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Proposal of project on health sector

Health industry in a nutshell:

The health sector also known as medical sector is made up of hospitals, hospices, nursing and care homes, medical and dental practices, ambulance transportation, complementary medicine and other human health activities, such as medical laboratories and scientific services, across a range of organizations within the public, private and voluntary sectors.Opportunities within the sector are heavily influenced by national governmental policies. The current financial climate, combined with recent changes within National health service (NHS) has had a major influence on the health sector labor market.Other long-term trends shaping the sector include an aging population, innovations in healthcare provision, the rising incidence and prevalence of people with long-term conditions and the growing expectations of patients themselves.

Health status in Pakistan:

The countrys health indicators are poorer than the low -income countries such as India,Bangladesh, China and Srilanka. The poor outcome in health sector is mainly due to the i n e f f e c t i v e d e l i v e r y o f s e r v i c e s a s w e l l a s t h e l o w s p e n d i n g o n t h e h e a l t h s e c t o r i n Pakistan, which remained very low relative to other developing countries. There are about 906 hospitals, 4554 Dispensaries, 5290 Basic Health Units and 552 Rural Health Centers. The availability of hospital beds in all medical facilities has been estimated at 98,684, which comes to a population bed ratio of 1,536 persons per bed. The health status of Pakistan is characterized by a high population growth rate, high i n c i d e n c e o f l o w b i r t h - w e i g h t b a b i e s a n d m a t e r n a l m o r t a l i t y. T h e s e v e r i t y o f h e a l t h p o v e r t y i s c l o s e l y r e f l e c t e d i n t h e c o u n t r y s p o o r h e a l t h i n d i c a t o r s . I n 2 0 0 2 , i n f a n t mortality rate is 82 per thousand live births; life expectancy is 63 years.

Private sector in health care:

As long ago as 1982, the private sector was the largest source of funds for the health s e c t o r . O f t h e t o t a l h e a l t h e x p e n d i t u r e t h a t ye a r , 5 8 p e r c e n t w a s c o n t r i b u t e d b y t h e private sector, while 27 per cent came from the government - the rest was contributed by welfare organizations and charities. In 1982 private payments accounted for 71 percent of the total, and the government for only 18 per cent. Government expenditure on the h e a l t h s e c t o r h a s s e l d o m b e e n above 1 per cent of GNP, while private consumption expenditure o n health has been double, or even three times as much. Hence, the

c o n t r i b u t i o n by the private sector, in terms of expenditure and resources, is quite substantial .

Organization selected for study:

The organization selected for the case under study is "chatha hospital" located at civil lines Gujranwala. Its a pure private hospital specialized in orthopedic and general surgery. The hospital was formed by Dr. Arshad iqbal chatha, who is the single owner of the hospital and Ex orthopedic surgeon of DHQ hospital. Since its inception in 1990,Chatha hospital is known for its tremendous services in health sector.Chatha hospital is a well reputed hospital whose specialty is arthrography and bone transplantation. Inspite of tough competition by City,Gondal and Fazal hospital chatha hospital is able to maintain its name and good repute by providing high quality and low cost medical services to people of Gujranwala and adjoining areas. The estimate of daily outdoor patient turnover is about 200. Talking to the president and founder of the hospital Dr. Arshad iqbal chatha, "we are currently facing a problem of experienced and loyal paramedical and nursing staff in our hospital as only 100 people from nursing and paramedics field pass out every year from DHQ hospital and the hospital industry is growing at an enormous rate. If this problem is not resolved then i,m feared that we have to face a difficult situation in near future as patients are becoming more demanding with regard to their health". Another issue faced by the hospital is to manage capacity to meet the requirement but certain steps have already been taken to cope with this problem.

Nature of services:
Performing the services dependably and accurately is at the heart of service excellence.With regard to the healthcare services in this area chatha hospital has created value for its customers by providing best medical and hospitality services. Core services of chatha hospital include all medical services like ,gynecology, pediatric,e-n-t,dermatology,pathology and radiology. For facilitating patients hospital provides pharmacy, medical store and blood collection facilities as well. Customer care is a critical part of every service specially when services are of people processing category our health sector falls in this category of services where creativity,competence and understanding customers expectations is critical but necessary part of performing the activity.Determining the type of contact in the organization under study is mainly depend on customers visit to the organization with a single site. Patients have to visit the hospital in order to get treatment.

Core services: