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Submitted to "University of Pune" In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) Through Vishwakarma Institute of Management Pune-48.


Any accomplished work is not possible without the help of others and this work is not different. Many people helped me to complete my training and prepare its training report successfully. I am thankful to all of them. First of all I am very grateful and thankful to Reliance Communication Ltd who allowed me to undergo training in their company. I am very thankful to my project guide Mr. Rajesh Wani (Manager Corporate Sales) under whose guidance I completed my project successfully and without whose help it would have been very difficult for me to complete the project. I would like to extend my heartful gratitude to Mr. Rahul Chaure (Head Corporate Wireless) whose cooperation and contribution was truly unparallel. Further more I would like to acknowledge the efforts made by all the people at Reliance, Pune to complete this project successfully. I also take the opportunity to thank our Director Dr. S. L. Joshi for his valuable advice, suggestions and guidance. This project would have never been possible without the guidance and timely help of my project guide Prof. Mrs.Smita Sovani (Staff in-charge) for which I would be indebted to her. I would also like to thank all faculty members of Vishwakarma Institute of Management for their advice and guidance. I would also like to thank all the respondents who gave some of their valuable time to me. Finally I would like to thank my family members and my friends for their valuable inputs.



This is to certify that ADITYA CHOBE is a bonafide student of VISHWAKARMA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT. He has successfully carried out his summer project titled SURVEY OF CORPORATE CUSTOMERS FOR VARIOUS TELECOM PRODUCTS & SERVICES AT RELIANCE COMMUNICATION LTD, PUNE in the partial fulfillment of Master of Business Administration course of University of Pune (2006 - 2008). He has worked under our guidance and direction. His work is found to be good and complete in all respect. During the period we found him hardworking, sincere and loyal. We wish him all the best for future.




ADAG - Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. RIM - Reliance India Mobile. CDMA - Coded Division Multiple Access. GSM - Global System for Mobile Communications. FWP -Fixed Wireless Phone. FWT -Fixed Wireless Terminal. CUG - Circle User Group. CWG - Corporate Wireless Group.

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Executive Summary Organizational Profile Company Profile Objectives and Scope Research Methodology Data Analysis Observation and Findings Recommendations Conclusion Limitations Bibliography Annexure 19

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Nowadays IT & Communication is become leading business. To grow this business most of the leading company making their efforts in order to attract more sophisticated, valuable customers. Reliance is one of the leading companies in these competitions. This project was carried out at Reliance Communication Ltd, Pune. The Project title is SURVEY OF CORPORATE CUSTOMERS FOR VARIOUS TELECOM PRODUCTS & SERVICES. The duration of the project was two months from 1st June 2007 to 31st July 2007. My project work was to find out what corporate customers think about the Reliance as a brand. The basic objectives of the project were to find out Reliance penetration as well as analyze & evaluate customer satisfaction level in corporate sector from Pune city only. The project was especially for wireless products only which include Postpaid Mobile, FWP, FWT, and Data Card & USB Modem. I surveyed 300 corporate companies and report in detail prepared which is available along with this. The scope of the project was restricted to Pune city only. I covered areas like Viman Nagar, Kothrud, Karvenagar and Dhole Patil road. The analysis of the project was carried out with respect to its competitors i.e. Airtel, Tata Indicom, Idea, Hutch & Bsnl. Through this survey Reliance has collected important information about companies which are ahead of the Reliance. My other job was to generate leads from market as well as customers aware about new schemes

also. During survey I got useful suggestions & recommendation from Reliance & non Reliance Corporate customers. By analyzing this entire detailed summary prepared & submitted. All the customers surprised & happy because Reliance representative has approached to them for collecting their views about Reliance & other companies. During survey I learned time management, discussions with top bosses of companies, punctuality & commitment. All these things I found will be very much useful to me in future. Customer expectation from service provider was one of the important things learned by me.


Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, an offshoot of the Reliance Group founded by Shri Dhirubhai H Ambani (1932-2002), ranks among Indias top three private sector business houses in terms of net worth. The group has business interests that range from telecommunications (Reliance Communications Limited) to financial services (Reliance Capital Ltd) and the generation and distribution of power (Reliance Energy). Reliance ADA Groups flagship company, Reliance Communications, is India's

largest private sector information and Communications Company, with over 30 million subscribers. It has established a pan-India, high-capacity, integrated (wireless and wire line), convergent (voice, data and video) digital network, to offer services spanning the entire infocomm value chain. Other major group companies Reliance Capital and Reliance Energy are widely acknowledged as the market leaders in their respective areas of operation. The Reliance Group story is about how a small Rupees One crore entrepreneurial venture grow to become a Rs. 60,000 crore enterprise in just 25 years. An organization where growth is life; which is why today Reliance is among the top 10 petrochemical producers world wide. It the largest private sector group in India accounting for 9% of the governments indirect Tax revenue, about 2.3% of countries experts.

The company that set up the worlds largest grassroots refinery at a manager in just 36 month at a cost 30-50% less than that of global undertaking the company that setup the worlds largest grassroots multi-feed cracker complex. The worlds second largest producer of polyester staple fiber and polyester filament yarn. The worlds largest share holders family of five millions. Only Indian company in business weeks 94 listing of the 50 largest companies from developing countries. In the reckoning as Indias first private sector company to feature in the global fortune 500. Among the worlds top 500 companies by turnover, among worlds top 300 companies by net worth, among worlds top 225 companies by net profits. Its manta has been to combine the best technology, the best practices and most importantly the best people, from over the world. This has enabled it to establish an enviable track record of implementing global scale projects in record times and at 3050% Capital cost advantage compared to global peer group. Over the year Reliance has developed and institutionalized certain core competencies: relentless pursuit of focused growth, operational excellence, and technology absorption and capital productivity. All its businesses bear these hallmarks. As it foray into new customer facing businesses like Petroleum refining Telecommunication and life science they are committed to building customer intimacy skills in the same effervescent manner. At Reliance the mantra is telescopic visualization and microscopic execution.

Reliance Communication (RIC) is Indias largest mobile service provider with over 7 million customers. Reliance Communication has established a pan-India, high capacity, integrated (wireless and wire line) and convergent (voice data and video) digital network, to offer service spanning the entire communication value chaininfrastructure, services for enterprises and individuals, application and consulting. Reliance Communication has licenses to offer telecom services in 20 circles under the unified access licenses. In addition, it has received the letter of intent for the J&K circle. This has enabled RIC to offer services across the length and breadth of Indias vast geography through its next generation fiber optic network backbone spanning 60,000 route km. RIC is currently offering its wireless services in 1,100 towns and cities. RIC commercially launched its services in May 2003 and within the first 7 month emerged as Indias largest mobile service operator. As of the end of March 2004, RIC had almost 7 million subscribers. Most of this was in the postpaid segment as RIC launched its pre-paid services only in February 2004. Within this period Reliance India mobile brand emerged as the most trusted telecom brand emerged as the most trusted telecom brand in the country. RIC also offered for the first time in India high-speed mobile data services though its R-world mobile portal. This portal leverages the high-speed data capability of the next generation CDMA IX network. It providers 70 applications such as news, astrology, T.V. guides, movie clips etc. and 35 games and logs more than 1 billion hit a month.

RIC is aggressively expanding the reach of its network in order to reach more subscribers by extending its services to cover an additional 3,800 towns. It is estimated that the mobile market in India will grow to 140 million subscribers by FY 2008. RIC expects to retain market leadership in this segment. The second phase of the communication project will usher a Broadband revolution by providing 100 mbps Ethernet links to its corporate customers. This revolution will empower the enterprise by making transactions efficient, functions seamless and new economic opportunities abundant. The enterprises broadband service is in the process of being rolled out in 30 towns and would then be extended to cover 200 towns in phases. The services planned include POTS (Plain Old Telephone Lines) ,Leased lines, International Private Leased Circuits, Virtual Private Network, Video phone, Audio and Video Conferencing, among others. RIC will also launch a consumer convergence revolution by providing high speed Ethernet links to homes. This revolution, called Net way, will provide homes with a range of television channels, high-speed telephony, audio conferencing, video conferencing, video on demand, Juke box, time shifted TV, T-Commerce, and surveillance services. All content and interfaces will be enabled to cater to Indias diverse languages. These services would be accessed thorough a set top box connected to a TV or a PC. In January 2004, Reliance Communication (RIC) acquired 100%

of the undersea cable company, FLAG Telecom for US$ 211 million through Reliance Gateway Net Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of RIC.This acquisition provider RIC with an international gateway to global markets. The FLAG acquisition also makes RIC the only Indian Operator to own an international undersea cable network with a truly global footprint.

