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Sudanese narrative Yearning of the bird

The men, back again, to discuss, the dervish's he- donkey issue, and this time, they were joined, by Yassir. Who was absent, when they, were debated, the its case, with the wanderer. Thus, briefly he was informed , about the whole, matter of the donkey. looked towards, Rizq's direction, Abu.Khalaf, began the speech: 'A woman was entered, the hellfire, for torturing, a she-cat' said he. On hearing these words, Mawlana Rasheed, gave a severe look, which silenced the man, at a time that, the man's desire, and eagerness, to infuriate, and provoke, his opponents, in such situations, was arose. 'Abu.Khalaf, was a man rarely, let an occasion, went by, without his becoming involved, in an argument, nor quarrel' commented Fadal.Bari. 'In most cases, he is extremely, stubborn , obstinate, and quick-tempered' responded Mukhtar. with broad smile Yassir, started the speech, while all faces, were turned towards him, said: 'If the incident, of my cousin's he-donkey, took place, in the capital, he would be put, on trial' stressed he. Al.leem, was so little puzzled, by that remarks, of Yassir, so he hurriedly responded: 'What did you say, brother?' 'I said, if the incident, of my cousins he-donkey, took place, in the capital, he would be, put on trail' reaffirmed he. ' How would be ?' enquired Al.leem. ' Ok' reacted Yassir. Added ' I will tell, just listen to me' ' We're all ears' chorused the men.

' Recently an organization, has been established, in Khartoum, it's aims, focuses on, animals rights. The founders, put forward, many measures of protection, for these creatures, the punishment for the abusers , ranges from fines, and confiscation, to imprisonment. All these procedures, were made, as deterrents, to the abusers. In fact this movement, started, in the western world' asserted Yassir. 'That sound interesting, but let's know, who lead, this movement?' Mawlana Rasheed asked expertly. 'The movement is lead, by some elites, part of them are elders, while the majority are youth, voluntarily, devote their time, and effort, to carry out, this sacred mission' responded Yassir. Nodded his head, more than a time, and clearing his throat 'The roots of all problems, of ours, are those, you so called elites, and intellectuals, shame on them' angrily shouted Mawlana Rasheed. 'Why this attack, against them, Mawlana? Are they not, the bearers of knowledge, and enlightenment, in the society? The pioneers of change, and construction? The defenders, of countries, at the times of trouble? And are they not, the pride of nations?' said Yassir thoughtfully. shook his head, in disapproval, Mawlana said: 'Brother Yassir, this is nonsense, and illusion, we have been brainwashed, by such smooth words, and expressions; by God, few of them are true, and sincere, in the service, of their people' ascertained he. Mukhtar, who kept silence , was taken up, by Mawlana words, put his hands on, his head 'I thought that Mawlana, is like that, sort of preachers, who gives fatwa, in marriage and divorce, and has nothing to do, with such issues, but I have found him, more a politician, than politicians themselves'. reacted he. with seriousness stood up, while faces turned, towards him ' He isn't part, of his people, who never has concern, for their affairs'. Affirmed he.

' But-----' Yassir, interrupted. 'But, am older, than you, let me remained, that the bitterest, and the darkest history, of what you called, third world countries, is full regrettably, of bad examples of sons, whose their countries seconded abroad-, as you called it, to the western and civilized world, and here (with sarcasm) I dont know, the criteria for judging, civilized nations, against non-civilized ones, (continued) seconded so as, to be equipped with knowledge, and then serving, their people, when they come back. Unfortunately many, of those sons, came to stab their countries, in the back, betrayed the nations, and people, and finally sold themselves, to the foreigner, for a miserable price,(Paused), Shall I give examples? a a a-------(about to utter the first name)'. 'Mawlana, Mawlana, Mawlana, if you please, for God's sake, keep the cat, in the bag (all the men laughed), dont spill the beans' hurriedly said Mukhtar . ' Still waters, run deep' admirably said Yassir. turned toward Yassir, Mukhtar shouted 'Bravo brother, you believe them... (Mukhtar, here refers to, the Westerners and animals' rights, advocates), how it is bad? By God, have they any respect, for us, as human beings, let alone our animals! begged he. ' But---- ' began Yassir, interrupted again, by Mukhtar. ' Brother, this call of theirs, is an untrue, and lacks, the credibility, look to their history, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Palestine, and Bosnia, it betrayed them. This just, is in the recent history, leaving their past follies, atrocities and violations, of human rights, which were committed, in the name, of bearing the burden, of the non-white man, aside' Paused, and went on, repeating: 'Were the Iraqis, the Afghanis, the Palestinians, and the Guantanamo bay prisoners, were they, not human beings?' shouted he.

