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BEL 260

Trustworthy That you can depend on to be good, sincere, honest. *Trustworthy persons are hard to find," Markham stated, "especially in the younger generation. *Trustworthy reporters had to be engaged. *Trustworthy authorities estimate that not less than forty per cent of her entire population were at that time of Southern birth, naturally Democratic in politics and for the most part pro-slavery in sentiment. Sceptible Easily influenced, damaged, or affected by. *People in a new country are highly susceptible to illness. *How susceptible is China to the Global Crisis?. *Susceptible persons should wear thick, warm (not rough) stockings and warm gloves. Distort To change the shape or sound of something so that it seems strange or is not clear. *The kidnapper used a device to distort his voice over the telephone. *I pushed off the distort, and instantly the world was alive with the noise it had cloaked *What they distort is their relationship to the facts. Fallibility Able to make mistakes or be wrong. *I have never met one of their kind who would admit any fallibility whatsoever. *He did not like the having to go and tell of a love affair so soon after he had declared his belief that no such thing existed; it was a confession of fallibility which is distasteful to most men. *Some characteristic later themes, such as the fallibility of individual judgments and the rejection of correspondence accounts of truth, here make an early appearance Spontaneously Happening or done without being planned or organized, but because you suddenly feel you would like to do it. *Spontaneously and absolutely without a suggestion of affectation her love was poured out generously to the man who had won her heart, and each evening it seemed as if my affection had increased a thousand fold. *Spontaneously I appropriate all their material, and turn it to my own ends, as if it was my inheritance from. *Spontaneously, the residents surveyed evaluate the price of a suit at highest price. Consistency The quality of always having the same standard, opinions, behaviour. *Consistency is the main requirement for a performer on the road to keep in mind. *Consistency is often the hallmark of something that's been rehearsed. *Consistency, that was the key.

Testifying To make a formal statement of what is true, especially in a court of law. *Testifying before a congressional hearing on steroids in March, Palmeiro said that he never used such drugs. *Testifying for the defense yesterday, a psychologist said Malvo told him he was the spotter and not the shooter in the killing of an FBI analyst. *Testifying by video link from Baghdad, Ryan Crocker delivered a candid assessment of the Iraqi government's troubles. Perpetrator Someone who perpetrates wrong doing. *They both have a tendency to be late for appointments. *She seems to have a tendency towards depression. *Perpetrator is still held accountable and charged with murder. Fabricate To invent a story, piece of information etc in order to deceive someone. *Fabricate and install new roll-up door to include removal of existing roll-up door. *Fabricate issues, just like they do. *Scientists Fabricate Organic Transistor with Improved Performance Prevalence the ratio (for a given time period) of the number of occurrences of a disease or event to the number of units at risk in the population. *Comprehending a History of the Vice in Ancient and Modern Times, and in Both Hemispheres; an Exposition of Its Alarming Prevalence and Destructive Effects; with an Unreserved and Exhaustive Disclosure of Such Frauds, Tricks and Devices as Are Practiced by "Professional" Gamblers, "Confidence Men" and "Bunko Steerers. *Full Report of the Prevalence, Incidence, and Consequences of Violence Against Women *The Effect of Sexual Behavior Change on Long Term HIV Prevalence Among Homosexual Men Sceptical Tending to doubt or not believe what other people tell you. *Many doctors are sceptical about the value of alternative medicine. *Sceptical his mind in many ways was. *Sceptical as he was in many ways, he had the belief which is fundamental, which no scientific discovery or philosophic speculation can shake or move.

Practice page 29 1)Point : a) Very open b) Everyone can read it c) Not making any argument Thesis statement : There should be censorship for blogging because the internet is very wide and very open. Everyone can read it without any prohibition and will not making any argument between anyone. 2)Point : a) Make the election become easier b) Everyone go surfing c) Not making any rubbish Thesis statement : Politicians should utilise the Internet for their election campaigns because with internet they will make the election become easier because everyone go surfing everyday and the will not making any rubbish which will save the environment. 3)Point : a) Shorter are better b) Do not know how to spell properly c) Impuring languages Thesis statement : Text messaging has caused the deterioration of proper English usage because they think the text if shoerter is much better and make they forget how to spell the word correctly when they need to use the words in their essey in exams or in formal and they are destroying English languages. 4) Points : a) Facility of technology b) Technology become more efficient c) World-wide Thesis statement : With the emergence of multi-purpose phones, iPods and digital cameras may soon be obsolate because its shows the technology of comunication become more efficient and there is one of the facility of technology and it can connect to the world-wide people.

