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Ultima V Lazarus Walkthru/FAQ Warriors of Destiny A FAQ by Fabian JetFable Chung Version 1.

0 June 19th, 2007

Note: This is a FAQ intended for the remake of Ultima V titled Lazarus (built version 1.2) based on the Dungeon Siege Engine. It is not intended for use with the original Warriors of Destiny. Though as many aspects of the original and the remake is the same, you can use this as a reference.

Table of Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Foreword Introduction and Various Resources Installing and Starting the Game Changes from the original Ultima 5 General Gameplay Hints and Bug Avoiding Tactics Quick Walkthru Guide 6-1 Getting started 6-2 Grapple and Sextant 6-3 Mantras and shrine quests 6-4 Words of Power 6-5 The sandalwood box 6-6 The Crown 6-7 The Sceptre 6-8 The Amulet 6-9 Getting the Shards and Destroying the Shadowlords 6-9-1 Astaroth and Shard of Hatred 6-9-2 Nosfentor and Shard of Cowardice (+ mystic equipments) 6-9-3 Faulinei and Shard of Falsehood 6-10 Wrapping up and Rescuing Lord British 7. Companion List and Rating 8. Reagent Shop Listing 9. Tainer Listing 10. Quest List 11. Easter Eggs 12. Acknowledgement and About the Author

-----------------------------------------------------------------------1. Foreword ------------------------------------------------------------------------

While compiling this FAQ is indeed a work of my own, Id like to give credit of most of its contents to numerous others who frequent the Lazarus message boards giving out help and hints. This FAQ is simply a compilation of the work of others, made available to newcomers or fans of this game alike as a centralized place to view that information.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------2. Introduction and Various Resources -----------------------------------------------------------------------Ultima V: Lazarus is an exceedingly ambitious project 6 years in the making that greatly improves the graphics and sound of the PC version of Ultima V, done by Team Lazarus. It is a true from-the-ground-up remake of the gaming classic, Ultima V, including reworked music, art, story and dialogue that are of professional quality, while staying true to the original. Various Resources: -- Lazarus homepage -- Lazarus forum -- to find out more about Dungeon Siege -- Interview with Lazarus -- the Anti-Walkthru of the malefic Avatar -- The Fall of Lord Blackthorn (companion fiction to Lazarus) -- The Tale of Captain Johne (companion fiction to Lazarus) -- keeping track of all Ultima remakes -- Grail Quests Tasks Guides (which will also be duplicated here) -- my Review / Impression of Ultima Lazarus

-----------------------------------------------------------------------3. Installing and Starting the Game -----------------------------------------------------------------------1) Get/Install Dungeon Siege You must have Dungeon Siege 1 or Dugeon Siege: Legends of Aranna installed, and not Dungeon Siege 2. (By the way you can purchase Dungeon Siege 1 for 3 bucks in Amazon marketplace, there's no reason not to do so if you don't already have it) 2) Update Dungeon Siege from Version 1.0 to Version 1.11.1462 (if you do not have Legends of Aranna)

You can get your update here: 3) Go to the Lazarus Website and download built version 1.2 4) Install the game 5) Download various mods and bug fixes (Optional but highly recommended) and place them in the Lazarus\resources directory. Newest bug fix package: Other various mods can be found in the forum: or the Mod Guide here: Recommended Mods (that enhances gameplay): Quick Pocketwatch Reduced food consumption rate Ring of Reagents Mod Install all other mods at caution, some dont work well with others, and always, backup your save games before doing so. Mods can be deleted at anytime as well. The above are the only mods I have personally tried. 6) Start Lazarus from its own Desktop icon (and not Dungeon Siege), change the resolution to 1024 (which is necessary), consult the game manuals for details of controls and hotkeys (it came installed with Lazarus). 7) Improving Performance: If your machine meets the requirement to run Dungeon Siege, you will be able to boot up Lazarus, though not guaranteed that you will be able to play Lazarus smoothly even if Dungeon Siege runs like a breeze on your computer, because there are so much more detailed things in Lazarus the computer must keep track of. Recommended things to do are, dont run other programs while running Lazarus, defragment your hard drive before running lazarus, turn off shadows and keep objects detail to a minimal, update your video driver, turn off music (though not recommended by me because music, well is one of the highlights in this game), if nothing works, contact tech support at the Lazarus Forums (they seem to respond fairly quickly). -----------------------------------------------------------------------4. Changes from the original Ultima 5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Updated graphics, gameplay, music, storyline, numerous sideuqests and easter-eggs added. Dialogues are improved and modernized, without typing. Battles are real-time and the game feels more like Utlima 7 meets Diablo, no more dual-scale maps. Dungeons are no longer 1st Person 3D (Thank Heavens). Not all monsters respawn, only the critters, and they respawn based on time passed, so no walking off the edge off the screen and coming back with more bandits like in Ultima 7. No magic carpet and horse riding in the game, also no naval battles with cannons and such (due to the limitation of the DS engine). No moon orbs for grabs for instant planting + teleportation to selected places. Quest related keywords can only be unlocked after certain quests, you can no longer ask for the grapple before you unlock the quest, and you cannot use Word of Power freely. This makes the game more fun, doesn't it? -----------------------------------------------------------------------5. General Gameplay Hints and Bug Avoiding Tactics -----------------------------------------------------------------------My first advice, is save often, and on different saves. Use your quicksave(F9) as often as possible, but not as the only save, also save on different files. Lazarus, not unlike the newer graphic intensive ultimas, are not without flaws. It crashes often and sometimes the frame rate will slow to a crawl (providing that you dont have a state-of-art computer), yet, as far as I remember, it crashed less than Ultima 9, and my items never disappeared like it had with Ultima 7, so for a fan-made game, they got my appreciation. Lazarus is a hard game, so you will want to save often even if not for the bugs. The first thing you want to do is maybe set the combat to easy (from the options menu), that helps, and if you already did that in the start menu, you may have to do it again just to be sure (it didnt work for me). Combat is hard in the beginning especially when the Avatar is weak. Your companion may disappear permanently when you leave them, I have run into that once. You do not want to leave them with key items. Someone suggested killing them and stash the body somewhere, my advice is, always leave them in the vicinity of the moongate, in my game they never disappeared. Avoid monster-spawning areas and populated areas (in towns and castles). Save before you ask them to leave, and never ask your favorite companion to leave. Ships never disappeared in my game, but I have heard that happening, plus if you leave your ship somewhere unreachable and use a gate scroll to teleport out, you may never be able to get back, so dont leave key items and companions on your ship ever. Grapple and sometimes being sent to prison (by Blackthorn or by the Judge at Yew) seem

to cause the game to crash. I like to grapple only when I am in the Birds Eye automap view (hit tab), it seems to create less problem than otherwise. Teleportation scroll comes quite handy and they are abundant. So I would suggest using them after traversing a dungeon/underworld, or need a quick jump to another town, alternately you can and should use the moongate whenever possible, and also, you can die (and suffer a -50 exp) and get resurrected in Lord British Castle, a pretty quick way to travel to Britain I reckon, if you dont mind the penalty in experience (which is a lot in the beginning). You cannot exploit the bug of dying and leveling up stat increase ala the original Warriors of Destiny. Rest often, you can camp outside town after you have gotten the bedroll, you do not need to spend money in Inns or post guards when you camp (you will never get ambushed). You get a random stat increase when Lord British visit you in your dreams and level you up. I have not paid attention (nor do I have the need) to which stat you get leveled up at so possibly you can save before you camp and reload if it is not to your satisfaction. Press ; to often monitor your karma and also you can click on x10 game speed button, which is useful when you are in town waiting for someone to wake up and talk to you, or waiting for the moongate to come, it is a way to emulate hitting the pass button in the past Ultimas. You should camp if you need to wait for more than 8 hours, or go do something else for god sake, this game is all about freedom. Talk to everyone, and I mean everyone, from the weapons shop owner, to the barmaids grandmother, and even Iolos horse (and I am not kidding). This game is fully appreciated only when you dont rush through it and talk to everyone (watch out for Easter Eggs !). As the various citizens in town follow their own schedule, sometimes it is very hard to grab everyones attention in one go even if you have visited every huts. I always suggest waiting inside the tavern (everyone seems to need to eat) around the eating hours. You can 10x the time and watching people come by, those who you havent talked to are labeled strangers (usually, but I have run into about 1% of population that their names dont stick, and usually the should-be-strangers sometimes will have their name labeled when they sleep). If they wont talk to you in the tavern, you can stalk them back to their home. Theres a lot to read from dialogues in Lazarus, and you should spend the time to read them. Unfortunately, time passes when you read, and the person you talk to might have resumed his/her routine and also other citizens maybe out of reach. This is my personal preference, I like to time-freeze when I talk to people (hit space to pause). You can still go through the whole dialogue without time passing, this is useful to grab all the citizens in conversation before they leave. Sure the excellent ambient music goes away, but thats a small price to pay for. Also beware when they give you item, it will be dropped to the

ground. When selling stuff, use the ctrl key and mouse click to quick sell the items, it saves the pain of dragging it back and forth. Watch the time, watch the moon phases, if you installed the mod, you just press J for the pocket watch, which saves you a lot of pain, because the journal isnt used at all in Lazarus (which there was one though) Combat. Combat is never really the highlight of the Ultima series, while certainly not a highlight here as well, it is way better than all other Ultimas, thank to Dungeon Sieges Diablo-like engine. You set the Avatar and the companions to attack, defend, or hold fire, which target to attack (I usually set it to attack close targets), or you can manually target them. The spacebar is your friend, you should know that if you have played Baldurs Gate, after you pause you can still issue commands, heal, drink potions, stuff like that, and you should do that. This is not Diablo so you wont get many potions, the heal spell is your best friend, so keep track of your reagents, and if you installed the reagent-free spellcasting ring mod and can afford it, you can spam more spells at your leisure. Mages are considerably weaker in the beginning game, because of your lack of funds for reagents, lack of levels for powerful spells, and in general just lack of mana. I would suggest a fighter-type build Avatar (or something similar), so answer your gypsy questions accordingly (lean towards valor, sacrifice, and honor), having a higher strength is useful for carrying loot as well. If you need mages you will have more than an adequate supply of companions. I do not think Intelligence level affects spell damage (correct me if I am wrong), if it does, it is minimal, but strength is what you need. Mages are still very recommended late game (Mariah and Captain Johne are useful here), fireball spells work much better than the crossbows. Hunt all the time and keep track of your food, install the food consumption mod to play the game with less headaches. Play the game any way you want to. You are the Avatar. Be an evil Avatar and slaughter the lambs, plunder the villages, if you feel like it. Thank to Team Lazarus you can now finish the game via the evil path (kind of like Knights of the Old Republic), so play any way you want to. Karma can be bought, and almost entirely not necessary (though I think your companions will leave you if you have very low karma).

-----------------------------------------------------------------------6. Quick Walkthru Guide -----------------------------------------------------------------------This is the path of the Resistance (or the least resistance), assuming you

want to be a good Avatar and save Lord British. U5 is about freedom so you can always do things out of order, and don't have to follow what I did. This walkthru takes shortcuts through the majority of sidequests, so for those who wants completion please visits the sidequest section. If you are unfamiliar with Britania locale I suggest you download a spoiler map from the Lazarus Forum (the spoiler section), there are other maps included but I felt unnecessary to use any of them. Dungeons are mostly straight foward so I will not include detailed walkthrus, but only points of interest. Map: -----------------------------------------------------------------------6-1 Getting started (Gain Karma, Fill up your party, get a bedroll, level up) -----------------------------------------------------------------------The avatar starts off at Iolo's Hut, with Shamino and Iolo at your side. This is the only time your companions prompt you, though I wish they would do that more often. I take Shamino's suggestion to go to Yew, just follow the road NW from Iolo's Hut to Empath Abbey. Here you can start off by talking to everyone. Recruit Julia. Recruit Toshi if you like, but for my first time I missed him and skipped him altogether. If you have Julia, you don't need theif apprentice Toshi. Getting Shamino healed is one of the things you should do there as well. Talk to Lord Michael and you can learn about the demon in the desert (vital to the shard quests). After you have exhausted Empath Abbey, travel to SE to Britain to pick up Gwenno. You will most likely get waylaid by bandits, practice your fighting here and loot them. Buy a bedroll in the provision store in Britain, you need that to "Hole up and Camp", sell your loot. Remember to keep track of your rations. I try not to buy anything (except reagents). You can hunt creatures in the woods. Force Attack (press A) to hunt non-hostile creatures and click on their bodies for meat. You start with 75 Karma and your first priority is getting it to 80. Try not to steal anything (if you are not comfortable with navigating you may steal something accidentally, I suggest reloading if that happens, save often, and be careful where you click). Any side quests will likely gain you karma. consult the sidequest section if you like to complete the quests, but I will not mention them here. Gwenno mentions a person you need to meet in the orchid, that will start you off on the Resistance quest, in this walkthru you do not need to complete the Resistance quest but you need to join it nevertheless to get things started. Speak to Terrence, and he will direct you to Yew. At this point you have a lot of choices where to go, you can explore Lord British's castle and Cove and go to the Shrine of Compassion but I would leave that all for later. Head to Yew. I would follow the road here (from Iolo's hut to Empath to Yew),

but you get try going through the wilderness, depends on your skills and combat settings, its possible to die a lot, but you need the experience. Speak with Chamfort in Yew, he's in the smithy and will only talk about the Resistance when he's in private. With the Resistance Key and Password you can enter the secret hideout from his fireplace. Learn to zoom in and mess around with the camera angles here, it's very hard to see. You can use the fireplace to enter the resistance hideout here but I prefer getting myself arrested. Talk to the judge and get thrown in jail. Here you can pick the lock on Jerone's cell and open the secret wall. Go to Resistance hideout and speak to Landon to join the Resistance. You can get Jaana here but I left her alone. Landon will give you some quests, and saving jerone will most likely get your karma to above 80, thats all you need at this point. There's a word of power here in the jail (consult section 6-4), but you can skip it for later. There are a few things you can do in Yew, pick up a bed roll if you haven't done it yet. Buy reagents at the magic shop. Make sure you can cast 20 - 30 heal spells, that's all you need at this point. Visit the shrine of Justice and speak the mantra (all mantras are located in 6-3). You can get the mantra from certain townsfolk but assuming you played the Quest of the Avatar, you already know the mantra (well the game does let you cheat a little). You need to speak to all the shrines so as long as you are in the vincinity of one, do it. The rune is there for grabbing but you don't need it (it sure does bring back good old memories from Ultima 4). I grabbed it anyway :) Type in the mantra for 3 cycles to get the shrine quest. In Yew there is a certain woman who let you sell the mantra to her, yes, she is evil, but feel free to do it anyway because the Avatar is gullible and will not result in a karma loss. For every mantra you sell the shrine will become corrupted, but you can heal it with the word of power (which you need anyway), healing a shrine naps you +50 xp. Its worth doing. Go back to Britain once your Karma is above 80. Find Annon in Britain and learn about the Counsellors. Annon can be found in the wine cellar during the daytime. You can gain access to his secret hideout by manipulating the torch. Alternately you can find him at night in the Wayfarer Inn (he's only upstairs). Yes you can wait for him at night but whats the fun in that? He will check your karma before revealing the scret. This is the only time the game checks your karma as far as I know. After this you can pillage and plunder, but hay, we are trying to be good avatars. Learn the word of power from Annon. You are free to do whatever you want now. Visit Cove and the shrine of

Compassion, if you corrupted the shrine you can now restore it. Your priority is to gain levels before tackling the dungeons. Before doing this though I would suggest getting better fighter type companions. My favorite one is Katrina, she starts at level 5, and she's pretty to look at. Mariah is also recommended but she's a mage so she's weak in the beginning when you have lack of reagents. I suggest making getting Katrina your first priority. You probably have no money to get a ship at this point and no gate scroll. Learn how to use the moongates. The moongates and the corresponding phases are found on the cloth map carried by the Avatar (or you can use your spoiler map). Use your pocket watch to read the moon phases. Each night the moongate only goes to 3 places, at 12 to 1 am you go to the shrine of Spirituality, go do that and get your shrine quest. Before 12 am you read the moon on the left, and after 1 am you need to read the moon on the right. It seems confusing in the beginning but it ain't rocket science. I would get Mariah and Katrina (feel free to leave off Gwenno or anyone else). Like what I hinted above, your companions may disappaer when you leave them, I would leave them at moongate vincinity for easy access, and they never disappeared at moongates on me. But save before you do so. When you visit other towns feel free to do the quests. If you talk to everyone quests come naturally, you don't need to resolve them right away. Get the words of power if available for that town. Once you have your most-fit party, at this point I use the Avatar / Katrina / Julia to tank, Shamino / Iolo / Mariah as range fighters. Mariah is not good with a crossbow but she will die off easily if you put her in the front, she needs spells but use your reagents sparingly. Your first prioty is to level up, gain money, so you can get a ship, you also need the reagent ring (if you installed the mod), you can buy the one that give 1 person reagent-less spell casting for 1400, don't worry, you can sell it for the same amount of gold and get the party one for 5000. If you think that's gamebreaking you don't have to do that at all. But I personally think its convenient. You don't need to train for any skills yet, you have no money to do so. Melee skills hardly make a difference, you would need recovery for Katrina. She has heaps of HP but she won't be able to recover all of them even sleeping for 8 hours, but at this point she will be the strongest fighter. Once you have extra money, channelling and duration spells for mages, lock-picking and trap detection are the first priority. I dumped Julia a quarter into the game so I would give lock-picking to Iolo. Channelling give you faster MP recovery and duration give you longer spell effects (handy great light) so you will need that for Mariah, but before all that you need a ship. Go north of Britain through Serpent Pass. There are heaps of critters there you can use to train.

