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34 (THEY LONG TO BE) CLOSE TO YOU Die BR by Hal Dav & Burt Bacharach (© 196 by USSom, IB Sa Mae, In Jack Ma Co Ie Righ for pon eg 1 CHAPPELL INTERSONG KK. (on a-T Intro. Cages 6 Cacao 6 Caddo c Caddo sud-den-ly ap - pear every - time you are near? just like me. just like me they long to be On the day that you wereborn the an - gels got to- geth- er Eo E7 Caddo cy maiz ce so they sprin-kledmoondust in yourhair__ And gold-en star- light in your eyes all the girls in town fol-low s just Tike they long to be 36 lose to. you day that you were born the an-gels got to- gether ‘And de - cided to cre - ate a dream come Dbadao Obs Dbmaj7 ob6 aia sprin-Kled moondust in yourhair— and golden star light in your eyes of