Practice page 31. Question no. 2 (Primary school students should be allowed to carry mobile phones to school) In my opinion, they should be allowed to bring a mobile phone to schools. That way, the parent would be able to remain in touch with the child or children.Of course, some basic rules need to be observed such as never to call the child and discourage the child from calling the parent during a class.The child should also be told to keep the ringer of the mobile phone, silent and only on the vibrating alert mode, so that the parent can alert them of any emergency or urgency. Schools also need to educate both, the children and parents and enforce some code of conduct on use of mobile phones. For example, students should not be allowed to bring expensive mobile handsets to the school. This can cause what is generally described as "peer pressure" meaning somebody who has a simpler handset will crave or fight with his or her parents for the pricey one- just to show off in the school. Also, jealous students might isolate the child with a high-end mobile or try to damage the instrument. Children should be allowed to carry mobile phones that have a pre-paid limit only and the use of the credit should be monitored by parents to ensure that the child is not calling any porn chat lines or accessing such adult stuff available either locally or through long distance calls. The credit limit should however be sufficient for the child to make at least 30 minutes to one hour of a local call. Numbers dialed by the child should be monitored as well. And instruct the child not to give out his or her number to strangers.

Practice page 58 1) Chronological order 2) Spatial order 3) Classification and division order 4) Comparison and contrast order 5) Cause-effect order 6) Problem-solution order Practice page 61 Question 1 Introduction : Obesity among the young child has became a serious problem and new trend. Obesity is a serious problem among youth because of the food that we are taking. It also can cause a health problem and the environment or mentally and physical factor. Conclusion : There are many factors that someone can become obesity. Without a proper diet, which is taking a food according to a schedule someone can easily eat too much of food that she or he want to take in single serve. Question 2 Introduction : Now days teenager like to take very little of food to eat. They afraid they will become fat soon. Some of them are not satisfy with their body till they willing to take all those diet pills till they become anorexia. After they eat their meals they will puke it out back. Parents should play a bigger role in dealing with their children especially among teenager. Conclusion : Conclusion : parents should important role and be a good example of their children. They should be cooperate with their children to avoid the anorexia among teenagers before it will be too late.

Question 3 Introduction : Quitting smoking makes a difference right away in the way we feel.We can taste and smell food better.Nowadays,they were many nationwide campaigns organised by the government to reduce smoking.Unfortunately,they are not effective. Conclusions : Health care workers have become extremely active in publicizing the negative effects of smoking.Teen smooking rates remain of concern as in 2003,approximately 22 percent of high school were smokers.We need to prevent this problem. Question 4 Introduction: Government hospital seems to be not attractive as they were many people there because it is low cost for everyone.Thus,the quality is quite low.The Health Ministry should make working for government hospital more attractive. Conclusion :As the conclusion,the Health Ministry should take many ways to make working for government hospital more attractive.This is really important.It has to be more attractive to attract more people. Question 5 Introduction : The Health Ministry should came down hard on unhygienic eateries.It is very important to everyone.We need to know more about this. Conclusion :As the conclusion,the Health Ministry should came down hard on hygienic eateries.

Practice 1 page 80 1) Never be 2) Still misplace 3) Also lose 4) Cannot 5) Spend 6) Have go through 7) Just come 8) Lose Since last Tuesday I just bought Celcom broadband to help me easily to find my assignment and doing assignment thing but till today I still cannot use it because they said my mycard having trouble with bluring thing and they cannot proceed to submit to Celcom centre and it make me hard to find information about my assignment. Practice 2 page 81 1) Has record 2) Recently introduced 3) Already take 4) Has file 5) Were not having 6) Never get 7) Lately showing 8) Has come up 9) Has proposed 10) Not trying 11) Also not be 12) Did ; Has determine 13) Is ; Has suggested 14) Did ; Contact 15) Is it ; agree 16) Has informed 17) Will be 18) Have searching 19) Not find 20) We will having a family day soon after we finish all the work.

Practice 1 page 84 1) Before I going to played the whole day, I have to studied first. 2) By the time Aliff has finished dinner, he quickly reached home to sleep. 3) As soon as I completed my assignment I submitted the assignment through my blog. 4) Rosli disagreed with the idea because there is nobody explained in detail to him about the idea. Practice 2 page 85 1) Since I help my father to paid the bill, he had left me a tip. 2) Since you want to got a clean bill of health, you have to exercised every day. 3) Since last year they had an engagement ceremony, at last they got married. 4) As a dishes my sister ate a fruit after she ate her main meal. 5) Kamal babysat the toddler then she received extra allowance. 6) Before the chef rested, he already cleaned the kitchen. 7) My family already did a survey before we went to travelling to Brunei. 8) Her maid had prepared the food and before we arrived to my mothers friend house her maid already served it. 9) My brother always slept like a log because he worked like a dog. Practice 3 page 86 1) The man that he saw last month begging for food on the street are now drive a luxury car. 2) The result showed that she got an A for her Mathematics exam although she was failed her Mathematics exam 3) He only ordered two books but he received an extra of three books. 4) The umpire had make a wrong announcement about the winner of tennis match is Simon. 5) The flat tire that I had just now are fine when I reached the workshop. 6) Nazmi is lucky because even though he was failed his university entrance exam, the university still offered him a place to study there.