Remember, you can only level up after you camp. Take note at the top of Serpent Pass there's somewhere you can get loads of glass swords (instant kill but shatters on impact), but to get them you get the grapple so we'll come back to that later. Make Despise the first dungeon you will want to visit. Its not the easiest dungeon (I personally think they are more or less equal in difficulty), but its the one that gives you the best equipment right away. Finding Despise is not a easy task. It lies on around the east area of the mountain ranges north on Britain, from North Brittany, you can travel along the bottom of the cliff NE until you hit the orc camps (you won't miss it). Alternately you can first go through Serpent Pass all the way to the exit on the north, then travel SE along the edge of the cliff. If you have difficulty plundering the orc camps then you are not ready for the depths of Despise, train some more, but if you can get thru with some ease then you are ready. Find the entrance and speak the word of power you learned from Annon. Know that if you are strong enough to get to the bottom, you can pick up an a very good extra companion. But you won't be able to do so if you already have 6 in your party. At this point I would suggest going in with all 6 and make a 2nd trip here later on. You need the exp and manpower. If Despise doesn't have the easiest monsters, it's the most straight forward. Your only priority is to go down. In the original ultimas, each dungeon has 8 levels. Since the levels are interconnected here I won't be keeping count. You absolutely cannot get stuck here. If you can't see openings, turn the brightness degrees higher, or you can use a peering gem to look at the map (but I rather sell them). Loot everything when you are in the dungeon. If you are encumbered you do not need to pick up the sucky equipments. They only sell for 1 or 2 gold piece, while handy in the beginning, you don't need it, gems and gold bars and most importantly, scrolls, are more crucial here. There are a lot of reapers here and they will charm your party, and this point you can't counter it, one way of running away from being charmed is keep your party moving, if you keep moving the charmed person won't attack, just wait it out. Once you start approaching the bottom you will be seeing dragons. You should be good enough to take them on. If you are not I suggest running through them, and looting the place without fighting. There are magical equipments here which you absolutely need. Head to the underworld (you will know when the game autosaves). Here you can find Captain Johne and learn his story about the

shadowlords, may not want him str and int, and later if you Britain.

Captain Johne is an excellent character here but you may or right away. He's stronger than Mariah in any way, with higher he's not too bad with a sword. I suggest coming back for him party is already full. Use a gate spell to get back to

You probably have enough money at this point for a lot of things, after you dump all your loot at the shops. Your first priority is getting a deed for a ship, this you can get at the shipwright in Britanny (Master Hawkins). Alternately you can gate to Jhelom and get it there (and a few other places too), but the cheapest ship is 600 bucks, you don't want one more expensive than that. Your next priority is getting a reagent-less casting ring, depends on how you want to play the game, or you can just buy a lot of reagents, but I prefer the painless ring. You can't afford the 5K one so just get the cheaper one, in Lord British Castle, and let Mariah or Johne equip it, until you get affrod the 5K ring, you probably dont want both Mariah and Johne in your party. Getting any above mentioned skills are the 3rd priority. You would want Katrina to recover normally first. Now you are ready to tackle the world. You can do things in any order you want. -----------------------------------------------------------------------6-2 Grapple and Sextant -----------------------------------------------------------------------The Grapple is essentail to finishing the game, you will want it. The Sextant shows you your coordinates let's you see the location from your party on your map. Not excatly neccessary but helps you a lot. You can also get coordinates here but I don't find that very helpful. After you bought a ship, sail to Buccanneer's den (Southeast island from Britain, Northeast from Trinsic). Now the ship navigation will need a lot of getting used to, it leaves something to be desired, but the fact that Team Lazarus squeezed this into the DS engine is a miracle all in itself. I always navigate via the automap and never the normal screen. Pick your direction and go from there, stop your ship when you want to change the direction, its a bit annoying when you sail along the coast because it will stop at every inch the ship moves. But as long as you know where you are going, you will soon breeze along the wind. At least docking seems quite convenient. Find the dock icon (which is possibly easier seen on the regular screen than the map). Calculate your route before travelling, like a real navigator. When you have the Sextant is not nearly as bad as it is.

In Buc'S Den go to the local tavern, talk to Dalgrin about the barmaid of the inn (Tierra). Dalgrin will only talk about other people when he's not in the tavern. So find him during the day on the docks (before he goes to the tavern). Dalgrin suggests you to give Tierra a drink, go to the tavern, give her a drink until she talks about bidney and the grapple, talk to bidney again about the grapple. Bidney gave his grapple to Lord Michael in Empath Abbey, so sail back and ask Lord Micheal about the grapple. But before you do that, you can also talk with the bard about he sextant after he sang a song about it (You need to pick the right song from the lsit). Then go get the sextant from David in the lighthouse south of Trinsic. -----------------------------------------------------------------------6-3 Mantras and shrine quests -----------------------------------------------------------------------Spirituality: om Valour: ra Sacrifice: cah Compassion: mu Justice: beh Honesty: ahm Honour: summ Humility: lum Now vist every shrine there is, speak the mantra. Go to the codex once you have visited all the shrines, the dock to the codex is located at the southern tip of the isle (as opposed to the western gap which you can't get in). You can do this all in one go, so don't make multiple trips. Once you have completed all 8 shrine quests you get the last word of power. Re-visit the shrine to get permanent stat boosts and xp. This is optional, but I suggest completing it with your final party you would want to complete the game with at this point to get everyone stronger. -----------------------------------------------------------------------6-4 Words of Power (Thanks to those who posted at the forums) -----------------------------------------------------------------------If there are ways to get into dungeons without the words of power, I am not posting it here, believe me there are. But you probably have more fun finding them, or finding them out on your own. -- Despise: vilis Opposes: Compassion (Britain) Located: In mountains north of Britain

Obtained from: Annon in Britain. Find him upstairs in the Inn (The Wayfarer) between the hours of 9pm to midnight and 1am-6am. He is downstairs from midnight to 1am. During the day, he can be found in his secret hideout in the wine cellar. Light the torch bracket in the back to gain access. Prerequisites: You must have 80 karma to get this word. Since you start the game with 75, I advise you to get this one as soon as possible. Completing quests, donating money to shrines, giving money to the beggar in Minoc, these are all ways to gain karma. -- Deceit: fallax Opposes: Honesty (Moonglow) Located: Small island north of Moonglow Obtained from: Malifora in Moonglow, the gypsy who lives outside town. Prerequisites: None. Simply speak to Malifora by her tent outside Moonglow. -- Destard: inopia Opposes: Valor (Jhelom) Located: West of Trinsic Obtained from: Goethe in Jhelom. He wanders on the streets of town between the hours of 6am and 8pm. He wanders from around the shipyard, to the inn, to the stables, back to shipyard. Note that he speaks some words backwords (I guess you don't need to pay attention here since there's no typing involved here). Prerequisites: Thorne and Trian in the Inn lead you to Goethe. Obtain the mantra from Thorne, and he tells you to speak to Trian about Destard. Trian in turn points you to Goethe, who will happily tell you the word. -- Wrong: malum Opposes: Justice (Yew) Located: In mountains on peninsula west of Minoc Obtained from: Felespar in jail in Yew. To gain access you can either enter the main way, or go down the elevator in the fireplace in the smithy and navigate through the sewers to the jail. Prerequisites: You must know the password for the Resistance. Speak to Terrence in the orchard in Britain, who sends you to Yew's Chamfort. Chamfort is outside the smithy in Yew. -- Covetous: avidus Opposes: Sacrifice (Minoc) Located: Just south of Minoc Obtained from: Fiona in Minoc. She runs the poor house.

Prerequisites: Speak to Fiona in the poorhouse. Then speak to Fiona's daughter Rew who is in the tent by the shipyard. Finally, return to Fiona and she will give you the word of power if you mention Rew. Alternate: After getting the Word of Power from Annon, he tells you of Fiona in Minoc. You do not need to seapk to Rew at all. Note: Minoc is a fun place. I absolutely will not pay the guards, unless you have the black badge. You can kill them and suffer karma penalty, you can let them chase you around or alternately go solo and invisilbe your way around (pause when you talk to the citizens). -- Shame: infama Opposes: Honor (Trinsic) Located: In mountains SW of Britain Obtained from: Sindar in Trinsic. He wanders the streets (not the walls) between the hours of midnight and 3am. Prerequisites: First, speak to Annon in Britain (see Despise above for his location) and learn about the great council and the words of power. Then, speak to the healer in Trinsic about Sindar. She'll mention that he was a Great Councilor. Finally, wait until midnight and speak to Sindar to get the word. Sindar sleeps in the healer's house before midnight, you can wait there and stalk him. -- Hythloth: ignavus Opposes: Sprituality (Skara Brae) Located: Isle of the Avatar Obtained from: Hassad in the prison in Blackthorn's Castle. Prerequisites: Speak to Kaiko in New Magincia to learn about Hassad's fate. You need the password to the Resistance to get Hassad to speak about the word. -- Doom: veramocor Opposes: Humility (New Magincia) Located: In Underworld. Obtained from: Codex of Ultimate Wisdom Prerequisites: Complete all 8 shrine quests -----------------------------------------------------------------------6-5 The sandalwood box -----------------------------------------------------------------------Go to Greyhaven (south of Trinsic) and talk to Sir Kenneth. He will teach you some chords and drops a sheet of music. He is only available during the day

time on the bottom the light house playing with the piano. Then go to the top of Lord Britsh's castle in Britain. Play the chords on the piano and the secret door will open. Grab the box. Beware you may need to sneak around on top of the castle. Play Metal Gear here or use a invisibility ring, if you get warned by the captain of guards (but not the guard, the guard ignores you) the 2nd time you will get a karma loss if you resist arrest. I don't know that if you follow the resistance quest you maybe able to talk to him about your quest, but I am not entirely sure here. -----------------------------------------------------------------------6-6 The Crown -----------------------------------------------------------------------The Crown is sitting in the room on the top of Lord Blackthorn's castle (its right next to the Isle of the avatar). Just walk up and grab it. Now before you do this, depending on how you want to play the game, you may want to finish the resistance quest or get up to the point where you infiltrate the Oppression, or simply you may want to join the oppression. The crown is handy to have, and you may not want to wait till then if you want to skip the sidequests. The guard in front of the castle will stop you from going in, unless you have the black badge from the Oppression side quest, there are a few ways to get around that. The easiest way would be to go solo, let your companions wait by the docks. Have the avatar wear a invisibility ring, go through the guards and the demons. Grab the crown on top of the castle. Here you can also visit the prison and talk to a few prisoners here. Speak to Hassad to get the word of power. There's a companion you can recruit here as well but I'd forget him if I were you. Do not speak with Blackthorn at all costs. If you want to check him out, save before you do so. You can get a different reaction from him if you wear the crown. Now the crown is useful equipment. When worn, it negates all magic (even your own). It makes defeating shadowlords, liches, reapers alike a breeze. You would want to tactically equip and unequip it. Learn to abuse it. -----------------------------------------------------------------------6-7 The Sceptre -----------------------------------------------------------------------On top of Stonegate, the coordinates are 32 N and 14but you don't need that. Go there from Cove, head NE. There are 2 mountain ridges there, you want to get on the eastern side. Just find Grapple points and grapple your way through, trust me, you can't miss it. A demon there will affront you and give you a riddle, the answer is "virginity", so give that to him (laugh)... and get the exp bonus. But he will attack anyway. Actually if the shadowlords are there, he will also attack the shadowlords. There are a few things you can do at this point, if you already have the crown, wear it, and pummel the shadowlords. If you don't have it yet, taking on 3 shadowlords may be too difficult for you (even 2 was hard for me), but you are welcomed to try. I would play Metal Gear again (I mean sneak approach), dump your companions

nearby and go solo with an invisibility ring. Who would have thought the shadowlords can't detect your presence, oh well, I guess invisibility rules. Alternatively, if you already vanquished all 3 shadowlords, Stonegate will be empty. You can wait till then to get the Sceptre, but really, whats the fun in that? Now the Sceptre is also handy equipment, with it you don't need the dispel field spell. Just equip it, and force attack (press A !) the magic field. -----------------------------------------------------------------------6-8 The Amulet -----------------------------------------------------------------------It is the in the Dungeon Destard, before that, be sure you already got the word of power to open that, and you need the grapple. Theres a bug (or is it a feature) with Dastard's entrance, even after you speak the word of power, you wont be able to get in. Some extra boulder is in the way, you can force attack it with range weapon, equip your whole party with range weapons and press A until you clear your way (thank the people at the forum for clearing that up) Go all the way to the bottom, you don't need much directions here (I could post them but they would be harder to read than actually, playing), but its considerably harder than Despise. Once you get to the underworld, there are 2 ways to get the amulet, there is a closer way which you will likely miss anyway, so just get to the waterfall and keep grappling downward, there's somewhere you can walk at the edge of the screen and cliff (its fun to watch but you can't get anywhere). If you get to the swamp room you know you hit the right place. Find the room with the "Lord British" theme song, and grab the amulet. Read the gravestones if you like. You most likely want to gate out at this point instead of walking back. -----------------------------------------------------------------------6-9 Getting the Shards and Destroying the Shadowlords -----------------------------------------------------------------------Now before getting to this part you may want to finish the resistance quest and infiltrate the Oppression, If you kill the shadowlords you cannot get into the Oppression. Read on if you like to skip it. You can always obtain the shards and kill the shards first and kill the shadowlords later, it is your choice. You need to learn the names of the shadowlords and kill them by summoning them at the flames (the 3 castles) by destroying the shards. -----------------------------------------------------------------------6-9-1 Astaroth and Shard of Hatred -----------------------------------------------------------------------You need to first find Sin'Vraal the gargoyle in the desert, only after Lord Michael in Empath Abbey mentioned him. You should be able to find him south of the shrine of sacrifice, there's a house there and some gargoyle statues, you can't miss it. Talk to him and learn the name.

Now there are 2 ways to get the shard, dungeon Wrong or dungeon Covetous. Covetous is accessible off the cliff from Minoc (grapple points). Now I would personally go through they both just for kicks, they are both fun dungeons. They are interconnected in the underworld, but you can't get in from one and get out from the other unless only after you have cleared them both. I would just clear one and do your business in the underworld, gate out and clear the other at a later time). Pick one, to me Covetous is more fun (but with harder puzzles) Wrong -- its straight forward but you don't want to miss the keys. First get the guard's key. Open the locked door then you get the cell key, which leads you to another locked door and you can get the Cellblock key, the last one is the Daemon's Key, and you can get into the underworld. If you encounter locked doors which you can't unlock yet in this dungeon, keep going, then backtrack and study your automap, its very hard to miss the keys. Covetous -- I like this dungeon more because well, it has more puzzles and you can learn about the history of the Minoc kings. Here you want to obtain soulstone 1-5 in each level (they are usually in boxes so don't miss it), and you also want the book 1 - 5. At the bottom you will get to a room which involve pressure plates in front of statues. The book titles give you enough hints for which soulstone to put on which plates. Just throw it on there, believe me, its easy to figure out, and you can also use trial and error. Now you can't get lost in the underworld, its a big circle, if you get out from Covetous and get to the bottom of Wrong then you know you've missed it, its somewhere in between. Yes you need the grapple so look out for grapple points. Now go back to Empath Abbey, and get to the flame, click on the flame and you will know what to do, make sure there's nobody around because they will attack the shadowlord (oh gosh what are they thinking) and they may, you know, die. Click on the flame again to destroy the shard. -----------------------------------------------------------------------6-9-2 Nosfentor and Shard of Cowardice (+ mystic equipments) -----------------------------------------------------------------------Hyloth, in the Isle of the Avatar, you can go there before or after you go the codex. I suggest you dock SE of the Isle. You will grapple you way to Hythloth (depends on where you land, you may not need to use it at all), it isn't that hard to find. Hyloth is pretty straightfoward yet again, until you get to the creepy room. It brings me memories of Silent Hill. I won't spoil the surprise

here but you need to find a secret button, its near the door, if you have learned to zoom in and roate the camera at this point you will have no trouble to find it. Keep going down until you are stuck again, you will see a bellow here and keep using it until it blows up a hole, here there's a secret passage behind the tapestry, that's all you need to know here and you won't get stuck. When you are in the underworld, do not miss the place where you get mystic armors (there are 6 of them), mystic swords and this godly staff I gave to Mariah. This is guarded by a big dragon you can't miss if I remember correctly. After you get those things you will own all monsters that are thrown at you. I was told that Enilno the Quicksword (sword in stone) is also here but I didn't see it. Find the shard of cowardice, its in a room with red lights. After that sail to Serpent's Hold, there's a blockade outside if you haven't broken it yet. The oppression guards don't attack you though. Talk to the lord of the keep and he'll give you the name Nosfentor (does it remind you of dracula?, Nosferatu? Get it?) Go down to the basement to use the Flame of Courage. -----------------------------------------------------------------------6-9-3 Faulinei and Shard of Falsehood -----------------------------------------------------------------------You are supposed to follow sidequests which involve trips from Lycaeum to Cove but I believe you can skip it and grab the shard regardless. Head to Dagger Isle and Deceit. Now this is a more open area dungeon and not as straight foward, but still, impossible to get lost, go to the bottom until you get to a caverns with dragons around. There are some nice equipments to grab and you will smoke the dragons with your current strong weapons. Theres an outer rings which surround the caverns filled with Goblins, believe me, you can't miss those green nasties. When you get there, you should be able to find a tunnel in the SW that leads to the underworld. That may be easy to miss, but just walk around outer ring edge until u find it. Navigate via the auto map if you have to. In the underwolrd theres an island in the lake somewhere, its really easy to find just like all the other shards. Well you would have to walk back here unless you want to miss your boat. Go to Hogwarts, ahem, I mean Lycaeum, talk to the Lord of the keep and he'll tell you to meet him at midnight. The flame is accessible from the 2nd level but its not easy to find, but if you wait at the libarary before midnight and let time fly you can watch the lord of the keep get up. Did Harry Potter not