Key people

Anil Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director Satish Seth, Vice-Chairman Reliance-ADA Group S. P. Shukla, CEO - Personal Business & Director - Reliance Telecom


Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra India


US$ 4 Billion



The Dream, 1999 "Make a phone call cheaper than a postcard and you will usher in a revolutionary transformation in the lives of millions of Indians" - Dhirubhai Ambani

May 10 2000 Optic fiber laying process commences in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh & Maharashtra December 24 Establishes 1st Point of Interconnect (POI) in New Delhi December 27 Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Atal Behari Vajpayee e-inaugurates Reliance Infocomm

January 01 Reliance Infocomm launches "One Nation, One Tariff" to enable Reliance India Mobile prepaid users to call anywhere in India at Re one per minute. January 19 Reliance Demerger adds record Rs.55, 000 Crore to shareholder wealth March 06 Reliance Communications Ventures Ltd. (RCVL), India's leading integrated telecommunications company, a member of the Reliance - Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group, lists on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. April 27 Reliance Communications launches Indias first Talking Message Service (TMS) enabling its mobile users to send voice messages to not only other mobiles but also fixed wireless phones (FWP) and landlines. July 03 Reliance Communications launches 'Hello Capital Plan' to enable its subscribers in 19 state capitals to call each other at the local call rate of 40 paisa per minute.

December 28 Reliance Communications FLAG Telecom announces FLAG Next Gen to cover 60 countries

January 30 Reliance joins Lenovo and Intel for "Internet on the Move" February 2 Reliance Communications market capitalization tops Rs 1 lakh crore ( 1 trillion rupees or 24.39 billion US dollars) on Bombay Stock Exchange April 6 Reliance Communications acquires 1.2 million subscribers in March 2007. May 9 RCOM bags West Bengal E-Governance Project May 10 Reliance sets a new record, one million Classic handsets sold in just one week June 28 Reliance Communications ties up with Cisco to launch Business Internet Services for SMEs in Pune July 7 RCOM and QUALCOMM Collaborate on CDMA2000 Expansion July 12 Reliance Communications awards Huawei all IP Next-Gen network expansion contracts


There are five products in Reliance Communication like Mobile in postpaid Fixed wire less phone Fixed wire less terminal Data card USB modem.

(1) Mobile in postpaid connection-

In this corporate plans are launched. Here we start from Plan Rs124 to Rs499.The main plans areRIM Monthly Rent Other charges Total monthly charges Free TT on/off net CUG charges Intra circle in CUG CUG FWP Other than CUG TO landline Inter circle calls Other Mobile To landline SMS: Local National International Roaming:Intracircle Intercircle Outgoing Incoming 1 2 3 1.40 2.40 1.75 1 2 5 1.40 2.40 1.75 1 2 3 1.40 2.40 1.75 1 2 3 1.40 2.40 1.75 2.5 2 2.49 2.49 1 1 1 0.4 NJP 124 124 0 149 nil 50 0 0.5 0.5 1 NJ199SME 125 0 125 Nil Nil 0 0.4 0.5 1 INDIAONE299 299 0 299 nil 50 0 0.4 0.4 1 INDIAONE399 399 0 399 Nil 50 0 0.4 0.4 1

(2) Fixed wire less phone-

Reliance Communications presents the Reliance Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP), a feature-rich, wire-free phone. A marvel of CDMA2000 (1X) technology, it is far superior to the ordinary landline. Since it is wireless, the connection remains unaffected by cable cuts, rains or similar other problems. It is extremely secure and cannot be tapped by unauthorized persons. The in-built modem lets you access the Internet at speeds up to 115 kbps. Go ahead, get your connection today! More savings: Abundant free calls and attractive call charges to Reliance Mobile and other WLL (M) phones. Effective zero rentals: Value of free calls almost equivalent to monthly plan charges Free voice mail facility: Get voice mail facility absolutely free. Pay for retrieving your messages at local call rates Free call management features: Free CLI, call conference, call wait, call divert facilities Internet access: Reliance Net connect usage charges as per the Reliance Net connect tariff plan.