Fadal.Bari, broke out the silence, and, joined the discussion. 'Good governing, and democratization, of the Middle East, was turned a must, went on, the press releases, and conferences, of the Western leaders' said he. 'Regrettably, the same language, and the same slogans, came to be parroted, by their puppets, in the region' responded Mukhtar. 'This wasn't enough, so they kept reminding us, from now and then, ballot not bullets' said Fadal.Bari boldly. 'They weren't, honourable men, for they couldn't afford, nor tolerate, the situation, of the legitimate victory, of that faction, in the occupied land'. Said Mawlana. 'It was never, pleased them' shouted Mukhtar. 'So they incited, the other brother, bullets not ballots' bitterly reacted Mawlana. 'But, where the rule, of the majority!? And where, the right, of the masses!?, as brother Fadal.Bari, keeps saying, Where they, were gone!?' enquired Mukhtar with surprising assurance. Mawlana nodded his head, and repeated more than a once, with regrettable tone' They were stolen, and confiscated'. 'And the legitimacy!' requested Mukhtar. 'It was stolen, and confiscated too!' responded Fadal.Bari. 'O hypocrisy!' reacted Mawlana Rasheed. Abu .Khalaf, who just following, the men's speech, broke his silence, and resorted, to recite, the verse, with a finger up, ''They are Liars!' . 'Liberal democracy, but only, liberal democracy' said Al.Daw. You're very true, 'And it was down, there' affirmed Fadal.Bari. 'Within the pages, of Fukuyama' said Mukhtar Mawlana Rasheed, clear his throat, in an uncommon way, said 'Democracy to America, and the West, is like a jallabyia, tailored

according to, its interests. It is accepted, in the State, so and so, and is rejected, in the State, so and so'. ' I see' Yassir responded surprisingly . 'Democracy is, the most wonderful notion, ever conceived, but America and the West, consider it a dangerous game, when it comes, against their interests' expressed Mukhtar out. Fadal.Bari clear his throat, in an uncommon way said 'O yes, the CIA and the democratic secularist government, in Iran' All the presence, went on a very long period, of silence, they listened in silence, each one looks toward, the other, deep thoughts and thinking, ran through the minds, the language between them, was deeper, and more audible. All of a sudden the debate kept on. Al Daw looking toward Fadal.Bari 'I think the major cause, of our problem, is the bad behavior, of the arrogant countries, and imperialism. Down with imperialism, down with imperialism' roared he. 'Stop shouting' angrily replied Fadal.Bari. 'The path towards our dignity, sovereignty and independence, would never be realized, through shouting, demonstrating, condemnation or burning flags. The other knows, in innermost of his heart, that we aren't united, we don't have, one voice. Whims and personal interests, spoil our daily lives. The root of our dilemma, inside us, (turning towards AlDaw) brother let's first, put our own house, in order, and not blame, the other, believe me, the root of the problem, is inside us' responded Mukhtar. 'Regrettably, we trust them-I mean - westerners - more than our own brothers, we adore them, we give them, the broad smile, and when denied it, to our own brothers, we love them, because they intervene, between us, when we disagree with, each other' Yassir said. ' (with