BEL 260 (8hours)

Making predictions Page 74-77 Practice 1 ( A ) 1. Opinion 2. Fact 3. Fact 4. Opinion Practice 1 ( B ) Levis knowledge of the dry-goods business has helped him to become a successful businessman Practice 1 ( C ) He will be able to expand his business with the loan he obtained Practice 2 a) eBay b) book c) bargain prices d) sellers/purchase/product 2. Shopping on eBay is popular because there there is a wide range of products to choose from, it is convenient are large number of sellers to do business with. 3. Its possible for eBay t have an unlimited number of products to choose from because eBay is actually an online action website. 4. The popularity of eBay reached an all time high, eBay allows Internet users to sell just about anything. 5. The author mean by positive experience stated that the customer should know what will be happen. 6. a) fact b) fact c) opinion 7. a) true b) true c) false

UNIT 4 Page 104 a) Main idea : Hybrid and mutant animals. Supporting details : To attract the public, zoos and menageries once bred exotic-looking hybrid big cats. Prior knowledge : Hybrids are mythological creatures combining body parts of more than one real species. Logical conclusion : A genetic hybrid carries two different alleles of the same gene. Main idea : Function of cholesterol. Supporting detail: Help the body makes new cells. Prior knowledge: Cholesterol is a fatty substance or a lipid that is an important part of the outer lining of cells in the body of animals. It is also found in the blood circulation of humans. Logical conclusions: Cholesterol is not a deadly poison but a substance vital to the cells of all mammals. There are no such thing as good or bad cholesterol but mental stress physical physical activity and change of body weight may influence the level of blood cholesterol. Page 107. 1.a)T b)F c)F 2) a)Stone therapy became popular among Hollywood celebrities almost instantly. b)The healing stones treatment quickly spread to other parts of the world. 3) a) when : Modern Stone therapy began in the middle 1990s b)which : chosen stones 4) The treatment time of stone therapy range from 60 to 120 minutes because use of different techniques,types of stones and layout of stones for different needs of a client. 5) c 6)c 7)a)Needs to performed with a lot of caution. b)Hot, heavy and sometimes cumbersome stones require careful handling and accurate placement on the body. 8) c

Page 137 Practice 1 1.Biased Writers tone:confuse Word used to show tone and achieve intention: Corporal punishment can sometimes lead to abuse Writers intention: Important of corporal punishment 2.Not biased Writers tone:strict Word used to show tone and achieve attention: Educating a child by beating her or him Writers intention: Educate the child properly 3.Not biased Writers tone:strict Word used to show tone and achieve attention: Vital for us to allow teachers to discipline our children trough corporal punishment Writers intention: Punishment should be more strict due to the increase in crimes committed by teenagers B.Yes because it explain all about corporal punishment and the situation. Analysing and evaluating reading texts. Page 140 Practice 1 Practice 2 1. B - advertising 2. C - respond 3. It say that a storyteller can listen to the listener and reciprocate with attention. 4. B - optimistic 5. Television capture the viewers attention to watch advertisement based on advertising companies and, in exchange, feeds the culture stories. 6. D indifferent 7. It say that the if we reinfuse our culture with stories, our need will gradually be met without television or cinema, without shiny shoes that makes us feel heroes or costly cars that give us the illusory mask of a champion. 8. D to inform the readers how storytelling is better replaced with advertising.

Page 170 Practise 1 1. The purpose of the graph is to investigate the offences in cities with a population of 1000 000 and over. 2. The city had similar numbers of rape and aggravated assaults is City C and city F. 3. Robbery is the criminal offence should the authorities pay more attention ,because the number of crimes for this criminal is high in every city. 4. City F is probably the safest to live in. Page 171 Practise 2 1. The number of law students graduating year-on-year is increase. 2. True. 3. The preferred profession among law graduates is lawyers. 4. The group of people makes up the minority of the legal profession is law clerk. Page 172 Practise 1 a i. (R ) ii. (IR) iii. (R ) b) i. (IR) ii. (R ) iii. (R ) Page 173,174,175 1. a) Assisted euthanasia. b) Passive euthanasia. c) Supplying a lethal dose of a drug. d) The most controversial one because the doctors or health workers themselves take active measure to end the patients life. e) By directly administering a fatal injection. 2.D 3.the factor of euthanasia 4. a) They opt to die voluntarily through the use of living wills or advance declaration. b) These are legal instruments in granting peoples wishes while they are still alive,including their wishes to die. 5.A 6.the another possible reason is medications that they require are very expensive. 7.C