(3) Fixed wireless terminal-

Superior to the ordinary landline Presenting Reliance Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT), a marvel of CDMA2000 (1X) technology. It gives a connection which is far superior to the ordinary landline. This wireless telephone connection can be deployed for PBX (board lines) / KTS / cordless phone / parallel connections. What's more, being wireless, your connection remains unaffected by cable cuts, rains or other similar problems. Go ahead, get your connection today. More savings: Abundant free calls and attractive call charges to Reliance Mobile and other WLL (M) phones. Effective zero rentals: Value of free calls almost equivalent to monthly plan charges. Free voice mail facility: Get voice mail facility absolutely free. Pay for retrieving your messages at local call rates. Free call management features: Free CLI, call conference, call wait, call divert facilities.

(4) Data card-

Leveraging our pan-India high speed CDMA2000 1x wireless network, Reliance Communications offers the countrys foremost wireless Internet connectivity through R Connect nationwide. Reliance Net connect is Indias fastest growing Internet connectivity service which touched a user base of over 350,000 subscribers in less than seven months since its launch. Features

Uninterrupted high-speed wireless Internet connectivity, across 10000 towns, 3 lakh villages and growing.

Better surfing speeds, with download speeds up to 144 kbps. High download speed of heavy email attachments One-time installation of the dial-up software without the need to change the dial-up configuration.

Hassle-free connection
o o

Connect instantly (No line busy / waiting tone) Easy to remember username / password (your phone / card number)

The plan advantage

The tariff is inclusive of all charges (the ISP charge as well as the Telecom connectivity charge).

No need for an external or internal modem. No need for an ISP account. No need for a separate landline connection. One free e-mail account (with a 10 MB mailbox) and 2 MB of web space A choice of prepaid and postpaid options to suit your usage needs

Use of data cards to make voice calls and send SMS Plan for data card which is wire less and it can connect to anywhere. Its speed

is 146 kbps. It has two types; one is time based plan and second is database plan. It is used in laptop. Time Based Plan Plan Name Swift Freedom 40 Monthly Charges Peak(6-22.00) 20hrs 0.6/m 36hrs 50hrs 90hrs 1GB 1.5GB Unlimited Off-peak(226.00) Additional data usage . (5) USB Modem0.60/ m NA 0.60/m 0.60/m 0.60/m Rs2/ MB Rs2/ MB 20hrs Unlimited 36hrs 50hrs 90hrs 1GB 1.5GB Unlimited NA 400 @Nite 400 Swift 72 650 Swift 100 900 SWIFT 180 1500 Data Based Plan Freedom 650 Free plus 900 Platinum 1500

USB Modem is the same as Data card .Both are having the same Plan. The nuance difference is only Data card is used by Laptop & USB Modem is used by both laptop and computers. Everything is the same except the name.


Globally known brand. Innovativeness is done by the company by providing new schemes. Bringing in the latest technology in the market i.e. C.D.M.A (Coded Division Multiple Access). JAVA enabled set which can be upgraded in future. Excellent work force. Very strong financial position. Strong corporate image. Trying to integrate all Telecom services. Largest retail presence in the market place.

WEAKNESS: First direct customer integration. Primary focus area is maximum coverage through it gives importance to providing good service but superficially. Poor retail experience. Many hidden policies. It has grown from a few people to 28000 in the last 12-18 months and most of them have not worked with each other. Building a cohesive organization takes time.


Vast untapped market 60,000 km optic fiber network. Out 18Telecom circle in India Reliance has license for operation in 18 circles. Better source of revenue, having a well established industry in India. Increasing communication needs of individuals especially corporate sector. High advertisement can create a demand for the Reliance. Building more trust and faith though its good will


The negative publicity by its competitors. New competitors coming with more attractive plans. Well established competitors. Limited availability of handsets. Negligence in terms of service will deteriorate its position in market.


The objectives of the project are divided into two:

1. Primary Objective

2. Secondary Objective


To find out Reliance penetration in corporate market.