sarcasm continued ) look to our humiliated situation, if the case comes, to be with the occupier, of the land ,you find us hurried up, in pleasing him, even at a time, we believe, in his innermost heart, that he hates us, and we also know that, when we move, one step, towards him, he distances a mile, from us, and when we say to him, peace be upon you, he disdainfully reply, but weapons, be upon you' seriously said he. That is very true, Abu.Khalf repeated and added, the Quran says: 'Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with thee unless thou follow their form of religion'. Quranic Verse . 'Pardon! Let me repeat , come together, to put our house, in order first, and then come, to blame the other, for the root of the problem, is inside us' said Mukhtar. 'Yes, the truth must be told, the problem, is inside us' reaffirmed Yassir. Fadal.Bari who was kept, sitting down, stood up, scratched his head, more than a once, and turned too much nervous, so he spoke out: 'In principle, I agree with you, the problem is inside us, and I say it openly, the root of the problem, lies in the leadership, yes, the leadership, but let me ask, where is the role of the masses , at this critical moment ? . I believe every change ,can be achieved by the masses, the masses possess, the mechanism of change, the masses must take to the street, the masses must revolt, against those traitors, the masses mustn't keep silent, and the masses must overthrow, those puppets leaders, who sat on the chests, for such a longer time' roared he. Mukhtar lost, in deep thought, facing Fadal.Bari, and in steady quite tone, started repeating 'Come to your senses, you aren't , in your favorite speaking corner, you are with, your simple clan, be rational' begged he. 'O men the roots of the Muslim problems, in this century, I mean the 21st century, to my humble knowledge, rests on the following issues; the issue of jihad , and the issue of ijthad . I hope not be misunderstood , we

started with jihad, at a time that we halted ijthad' said Mawlana. (Here al Daw interrupted him). 'But when we put jihad, on our back , we were humiliated, belittled in the eyes of the enemy' said Al.Daw. 'I think Mawalan, was right, in what he said, about our situation, for Muslims now, it behooves in the first place , and before engaging, in any conflict, with the other , the virtue of ijthad, should have to be revived. By doing so ,no doubt later, we are going to figure out ,the best and the most appropriate way, of dealing with, the other' Yassir commented. 'Moreover the problems, of Muslims today' Mukhtar began but, he never went on, so paused for long time. All the men, fell into a deep silence again, then, suddenly Yassir resumed the discussion. Yassir ' As you see brothers, the eruption of the most, recent fighting and conflicts, outside America and Europe, was due to what, has become known, as the clash of civilizations, which has taken the shape of, what they name, the war on terror' resumed he. ' Which in fact, was turned to be , war on Islam' said Al.Daw. ' The war on terror, ha, ha, ha' sarcastically commented Mukhtar ' It is war on Islam, ha, ha, ha' he went on repeating. ' The clash of civilizations' What a phrase!? Replied Al.Daw. 'Yes, with the clash of civilizations ,America dominated, the world scene, started interfere, in the affairs of nations, specifically the countries, of the third world, as they called it. Leaderships in these countries, became puppets, in her hand, with the exception of a few. She brings X, and ousts Y, from power, backing another one, to stay in power, despite the doctrine of dictatorship, which follows, and permits another one, to pass his power on, to a son' cried Fadal.Bari bitterly.

Moreover, Mukhtar kept the flow, of the speech ' She imposes sanctions, on so and so, and lifts them, from so and so, calls the 'terrorists' honest, and the true honest, terrorists and unlawful 'fighters'. In our confused and confusing time, America uses the policy of carrot and stick, with this country, flirts with so and so, and with no shame castrates, and rapes State so and so'. ' Castration and rape, do you mean it?' surprisingly asked Al.Hira. 'Certainly I mean it; America is the biggest rapist, in the modern history' replied Mukhtar . 'You want to say, America, has become like .' Al.Hira laughed , unable to went on. 'Ay, he wanted to say America, turned to behave, like Abugagum hedonkey' concluded Al.leem, with the latter comment the men, burst into laughter, for a long time .

Chapter five from the sufi nove: Yearning of the Bird By : Abdulgalil Abdallah Salih University of Gezira- faculty of Education e- mail: May 18, 2012