teach you anything? Here you must learn the name Faulinei (is that eddible?) from the Flame first. Repeat the shadow summoning and shard destroying ritual. -----------------------------------------------------------------------6-10 Wrapping up and Rescuing Lord British -----------------------------------------------------------------------We are almost there, do whatever you want to do before that. I would suggest visiting Bordermarch (south of Skara Brae) for kicks, there you can witness and important event of the resistance vs oppression (depends how far you got on the quests), and you can find Dupre. But none of this is necessary, just fun stuff. You may also want to find the Oppression headquarters (North of dagger Isle, windemere keep), but there's nothing to do there, you will get attacked on the spot if you don't have the black badge. You can visit Farthing (SE of Jhelom) and there you can upgrade destruction magic skills on your mages. Visit the shrine for stat boosts if you haven't done so. The easiest way to get to Shame is to sail East from the top edge of Skara Brae isles, park there and go east between the mountains to get to shame, alternately you can walk from britain. Shame is where the swamps are, you can't miss it, just like you can't miss anything else in this game. There are some really nasty traps here, you will have a easier time if you take Julia with you, but that's not necessary, this is the only place where the trap will kill you in this game, but if you move slowly you can see them and disarm them with magic. There are multiple paths down but some are deadends. Its impossible to get stuck here. There are no puzzle solving and secret doors and buttons, just backtracking. Once you get to the underworld you can find a grapple point to get to where the dungeon entrace of DOOM is. If you completed the shrine quests you have the word of power to get in. Doom is considerably harder with a lot of nasties. Wear the crown when you fight and you will breeze though like the wind of death. You may get stumped here. I'll give you a hint. Somehwere theres a long spiral staircase to go down with dragons and nasties and goodies. You don't need to go down there but you can. on top of the stircase, zoom in, there are some cracked walls with levers (there are 2 of them), activate both. They open some doors on islands in between lavas, you won't miss them (you might have already passed by and got stuck there), so backtrack and go down. Kill everything here and some trapdoors will open and you can continue your merry way down. When you get to a room, will, you will know what to do. Go save Lord British, and viola, you are done. Be sure to enjoy the credits (turn the music all the way down).


7. Companion List and Ratings -----------------------------------------------------------------------(taken from original U5, stats for Lazarus unconfirmed) Name Shamino Iolo Mariah Geoffrey Jaana Julia Dupre Katrina Sentri Gwenno Johne Gorn Maxwell Toshi Saduj (Top Sex Class M Ranger M Bard F Mage M Fighter F Druid F Tinker M Paladin F Sherperd M Fighter F Bard M Mage M Fighter M M M Fighter Thief Fighter C G G G G G G G G G G G G (start) (start) Lycaeum Buccaneers' Den Yew (Resistance HQ) Empath Abbey Bordermarch New Magincia Bordermarch Britain Ararat (under Despise) Blackthorn's Castle (cellar) G 21 19 14 00 030 030 042 1 Serpants Hold G 17 21 16 08 030 030 064 1 Empath Abbey G 21 26 20 10 120 120 541 4 Lord British's Castle Floor) Note : All non-fighter class can cast spell Ratings: Katrina - S - The ultimate tank machine, start off at level 5, the most beautiful portrait, needs recovery skill. For some reason her not having the recovery skill trained means she is worse at recovering than others who don't have it at all. Captain Johne - S - The ultima spellsword, enough said, I like to use core members I made an exception for him, plus he has pimping good looks to go with it (looks like a stage magician with the black hat) and personal vendetta with the shadowlords (good background story). Iolo - A - The good archer throughout the game, give him jimmy skill so he can unlock most chests for you, can't go wrong with the core member. He's occasionally whiny but he looks like jesus (equip him with the white robe) Shamino - A - Can't go wrong with the young version of Richard Garriot, good with both bows and swords. Mariah - A - If you want 2 mages, have her along. If you only need 1, you are better off with Johne. Still, beautiful to look at. Make sure you train her channeling and duration. Julia - A - reminds me of a good catholic schoolgirl. I like her with a halberd and good tanker in the beginning, her detect trap skill will save you S 20 19 12 24 15 21 22 22 23 17 14 21 D 22 21 20 21 17 19 18 21 20 22 20 19 I 16 17 22 16 21 18 16 18 19 17 24 15 MP 00 08 22 00 21 09 00 00 00 08 24 00 HP 005 090 002 090 060 060 090 150 060 090 090 060 MHP 060 090 090 090 060 060 090 150 060 090 090 060 EXP 167 249 278 260 142 138 268 800 101 234 206 134 L 2 3 3 3 2 2 3 5 2 3 3 2

some headaches in the dungeon Shame. She's better at detection even without training. Gwenno - B - nothing personal, you will need her in the beginning, she's an Iolo clone basically, so you only need 1 old windbag to drag around with. Nothing to say about her portrait, it IS based after a real person, and she's married already. I prefer Iolo over her. Dupre - C - a well rounded fighter, basically another avatar, I already have one. Probably not a very bad character, but by the time you get him, you are better off without him Geoffrey - C - have good strength to start with but I prefer Katrina Jaana - C - never find a use for her, she reminds me of a certain mom from a TV show. Gorn - C - he gets a C for being naked in prison, and I prefer core members Maxwell - C - nothing remarkable and not a core memeber Sentri - C - nothing remarkable and not a core memeber Toshi - D - not useful at all while you have julia Saduj - D - gets a D by being ugly and evil. You may want to pick him up going through the Oppression path, he has some special events with him, he may betray you and jack your items if you are on the good path and the right conditions meet.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------8. Reagent Shop Listing -----------------------------------------------------------------------Taken mostly from the form, thanks to the people there. I have not confirmed this on my own. You probably don't need this if you are using the reagentless casting ring, which I highly recommend, just for a easier time and enjoyment sake. Cove (sold by Enlo): Black Pearl Mandrake root Nightshade mushroom Spider silk The Lycaeum (sold by Virden):

Black Pearl Bloodmoss Mandrake root Nightshade mushroom Moonglow (sold by Nilrem): Garlic Ginseng Mandrake root Nightshade mushroom Spider silk Skara Brae (sold by Toama): Ginseng Blackpearl Bloodmoss Sulfurous Ash Yew (sold by Pendra): Bloodmoss Garlic Ginseng Spider silk Sulfurous Ash -----------------------------------------------------------------------9. Trainer Listing -----------------------------------------------------------------------Again, thanks to the people in the forum

Trainers by location Britain (E): Battle Focus, Recovery Britain (NW): Detect/Disarm Traps, Jimmying, Rapid Strike Farthing: Destruction, Duration, Impedance -- Temme in the basement library. Jhelom: Battle Focus, Death Blow, Recovery -- Thorne in the back of the tavern from 8am-5pm. He does not train from the hut with the sign "Trainer". Minoc: Detect/Disarm Traps, Jimmying -- Lyvia offers training. She can often be found in her house directly north of the inn.

Moonglow: Channeling, Duration, Destruction -- Destruction is oppression only (unconfirmed) Serpent's Hold: Battle Focus, Parrying -- Upstairs: Monsieur Loubet Trinsic (A): Archery, Death Blow, Parrying -- Ellison offers training only downstairs in the early afternoon (1:30pm-3:30pm or so) Trinsic (B): Impedance, Protection -- Brethil trains Impedance and Protection. You can find her upstairs in the house just north of the trainer's (Ellison's). Yew: Duration, Impedance, Protection -- Shrine of Justice quest required (only need to visit and say mantra) Skrara Brae: Achery, Channelning, Rapid Strike -- From Heron located ENE of healer/apothecary at the archery range. -- Quest required, visit Heron, then Landon, then return to Heron

-----------------------------------------------------------------------10. Quest List (unconfirmed) -----------------------------------------------------------------------This is taken from the Grail Quest's Task List, so I am not taking credit for it. I am assuming I can post this, also thanks to the person who hosted this at his/her site: You can also go there. I know, I could organize this a little better, perhaps by location, in a future version, as of now, they are in alphabetical order (by quest name), if you have no idea of the quest name, I suggest running a search by keyword. For those interested in following the resistance/Oppression path, the quests are grouped under "Path of the Oppression" and "Path of The Resistance". Main quests are repeated here as well, for completeness sake. But right now, the list, as is: Note: * -- author has not finished the quest ? -- author is unsure whether this is a quest -- An Alchemical Accident (Grendels Hut, Grendel) Grendel is an alchemist-turned-into-Giant-Rat who lives in a dilapidated hut

in a small swamp. At Kafaristan Pass, head south toward Cove through a cave with a Gazer. Once through the cave, go left at the narrow coast and into the swamp. Ask him about his accident to be taught the spell Rel Xen Bet. It inscribes into a single spell book only. -- An Apparition in the Moors (Yew, Jail, Jerone) Jerone talks about encountering an apparition of Lord British in the moors, when both moons were full. Jerone can be freed in various ways: * By giving him 1 lockpick in dialogue. This can be bought off Jeremy (he sells 5 for 50gp, and will continue to do so even after Jerone is freed). Jerone does NOT unlock the door: He just vanishes. +5 Karma and +15 XP for giving a lockpick to Jerone. Another +15 XP on reporting to Jeremy. * By speaking with Lord Dryden and paying his fine (500gp). -- Animals in the Orchard / A Thief in Skara Brae (Skara Brae, vineyards, Valos Skara Brae, the Haunting Inn, Tamethe) Valos the vintner talks about some wild animals, or possibly ghosts, eating his fruits and leaving cores. Tamethe at the inn says someone is stealing food. It is actually Froed, a boy hiding in the woods. Confront Froed, and he will talk about a Create Food spell his friend Desiree (of Brittany) once told him about. Learn the spell from Lord Stuart the Hungry in Moonglow, then teach it to him (+15 XP, +3 Karma). Froed then complains that mandrake is more expensive than food, so it wont work anyway. Tell Tamethe (+1 Karma) and Valos (+15 XP, +1 Karma, Empath Abbey Wine) it is Froed, then report back to Froed that they will help him. Report back to Froed about Tamethes offer to give him food (+15 XP). -- Ascanios Glass Bowl (*) (Minoc, The Bay Inn, Ascanio) Speak with Ascanio about the artisans in Minoc, and he talks about Woodruffe the glass artisan who refuses to repair his glass bowl. Woodruffe says he cannot repair it adequately and offered Ascanio a new one, but the innkeeper refused. No follow-up from Ascanio.

-- Avatar Stories (Serpents Hold, Xela) Speak with Xela about Gabrienne, and she suggests asking Gabrienne about her Avatar stories. Gabrienne expresses an interest in hearing about the Quest of the Avatar, when things settle down in Britannia. -- Bad Man in the King's House (*) (Britain, Shivan Brittany, Castle Britannia, Biggs) Speak with Shivan and say her name (dialogue option). She shows the Avatar a picture she drew, and says the King's House (Lord British's Castle and East and West Brittany) are safe from the Shadowlords (and Theoan at the Brittany Stablehouse also mentions this), but there is a "bad man" inside who leaves the light on at night. Speak with Biggs in Castle Britannia about Blackthorn, and he confides that Blackthorn had previously shut himself in Lord Britishs room and had a mysterious visitor. -- Blackthorns Scar (*) (Buccaneers Den, Geoffrey) Speak with Geoffrey about Blackthorn, and Geoffrey asks the Avatar to ask Blackthorn about the scar Geoffrey gave him in Jhelom. Blackthorn, however, does not appear to have dialogue about it. -- Books for the Lycaeum (The Lycaeum, Rollo) Speak with Rollo about books while he is in the library and he asks the Avatar to recover a shipment of books in a crate in Moonglow marked with his name. The books are in a crate in the Moonglow dockhouse. It is considered owned until the Avatar receives this quest from Rollo. The required key to the dockhouse can be found at: * On Terrisa, the Captain of the Guard in Moonglow. She can be made hostile by speaking about Yew and denying a donation, speaking about rebellion, or claiming to be the Avatar. Killing her, however, incurs a 5-karma penalty. * If the Shadowlord of Falsehood is in Moonglow, she will also offer to be bribed 200 gp for the key. However, there is a 5 Karma penalty, and the books are still considered Owned, so it would still be stealing (-2

Karma). Another way of entering is to Blink in through a window. Deliver the shipment to Rollo (+15 XP). He offers Ressurections scrolls (+3 Karma if the Avatar declines). -- A Box of Coloured Stones (Britanny, The Blue Boar Inn, Jaymes) Ask about his amulet and his collection, and he eventually tells of his collection having been stolen. The thieves are apparently staying at Hotel Brittany to the north, but the innkeeper there says they snubbed his place and left, headed NE. Going NE leads into the mountains and a bandit lair. The thieves actually went E, to a bandit campfire NEE of the Stablehouse. Return the box to Jaymes for 1 Karma, 15 XP each, and a Ressurection scroll. Relate the tale to Christopher (northern wheat field) the writer about it for another 2 Karma. -- The Britain Bank (Britain, Bards Guild, Ludrag) Ask Ludrag about his father the mayor. He advises going to his house at midnight, when the guards drop off gold in the cellar. Shortly after midnight, Guard Captain Maul and Lord Petyr appear there. Lord Petyr will direct Maul to attack. Maul tries to arrest the party, but there is no Karma loss for resisting arrest and attacking him once he has attacked the party. Townspeople and guards become hostile. Maul can be killed (-5 Karma). Maul has 100 gp, presumably the gold Ludrag mentioned is cached in the cellar. -- Brittany Matchmaker (Brittany, Healers Sanctum, Milan) Speak with Milan about the various people in East Brittany. Despite Flint being sour, she drops hints that she likes him in various dialogue topics, and a companion (always Iolo?) suggests the Avatar talk to Flint about her. Flint does not talk about Milan the very first time the party speaks with him. Exit dialogue and re-initiate to get the topic. After speaking with him about Milan, return to Milan. She says she will speak with Flint herself. Exit dialogue and speak with her again to ask if shes spoken with Flint. She capitulates and tells the Avatar to meet them in the evening when she and Flint eat together at her place.

Speak with Milan when they have dinner to be directed to Flint for a reward (Flints Armour). +5 Karma, +15 XP each party member. -- Caitlins Locket (*) (Jhelom, Sword and Keg, Ean) Speak with Fel, then with Ean, who talks about Fel now that the Avatar has met him. Ean says Fel misses his wife Caitlin, who died in a shipwreck near Skara Brae, and held a locket of sentimental value to Fel. He says the recovery of this would ease Fels pain. Caitlins Locket is in a crate on the shore far NorthWest of Dungeon Shame, amongst rocks, large driftwood, and skeletons. (In a chest in the same shipwreck is an Amulet of Turning). Only when the Avatar has spoken with Ean about Fel will Fel recognize the locket and accept it (+15 XP). There is related dialogue from Nicole at the Sword and Keg that Fel misses his wife Caitlin and has become withdrawn. -- The Chaos Sword (Blackthorns Palace, Northeast tower) The NW tower has an unpickable door. The key is on Captain Graesh. (BUG: Just walk through the wall by clicking on the stair inside the tower). At the topmost floor is a Chest containing the sword. Equipping it makes the character Charmed against the party. Captain Graesh gives the key for turning in Gorn. If Gorn is in the party when the Avatar speaks with her, they are hostile to each other and Graesh ends the conversation saying the next time they speak, Gorn must be dead. Gorn can be ejected from the party and killed (-5 Karma if the party kills Gorn; does not make guards hostile). Speak with Graesh again to be rewarded (+15 XP) with the key. Since Graesh does not take Gorns body, Gorn can subsequently be resurrected (but Graesh will be hostile if Gorn is alive when she is spoken with). -- Clear the Air (Yew, The Arms of Justice, Chamfort) Ask Ronan about Chamforts Apprentice, then ask Chamfort about his apprentice Tactus and be asked to deliver an apology to Tactus in Minoc, at The Darkwatch

Armoury. Speak to Tactus about Chamfort for +15 XP and +1 Karma. Report back to Chamfort for +1 Karma. -- Comets -- 1 -(Verity Isles gypsy camp, Malifora) Malifora directs the Avatar to speak with Zachariah in the tower in Moonglow about the Shadowlords. She communicates with him with a crystal ball, and is directed to give the Avatar the Observatory Key. See Zachariah at night, using the Key to access his tower. * He will first ask for the Resistance password. (+15 XP) * He also directs the Avatar to find his friend Goeth of Jhelom, regarding research into Moongates. o Goeth says that moonstones could be obtained and rubbed to call a moongate, but not any more because he enchanted them, to keep them from evil men. * He reveals that he, the local herbalist Nilrem, and Dalgrin of Buccaneers Den are involved in smuggling reagents to the Lycaeum. * He says his research shows that a spyglass could be used to watch for comets, which in turn foreshadow the appearance of Shadowlords in a town. -- 2 -(Farthing, Dufus) Ask Dufus about his teacher of the magical arts and how she slew a Giant Rat with a single spell. He will then talk about Temme having lit a fire with just Lord Seggallions Spyglass. Seggalion will give the spyglass if the Avatar gives the correct answer to his question (+15 XP). The Avatar knows the answer only if they have spoken with Malifora or Zachariah (in Moonglow) about the shadowlords. -- The Compassionate Gaoler (Blackthorns Palace, Dungeon, Kurtz) Kurtz the gaoler is sympathetic to one of the prisoners, a little girl he thinks will die soon in confinement. Assure him the Avatar will not betray him if she is released, and he offers to meet the Avatar between 3am and 5am outside her cell. Speak with the girl about Kurtz to confirm that he is unlike

the others in the castle. Meet Kurtz at the appointed time and speak with him. He releases her in dialogue and has a plan to get her off the island (+15 XP, +5 Karma). Freeing the prisoner (or taking Gorn as a companion and them dumping him, thereby freeing him) will cause Captain Graesh to ask the Avatar whether they were involved in either. Answering no is +15 XP and +5 Karma to each question. Subsequently, the Avatar cannot betray Kurtz. OPTION: Kurtz can be betrayed to Graesh, giving her an excuse to kill him. She rewards the Avatar with gold (+15 XP, -20 Karma). -- The Crystal Tear (Verity Isles gypsy camp, Malifora) Ask about her craft and she mentions that her favorite glasswork, the Crystal Tear, has been stolen. If Malik is nearby, he acts guiltily but wont speak about it unless hes away from his mother. When confronted, Malik confesses and claims he dropped it off the pier. Maliks friend Siona (at the hut in the woods outside the city) talks about birds taking glittery things to their nests. This is what happened to the Tear after Malik lost it, and the Crystal Tear is in a Hawks Nest on the Lycaeum plateau (North side). Return it to Malifora, who converts it into The Crystal Flame (+15 XP, +4 Karma). Report back to Malik, who rewards the Avatar with information: That his friend Saul (on Skara Brae) knows where Nightshade and Mandrake grow. Saul says Nightshade can be found in the thickest part of SpiritWood, and Mandrake in the Bloody Plains and the Fens of the Dead. -- Cure Jimmy (Trinsic, The Crystal Chalice, Magdalena) Ask her about Trinsic and why people dont leave, and she eventually informs the Avatar that Woolfe the smiths son, Jimmy, is being held hostage by the mayor Ellison. Jimmy is ill but is not allowed to leave. Speak with Jimmy in the Wounds of Honour, and he says the healer cant figure out what is wrong with him, but mentioned something about a potion. Speak with Leila the Healer there to be directed to Yew for a potion from Madam Pendra. Bring it back to Leila who gives it to Jimmy. +15 XP, +5 Karma. -- Cure Kindor (Skara Brae, The Spirit Healers, Temptious)

Temptious talks about his only patient, Kindor, having a poisoned arrow wound that he cant cure. The person who brought Kindor in, Saul, maintains the arrow was from bandits. Temptious would like the arrow to help him determine how to cure Kindor. Kindor is awake at 6pm, and will confess the arrow to be from a Shadowlord, during the night of the attack on Archmage Flain. He and Saul were hiding the truth so they wouldnt be exposed as rebels. Relay this information to Temptious, who claims to have already figured it out. If Mariah is in the party, she suggests he get advice from Faye of the Lycaeum, who tended her Shadowlord Arrow wound. After Kindor reveals the true source of the wound, Saul can be confronted for more information. -- Dalgrins Revenge (Buccaneers Den, harbour, Dalgrin) -- 1 -Ask him about Blackthorn and Seggallion, and he requests the Avatar look for his emissary to Farthing and deliver a message: Is there gold in the dead mans chest? Daem in The Broken Lock can decipher this: Whether Seggallion will sever ties with the Oppression. When Jaron reveals he and apparently Relay this -- 2 -is encountered, the Avatar must press him for his job before he is working for Dalgrin. He answers there is no gold (+15 XP) there is nothing the Avatar can do to bring Seggallion on side. back to Dalgrin (+15 XP).

Whether the Avatar relays the true answer or not (-2 Karma if lying), Dalgrin asks for the same message to be relayed to Jaron. Daem can again decipher this: That Jaron is to assassinate Seggallion and his allies. Deliver the message (+15 XP) and report back to Dalgrin (+15 XP), who alludes to everyone having been killed at Farthing. Only Quintin is left, and his dialogue does not change.

-- The Dark Reaper (Paws, Windfer of Yew) Bring him the Dark Reapers Heart, or speak with him first to be tasked to discover why the Fens are spreading, then kill the Dark Reaper and recover the Heart. Either way, 15 XP each, and Windfers Sword (10-17 damage). In the Fens of the Dead, not far from an entrance to a flooded subterranean

complex with many snakes. Drops the Dark Reapers Heart when slain. -- Davids Invention (Buccaneers Den, The Fallen Virgin, Scally) Ask him to sing the song about Crochety David, and thereafter he may be asked about David and his invention, the Sextant. Speak with David at the lighthouse, Grayhaven (south of Trinsic) to get his Sextant (+15 XP). -- The Debt Owed to Danfits (Paws, The Guild, Danfits) Ask about his other endeavours and he mentions the Lord of Farthing (Seggallion) borrowed 1,000 gold from him and has not yet repaid. Whether the Avatar has spoken to Seggallion or not, Danfits offers the Avatar the chance to clear the debt. If the Avatar speaks with Lord Seggallion about it, Lord Seggallion simply gives 1,000 gp to repay the debt. Bring this to Danfits (+15 XP). If the Avatar pays the debt without speaking with Seggallion, Danfits accepts (+15 XP). Speak with Lord Seggallion afterwards and he gives 1,000 gp to repay the debt. -- Destroying the Shadowlords -- 1 -(North Brittany, Thentis) Join the Resistance and meet them at the well at night. Once the Avatar identifies himself, they will give their background and Thentis will reveal the location of the mage Sutek, who was studying the Shadowlords at their keep, Stonegate. Thentis then directs the Avatar to speak with Sir Sean in the Lycaeum, and with Sutek on the small island south of New Magincia. -- 2-Sir Sean at the Lycaeum reveals the location of StoneGate, the keep of the Shadowlords (the V-shaped mountain range in the bay south of Minoc and Lost Hope Bay). This information is not necessary nor particularly useful for StoneGate. -- 3-Sutek explains the process by which a Shadowlord may be permanently destroyed: Summon a Shadowlord into its corresponding keep of virtue, and cast its Shard into the flame of Principle. He also gives other information which, due to a

dialogue bug, must be discussed with him prior to talking about how to Destroy the Shadowlords. In subsequent dialogue, he jumps straight to how to destroy the Shadowlords, which closes dialogue. * During his travels, he met a blacksmith and a lighthouse keeper. o The blacksmith creates skull keys (?) and smuggles them to him even now. This may be Shenstone the Minoc, who hides skull keys in a tree stump. + Kristi in Serpents Hold also mentions a mysterious mage who sold her Skull Keys; this may be Sutek. Buy the keys from her (5 for 100 gp) and ask about them again. She will divulge that the mage who sold it to her got them from Shenstone. o A lighthouse keeper who became mad. This is Gregory of Waveguide. Suteks journal in his hut alludes to a bit more. -- 4 Names and Shards of the Shadowlords Note that destroying any Shadowlord will block progress with the Oppression, as Archmage Flain will stop speaking with the Avatar. * Falsehood: o Name: FAULINEI. Speak with Lord Shalineth at the Lycaeum. He directs the Avatar to meet him at midnight in the chamber of the Flame of Truth and ask for it there. However, the name will not be revealed unless the quest for the Shrine of Honesty is completed. o Shard: Speak with Lady Janell at the Lycaeum, who directs the Avatar to speak with the twin sisters in the Cove Temple of Virtue. Until Lady Janell gives this instruction, the sisters will not speak of the Shard. The location of the Shard sounds like the lowest level of Dungeon Shame, at the lake with a single island. o After destroying Faulinei, speak with Lady Janell, who suggests Lord Shalineth has a reward. Speak with Lord Shalineth, who gives the Lycaeum Lower Vault Key and supposedly free access to the treasures therein. The Lower Vault, however, is not implemented in v1.2. * Hatred: Speak with Lord Michael in Empath Abbey, who directs the Avatar to speak with the demon SinVraal about the Shadowlord of Hatred. o Name: ASTAROTH. SinVraal reveals the name. o Shard: SinVraal also reveals the location of the Shard of Hatred as being in the underworld connected by the dungeons Covetous and Wrong. Either will access the underworld. It is on a mountain marked by a yellow glow. Use a Grappling Hook or a Blink spell to reach it. * Cowardice: o Name: NOSFENTOR. Speak with Lord Malone at Serpents Hold and

discuss his job. Eventually he will talk about the Shadowlords. o Shard: Speak with Gardner in Serpents Hold about the visions granted to him by the Flame of Courage. He describes the shard as being in a place accessed by Dungeon Hythloth. -- Donation for Empath Abbey (Empath Abbey, Sarth) Speak with Sarth about his Job, and ask about Donations. Give a donation (10 Crowns) to receive 2 Karma. Also: Free rest on the spare cot in his room on the second floor. -- Donation for the Temple of Virtue (Cove, Temple of Virtue, Leona and Ava) Ask about the Temple of Virtue and they will ask for a donation. Leona asks for a 5 gp donation (+2 Karma), and Ava for a 50gp donation (+5 Karma). -- Drudgeworth, the Prisoner in Castle Britannia (Brittany, Castle Brittania dungeon, Drudgeworth) He asks to be released because he has served his time already. If the cell door is unlocked, he becomes hostile when again spoken with. Killing him incurs Karma loss, but the guards do not become hostile. He has 25 gp. -- Dwindling Treasury (?) (Brittany, Castle Britannia, Biggs) Talk to Biggs about Lord Britain, and confide in him that you are the Avatar. He in turn lets on that Blackthorn has cut off upkeep funds to the castle. -- The Eldest Sisters Vision (?) (Cove, Sanctuary, Jessica Cove, Temple of Virtue, Ava and Leona) Meet Ava and Leona in the Temple of Virtue, then speak with Jessica in the healers nearby. Jessica tells of a third sister, now dead, and of the three sisters having visions. Return to speak with Ava and Leona, to discover that their eldest sister had a vision of the future and journeyed to The Lycaeum to speak with Lord Shalineth, knowing she would die as a result. Leona also mentions dreaming of her sisters body mouldering in a field of flowers. Her grave is outside the Lycaeum walls, near a tree trunk.

-- Ellison Has a Crush on Anniel (?) (Trinsic, Guard Tower, Ellison) Speak with Ellison about Anniel, and he confesses in an embarrassed way that he hopes shed stay. Speak with Anniel in the Wounds of Honour. -Empath Abbey Love Triangle

(Empath Abbey, Tim) Speak with Tim to learn about his crush on Cory and his supposed competition with Sarth. Speak with Sarth in the Vineyard about Entertainment to activate the special dialogue about Tim and Cory. Speak with Tim about Sarth to relay Sarths feelings on the matter. -- An Enchanted Trough (Northwest of Trinsic, Troll Cave) Invisibility potions can be drawn from the water trough in this cave. -- Escape from Castle Windemere (The Lycaeum, Arkandor) Speak with Arkandor about his past as an Oppression mage, and he reveals the coordinates of Castle Windemere as 56 East, 62 North (the mountainous island in the NE corner of the map). He mentions a Black Badge and the old password, Maltari. At the summit of the island is Castle Windemere. The Greater Daemons and Guards are not initially hostile. The skeletal guard at the entrance asks for the Oppression password, and if the current one is not given, Daemons and Guards attack (-5 Karma for each killed). Sidestep it by Blinking into the castle. The second floor dining room is largely safe from encountering Guards. Elistaria will ask for the Oppression password, but the students, the blacksmith Thrud, and the seneschal Arthur will not. If the Avatar reveals their identity to Arthur, he asks to speak with the Avatar in private, where he asks for a Vas Rel Por scroll to escape. Give him one and he will leave Castle Windemere (+15 XP, +5 Karma). Elistaria will ask

if the Avatar gave a Vas Rel Por scroll to free Arthur. No penalty for lying, she becomes hostile if the Avatar tells the truth. -- The Ettin Alliance (Cove, The Candlelight Inn, Carolyn) Speak with Carolyn to discover that an Ettin Chieftain, Stoneflank, has gathered Ettins in what she believes is a bid to capture Cove. Her family of adventurers is away, so Cove is not protected, and she believes the only way to break the alliance is to kill Stoneflank. Stoneflank is on the mountain north of Grendels hut. Bring his Club to Carolyn (+15 XP, +2 Karma). She gives a free key to a room at the Inn (ask for it with the Room topic), or, if the Avatar has already rented a room, gives 20 food. She then asks the Avatar to check out Ivars backstory (see The Tinkers Tale). -- Fix the Drawbridge (?) (Bordermarch, Farthaen) Farthaen explains that the drawbridge is old, broken, and cannot be raised. -- Fools Gold -- 1 -- Mysterious Gold Key (Empath Abbey, Hardluck) Hardluck has a Mysterious Gold Key that unlocks a chest in the forest on the Verity Isles, north of Moonglow, east of a waterfall, and in a forest clearing. * * * * * Blue and purple Jesters Cap Magic Helm Glass Swords (2) and Magic Axe Red Potions (2), Yellow Potions (2), Scroll of Gate Travel Gems (5) Mysterious Silver Key

-- 2 --

(Blackthorns Palace, Foulwell) Foulwell has a Mysterious Silver Key that unlocks a chest near Paws. The chest is west of the haunted farm. * * * * Red and yellow Jesters Cap Glass Swords (2) and Magic Bow Red Potions (2), Yellow Potions (2), Scroll of Summon Daemon Gems (5), Ring of Invisibility

-- 3 --

Mysterious Red Key

(Lord Britishs Castle, Chuckles) Chuckles has a Mysterious Red Key that unlocks a chest near Minoc, on the slopes northwest of the moongate. * * * * Green Jesters Cap Glass Swords (2) and Silver Swords (2) Red Potions (2), Yellow Potions (2), Scroll of Resurrect Gems (5), Ring of Protection

-- A Friendly Duel (Jhelom, Shannon) Speak with Shannon and she offers a friendly duel where she practices (behind the tavern, in a small field with a single practice dummy). BUG: The duel will not occur unless Shannon is asked about the duel while she is practicing. Prior to the duel, speak with Thorne about training, and he hints that he can help with training that will win in a duel against her. In order to win against Shannon, the Avatar must speak with Thorne about training (he trains at the Inn, not at his house) and heard his preamble. If the Avatar wins the duel, Shannon has a new respect for Thorne. -- The Flying Ship (Buccaneers Den, The Fallen Virgin, Bidney) Bidney tells of pursuing a flying ship that crashed into some mountains. He directs the Avatar to speak with mages in the Lyceum about it. Combined with information about him from Daem at the Broken Lock, Bidney was looking for the wreckage atop the Serpents Spine, in a depression, with several Glass Swords. -- The Grapple Buy Tierra a drink, and when she talks about the Den residents, ask about Bidney. She will mention his Grapple. Go back to speak with Bidney, who redirects the Avatar to speak with Lord Michael at Empath Abbey, to whom he had left his grapple. (+15 XP, +1 Karma). On giving the Grapple, Lord Michael asks the Avatar to relay an invitation to Bidney. Do this for +15 XP and +3 Karma. -- Ghost in the Wine Cellar

(Britain, The Wayfarer Inn, Telila) Telila talks about the Wine Cellar being haunted. There are two: Councillor Annon Go there and find the unlit torch. Light it to reveal a secret room and the ex-Councillor Annon (day). Annon wanders the Wayfarer Inn by night. -- The Ghost in the Secret Passage Pressing four buttons reveal a secret passage in the Britain Wine Cellar: * * * * Annons secret room in the Wine Cellar (accessed by the unlit torch) A button in another room in the Wine Cellar A button in the cellar of the Bard skills trainer A button in the cellar of the mayors house

The ghost will appear only when the party is in the room. Treasure includes a Ring of Regeneration and a Silver Sword (was a Glass Sword in v1.1). -- Glass Swords (Britain, The Wayfarer Inn, Justin) Speak with Justin, the cook at the Wayfarer Inn in Britain. Ask about his dish, and after sampling it, he asks if the Avatar appreciates glass. He directs the player to speak with the busboy Eb about Glass Swords. Speak with Eb, who talks about his Malik knowing how to make Glass Swords, but has moved to Moonglow. Malik is in a tent with his mother, near the Moonglow moongate. Malik directs the player to Sven, formerly of Minoc but probably now in Buccaneers Den. Conversation script for Sven may be broken as he has no follow-up dialogue. -- Ronans Collection (Yew, The Arms of Justice, Ronan) Ask Ronan in the Arms of Justice store front about "The Arms of Justice" and he says he will pay 1000 gp for a Glass Sword (twice the usual resale value). +15 XP. The icy summit of the Serpents Spine has a deep depression with several Glass Swords. Use Blink or a Grappling Hook. -- Go All the Way (Buccaneers Den, The Fallen Virgin, Sven)

Sven comes on to a male Avatar and offers to go all the way. -- Golden Spider Silk (Moonglow, The Mages Robes, Landar) When he is at home reading a book, ask him about his book and he talks about golden spider silk to make a special fabric. He asks the Avatar to keep an eye out for him, but the only lead he has is that the spiders live in swamps. Golden Spiders can be found in the swamps on the island of the Shrine of -- Honesty. Gwenno and Gwenneths House Near the central fountain square in Britain is a two-storey house where Gwenno and Gwenneth reside. There are 2 longbows and a crossbow free to take, and a magically locked chest with a Longbow and a Crossbow. -- A Healing Text for Serpents Hold (Serpents Hold, Kristi) Ask about the healer of Serpents Hold and she will ask for a book about healing. Bring her any copy of The Basics of the Healing Arts (available at the Lycaeum; +15 XP). -- Help the Poorhouse (Minoc, Poorhouse, Fiona) Ask about running the Poorhouse, and she says she needs Bernhard the millers support, but he has raised his prices. -- Bernhards Support -Speak with Bernhard in the mill nearby, and he says he would, except the 50% tax makes it difficult to keep the mill, and Fiona being considered a traitor makes supporting her dangerous. Report back to Fiona and she says she cant leave without her daughter Rew. After speaking with Rew in Captain Blythes tent, Fiona will also say Rew is essentially in Blythes service as leverage by Blackthorn to extract the Word of Power from her; and that if she were free, the two of the would flee Minoc.