1. To analyze & evaluate Satisfaction of Corporate Customers towards Reliance.

2. Competitors Analysis. 3. Market awareness about Reliance Wireless Services. 4. New opportunities in this market. 5. Problems related to this service.


There are very large no of customers of Reliance spread over various areas. I Studied market in Pune city & conducted survey in some areas. Locations:

Kothrud. Karvenagar. Dhole patil road Viman Nagar.

The customers from various offices, industries were interviewed. I surveyed 300 customers.

Project include
Only Wireless services provided by Reliance. Only Postpaid corporate customers were interviewed.


A research design is the arrangement of condition for collection and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine the relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. Research design is the important because it facilitates the smooth sailing of various research operations, thereby making research as efficient as possible yielding maximum information with minimal expenditure of minimum time, effort, money.

The research design chosen for the project was DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH studies are that studies that are concerned with describing the characteristic of a particular individual, or of a group. In descriptive the researcher must be able to define clearly, what he wants to measure and must find adequate methods of measuring it along with a clear cut definition of population he wants to study. The research design must make enough provisions for protection against bias and must maximize reliability, with due concern for the economical completion of the research study.

Approach Summary

Step 1 Initiation of the project Step 2 Study Design Step 3 Survey Step 4 Data Analysis Step 5 Recommendations

STEP 1 Understanding the organization. Understanding the scope of the project. Formulation of plans to address the study objectives. Studying product related details offered by Reliance & other competitors on Secondary data from Reliance.

STEP 2 Designing of the sample from existing data base Collective preparation for interview & questionnaire. Preparing the data analysis plan including data base structure.

STEP 3 Collection of data by conducting the interviews (primary data) Collection of secondary data from BEL

STEP 4 Area wise analysis & competitors mapping. Analysis based on product/aesthetics type. Analysis based on pricing.

STEP 5 Suggesting guidelines for improvement. Presentation of findings.

The entire project was carried out for more than 2 months 62 days.

INFORMATION NEEDED To understand the product & service offering by Reliance. To assess the customer/dealer perception about the quality of Reliance products and competitors. To receive the suggestions from the customers/dealers for value addition. To make use of the valuable information given by customer for offering them various attractive schemes. To trace the overall customers/dealers as well as competitor profile.

I have done the project by taking both the Primary and Secondary data.

Primary data: The data which I have collected from different corporate and SMEs through questionnaires Secondary data: The data which is given by the company and I also searched the data through the area wise telephone directory and field search. The data is all about regarding the address and contact numbers of the corporate and SMEs.


I used questionnaire as research instrument to collect the requisite information for the research. Questionnaire method was chosen because of its versatile. Almost every market problems involves people. Therefore ideas relative to people and its solution can be obtained by asking them about their problems.

This type has the advantage that the respondents do not know exactly what is being measured and hence are not biased their answer to some extent. My research design made it necessary for me to collect accurate data to achieve useful result. For this reason I have decided to use primary source of data as well as secondary data

Questionnaires are designed according to project requirement and company need. So while designing the questionnaire we have to include both awareness about the companys product and the competitors. But my main objective was to create the awareness of the companys product and to generate the leads for the company, so that questionnaire was designed according to gather data and find out the prospective corporate and SMEs.


Target population

Entire corporate and SMEs in Pune

Sampling frame

The corporate & SMEs having more then 10 employees.

Sampling method:

Probability sampling

A proper sampling plan is very important in the research process and it also makes the research process easy. It includes the sampling element, sample size and sample area. a) SAMPLE ELEMENT: It includes those respondents who are going to fill up and answer the questionnaire. b) SAMPLE SIZE: I have worked on a sample size of more than 300 numbers including all the corporate and SMEs. c) SAMPLE AREA: The company had given me the instruction to visit all corporate and SMEs mostly the corporate (having employees more then 10). My main task was to collect the business related information from the corporate and to generate the leads for the company and to create awareness about new plans provided by the company for wireless services. My area: Pune (Kothrud, Karveroad, Dholepatil road, Viman nagar) Tools used for data presentation

---- Pie charts ----Bar charts


Personal as well as telephonic interview methods were used. Personal Interview: A person known as interviewer asks question in face to face contact to the other person. Telephonic Interview: This method of collecting information consists in contacting respondents on telephone itself. The chief merits of such a system are

It is more flexible than other methods. It is faster than other methods. It is cheaper than personal interview. Recall is easy. There is higher rate of response.


For analyzing the data I used Correlation analysis: This was used to correlate the complaints given by the dealers with the corresponding recommendations and suggestions .Correlation testing between the dealers complaints and suggestions help to decide whether I can infer any solution from dealer s suggestions to tackle their complaints. Area wise analysis of the share of Reliance competitors gives area wise share of each competitor and Reliance Competitors respective areas.

Data analysis

Company Owned Mobile connection:

Total no of Corporate Customers: 300


Company Owned Mobile 3, 1% 10, 4% 85, 30% 105, 36% Rel Idea Tata Airtel Hutch BSNL

20, 7% 62, 22%

Company Owned Mobile 1200

No of Connections

1000 800 600 400 200 0

972 721



a el ta

45 15

Area wise-

irt el H ut ch B SN L

Id e


Viman Nagar 1% 3% Rel 33% 44% Idea Tata Airtel Hutch Bsnl

2% 17%

Karve Nagar





Rel Idea Tata Airtel Hutch Bsnl



3% 3% 29% 38% Rel Idea Tata Airtel Hutch Bsnl

3% 24%

Dhole Patil road


0% 27% Rel Idea Tata Airtel Hutch Bsnl

42% 19% 4%

Top ten companies having Reliance Mobile Connection:

Universal construction Pvt Ltd. Flair Network system. Kleenair System Pvt ltd. Vintage cards & Creation. Quinolex Consultancy Ltd. Weikfield Product Company. Bajaj Alliance. Shrikrushna Agroequipment. Desai Eng. Seed Infotech.

Observation & Findings:

Out of 300 corporate Reliance are having large number of customers. Airtel got second position but airtel are having large number of connections. Reliance captured most of the market from Viman Nagar & Karvenagar. Due to cheapest handset & Cost effective plans Reliance is growing today. Most of the connections are from Software & Service Industries.

Fixed Wireless Phone:

Total no of Corporate Customers: 300

2, 1% 70, 38% 110, 61% Rel Tata Airtel

Reliance is having 110 customers out of 300 corporate. Tata is having 70 customers out of 300 corporate


600 No of Connections 500 400 300 200 100 0 Rel Tata Airtel Operator 5 290 480 Operator

Viman Nagar
0% Rel Tata 60% Airtel


Karve Nagar



Rel Tata


0% 33%

Rel Tata 67% Airtel

Dhole Patil road


43% 53%

Tata Airtel

Top ten companies having Reliance FWP Connection:

Golden Stable Outsource Service Universal construction Pvt Ltd Info Vision Information Jones Lang Lasalle Meghraj Regenesis SNS Technology Malaysia Fresenius kabi Pvt ltd Kothari cars Pvt Ltd Shrikrushna Agroequipment

Observation & Findings:

Reliance & Tata are major operator having FWP connections. Reliance is having large number of connections. Reliance captured most of the market from Kothrud& Karvenagar. Due to cheapest call rate Reliance is growing faster. Now days Tata gives tough fight to Reliance by providing better plans.

Data Card
Total no of Corporate Customers: 300

Data Card

21, 20% 2, 2% Rel Airtel Tata

84, 78%

Reliance is having 84 customers out of 300 corporate. Tata is having 21 customers out of 300 corporate

Data card
350 No of Connections 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Rel 3 Airtel Tata 75 Operator 300


Area wise:

Viman Nagar
5% 15% Rel Tata Airtel 80%


4% 26%

Rel Tata Airtel 70%

Karve Nagar


Rel Tata Airtel


Dhole Patil road

7% Rel Tata 36% 57% Airtel

Top ten companies having Reliance Data card Connection:

Vintage cards & Creation. Quinolex Consultancy Ltd. Fresenius kabi Pvt ltd. AES Eng ltd. SNS Technology. Influx Multitrade Ltd. Sansui Software Ltd. House full International. Software AG India ltd. Jones Lang Lasalle Meghraj.

Observation & Findings:

Reliance captured most of the market for Data card. Reliance have large no of customers as well as connections. Most of the connections are from Software & Service Industries. People prefer Data card while traveling. Due to high prize people didnt go for data card.

