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The Legion of Super Heroes has hired you as a summer intern in their software applications area. Wonder Woman has asked you to prepare a weekly payroll report for the six Super Heroes listed in the table below. The pay for fighting crime isnt great, but its very rewarding!

EMPLOYEE NAME (Super Hero working) Super Girl Wonder Woman Flash Saturn Girl Batman Cosmic Boy RATE per HOUR ($ amount paid per hour) 18.75 27.50 21.50 17.50 25.57 19.50 HOURS WORKED (total number per week) 56.00 40.52 46.50 28.50 38.00 17.52 DEPENDENTS (number of super kids) 1 4 5 4 3 2

(1) Enter the worksheet title SUPERHEROES Weekly Payroll in cell A1 use Arial font, red font color, size 16, Merge & Center the cells A1 to H1. Use Arial, size 10 for the remainder of the worksheet. Enter the column titles in row 2 as appears above, ensure that you insert a line space within each cell; change the height of row 2 to 30.00 points. Enter the row titles in column A, and the data from the payroll table in the columns as appears above. Right-align the data in cells A3 to A13. (2) Use the following formulas to determine the GROSS PAY, FEDERAL TAX, STATE TAX and NET PAY for the first Super Hero (hey, Super Heroes have to pay taxes too!). BIG HINT: Pay attention to parenthesis and the order of math operations. To verify that your formula totals are correct, use a calculator (Start/Programs/Accessories/Calculator). GROSS PAY (cell E3): RATE multiplied by the HOURS FEDERAL TAX (cell F3): 20% multiplied by (GROSS PAY minus DEPENDANTS multiplied by 38.46) STATE TAX (cell G3): 3.2% multiplied by the GROSS PAY NET PAY (cell H3): GROSS PAY minus (FEDERAL TAX plus STATE TAX) Copy & paste the formulas for the first Super Hero to the remaining employees to save time. (3) Calculate the totals for GROSS PAY, FEDERAL TAX, STATE TAX, and NET PAY in row 9. (4) Use formulas to determine the AVERAGE, HIGHEST and LOWEST values of each column in rows 11, 12, and 13. (5) Bold the worksheet title. Assign two decimal places where appropriate (money) and apply Currency Style $ (except for Kids and Hours). Insert a light blue background in cells A2 to H2. Insert a light yellow background in the empty cells A10 to H10. Apply all the formatting (borders, centering, right and left alignment, etc) exactly as you see in the worksheet above. (6) Change the width of the column A to 15.00 points. If necessary, change the widths of columns B through H for best fit. (7) Use the CONDITIONAL FORMATTING command to display bold font on a light green background for any Gross Pay greater than $1050.00 in the range E3:E8. Use the help feature or the Internet to determine how to proceed. (8) Enter your full name, course, date and Instructor name in the range A14:A17. Name the worksheet tab: Superheroes (9) Sort the employee names (Super Heroes) by listing them alphabetically from Z to A. (10) Insert a Pie Chart of your choice to reflect all the Super Heroes and the Net Pay amounts only. Position the Chart below your data.

(11) Cut (not Copy) the Chart to Sheet2 of your Excel file. Rename Sheet2 to: Chart; Delete Sheet3. (12) Save your file: LAST NAME EXCEL.xlsx (Excel 2007 format). Also save an additional file as an Excel 2003 file (.xls). This is an important skill in order to help with software compatibility issues between Office 2007 and previous versions. (13) Convert either Excel file to a PDF file; name it: LAST NAME EXCEL.pdf (14) Compress all 3 files (.xlsx - .xls - .pdf) into one zip file. Name the file: LAST NAME and email it

B)Create the following GRADE excel sheet that contains names of students in column A.Grades for various activities are shown in the worksheet Tests,Homework,Quiz,Labs,Participation Calculate the total percentage of Tests,Homework,Quiz/ Labs and Participation.Also calculate the overall grade percentage using total average formula. Except for Participation, all columns will contain formulas for calculating grades of each type. You will enter Participation scores manually. Use Fill Color formatting to color code the item groups. To give the names a vertical orientation, select the column names. On the Home tab, in the Cells group, click Format and then click Format Cells. And then, on the Alignment tab, change Orientation to 90 degrees.

C) Consider the following worksheet with name of employees and their gross salary.Deduction Rate is 6 %.Calculate the Net Salary.Display the current date and format the sheet as shown in figure 2 FIGURE 1


A Timetable Project in Excel 2007

In this timetable project, you need to set yourselves some chores to do around the house.You need to plan an exact time to start a task, and how long it will take to finish. You will be adding one time to another. So create the same spreadsheet as the one in the image below (you don't need to use the same colours):

What you are going to do is enter a Start Time for our chores. This will be 9 in the morning. Then you will estimate how long it takes to wash the pots, which you'll place in the Time Job Takes column. You'll add the "Time Job Takes" to the "Start Time" to get a new start time for the Hoover chore. But you'll see how it works as you go along. The first thing to do is to format the Start Time column:
Highlight the Start Time column, from cell From the Excel menu bar, click on Home Locate the Number panel:

B3 to cell B8

Click on the arrow (circled above) to bring up the Format Cells dialogue box, and then click the Time category:


Category on the left, click on Time. Under the time Types on the right, select the first one. Don't click OK yet, but have a look at the time format that Excel is going to enter:

Excel will enter the hours, then minutes and the seconds. We don't need the seconds. Unfortunately, this version of Excel doesn't give you a time format without seconds. To remedy this, click on Custom under the Category list on the left. Then, under Type, select "h:mm AM/PM", as in the image below:

Click OK when you're done. Now enter first time.

Click on cell B3, then click inside the formula bar Type in 09:00 (the colon in between the numbers Press the enter key on your keyboard Excel will now see cell B3 as a time - 9.00 AM

is important)

There is a simpler way to format a cell as Time, though. Try this:

Click inside cell C3 Click inside the formula bar Type in 0:15 Press the Enter key on your


Because you included the colon (:), Excel 2007 knows that you want to format the cell as a time. The 0:15 then means 15 minutes

But your spreadsheet will now look like this:

If you started at 9.00, and the job took 15 minutes, the next start time will be 9.15. You can enter a formula for this:
Click into cell B4 to highlight it Then click inside the formula bar Enter the following formula:

= B3 + C3
Press the enter Excel will place

key a time of 09:15 AM in cell B4

The start time for our next chore, then is 9.15 AM. We can use AutoFill for the rest of the B column:

in to cell B4 on your spreadsheet


your mouse the bottom right of cell B4, and the pointer will change shape. When you see the black cross, the AutoFill cursor, hold down your left mouse button and drag down to cell B9 Let go of the left mouse button and Excel will AutoFill the other formulas Because you haven't yet entered any other figures for the "Time job Takes" column, a time of 9.15 will appear in all the cells.
Click onto cell C4 on your spreadsheet Now click in to the formula bar at the top, and Hit the Enter key on your keyboard and Excel

type in 01:00 (meaning one hour) will change all the cells from B5 to

B8 to a time of 10:15 AM Your spreadsheet should look like this:

Complete the rest of the spreadsheet for yourself. Enter these times in the C column: Rest: 30 minutes Dust: 30 minutes Windows: One hour Rest 30 minutes If you complete it all correctly, you should have a spreadsheet like this in the image below:

In the image above, you'll notice that there is a time in cell B9 of 12:45 PM. You should easily be able to get the same figure in your spreadsheet!