Free Rew and have Sahra run the Poorhouse (see below), then check in with Bernhard again. He now agrees to help the Poorhouse now that Fiona is no longer there, and hence Blackthorn will no longer press him for helping an ex-Council Member. +15 XP and +3 Karma. -- Free Rew -(Minoc, Captain Blythes Tent, Fenelon) Speak with Fenelon about Rew and he reveals that Rew is kept chained in Blythes house, and Blythe leaves at 2am, so Rew might be freed then. Blythe and Rew return to Blythes house around 6:45pm. Speaking with Rew there in Blythes presence makes Blythe call for the guards, and both Blythe and Rew (!) hostile. Also, there will be complications if a Shadowlord is in town. At 2am, Blythe simply disappears from his bed. Get the required key from the bookcase, then speak with Rew to free her in dialogue (+15 XP, +5 Karma). Following her instructions, now head to the Poorhouse to speak with her there. She will, however, have gone and so instead speak with Fiona. -- Under New Management -Fiona is ready to leave now that Rew has been freed (+15 XP and +5 karma for reporting to her). If the Avatar does not yet have the Word of Power for Covetous or the Mantra for Sacrifice, she will give them. She also asks the Avatar to convince Lady Sahra to take over the Poorhouse. Lady Sahra will agree (+15 XP, +2 Karma). Speak with Lady Sahra a second time and she asks about whether she should seek government funding, now that she discovered Fiona ran the Poorhouse with her own money.

-- Hole in the Roof (New Magincia, Humble Palate, Felicity) Speak with Felicity, who talks about Genne not getting around to fixing the hole in the roof. Talk next to Genne who asks the Avatar to convey a request to Tomoka. Ask Tomoka for the thatch, then return to Genne. Offer to help him fix the roof at 3pm (+15 XP, +1 Karma, some food). -- Horse Meat (Brittany, The Blue Boar Inn, Andre) Speak with the cook to discover he has never cooked horsemeat and would like to try. Bring him some. There is a Plough Horse at the bandit camp on the South road away from Britain

toward Paws. Kill it for horse chops and bring it back to Andre. There is a one-time +15 XP award, but each unit of Horse Chops can be converted into one unit of Cooked Horse Chops. -- A Humility Test (New Magincia, Tetsuo) Tetsuo asks the Avatar to take the humility test given him by Wartow, then talks about Lewiss answer. Discuss it with him. +5 Karma (no XP) for this sequence: Lewiss Answer is not humble, declaring to be striving for virtue is not dishonest, and humility dwells more in not thinking about humility. Keep re-initiating dialogue until Lewiss Answer is cleared from Tetsuos dialogue topics. -- I May Have Seen Something (Minoc, Poorhouse, Delwyn) Speak with Delwyn and give him coin when he begs, to hear news each time. Giving him gold also gives the Avatar 1 Karma each time. 1. The first tidbit is that Lady Sahra from the Healers Mission comes around frequently with a seductive look. Lady Sahra dismisses this as anything but spite. 2. Fionas family has scattered. Her husband was Jarvin. Her daughter, Rew, went to work for Captain Blythe of the Crows Nest and has not been seen since, but is likely being ill-treated. Speak with Delwyn and give him coin when he begs, to hear news. 3. Shenstone the smith sneaks around at noon. Follow him to a tree where he hides skull keys every day. 4. Captain Blythe buys manacles from Tactus at the Darkwatch Armoury, suggesting he is a slaver. Blythe and the Darkwatch Armoury all deny this rumour, but Windmire at Stormwatch insists Blythe has connections with pirates, and both Fenelon and Rew in Blythes tent confirm that Rew sleeps in chains in Blythes house. 5. The former mayor, Tenneth had an affair with Guinere, and that Widow Hahna was involved somehow as she is now the mayor. This rumour is necessary before confronting Widow Hahna about it. -- If You See My Husband (Skara Brae, Rangers Tower, Abiona) Ask her about Archmage Flain and she talks about her husband Enthusa, whom she believes not to be dead but MIA. She describes him and his signature pin with a moonstone, and asks to be informed if the Avatar should see him. (There is no quest implemented in v1.2).

-- Ignaps Tome (Cove, Enlor) Ask about his studies to be asked to bring him word about his courier Alfred, who went to Buccaneers Den to get Ignaps Tome. Bits of information are available at the Den, but the most complete information is available from Daem at the Broken Lock for 200 gp: * Alfred was kidnapped by Dalgrin and sent to Waveguide at the Verity Isles to be used in experiments. (See Madness below). Bring Enlor Alfreds Final Words or Gregorys Journal (+15 XP). * Ignaps Tome is with Daem, who gives it freely. (+15 XP). Return it to Enlor (+15 XP, 100 gp). -- Madness (Verity Isles, Waveguide, dead body of Alfred) Following the information gathered at Buccaneers Den from either Daem or Bidney, pursue Alfred to Waveguide. His body and Final Words are outside, behind the tower. They hint that the lighthouse keepers are Jacqueline, who is ill, and Gregory, who is insane; both are awake by late morning/early afternoon. This can be confirmed by Gregorys Journal in the drawer at the foot of their bed. Read both then speak with Jacqueline alone (she wakes first) about mud, then Alfred. In a moment of lucidity she asks the Avatar to ask Gregory to stop his experiments. Speak with Gregory and tell him the truth about the interchange; he agrees to stop the experiments, for now (+15 XP, +10 Karma). -- The Information Broker (Buccaneers Den, The Broken Lock, Daem) Ask him about information, and after his disclaimers, he also offers various missions to find information he would like. * (1000 gp) Dalgrin o Smuggles weapons from contacts in Minoc, and sells leaf there. o Helps the Resistance and learns about Britain shipping through Oreste at the Britain harbour. * (500gp) The Guilds o Braunam In the New Magincia tavern. o Danfits Ask him about Sidle. o Renayl A profiteer, and to be wary of bargains with her. * (for 200 gp, +15 XP) The present location of Lord Tenneth, former mayor of Minoc. (see Possessed)

* (for 400 gp, +15 XP) The old Oppression password. Arkandor at the Lycaeum knows it to beMaltari (see Escape from Castle Windemere). * (for 800 gp, +15 XP) The name of the friendly daemon in the desert (SinVraal, if the Avatar has met the daemon). * (for 1,600gp, +15 XP) The Word of Power (for Dungeon Destard) held by the mad mage Goeth in Jhelom. * (for 5,000gp, +15 XP) Verify ex-Councilmember Hassad is in Blackthorns Palace. (Daem is also the only seller of Gate Travel scrolls? The Hollow Stump behind his store has Peering Gems.) -- The Iron Rose

(Buccaneers Den, smithy, Thorkin) Thorkin tries to unload the Iron Rose amulet for 30 gold when asked about his job. Bring it to the Ancient Mariner atop the mountain on the island, and she transforms it. Bring it to Kitiara according to the Ancient Mariners instructions. Kitiara gives a necklace to bring to Thorkin, who accepts it and loses his fear of the sea. +15 XP. (Also: Kitiara sells Rings of Invisibility). -- The Island of Sherlock the Strange (?) This is one of the small islands between the southern end of Bordermarch and the mainland. -- Lord Seggallions Regrets (Farthing, Lord Seggallion) -- 1 -Blackthorn captured him and gave him a choice between hanging and defection. He defected to join the Oppression navy, but now regrets having betrayed former friends, and is now wary of the Oppressions ways. -- 2 -He once slew Temmes brother. To secretly make it up to her, he invited her from Moonglow and has set her up comfortably in Farthing Keep. He asks the Avatar not to reveal this to her. If the Avatar tells Temme, she declares she will leave, and will no longer speak with the Avatar. Seggallion becomes upset and will attack if the Avatar tries to speak with him again. -- Lord Stuart the Hungry (Brittany, Castle Britannia, Desiree)

Desiree talks about no one eating more than Lord Stuart, and Lord Stuart working on a spell that creates food. Speak with Lord Stuart at The Folley Tap in Moonglow and ask about his spell. He offers to teach the Create Food spell (+15 XP, inscribes into one spell book only). -- The Lost Shrine (Paws, The Cats Lair, Glinkie) Speak with Glinkie about why he wants gems to discover he is looking for the Shrine of Spirituality. If the Avatar has been there, the way to the shrine (via moongates) can be revealed to him (+15 XP). He then reveals how to restore a destroyed shrine, by using Words of Power, then the virtue mantra.

-- Love and Virtue for Sin'Vraal (Empath Abbey, Lord Michael) Speak with Lord Michael to learn of the gargoyle Sin'Vraal who visited him to learn about Love. Exit dialogue and speak with him again about Sin'Vraal to be offered the quest to courier a book, "Love and Virtue", to the demon. SinVraal lives in the Dry Lands, on the southern coast, west of the river. Give him the book, though he says he cannot read the runes, (+2 Karma) and report back to Lord Michael (+15 XP, +2 Karma) for Empath Abbey Wine. -- Get Rid of Lyndon (*) (Farthing, Quintin) Ask him about Lyndon, and he says he found a letter by Lyndon to Elistaria that he is considering moving Temme to Windemere Castle to serve under her and the Oppression. Quintin says Lord Seggallion would be angry at this, but tells the Avatar to do nothing. Tell Lord Seggallion (when Lyndon is nowhere nearby) and Seggallion says he will confront Lyndon. He gives a key to the Farthing treasure room. (+15 XP) Temme says nothing about it. Lyndon will not speak to the Avatar unless they are wearing the Oppression Black Badge.

-- Monsieur Loubets Magic Carpet (Serpents Hold, Monsieur Loubet)

Loubet says he sold his Magic Carpet to Bandaii, who was headed for Paws, and suggests the Avatar try to buy it off him. If the Avatar helped him find Smith, Bandaii will say he sold it to Lord British, but the carpet has lost its magic (+15 XP). -- Mandrake for Resurrections (The Lycaeum, Faye) Faye speaks about the reagent restrictions, and requiring Mandrake to perform resurrections. She directs the Avatar to speak with Virdan, who has contacts that smuggle reagents in. Virdan directs the Avatar to speak with his contact in Buccaneers Den, Daem, who has the shipment ready. Bring it to Virdan for 500 gp and some reagents (+15 XP). -- The Map Commissioned by Lord British (Yew, Flint and Lock, Renayl) Speak with her about maps to discover she was working on one meant to have the eight Mantras inscribed. Bring her a mantra for 50 crowns each. +15 XP when all 8 Mantras are given. Each Mantra given to her will cause the corresponding shrine to be destroyed. -- Melaine's Father (Brittany, Melaine) Ask Melaine about her father and she expresses her hopes that she'll find out who he is one day. The writer Christopher suspects Philip, and Andre the cook at The Blue Boar alludes to her avoiding Philip. With a clue to link Camile and Philip, Philip can be confronted and he will admit he is Melaines father (+15 XP, no karma). He asks the Avatar not to reveal this to Melaine, so that he may do so when he feels the time is right. Once Philip confesses, Camile may be confronted (+20 XP), and she also asks the Avatar not to tell Melaine because of the gossip it would create. There is no penalty to either revealing or hiding the information from Melaine. -- Missing Kitten

(Paws, The Cats Lair, Dr. Cat) -- 1 -Speak with Dr. Cat about his missing barmaid Kitten. He asks the Avatar to inquire with everyone in Paws about her disappearance. Speak with everyone and report back (+15 XP). -- 2 -Recover Kittens Brooch from Dungeon Wrong (in the first trapped chest) and bring it to Dr. Cat. After telling him what happened to her, Dr. Cat directs the Avatar to bring the Brooch to Ferru, the local Oppression sympathizer who turned her in. -- The Mystic Weapons (Cove, Sanctuary, Jessica Cove, Sanctuary, Sir Ambrose) The patient on the bed is Sir Ambrose, who appears asleep all the time. If Jessica knows the player as the Avatar (after freeing Vortigyrn from Sarkael?), she will reveal that Sir Ambrose is awake briefly some time at night, but she does not know when. Sir Ambrose wakes briefly at midnight, and speaks to the Avatar about the Mystic Weapons, which can be located in the Great Stygian Abyss, via Dungeon Hythloth on the Isle of the Avatar. There are six suits of Mystic Armour, five Mystic Swords, and one Mystic Staff. -- Nicoles Message (Jhelom, Sword and Keg, Nicole) If the Avatar has met Ean, she asks to deliver a message to him. Give this to Ean (+15 XP,+2 Karma), who sends a message back (+15 XP, +2 Karma when delivered). ************************* Path of the Oppression ****************** Note that Jaana may leave if the Avatar helps the Oppression too much without helping the Resistance to offset this (despite Landon asking the Avatar to infiltrate the Oppression). She will issue a warning, although the exact timing of this is not clear. -- Join the Oppression -(Yew, Courthouse, Lord Dryden)

Speak with Lord Dryden. He offers to allow the Avatar to join the Oppression, else he arrests the Avatar and the party. Once the Avatar accepts to join the Oppression (no Karma loss), Dryden directs him to report to Lady Guinere, the Captain of the Guard in Yew. He will also speak about prisoners and allow the Avatar to pay their fine to release them. -- Arms for the Oppression -(Yew, Guard Tower, Lady Guinere Lady Guinere appears only after speaking with Lord Dryden?) Speak with Lady Guinere and she will eventually ask about persuading Chamfort to sell arms to the Oppression so they can fight marauding or Orcs. Landon offers no advice. Speak with Chamfort, who asks if the Avatar believes Guinere to be sincere. If the Avatar professes to be skeptical, the quest ends and there are no further quests from Lady Guinere. Otherwise, Chamfort agrees to deliver the arms. +15 XP and 100 gold. Landon will report that Chamforts weapons were used against the Resistance, but there is no penalty for good intentions. -- An Amulet of Turning -Get her an Amulet of Turning from any source (e.g., Captain Johne). +15 XP. * There is magically locked house in Trinsic that contains an Amulet of Turning. * Captain Johne in Dungeon Despise wears an Amulet of Turning. * The Bordermarch smithy sells them, along with Spiked Gorgets and Rings of Protection. -- Deliver the Resistance Leader -The third quest from Guinere is to reveal the leader of the Resistance. If the Avatar is already in the Resistance, the option is not immediately given. Landon has nothing useful to say. Speak with her again and give her Landons name (+15 XP) for various options in giving her Landons name: * Arrest Landon (-20 Karma) * Let Him Go (-15 Karma) * Use Landon o Against the Resistance (-25 Karma) o Against Judge Dryden (-25 Karma) + Guineres plan is to have Landon ambush Archmage Flain, Dryden, and the Inquisitor in the burnt house west of Yew (near Khentons hut and Empath Abbey), then kill Landon and

have the Avatar promoted to Blackthorns Ninth Circle in Drydens place. See Double-Crossed below. Whatever is chosen, and whether Guinere directs the Avatar to do so or not, the next step is to see Judge Dryden, who recommends the Avatar to Archmage Flain. Alternatively, skip this step and have Tactus recommend the Avatar to Dryden, who recommends the Avatar to Archmage Flain. -- Double-Crossed -According to Guineres plan, inform Landon. 2 Karma for not revealing Guinere as the information source. +1 Karma for revealing Guinere intends to betray him. In any case, Landon will be prepared for Guinere as well as Dryden. Report back to Guinere, then go to the meeting/ambush site at midnight. Cross the threshold and into or out of the house to start the script. Dryden is aware reinforcements. co-conspirator, to warn Dryden, in of the plot and is prepared with protection and Guinere is captured, and Dryden asks if the Avatar was a in which case Guinere is spared, or if the Avatar was going which case Guinere dies.

If the Avatar says he was going to warn Dryden, there is an opportunity to see the Ninth Circle. Otherwise, if the Avatar claims to be a co-conspirator, Dryden has the reinforcements attack. Whatever the response, there is no repercussion from Landon. +15 XP. -- The Archmage Flain -The Archmage Flain will have any useful conversation with the Avatar only if Dryden has instructed the Avatar to see him, and only if none of the Shadowlords have been destroyed. The next step is then to either betray the location of Annon (-25 Karma), betray the location of Malifora (-25 Karma), or give him a Word of Power. The safest route appears to be to give him the Word of Power for either Despise or Deceit, which are held by Annon and Malifora respectively, since the Oppression is looking for Annon and Malifora to get the Word of Power they hold. In giving it up, the search eases off (?). +15 XP for whatever is given. Archmage Flain then gives the current Oppression password (Impera) and directs the party to see Elistaria in Castle Windemere. Locate the Skara Brae Resistance When Judge Dryden directs the Avatar to see the Archmage Flain in Skara Brae,

he also asks the Avatar to locate the Resistance there. Go to the Ranger fort and speak with Hazael. He talks about his trials as a ranger, and if not interrupted, lets slip that Heron wouldnt let him go through Spiritwood because of the rebels there. That opens up the dialogue about Herons rebel connections, and all three rangers there speak of it freely. -- Report Heron to Dryden for -- (?) This task cannot be completed after Bring Word to the Rebels, as the rebels will have moved on from Skara Brae. The Black Badge See Elistaria in Castle Windemere. At the end of he first round of dialogue with her, she will give a Black Badge (+15 XP). Report back to Archmage Flain with the Black Badge, or see Blackthorn. Deliver the Mantras of Virtue Archmage Flain wants the Avatar to deliver all Eight Mantras to Blackthorn (+15 XP, -1 Karma each). A wrong answer means Blackthorn arrests the Avatar and their party. If the Avatar gave the Mantra of Compassion to Vortigyrn (see Possessed), Blackthorn will not ask for it as the daemon Sarkael was working for Elistaria (and the Oppression). Giving Blackthorn the Mantras will NOT destroy the Shrines. Blackthorn then directs the Avatar to give all the Words of Power to Archmage Flain. -- The Pendulum -If the party is captured in Blackthorns Palace (only the guards give the option to surrender; Blackthorn auto-imprisons the party), Blackthorn will demand one mantra. Whether it is given or not, a party character dies, either by pendulum or spell. Afterwards, the party is relocated to Yew. The character is irrevocably gone with all gear. If all mantras have been given, dialogue breaks, but will eventually deposit the party in Yew. Note: The party can be spoken with no matter where the Avatar is. Exploit: If the party is far enough away from the Avatar when the party is captured, they will not be recognized as being with the Avatar at the time of capture, and therefore no character will be killed by Blackthorn. The Crown Jewels of Lord British Blackthorn also seeks the Crown, Amulet, and Sceptre of Lord British. +15 XP and 5 Karma to give him the Amulet and Sceptre, but imprisonment for giving

him the Crown as this was in his possession. Surrender the Words of Power Give all the Words of Power to Archmage Flain. (Even though Blackthorn will say Archmage Flain wants all the Words of Power, Archmage Flain will not acknowledge this until after the Mantras are delivered). Whether the Avatar gave him a Word of Power previously or not, he asks for all of them again (+50 XP for each of 7 Words). Flain does not allude to any particular consequences for NPCs at this stage, and there does not appear to be any particular effect on the world. Archmage Flain will direct the Avatar to see Blackthorn for a reward (a set of arms for every party member: Magic Helm, Plate Mail, Plate Gauntlets, Plate Greaves, Magic Shield, Silver Sword). He will also ask for the last Word of Power (VERAMOCOR), the one which unlocks Dungeon Doom. If the Avatar does not yet know it, he directs the Avatar to complete the Shrine Quest. Seal Lord British Away Forever Once the Avatar has given VERAMOCOR to Archmage Flain, he gives the final quest: To lock Lord British in the Underworld forever. He warns that rescuing him will have dire consequences for the world. To seal Lord British, bring the three Shards of the Shadowlords to the Underworld and use them on Lord Britishs cage. -- Other Quests --- Saduj -(Lord Britishs Castle, roof, at night) If the Avatar knows he current Oppression password, Saduj reveals his mission: To recover something from Lord Britishs chambers that can prevent Lord British from ever returning. If the Avatar is ever imprisoned by Blackthorn with both Saduj and the Sandalwood Box, he gives the Sandalwood Box to Blackthorn and then leaves the party. To get the Sandalwood Box back? -- The Daemons of Castle Windemere -(Castle Windemere, SaerBahn) The greater daemon outside the front door, SaerBahn, will speak with the Avatar only after Dryden has sent the Avatar to see Elistaria. He describes 3 binding elements that keep himself and 2 other daemons in thrall to Elistaria, and that if released, they will kill Elistaria. The other two daemons are Fraoch and Sarkael (see Possessed).

The binding elements are in a chest on the lower floor, and are considered Owned. If Elistaria is not nearby, SaerBahn refuses to accept the skull. Fraoch will accept the skull (ask his Name), but both he and the skeletons in the keep attack the party. If Elistaria is nearby (she and both daemons are in the throne room around 5pm), they attack the residents of the keep. If only one is freed, the other daemon may attack it as well, and it will likely die. Once the daemons are free, speaking with them again may cause the party to attack them even if they are not hostile to the party; and killing them incurs a 5 Karma penalty. If Fraoch is freed after SaerBahn, he will also attack SaerBahn. +15 XP for freeing each daemon. BUG: Once the daemons are freed, it is likely that the game becomes unstable. Any remaining daemons stand around in attack animations when all opponents are slain, and during this, any attempt to load a savegame results in a crash to desktop. Elistaria may move, but she remains in a seated position and does nothing unless the Avatar speaks with her. If the daemons are slain, loading a savegame will not crash the game. -- Ill Tell You All About Alonda -(Castle Windemere, Edwin) Ask Edwin about the other student Alonda. If she is around, he offers to tell all when in private, when he will insist she is a half-orc. Alonda does nothing other than become upset. -- Kill the Traitor -(Lycaeum, Arkandor) After meeting Arkandor, speak with Lady Elistaria at Castle Windemere about him, and she will ask the Avatar to kill Arkandor for her. Killing Arkandor causes him to drop Arkandors Head. Bring this to Elistaria (+15 XP). One way to safely kill the afternoon. Cast Energy then cast Fire Field inside walk out of it). Using party. Arkandor is to corner him in his room upstairs in Field at the doorway to block him from escaping, to kill him (because of the Energy Field, he cannot Fire Field will not attribute the death to the

-- The Jewelled Sword and Shield -(Castle Windemere, Thrud)

Ask Thrud about his Items and he offers a Jewelled Sword and Jewelled Shield in exchange for the Resistance password. (+15 XP) -- Betray Ean -(Jhelom, Guard Tower, Jonus; requires Black Badge) Eans location can be betrayed to Jonus. (-25 Karma). -- Expose Thorne -(Jhelom, Guard Tower, Jonus; requires Black Badge) When asked about Thorne, Jonus orders the Avatar to follow him to evidence of a connection to the Resistance. Note that Thorne will to the Avatar if they are wearing the Black Badge. Speak with Thorne the Mantra of Valour from him, then tell Jonus that he has the Mantra -10 Karma). Thorne does not disappear, however. -- Remove a Rival -(Jhelom, Guard Tower, Jonus; requires Black Badge) When asked about Shannon, Thorne asks the Avatar to be invited to Trians home so that an incriminating letter may be planted and the guards may arrest Trian. Option 1: Follow the Plan Ask Trian about his poem concerning Windemeres attack on Jhelom (it may be necessary to ask Ean, on the island to the north, about Windemere to get this topic with Trian). Trian tells the Avatar to meet him shortly after 11pm at his house (north end of town, SSE of the Trainers house. He will, however, recite the poem whenever he gets home after dark (shortly after 10pm). Speak with him to plant the letter in dialogue. Report to Jonus in the morning (+15 XP, -20 Karma), who arranges for Trian to be arrested. find not speak and get (+15 XP,

Option 2: Betray Jonus Pretend the note was planted and report success to Jonus, then speak with Trian again, who says his house was just ransacked. BUG: If Trian was informed of the plot before Jonus was told the note has been planted, dialogue with Trian will freeze. Otherwise, after getting this report from Trian, Jonus will

be hostile and try to arrest the Avatar. 5 Karma for killing him. Even after Trians place has been ransacked, the plot can be revealed to Trian (+15 XP, +2 Karma).

-- Recruit Shalira -(Moonglow, Donn Piatt) With the Black Badge and current password (he tries to arrest the Avatar if the Avatar has the Badge but not the password), Donn Piatt will say he has tried to recruit Shalira (the local Trainer) for the Oppression but has so far failed, and asks the Avatar to try. Speak with Shalira and speak supportively of the Oppression to help her rationalize their policies. She will then join (+15 XP). Speak with Donn Piatt about her again and he reports that she has joined (+15 XP). BUG: When Shalira is next spoken with, her dialogue is as if she were a student in Windemere. -- The Oppression is the Way Forward -(Trinsic, Wounds of Honour, Leila) Leila is at a crossroads with her loyalties, and the choice will come up between convincing her to choose to wait for Lord British, or to choose to support the Oppression. ************************* Oppression End ****************** -- The Plans for the H.M.S. Cape (Brittany, The Oaken Oar, Master Hawkins Brittany, The Oaken Oar, Squire Jimmy) Speak to either about ships to discover Master Hawkins would like to look at the plans. The plans are in a locked Chest of Drawers in The Oaken Oar. Give them to Master Hawkins (admit to finding them in his storage room for no karma loss) to receive a copy. +15 XP. After returning the plans, he gives a 200 gp rebate on the purchase of the Sprightly Nymph (as of v1.2, a bug fix patch is needed). -- A Portrait of a Lovely Woman (Britain, Fogsbane, Jotham) Speak with Jotham about his wife, and at the end of dialogue he asks that his

wifes portrait be taken to Minoc to be restored. Bring it to Woodruffe in the Artisans Hall, who restores it for 50 gp. Bring it back to Jotham (+15 XP) who offers to reimburse the Avatar 50gp, or, if declined, gives a Magic Shield (+3 Karma; re-initiate dialogue and ask about the shield).

-- A Portrait of You (Minoc, Artisans Hall, Woodruffe) When the Avatar speaks with him for the first time, he immediately asks to paint the Avatar, and gives the portrait for free. -- Possessed (Cove, Vortigyrn) Vortigyrn the bard in Cove asks for the Mantra of Compassion. Giving it to him will result in the destruction of the Shrine of Compassion, but there is no penalty. Various people in Cove speak of the bard acting strangely, and in fact he has been possessed by Sarkael, a Greater Daemon hiding in a cave on the south coast of Cove, against the cliffs. The demon Sarkael alludes to being in the service of a mage on an island somewhere. Putting the story together, Sarkael is trying to discover the mantras (he cannot say this outright), and to curry favour with the Shadowlords he is manipulating Vortigyrn into killing the sisters in the Cove Temple of Virtue. Find Sarkael, who auto-initiates dialogue and becomes hostile at the end (BUG: If the Avatar does not explore any topics with Sarkael and ends the dialogue with Bye, each attack on Sarkael takes off karma, as if he were an innocent). Killing Sarkael reduces Karma by 5. ALTERNATIVE?: Sarkaels Binding Element is in Castle Windemere. Steal it and bring it to him, and he will arrange for everyone in the castle, except the seneschal Arthur, to be killed. +15 XP, no karma loss, but the Binding Element needs to be stolen. Speak with Vortigyrn afterwards (+50 XP). Vortigyrn will remember that the Avatar gave him the Mantra, and direct them to Paws to speak with one of the crafters of the Shrines of Virtue about how to restore them (see The Lost Shrine). Restoring a Shrine gives +50 XP and +15 Karma. -- The Proud Suitor

(Paws, Wishing Well Horses, Ferru) Speak with Ferru about the village residents and he mentions he is anxious for Lorren to return his advances. Speak with Lorren in the Smugglers Inn, and she says shed rather speak of this elsewhere, but she will speak more at night at the Inn. She says she is afraid of Ferru because of the keenness with which he sympathizes with the Oppression. Find out what happened to Kitten of the Cats Lair and confront Ferru about it. Then talk to Ferru about Lorren, and reveal that she is afraid he might use the Oppression against her out of spite. He comes to realize how the Oppression has affected him. +100 XP. -- Quest for a Wondrous Beast (Paws, The Cats Lair, Bandaii) Ask about his quest to find a talking animal, and if the Avatar has spoken with Smith, they may reveal the location of Smith as being in Iolos Barn. +15 XP. -- Enilno and the Minax Journal Check with Smith about Bandaii, then check back with Bandaii about Smith. Bandaiis dialogue continuation will say that Enilno may exist in a dungeon somewhere. Enilno is in a secret area in Dungeon Hythloth. From the area where the Mystic Arms are found, to proceed further, ledges must be Blinked or Grappled. Just across the first jump is an area where there are two nearly identical areas involving a mesa lateau with rocks and treasure in the middle, guarded by mongbats and a daemon. Between these two is a large cave with a lake in the middle. From one of the mesas, there is a boulder-strewn path leading down a ledge. The boulders are illusionary, so walk through them. They continue down to a narrow ledge, leading to an open area with ruins. Enilno is on the far pedestal. In this area will also be a journal penned by Minax, the villainess in Ultima II. -- Ransacks Errand (Buccaneers Den, The Kings Ransom, Ransack) Ask about business, and he says he thinks Nikkis prostituting herself, and since shes his slave, hes supposed to get a cut. He directs the Avatar to

speak with Tierra first, then Nikki. Tierra just says there will be no cut for Ransack, and Nikki is all coy about it. Information from Daem suggests Nikki is smitten by Geoffrey, but there is no confirmation from anyone. Her journal (from her house, S of the tavern) also corroborates this. Read it, then speak with Geoffrey. Report back to Ransack after getting the story from Tierra. Implicating Scally is 1 Karma, but no other apparent effects. If Geoffrey is in the party, there is expanded dialogue with Nikki. -- Rats (Lord Britishs Castle, Stephen) The Upper Kitchen cook talks about clever rats stealing from the food stores. Go into the basement storage to discover Saduj sleeping there. He is awake at night, on the roof, and can join the party. Once he is in the party, Stephen says the theft has stopped, and attributes it to his use of rat poison traps. ************************** Path of The Resistance ************************* -- Join the Resistance (Britain, Iolo's Bows, Gwenno Britain, apple orchard, Terrence) OPTIONAL: On ending dialogue, Gwenno asks to join. When she joins, she says she wants to say goodbye to various people, and Terrence in particular because he "had help" replacing his trees. Speak with Terrance about his Orchard and he lets slip about the Resistance. He directs the Avatar to Chamfort in Yew. Speak with Chamfort in private (not near Ronan, who is sympathetic to the Oppression) or he will deny knowing of the Resistance. Chamfort is free to speak about the Resistance whenever there is no one nearby, such as: * In the morning upstairs of the forge, at ~6am when he wakes and sits down for breakfast. * In the afternoon when he returns from lunch and Ronan goes upstairs (about 1:30pm). * In the evening when Ronan leaves (at 7pm) He will speak of the Resistance, give the password ("Dawn"), and give a key for the HQ in the hidden area of the jail. +15 XP. To get into the secret passage in the Yew Jail holding Jerone:

* Go down Chamfort's fireplace (lever at the inside left corner) * Pick the lock on Jerones cell to enter and open the secret wall. Join the Resistance by speaking with Landon for +15 XP. -- Quests for the Resistance Once the Avatar has joined the Resistance, speak with Landon for quests. The first quest, to free the vinters from the Yew stocks, must be completed before Landon will give any other assignments. Landon will also acknowledge tasks for the Resistance only once in each conversation, so it is necessary to re-initiate conversation until all acknowledgements are clear. In general, however, there are no additional rewards from Landon. -- Empath Abbey Connections (Yew, Resistance HQ, Landor Note that it is possible to free Mario and Aleyn without getting this quest from anyone.) Ask Landor about Quests, and he reveals that he would like Mario, the once-owner of the Dwarf in a Cask, freed. They are in stocks in the town centre. They can be freed by Paying their fine with Lord Dryden (2,010 gp) With lockpicks in dialogue.

+5 Karma and +15 XP for releasing Aleyn. +4 Karma and +15 XP for releasing Mario afterwards. After this quest, Landon gives all remaining quests, one each time dialogue is initiated with him. -- Arms for the Resistance 1 Collect Weapons Shipments Ask about Quest after reporting back to Landon. He wants the Avatar to pick up arms from Chamfort when Chamfort is alone. At this time, Chamfort will also offer the Mantra of Justice. Report back to Landon (+15 XP) and Landon asks the Avatar to distribute them: * Britain North Brittany, Vigil * Jhelom Ean 2 Deliver Weapons Shipments * North Brittany - Vigil o Speak with Vigil (+15 XP) about the Weapons Shipment to deliver it. She then directs the Avatar to speak with Thentis for meeting

instructions. Speak with Joshua (squash patch) or Thentis (cornfield) and give them the Resistance password to be given meeting instructions. Meet at the well in the NW corner of Brittany at 11pm and speak with Vigil there. * Jhelom Ean o Ean is on the small island north of the city of Jhelom. Speak with him about Weapons to deliver the shipment (+15 XP). 3 Report Back The Crown Jewels This quest is available even if the Arms for the Resistance are not yet distributed. Speak with Sir Simon in Bordermarch about the Crowns powers; Bordermarch is on an island west of Spiritwood (Skara Brae). It is mountainous, and the castle is at the northern peak. Once at the summit via Blink or Grapple, the party can enter an escape tunnel (stairs leading down, outside the castle), take the Tunnel Key to open the doors there, then go through a long tunnel back down the mountain. Sir Simon additionally tasks the Avatar to recover the Crown Jewels of Lord British: The Amulet, the Sceptre, and the Crown. -- The Amulet of Lord British (Bordermarch, Lady Tessa) Lady Tessa has scryed the location of Lord Britishs Amulet to be in the Underworld, amongst some graves. This is in the Underworld accessed by Dungeon Dastard. She says the Avatar will need it in the darkest part of the Underworld where Lord British is held. -- The Royal Sceptre According to Sir Simon, the Royal Sceptre is atop Stonegate, a small fortress in the V-shaped mountains North of Cove and South of Minoc. Use a Grapple or a Blink spell to get up. BUG: The Shadowlords may kill the guardian demon Balinor. The demon Balinor guards the door. Answering his riddle (chastity or virginity) gives the party +15 XP, but Balinor still attacks. If the Shadowlords have not been permanently destroyed, they are also present and attack. Note that as soon as Sir Simon reveals the location of the Sceptre, Bordermarch is attacked. -- Attack on Bordermarch

The Oppression agent Gerrin leads a team of the Black Company to Bordermarch, claiming to have followed the Avatar. He asks if this place is a Resistance stronghold. There are two choices: * Yes. No Karma penalty for being Honest. Everyone is Bordermarch feels doomed and neither Sir Simon nor Lady Tessa will speak with the Avatar anymore. (+15 XP) * No. 1 Karma for lying. Gerrin orders an attack, but attacking Gerrin will mean the Bordermarch residents will become hostile to the party. Killing Gerrin or any Bordermarch residents is 5 karma each. One way to handle this encounter is to set the party on Hold Fire so they will not accidentally react to Gerrin. Kill all the Oppression soldiers, then let the Bordermarch residents kill Gerrin. Unless the party helps, it is possible that a Bordermarch resident may be killed, although between them and the guards, the Oppression force will generally be cleared. Speak with Sir Simon after for an invitation to rest at Bordermarch (+15 XP). Go down to the harbour and loot the chest that Norcen stole from the Oppression ship. -- Help Anniel / Free Greymarch This is a set of quests related to the Sceptre. -- 1 -(Trinsic, Guard Captain Gruman) After Gruman gives the mantra of Honour, he asks for the Resistance password. Give it to him, then ask him about the Resistance. He directs the Avatar to speak with Hettar, and also mentions helping to sort out the incident involving Rowenie. The background to Rowenies story is: Anniel was attacked by a Shadowlord, and Greymarch defended her. Ellison ordered Greymarch arrested, and Froed made trouble. Rowenie helped Froed escape, and Gruman was ordered to arrest Rowenie, but Gruman conspired to help Rowenie escape. Rowenies story can also be had from Greymarch by speaking with him first, then his son, then reporting back to him. -- 2 -(Trinsic, Wounds of Honour, Anniel) Speak with Anniel in the Wounds of Honour, and she tells her story if Katrina is in the party: Chuckles, Lord Britishs jester, asked her to bring the Royal Sceptre to Serpents Hold, but she surrendered it to the Shadowlords while in Trinsic. She is ashamed, but asks to know the name of the warrior who saved her. Tell her it was Greymarch, and she asks that her thanks be relayed to him.

-- 3 -(Yew, Jail, Greymarch) Relay Anniels thanks and find Greymarch believes that in helping Anniel, he ultimately caused his sons death. Find Froed in Skara Brae (in the woods near the ranger fort and the healer) and speak with him about his father, then report back to Greymarch. Greymarch then tells his story and gives information that Anniel was on a mission to convey the Royal Sceptre to safety. He gives the location of Sir Simon and Bordermarch and will now allow himself to be freed by either having his fine paid or being given a lockpick (+15 XP, +5 Karma). Both Froed and Greymarch disappear. Report back to Anniel (+15 XP, +3 Karma). -- The Crown of Lord British On top of Blackthorns Palace. Break the Blockade of Serpents Hold Gain entry into Serpents Hold via the Cape of Heroes, and speak with Lord Malone about how to break Blackthorns blockade. The full quest to help Serpents Hold is in Trinsic: Speak first with Guard Captain Gruman, who directs the Avatar to speak with Hettar at the Trinsic stables. Hettar gives instructions for getting supplies and shipping them to Serpents Hold: * Speak with Magdalena at the Crystal Chalice about Hettars plan to smuggle food. (+15 XP) * Speak with Woolfe at the Paladins Protectorate about Hettars plan to smuggle iron. He agrees only after Jimmy receives a cure (see Cure Jimmy; +15 XP). * Leila at the Wounds of Honour needs to be convinced to supply the Resistance. She is at a crossroads with her loyalties, and the choice will come up between convincing her to choose to wait for Lord British, or to choose to support the Oppression. Convince her that Lord British still lives, and she confides that she would like to join the Resistance. At this point, she will be amenable to Hettars scheme to smuggle supplies to Serpents Hold. (+15 XP) * After securing all 3 types of supplies, report to Hettar for +15 XP. * Speak with David at Grayhaven Lighthouse (far south of Trinsic, past the Moongate, at the lighthouse at night) about procuring a ship. o David gives a smuggling route map for a contact, Dalgrin at Buccaneers Den (at the harbour). Give it to him for +15 XP. o Dalgrin sends the Avatar to deliver a letter to Lord Malone in Serpents Hold (he gives sextant coordinates, but doesnt name the

place). Lord Malone will prepare the deed in the audience chamber. o Dalgrin also wants a declaration of asylum signed by Captain Geoffrey (at Buccaneers Den). o Once Dalgrin has both Deeds (+15 XP for bringing each to him, +15 XP for completing both tasks), he agrees to run the blockade. Report back to David (+1 Karma). o Report back to Lord Malone (+15 XP). o Landon initially does nothing particularly useful on reporting back to him, but speak with him a second time and he mentions that the Avatar has been responsible for recruits from Trinsic. Landon offers 50 gp for expenses; decline for +2 Karma.

-- Infiltrate the Oppression Join the Oppression and bring to Landon the Oppression password, and a Black Badge. See The Oppression for related quests in progressing with the Oppression. The password can be obtained from Archmage Flain (+15 XP), and the Black Badge from Elistaria. (no XP). Landon will not keep the Black Badge. -- Other Quests and Tasks -- Fagles (Britain, Trainer (NW), Fagles) Fagles will acknowledge the Resistance password and invite the Avatar to speak with him in his house, when he returns there at 9pm. His house is East of his shop, between the Bards Guild and the entrance to the Wine Cellar. He asks the Avatar to confirm their identity as the Avatar, and lying loses the party 1 Karma. There is no other apparent effect. -- Report the Traitors (North Brittany, Brittany Inn, Terbor) Once the Avatar has joined the Resistance, speak with Terbor, who reveals that he knows of them and is tempted tempted to get a reward from Blackthorn for turning in the Resistance because he is strapped for cash. If the Avatar suggests he turn in the Resistance, Terbor believes the Avatar is secretly working for Blackthorn. +15 XP, -5 Karma. The Avatar may instead spend the night (receive a key for the Inn, at a discount). 25 gp. +15 XP.

(Britain, Guard Tower, Maul) Vigil can also be reported as the Resistance Cell leader to the Britain Guard Captain, Maul. -- Windfer (Paws, Windfer) If Windfer asks about whether the Avatar has recently been to Yew, let him know that the Oppression has corrupted Justice, and he becomes determined to resist the Oppression, citing that Dr. Cat will put him in touch with the appropriate parties. +15 XP and +2 Karma. -- Chuckles Knows About the Gardener (Brittany, Castle Britannia, Chuckles) Chuckles will ask just once, this sequence: Name, Savior/Gardener, Resistance/Oppression. On answering that the Avatar is with the Resistance, he reveals that Saduj is with the Oppression. -- Promote the Resistance (Brittany, pig pen, Camile) Once the Avatar has joined the Resistance, speak with Camile and tell her of the existence of the Resistance in North Brittany. She comes to realize about the Haunted Park and the well there as the meeting place of the Resistance cell. +15 XP, +2 Karma. -- Rally the Resistance (Brittany, Loef) When meeting at the well at night, the first round of dialogue reveals some information on the Shadowlords. Speak then to Loef, and following his suggestion, speak to Joshua and Thentis, then relay their thoughts about Vigil to her. This second round of dialogue rallies the Resistance. +15 XP, +2 Karma. -- Report the Traitors (North Brittany, Brittany Inn, Terbor) Terbor reveals that he knows of the Resistance, and is thinking of reporting

them for the reward. Whether the Avatar works for the Oppression or not, the Avatar can encourage Terbor to turn in the Resistance (+15 XP, -5 Karma). Or, the Avatar can rent a room at the Inn, which helps Terbors business (+15 XP, +1 Karma). Note that if a room is rented prior to speaking about the Resistance, the Resistance topic is removed. +1 Karma but no XP award.

-- A Spy on New Magincia (New Magincia, Tetsuo) If the Avatar replies that he is not working for Blackthorn, Tetsuo confides that he believes a spy for Blackthorn was landed on New Magincia and did not leave, but doesnt know where he is now. Speak with Genne at the Humble Palate about Braunam, and if the Avatar knows the Resistance password, Genne drops a key to Braunams room (but lock on the door can be picked). The supposed spy Braunam is upstairs in the Humble Palate. Give him the Resistance password and he sells items at inflated prices.

-- Bring Word to the Rebels (Skara Brae, Ranger fort, Heron) Heron freely speaks of the rebels once Hazael mentions them. He says he will bring word from the Resistance to the rebels if the Avatar will contact the Resistance. Speak to Landon (+15 XP) who asks the Avatar to deliver a message. Bring this to Heron (+15 XP, +5 Karma). Later, Heron will say the Rebels have moved on. As a reward, he offers Training. ****************************** Resistane End ******************************

-- The Second Avatar (New Magincia, The Humble Palate, Kintara) Speak with Genne, who asks the Avatar to intervene with Kintara. Speak with Lewis in private (e.g., when he leaves the tavern and goes to the house), and Lewis reveals his true feelings about Kintara. Report back to Kintara, then to

Shimoka, who also mentions that her sister has been taking odd morning walks. Reveal to Lewis that he was speaking with the Avatar. He then sorts out his feelings and realizes his errors. Speak with Kintara again to get her thanks (+15 XP), and to bring up the subject of her morning walks (see Usamis Journal). -- Sedemihcra the Owl (Moonglow, The Herbalist, Nilrem) Nilrem has a game where he tries to trick the Avatar into agreeing that there are eight moons. Win this game by not falling into the trap of replying eight to all his questions, and win it eight times to receive the quest to recover his owl Sedemihcra. Sedemihcra (Archimedes) can be found in a Hollow Stump near the Moonglow graveyard (Northwest of Moonglow). Bring it to Nilrem (Merlin) in the New Magincia magic shop for a Sword of StoneStrike (+15 XP). -- Shaanas Fate (?) (Blackthorns Palace, Blackthorns bedroom, Blackthorn) Speak with him when he is in his bedroom, and the party catches him looking at a portrait of Shaana. If there is another party member, they recognize Shaana as being theYew Inquisitor. -- The Shadowsteed (?) (Blackthorns Palace, stables, Kraw) Kraw relates the story of how Blackthorns first mount, Virtue, died, and how Virtue was resurrected as the daemonic Shadowsteed, which escaped the castle and never came back. Supposedly, it is still on the island somewhere. -- Shady Dealings with Buccaneers Den (*) (Minoc, Stormcrow, Windmire) Speak with Windmire about Captain Blythe, and he claims that Blythes ships have been seen at Buccaneers Den, and that Blythe has some sort of dealings with the pirates. -- Shaminos Wound Visit Jessip in Empath Abbey with Shamino nearby. They have a dialogue sequence in which Shamino is partially healed.

-- The Shrine Quests Meditate at each of the shrines to receive a quest from each shrine to recover the Codex and learn of the virtues opposite. If a Shrine is destroyed, use the Word of Power of the associated dungeon to restore it (+50 XP, +15 Karma) in order to meditate there. Meditate for 3 cycles to receive a quest. * Compassion MU Britain, Greyson * Honesty AHM Verity Isles gypsy camp, Malifora * Valor RA Jhelom, Thorne. Speak first with the bard Trian about Thorne and the Shrines, then speak with Thorne. * Justice BEH Yew, Chamfort, after picking up arms for Landon * Honor SUMM Trinsic, Guard Captain Gruman; he will ask for the Resistance password and it is harmless to give it to him * Sacrifice CAH Minoc, Captain Blythes Tent, Rew * Spirituality OM o Ask Saul at the The Haunting Inn about his job, and he eventually says he and his friend Kindor were going to a shrine, reputed to be very beautiful. Speak with Kindor (at the Spirit Healers, starting 6pm), and he reveals the location to be the Shrine of Spirituality. He says Lady Janell of the Lycaeum would know how to get there, and he also gives the Mantra of Spirituality. o Speak to Lady Janell of the Lycaeum to discover how to reach the Shrine of Spirituality (enter any moongate at midnight): Between 0000 and 0100 hours, all moongates transport to the Shrine of Spirituality. The Shrine of Spirituality moongate transports back to the moongate from which the party departed. o This shrine cannot be destroyed by giving away the Mantra. * Humility LUM New Magincia, Wartow. o Speak with Shirata first about Wartow, then ask Wartow about secrets. Pass his humility test (question about Blackthorne) to receive the mantra and 15 XP each. o This shrine cannot be destroyed by giving away the Mantra. All the Shrine Quests can be done at the same time at the Codex. When all eight are done, the Word of Power for Dungeon Doom (VERAMOCOR) is revealed by the Codex. Return to each Shrine to meditate after reading from the Codex (+100 XP each, +5 Karma once). -- Sidle (Paws, Mill, Halward)

Speak with Halward about the residents of Paws and he mentions Danfits of The Guild knows Fagles in Britain. Danfits wont mention anything, but Fagles will and suggests the Avatar calls Danfits Sidle to get a reaction. Speak with Danfits, who becomes upset, and offers a number of items to keep the Avatar quiet about his old name: Black Potion, Green Potion, Peering Gem (3), Skull Key (3). +15 XP. Or (Buccaneers Den, The Broken Lock, Daem) Buy information about the Guilds, and ask about Danfits. Daem suggests the Avatar ask Danfits about his old name Sidle. -- The Sleepwalker (Trinsic, Guard Captain Gruman Trinsic, Paladins Protectorate, Woolfe) Gruman describes Sindar the town mage as having narcolepsy, and at an unfortunate time, when Blackthorn besieged the city. He directs the Avatar to speak with Leila the healer. Ask Woolfe about how hes worked so hard hes seeing things and he says hes seen the supposedly comatose mage Sindar walking the walls at night. Anniel at the Wounds of Honour also has incidental dialogue about Sindar waking up at night. Sindar wakes at midnight, but doesnt talk until he goes outside the infirmary, a short way and headed toward the town centre. He sleepwalks until 3am then heads back to the infirmary. During this time, he can be asked for the Word of Power for Shame. -- Something Wrong with his Face (Bordermarch Docks, Norcen) There is additional dialogue about Norcens face, which is disfigured by a disease if Jaana is in the party. The only sequence that works is: Speak with Sir Simon and ask about Norcen; speak with Norcen and ask about his job, which adds the face topic; mention Sir Simon; ask about his face. Jaana will tell him the condition is curable and that he can go to see the druids in Yew for a cure.


Spectres (*)

(Bordermarch, Lady Tessa) Lady Tessa speaks of Blackthorns specters, alluding to the Shadowlords, but says no more except to ask [her] again sometime. -- Stones (Britain, Bards Guild, Teril) Teril believes he can learn no more from Salan (and Salan confides this to the Avatar). Ask Teril about what Salan doesnt teach, and he invites the Avatar to meet him privately after classes and after dinner. His house is the two-floor NW of The Wayfarer Inn (he shares a bed with Silvan). The classes break once for lunch at ~12:30 pm and for dinner at ~3pm. When he returns to his house at 3pm at sits down at the table on the ground floor, the Avatar can speak with him there about Salan, to discover that Salan wont teach him how to play Stones. Teril asks the Avatar to intercede. Salan will still be in the Bards Guild at that time. When asked about Stones, he dodges the question unless Iolo is in the party, whereupon he explains the Mayor has outlawed it and recommends getting it from Lord Kenneth. He directs the Avatar to Empath Abbey for the next clue. The Mayor explains the ban as a decree from Blackthorn. At Empath Abbey, the resident bard, Tim, directs the Avatar south, beyond Trinsic and also gives a side quest, Sheet Music. Find Sir Kenneth in Grayhaven, and learn the harpsichord from him, during which he teaches Stones as ABC-DCB-CBA-BAGE. He also gives a copy of Stones sheet music, with which the Avatar can play the harpsichord in the room on the roof of Lord Britishs Castle, and open the secret door to get the Sandlewood Box. There is no further follow-up from Salan, Teril, or the Mayor about Stones. -- Sheet Music (Empath Abbey, Tim) Ask about Sir Kenneth, and he asks for sheet music from Kenneth, Lord British's Court Composer. He hints that Kenneths music is magical, and informs that Kenneth went south beyond Trinsic. Sir Kenneth has in fact retired all the way on the southern coast, at the lighthouse Grayhaven. For

Tim, he gives a signed copy of Stones sheet music. +2 Karma, and +15 XP and +2 Karma for delivering it to Tim. -- Stranded on Dagger Isle (*) (Buccaneers Den, harbour, Dalgrin) Dalgrin mentions the monster-infested Dagger Isle north of Moonglow, and how they left Ol Benjamin there and forgot to go back for him. He may be the stranger in Dungeon Deceit who wont give his name. If the stranger asks for the Avatars name, telling the truth gives +1 Karma. When asked about the shadows, if the Avatar responds kill the lights, the stranger attacks. There is a karma penalty for killing him. -- A Strange Wind (*) (Grendels Hut, Grendel) For Grendels location, see An Alchemical Accident. Grendel tells of a disturbance in the swamp and a strange wind. After a brief discussion, he asks the Avatar to visit him again after clearing the disturbance in nature that has reached the swamp from the mountains to the north. -- The Summoning (Greyhaven, Sir Arbuthnot) Speak with Sir Arbuthnot, reveal to him you are the Avatar, and show him the Codex Coin as proof. He then gives the full (and lengthy) story about his part in the summoning of the Avatar, and of a mysterious mage who was unknown even to the persons in the Resistance who had commissioned the Coin. -- Supplies for the Sword and Keg -- Cocoa Beans -(Jhelom, Sword and Keg, Nicole) Ask about her duties, and she will ask for Cocoa Beans, but give no instructions. On the Serpent Hold island, there is a Cyclops-guarded tower in the south east corner. NW of this tower is a Cocoa Tree. Harvest some beans and she will pay 50 gp for them. -- Empath Abbey Wine -Then she will ask for Empath Abbey Wine. This can be obtained from Lord Michael (see Love and Virtue for SinVraal) or Valos (see Animals in the Orchard). She will pay 60 gp for a bottle.

-- Tactus Sent Me (Minoc, Darkwatch Armoury, Tactus) Speak with Tactus about Blackthorn, and he recommends the Avatar speak with Judge Dryden in Yew, and to mention his name. Follow up with Judge Dryden for +15 XP and a request to do two tasks: Report to Archmage Flain in Skara Brae, and uncover rebel activity in Skara Brae. -- Telila the Gossip (Farthing, Quintin) If asked about gossip, he recommends the Avatar speak with his friend Telila in Britain (The Wayfarer Inn). Speak with Telila about rumours and she tells two: * Bullweir of Jhelom was talking about the Mystic Arms. * Bullweirs friend Nomaan loved her and left her. Follow up the rumours in Jhelom. Note that (per Nomaans tips, Bullweir will talk only when drunk in the tavern in the evening). * Bullweir will talk about Ambrose knowing of the Mystic Arms, and if he is bought a drink (10 gp), he says Ambrose is in Cove. Note that it is not necessary to speak with Bullweir to speak with Ambrose about the Mystic Arms (See The Mystic Arms). * Nomaan claims Telila tried to make him drunk and then seduced him, and he fled the Inn out of embarrassment. There is no follow-up from Telila. -Theft at the Wayfarer Inn (?)

(Britain, The Wayfarer Inn, Justin) Ask him about Donya to start. He tells the Avatar that something happened to make Donya suspect Tika stole money, even though Tika's not the type to do so. There may be no quest here, and he is just referring to the times when a Shadowlord is in town. -- A Thimble for Rew (Minoc, Captain Blythes Tent, Rew) Speak with Rew about making sails, and she says her job would be easier if

only she had a thimble, but Captain Blythe wont allow her one. Buy one from any clothier and give it to her in dialogue for +15 XP and +3 Karma. -- Thom's Story (Britain, Trainer, Fagles) Ask Fagles about his Friends, and about Thom. He tells the Avatar to namedrop his name to make Thom tell a special story about their adventuring days. No follow-up from Fagles. -- Thornes Tall Tale (Jhelom, The Sword and Keg, Thorne) After 8pm, Thorne will tell of one of his exploits. -- The Tinkers Tale (Cove, Ivar) -- 1 -After speaking with Ivar, Julia mentions that she did not recognize him as a Tinker from Minoc, which is what he claims. The sisters in the Temple of Virtue says he is fleeing Minoc for a shameful deed. There is no progress to Ivars backstory in Cove until tasked by Carolyn to investigate him in Minoc (Carolyn gives this task after The Ettin Alliance). If Vortigyrn is freed from Sarkael, he can tell the Avatar that Ivar is actually Tenneth, the ex-mayor of Minoc. Carolyn will already know that Vortigyrn has revealed his identity. Confront Ivar to learn about his having tried to murder Guinere, who was blackmailing him. He asks to be allowed to evade justice until after Blackthorn is deposed, and agreeing to this gives +15 XP and +2 Karma. If the Avatar refuses, Tenneth attacks. 5 Karma, and 5 Karma for killing him. Delwyn at the Minoc Poorhouse also has information (see The Widow Hahna). -- 2 -(Minoc, Widow Hahnas house, Widow Hahna) To follow up with Ivars backstory, speak with Widow Hahna in Minoc. She is awake at 7am, and due to a bug (there is a bugfix available, but for new games only), she can only be spoken with then, and does not exist during the day. For an instant at 7am, she stands behind the chair in her house. Ask her about Delwyns rumour and she asks for more leaf before she will consent to telling her story. This leaf can be purchased at Buccaneers Den

from Dalgrin (200 gp) or Daem at the Broken Lock (2 gp). Give her Leaf (+15 XP, and -2 Karma for supporting her addiction?) and she reveals her background: She and Guinere were both into Leaf and liquor. And they were both into gaining power unscrupulously. They blackmailed Lord Tenneth, but Guinere betrayed her afterwards with her involvement in her husbands death. Hahna then allied with Tenneth and Fenelon (who was being blackmailed by Guinere) against Guinere. They hired Dalgrin of Buccaneers Den to kill Guinere. Speak with Fenelon for his story, which he will reveal only if the Avatar has helped Rew escape (see Free Rew): He sold slaves from the Minoc Poorhouse to the pirates of Buccaneers Den. He confirms that he arranged for Dalgrin to murder Guinere. Show him Compassion for his attempt to atone by protecting Rew (+1 Karma).

-- Tomokas Problem (New Magincia, Tomoka) Ask Tomoko about Wartow to discover she could not decipher his riddles when she asked him for help. Wartow directs the Avatar back to Tomoka to reveal her past and the love triangle between Tomoka, her ex-lover Yasuda, and his now-wife Fumiko. Attempting to solve Tomokas problem by conveying Wartows opinion to her will result in karma loss and Tomokas decision to leave New Magincia, but a gain of 15 XP for the incident on reporting back to Wartow if the Avatar admits part of the responsibility for Tomoka leaving is the Avatars Pride in his ability to solve anything. More karma can be subsequently lost in the follow-up discussion for selfish answers. Yasuda can be spoken with, but he disbelieves that Tomoka still loves him. -- A Toy Centaur (The Lycaeum, Lady Hayden) (Trinsic, Hettars House) Ask Lady Hayden about her Grandmother, and she says her grandmother had a toy centaur, but shes lost it since. This toy is in a chest in Hettars house in Trinsic (just south of the ranch). Bring it to Lady Hayden (+15 XP, +2 Karma).

-- Trial of Honour

(Trinsic, Guard Tower, Ellison) Ellison informs that the current Trial of Honour is Beledans accusation that the Captain of the Port, Tallon, committed adultery with his wife Brethil. Beledan will not speak of it. Brethil denies it but is helpless because either way, one will die. Tallon suspects a foul rumour planted the idea in Beledans head. He asks the Avatar to arrange a meeting with both Beledan and Brethil at his house (across from the Chalice) at 10 pm. To have a happy ending, speak with Paul at the Paladins Protectorate to discover that Paul is not only suspicious of Tallons rise from fisherman to Captain of the Port, but also covets that post. Speak with him about Blackthorns siege of Trinsic, and he redirects the Avatar to speak with him later at the Crystal Chalice (he eats lunch at home, and at the Crystal Chalice in the evening, keeps drinking until around 8:30pm before he will speak of the battle). He is drunk there, and if asked again about Tallon, reveals that he instigated the rumours. Tallon is supposed to be present (but doesnt actually show up until 8:45pm), and causes Paul to flee. Speak with Tallon, who says Beledan should still meet at 10pm in case he hasnt heard about Pauls accidental confession. Shortly after 10pm, Tallon will return home, and before 10:30pm will be in bed. Before then, speak with him and Beledan and Brethil will arrive (they do not arrive otherwise). +15 XP and +5 Karma for this ending. Ellison acknowledges the deed and is relieved, but there is no particular follow-up. -- Trian Has A Crush On Shannon (?) (Jhelom, Sword and Keg, Trian) Trian offers to sing a new song he wrote, and after the song confesses he has fallen for Shannon, whom Nicole says is not interested in anyone. Trian also mentions that the Oppression Captain of the Guard, Jonus, has an untoward interest in Shannon. -- Usamis Journal In a chest on New Magincia, in the swamps NE of the island. Bring it to Kintara at the inn, who directs the Avatar to take it to Genne. Surrender it to Genne (+15 XP, +2 Karma), then speak with Shimoka. -- Meet Me in the Cemetary -(New Magincia, the Humble Palate, Shimoka)

About her morning walks, Kintara asks the Avatar to meet her in the cemetery after 5am. Speak with her, which triggers dialogue with a ghost in the cemetery that asks the Avatar to relay its blessings to Kintara. There is no follow-up dialogue with Shimoka. -- Vanished (Farthing, Temme) Speak with Lyndon at least once, then speak with Temme about magic. She will reveal that Lyndon asked to learn the Vanish spell which Temme claims to be able to cast, but she refused to teach him because she feels it would be dangerous in his hands. Report this to Lord Seggallion. Temme will also try to cast the Vanish spell, but fails because she forgot the incantation and cant find her notes. Speak with Dufus, who says he accidentally handed her the notes on the Vanish spell when she asked for something to use them on. Go back to Temme and pretend to cast the spell on her. When she asks if she is still visible, say no. She will be good humoured, and the Avatar may then safely tell her the spell was learnt from Dufus. In this way, the Avatar has diplomatically reminded her of the spell without needing the notes. Report back to Dufus, who has been rewarded, and his secret kept. (+15 XP). At any time, the Avatar may betray Dufus (-1 Karma). -- The Walls of Blackthorns Palace (Blackthorns Palace, stables, Kraw) Ask Kraw about the castle and he insists the walls are alive. He directs the Avatar to speak more with the gaoler Kurtz, who knew the architech Toede. Kurtz said the castle wasnt so much built as grown and coaxed into shape, and that those involved went mad. Toede is presently in the Serpents Hold dungeon and claims to have helped build and install the traps in Blackthorns Palace, and promises to help the Avatar if released. The prison log shows he claims to be from Paws, but there is apparently no one in Paws who speaks about him. Giving him a lockpick ultimately releases him (+15 XP, -5 Karma) but he offers none of the promised help. -- Windmires Not Himself (?) (Minoc, Stormcrow, Emilly)

Speak with Emilly about her husband, and she reveals that hes been distressed ever since his friend Scotty died in a storm on what he believes to have been a ship of poor workmanship, built by Captain Blythe. -- Wishing Well (?) (Minoc, Captain Blythes Tent, Rew) Speak with Rew and she eventually digresses into talking about wishes, and about someone who threw a coin into a well, wished for a horse, and received one. -- Words of Power (Britain, Wine Cellar (day) or Inn (night), Annon) Speak with Annon first to discover that the former Councillors have the words to unlock the Dungeons. * Deceit FALLAX Verity Isles moongate, Malifora at the wagon and tent. * Despise VILIS Britain, Annon. Karma must be > 75. * Dastard INOPIA Jhelom, Goeth. Get the Mantra of Valor from Thorne first, and discuss the new topics that come up. Thorne directs the Avatar to Trian, who redirects the Avatar to Goeth. Only then will the Word of Power be available from Goeth. * Wrong MALUM Yew, Felespar; he will only give it if the Avatar knows the Resistance codeword. * Shame INFAMA Trinsic, Sindar, when he sleepwalks at night. * Covetous AVIDUS Minoc, Poorhouse, Fiona. * Hythloth IGNAVUS Blackthorns Palace, dungeon, blind Hassad, formerly of Skara Brae. He will only speak after midnight when Blackthorn and Foulwell start to leave, and when Kurtz is not near his cell. He must also have been identified to the Avatar by someone who knew he was on the Great Council (e.g., Kaiko on New Magincia; or Rogi at The Haunting Inn in Skara Brae). * There is no Word of Power related to the Shrine of Spirituality, and the shrine cannot be destroyed because only a few people know how to reach it. -- Yew Trainer (Yew, Drusilla) Speak with the trainer Drusilla about receiving Training. She tasks the Avatar to first meditate at the Shrine of Justice.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------11. Easter Eggs (incomplete / unconfirmed) (Spoilers! Obviously) -----------------------------------------------------------------------This is an incomplete lists of easter eggs, taken from the forums, its kinda unorganized, but anyone please feel free to email me to correct me. There may not be locations for all of them, I have not yet personally gone to identify them. There are probably a lot more than I have listed, or will ever list. But they are funnier if you experience them for yourself, and actually get them. 1) East Brittany -- the populace has photos as portraits -- is that the deveopment team? 2) Smith the Horse (Iolo's Hut) -- talking about Lazarus and game development (Smith can only be found after unlocked from other conversation?) 3) The artist in the tavern near britain, the blue boar i think. He talks about publishing his work... 4) The captain of the guard in Moonglow -- Angelina Jolie? 5) Palin -- Michael Palin from Monty Python 6) The cook in blackthorns castle "Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew" a quote from LotR: Two Towers 7) Fallout reference: to Harold with the tree growing thru his head. 8) Xela & Gabrienne at Serpent's Hold -- anyone who don't get this should be shot on sight. 9) young Kirk Douglas 10) Hazael's portrait -- Tiberius Moongazer (the project director) 11) Iolo and Gwenno have graves and headstones in Britain. And they aren't next to one another. 12) Sutek has some nice "foreshadowing" if you talk to him a second time. He's making plans for his future creations in u6. 13) On Windmere Isle there is a sign 'Beware: Rodents Of Unusual Size' Princess Bride reference. 14) Reagent seller in moonglow spelled backwards -- Merlin (again, you should be shot if you don't know who that is) 15) Sedemihcra spelled backwards is : Archimedes -- The pet Owl of Merlin. 16) Statues from Easter Island in the isle of Serpent's Hold. 17) Shaddock's Revenge"--referring to Shaddock Heath, lazarus' technical director/lead programmer and the man who crafted the entire ship system 18) Hawk's Nest is actually the name of a central place in Lynn Abbey's ultima novels (that take place just before ultima 5. 19) Squire Jimmy in East Britannies tells an off colour joke about "Pirate Bobbit coming up short with a wench" a reference to one of the old races from The Ages of Darkness in Ultima, called Bobbits. (not john wayne bobbit, like someone suggested, but that is funny) 20) Is Squire Jimmy to Squire James from Raymond E Feists Krondor novels.

(Unconfirmed -- What can I say, you've read too many fantasy novels if you get that, that's including me) 21) unnamed "Eldest Sister" in Cove. She is the girl from "paths of destiny". (you need to look that up if you don't get that, no more explainations here) 22) Headstone quote (E of Yew): "It's not an easy thing to meet your maker." 23) Another Headstone quote: "Here lies Crowley, died for causing a rebellion. Do as thou will is NOT the whole of the law." 24) Tika from the Wayfarer Inn is a reference to Tika Wayland from the Dragonlace Novels. (This is a easter egg from the original U5, but I think it is impossible to draw the connection without seeing the portrait -thank you new technology) 25) The horse keeper in Trinsic is named Hettar. Hettar is one of the companions of Belgarion in David Eddings' novels. (Seriously I read the Belgariad and the Melorian, the name escaped me. If you remember that, you are a serious geek) -- also from original U5 26) Kitiara:the name of Raistilin Magere's sister from the Dragonlance novels. (You should remember that without being a geek, but chances are, you are one anyway) 27) Was the unnamed mage that Sir Arbuthnot talks about (the one that mysteriously shows up to get the Codex Coin to the Avatar) a cameo appearance of the Time Lord? I cannot think of any in-game mages that I could perform this feat, but it certainly should have been in the Time Lord's power -- I took this right off the msg board. Because I have no idea what he's talking about. But it seems important anyway. 28) Andre in the Blue Boar constantly refers to people wanting his taxidermied animals. "Gotta collect em all". This is an obvious Pokemon reference ("Gotta catch em all") -- You watch pokemon? Are you serious? -----------------------------------------------------------------------12. Acknowledgement and About the Author -----------------------------------------------------------------------First I'd like to acknowledgement the Lazarus Team for this fine product, then the people at the forums for posting and helping others, the person who created the original quest list and the person re-posting it. And Lord British, of course for creating the original, for making me love Ultima, and games. A little about me, I'd like to introduce myself in the real world as an "Amateur Software Engineer, part-time writer, professional dreamer", a master of plot twists. In the ultima world I am a bard, a jack-of-all-trades, and master of..., the guild if jack-of-all-trades. But seriously, I am a mystery/horror/Science-fictio writer, if you know how to

read traditional chinese, you can purchse my book in YesAsia here: It is a translated work of a novel I posted on the web (in English): Or you can read my ramblings at, where I talk about life, the universe and everything (and games too, there is a short review of Ultima Lazarus there). This is my first complete FAQ, my first incomplete one was King of Fighters 98 (which is still somewhere stashed in, not posted by "fabianc" I believe) Ultima 4 was my first RPG. I still think to this day no other game has surpassed it. Finally, well, look forward to my first published novel (in the US) out later this year (hopefully), the name will more likely be "Pillars". You can run a search on me in Amazon. And..., well feel free to email me at (MSN as well) with any questions / suggestions / corrections to my work here, or ask me