Issues with Existing Service Provider:

1. Billing Billing Reliance Tata indicom Airtel Idea Hutch Bsnl No. out of 300 90 25 30 18 8 22 % out of 300 30 8.33 10 6 2.6 7.3

Billing Issues Areawise for Reliance

Viman Nagar Karve Nagar


Kothrud Dhole Patil road


Billing Issues with reliance:

Large number of Reliance customers faced problem for Billing. Delivery problem. Bill paid but again included in next bill. Customer paid bill by SMS. After paying bill also phone will be disconnected. Sometimes problems in amount (CUG, Miss Call, SMS).

Customer Care:
Customer Care Reliance Tata indicom Airtel Idea Hutch Bsnl No out of 300. 50 13 8 4 1 17 % out of 300 16.6 4.3 2.6 1.33 0.33 5.66

Areawise Customer care Issues for Reliance


Viman Nagar Karve Nagar



Kothrud Dhole Patil road


Customer Care Issues with reliance:

Most of the complaint came from Viman nagar. No problem solving quickly by Reliance Web world. No response for *333. No proper coordination between employees. Reliance Web world employees didnt have perfect knowledge about product. Higher authority cant meet for problem solving.

Coverage Issues:
Coverage Reliance Tata indicom Airtel Idea Hutch Bsnl No. out of 300 12 8 2 2 1 6 % out of 300 4 2.66 0.66 0.66 0.3 2

Areawise Coverage Issues for Reliance

Viman Nagar Karve Nagar 25% 33% Kothrud Dhole Patil road



Coverage Issues with reliance:

Most of the complaint came from Viman nagar. Main Pune city didnt have coverage problem.


Hardware Reliance Tata Indicom

No. Out of 300 12 5

% out of 300 4 1.66

Hardware Issues with reliance:

Customer faced problem for display of the screen.

Customer faced problem for handset hang. Some customer faced problem for durability of handset.

Satisfaction level with existing service provider:

Rating: 1(least)-5(most) Overall rating given by 300 corporate

Satisfaction Level 4.5 4 3.5 3 Rating 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0 Rel Idea Tata Airtel Hutch BSNL Operator 3 4 3 4 3 3

Observations & Findings:

About Products:


Due to cheapest handset & Cost effective plans Reliance is growing today. For Postpaid there is no any Advertisement due to which people didnt aware about good schemes. Postpaid is generally for corporate industries. If Number is terminated then handset will be of no use. Separate handset for Prepaid & Postpaid due to which large number customer switched to other operator.

Reliance is having separate handset for net. Tata Provide only 1 handset of Rs 1150 with net facility due this lots of customers from Nagar road was shifted to Tata. Only Reliance to Reliance calling is cheapest others outgoing is high. Only corporate plan is cost-effective. Nowadays Bsnl gives tough fight by various plans.

Data card:

There is no Advertisement through TV, Paper, and Hoardings. Due to this people didnt aware about it.

Due to high prize people didnt go for it. Nowadays Prizes slashes but people didnt know it. Data card only use for laptops. Nowadays prizes for laptops slashes due to which there is huge demand for Data card.

About Office Network:

There is no proper coordination between others department. Due to launching of Wimax everybody wants it & not gives so much interest for Data card& USB. Only one employee seat for CAF verification. Same employee for delivery also. Delivery boy gives only delivery but didnt give Installation about product. Sales Associates at least have knowledge about all products. He /she must have knowledge about Installation. Sales associate have some printed pamphlets about products. Web world employees must be recruited by Reliance office only.


Reliance Communication is one of the leading telecom service providers, but its customer are still facing some of the problems that are hindering its growth and smooth functioning. By directly communicating with the customer I found the following problems faced by the customers. These problems are: Improper distribution of bills: A large number of customer are facing billing related problems They have not been receiving the bills for the last many months as a result of which the image of the company is spoilt in the market. Previous payment not reflected in the bills: It has been noticed that the bills do not reflect the change to be made the payment as desired due to which previous due are reflected in the bills even though the payments are received. Delayed rectification of bills: Various changes like address rectification, previous dues waving the over drawn change rectification of rate plans etc not rectified properly. Incorrect rates plans shown: In several bills wrong rate plans are shown due to improper filling customer application forms, due to which the billing is not properly done.

