Corr. The Corrs come from Dundalk, Ireland but they live in York, England. Mr. Corr has three brothers; Bill, Steve, and Ed Corr. Bill and Ed live in Ireland, while Steve lives in Bristol. Bill and Steve are married. Bill has got one son ;Erick, and a daughter, Sue. Steve is a pilot, he has just got married, and he hasnt got any children. Ed still studies in University of Dublin, hes still single.

The Bakers The Bakers live in Nottingham. Lou Baker is an only child. He has a wife, Marissa, and a son, Ted. Marissa has a sister and a brother; Elizabeth and Matt. Elizabeth lives in York with her husband, Dan Corr and daughter, Tess. Marissas brother Matt lives in London with his wife, Emily and his twin sons; Jeff and Harry. Matt is a businessman, he often travels and visit Marissa and Elizabeth when he has a business trip to Hertfordshire or York.

The Smiths The Smiths consist of Mr. William Smith, Mrs. Kendra Smith, Phil, Tom and Jennifer Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Smith live in Kingswood with Jennifer. Phil and Tom live in Oxford they are students at Oxford University. William has a sister, Annie. Shes married to an Irishman and lives in Bristol. Annie and her husband Steve, have just got married they havent got any children, yet. Annie often visits William and his family in Kingswood because her husband is a pilot and hes often not at home.

Teachers Sheet The three families are related in such ways; one person is the sister of the other, other is the brother in-law, and so on. Students are expected to find out the relationship after answering the questions. 1. Where does Dan Corr come from? 2. How many brothers has Dan Corr got? 3. Where do they live? 4. Where does Dan Corr live with his family? 5. What is Dan Corrs nieces name? 6. What is Dan Corrs second brothers job? 7. Where do Lou Baker and his family live? 8. Has he got brothers or sisters? 9. Who is Elizabeth Corr to Lou Baker? 10. What is Marissa Bakers nieces name? 11. What are Elizabeths Corr and Marissa Bakers nephews names? 12. Where does William Smith live? 13. What relation is William Smith with Steve Corr? 14. What are Annie Corrs nephews and nieces names? 15. How are the Corrs, the Bakers and the Smiths related?


Dan Corr comes from Dundalk, Ireland Dan Corr has 3 brothers. Bill and Ed live in Ireland. Steve lives in Bristol. Dan Corr and his family live in York, England. Dan Corrs niece is named Sue. Dans second brothers job is as a pilot. Lou Bakers family live in Nottingham. No, he is an only child. Elizabeth Corr is Lou Bakers sister-in-law. Marissa Bakers nieces name is Tess. Elizabeth Corr and Marissa Bakers nephews names are Erick, Harry and Jeff. Wiliam Smith lives in Kingswood. William Smith is Steve Corrs brother-in-law. Annie Corrs nieces and nephews names are Phil, Tom and Jenifer. Elizabeth Corr and Marissa Baker are sisters. Annie Smith is Dan Corrs sister-in-law. William Smith is Steve Corrs brother-in-law.

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