Connectivity problem: Many customers are facing connectivity problem. They feel that after going 50 to 60 km away from Pune into interiors of Maharastra the connectivity very poor.

The records are not updated: The records are not updated as a result of which the subscribers do not receive the required information immediately. Delayed action taken by employees: The employees do not take immediate action on the problem faced by the customer as a result they have to bring to notice the problem again and again. Customer care services : The customers are not satisfied with the customer care service s provided to them.


The interpretation of data revealed certain factors and problem which would affect the future growth of the company (as stated earlier). Recommendation regarding to above found problem are as follows: It is very important to rectify billing related problem with proper coordination, and working. The company should strive hard to keep its after sales services best as now the customer have increased largely. They should live up their name in sales services. The Data base should be updated in such away that the customers receive the required information immediately. While filling up to the C.A.F. forms extra care should be taken and the customer should be given detail information regarding the rate plan they are going to use. Use only one handset for prepaid & postpaid subscriber. The customer should be made aware of the latest developments by issuing pamphlets, broachers etc. The subscribers problems should be solved as early as possible and he should be assured that he will not be facing the problem in near future. Sales Associates at least have knowledge about all products Web world employees must be recruited by Reliance office only. The company should improve its connectivity problem as early as possible because of the stiff competition it is facing in the market. The customer care services should be improved The company should try to aggressive marketing by advertising its product like FWP, FWT & Data card which has less market share as compared to RIM.

Reliance launches many schemes which is good for the company but before the implication of these schemes the new schemes is launched. In order to improve the coverage it has to follow aggressive marketing.


Although a large number of corporate subscribers are satisfied with the services provided to them, but it needs to gear up with the procedure of billing, services and connectivity to provide not only satisfactory but a delighting service or else the subscribers will not be locked for a long time, due to the emergence of a large number of competitors in the market. Though the company is financially strong at the moment but in long terms to maintain its position, market share and customer loyalty it needs to remove its shortfalls.

Inadequate information: Many Corporate did not reveal business related information like turnover, there manpower, the telecom services used by them,

so due to which some of the questions were not answered/filled properly or accurately. Sample size: As a number of corporate in Pune is large enough and widely spread all over the city, so it was difficult to cover all the areas in such a short span of time so for the convenience I took 300 as my sample size. And I restrict my self in to four areas only. Many respondents could not give sufficient time to answer/fill the questionnaire. Due to rainy season during duration of my project it was very difficult to approach the corporate; as a result I was short to visit no. of corporate in a day. Some of them asked why should they give information and they are afraid to give the information because if the company misutilize the information. Some of the corporate were very much disappointed with reliance service so they didnt entertain us. As I was not given any identity proof by company so some of the corporate didnt entertain me as they asked to show identity proof.



i. Marketing Management by Philip Kotler ii. Research Methodology by C.R Kothari iii. Company Manuals

WEBSITES i. ii. Reliance Pune Intranet iii.

CWG Questionnaire
1. Corporate Name ___________________________________________

2. Address___________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________ _ 3. Contact Person __________________Contact No. __________________ Contact Person __________________Contact No. __________________ 4. Nature of Business __________________ 5. Turnover _______________Crs 6. Number of Branches _____________Nos 7. Number of Employees ____________Nos 8. Number of Laptops _____________Nos 9. Company Owned Mobile Connections __________ Nos

Plan Details Rent _____ Local ____ STD ____ CUG ____ Total Bill _____ 10. FWP Connection __________ Nos RELIANCE BSNL TATA

Plan Details Rent _____ Local ____ STD ____ CUG ____ Total Bill _____

11. Data Card Connection ___________ Nos




Plan Details Rent ______ Free Data Usage _____Free Time Usage ____Total Bill _____

12. Issues with Existing Service Provider Operator Billing Coverage Hardware Customer care Plans Others 13. How Satisfied are you with the Existing Service Provider 1(Least)- 5(Most) RELIANCE IDEA AIRTEL HUTCH BSNL TATA Resolved Pending

14. Do you require more connections? Mobile FWP FWT Data Card USB Modem

15. Remarks / Any Suggestion ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ______