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A Monthly Newsletter
Pastor, Lennie Maxwell
Cell Number: 785-955-0322

2013 M Street, Belleville KS

Church Ofce Hours:
Monday thru Thursday 8:00 am to 1:00 pm Closed Friday 9:30 am

JUNE 2012 issue, Page 1

Worship Service & JAM
Sundays at 10:45 am

Adult Sunday School Ages 2 years thru 6th Grade Sunday School
10:00 to 10:40 am

Church Phone Number: 785-527-5608 Church email address:

Sundays June 3 & 24 7:00 pm

Food Bank Hours:

Monday thru Thursday 9:00 am to 11:30 am Closed Friday

Church web page:

6/3/2012 6/10/2012 6/17/2012 6/24/2012

1st Sunday - Trinity Sunday 2nd Sunday after Pentecost 3rd Sunday after Pentecost 4th Sunday after Pentecost

Dr. Rev. Carl Ellis, Preaching & Communion God Unboxed, 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1 Bless the Pets Worship at Rocky Pond Partners, Philippians 1:1-11

SPRC would like to thank those of you who have sent welcome greetings to Pastor Emily. She has been so pleased to receive piles of letters, cards and notes from you. Please continue to send her notes in the month of June according to the group schedule. YOU are a part of a great welcoming church!!!

Please plan to attend Pastor Lennie and Carolyns farewell gathering on Sunday, June 24th right after worship in the Fellowship Hall. We will start with a potluck dinner (please bring your favorite dish to share) and there will be a short program afterwards. Drinks and table service will be provided by the Fellowship Team. Please plan to attend to say goodbye and send your best wishes with the Maxwells.

We are in the process of planning the July 1st Worship Celebration of Pastor Emilys first day of her ministry in our church. Please plan to attend to meet Pastor Emily and her family at 10:45 am! We will be having our traditional Ice Cream Social with them in July after they have settled in the parsonage. Submitted by Susan Childs, SPRC Leader

Pastor Emily

I sCREAM FOR HOPE This Republic County recognition of those who have fought or are fighting cancer will be held June 2 at the city park. This year hamburgers, beans and chips have been added to the homemade ice cream and cookie menu. The hamburgers are a donation from H&T Ranch. Serving will begin at 5:00 pm with entertainment at the bandshell to follow. Joan Grover reports that she is still in need of volunteers to make some ice cream or cookies. Please contact her at 527-5379 or 527-1091. Freewill offering will be taken with proceeds going to ACS.

"Chabadza", a Shona word which roughly translates to people in relationship working alongside each other for mutual benefit. Chabadza is given only to people whom you know, and it is given because when one person succeeds, both people succeed. The important part of Chabadza is that while working together, all benefit from the relationship. We were pleased to host one of the Zimbabwe delegates visiting the Kansas West Conference, Duncan Chawadza, for a few days, and celebrated and shared with him our community and church. Rudo Dozva, from Mutare, Zimbabwe, and a student at Kansas Wesleyan, also joined us Sunday evening for the UMYF BBQ and Outside the Box Worship Service. Duncan and Rudo joined our Praise Team, and treated us to a song in Shona, Makatenika Jesu, which translated means: You Are Faithful, O Lord.

A special offering will be taken during worship on June 3rd. Your generous gifts support: *Peace with Justice ministries in the conference *Peace with Justice work in the United States and around the world.

Rudo Dozva, Duncan Chawadza, D.S. Lew Van Der Wege, Janet Heyka, Carolyn Maxwell Just cant say enough! The We Care Team has been so thoughtful to us at this sad time, ALL that the team has done has been appreciated. My Love to all, bless you. Margaret Duffey Our District Superintendent, Lew Van Der Wege, and his wife Sherrie, also joined us for the evening. We were presented with our Chabadza Covenant partnership church in the Macheke Circuit. The circuit is located along the highway from Zimbabwes capital, Harare, to Mutare. They have 220 members. Most of its members are small scale farmers, some are civil servants or vendors. Their main source of transportation is by truck or bicycle. They are currently working on the reconstruction of their Sanctuary, and want to build a circuit parsonage in the future. We are sending our greeting and church info to Zimbabwe and look forward to hearing back from them!
Submitted by Janet Heyka, Volunteers In Mission Leader
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Thank you, thank you, thank you to the 5th Sunday work crew. We really appreciated your mission of helping clean out our gutters, trim tree limbs and move rocks. Again THANKS! Jean & Lloyd Noble

Grandparents: Allen & Marcy Johnson Born: March 10 Parents: Corey & Maleah Johnson and Born: May 10 at 8:29 a.m. weighing 8 lbs. 8 oz. & 20 1/2 in. long Parents: Andy & Julinne Moore

Dear Church Family, Thank you for the scholarship money and Bible. The money will come in handy next year, and the Bible will always remind me of my church. Thanks again! ! ! ! Love, Jaclyn Sheets

Born: April 30 at 11:28 a.m. weighing 7 lbs. 13 oz. & 20 in. long Parents: Ross and Jill Wurdeman Sisters: Libby, Abby, Lauren

Jaclyn Sheets & Seth Hiatt

Carol Monsanto has started the pie lists for this year. There will be a sign up list at the church and one will be passed to the circles. She is also in search of pie bakers! If you are interested in doing this, let her know at or you may call her at 527-5703. Kim VanNortwick will be calling for Day Chairs and also a Soup Chair, so be expecting phone calls. If you would like to volunteer early, you may call her at 527-2924 or email at :) You will also be getting calls for workers, so have your calendars ready. The team is now accepting pledged monies, or if you would like to make a donation, you may give it to one of the team members or leave it at the church. Team: Allen Johnson, Marvin Houdek, Kevin Johnson, Jeanette Sheets, Terry Skinner, Lynn & Kim VanNortwick (Overall Chairs) This will be the last year for the current stand. If you have an old photo of the stand that you would like to share, we are planning to put up a little history display to show the story of our stand.

The Trustees continue to make preparations for repairs to the Parsonage. We have asked the UMW to help clean after the repairs are completed and before Pastor Emily moves in; Janis will have more on the time and date as it approaches. The Trustees have purchased and planted a new tree in the Parsonage lawn and will be replacing the missing sidewalk soon. The Kiosk is demoed and it's replacement on hold; $5,500 in funds are still needed to begin reconstruction of the Kiosk. To make any donation or memorial directly towards the Kiosk, please contact: Janet Heyka - Trustee Treasurer or Jay Kallman - Trustee Chair
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Ican'treallythinkofmuchtowritethismonthforsomereason;but, asusual,willprobablyhavealongcolumnbeforeIfinish. June7isournextUMWmeetingat1:30p.m.withRuthCircleasour hostessesandgivingourprogram.ThereisalsoaLongTermCare BingoPartyandBirthdayPartyscheduledfor2:00p.m.June21.Kaye Rayisinchargeofthat.Father'sDayisJune17andwesentagiftto missionstohonorthem.RememberVacationBibleSchoolwillbethe weekofJuly9,andTandystillneedshelpersforthat. CrystalYoungleavesfortheMETouronJune3,andweall needtokeepherinourprayersduringthat.Hereisalist ofthingssheistocollecttotakealong:flipflops,beachtowels, sunscreenandsunglasses,bugspray,WalMartgiftcards,back packsandschoolsupplies,and9"x12"dryeraseboardswithmarkers. Shecanalwaysuse$$too.Crystalsmaildropaddresswhilesheis onthetripis:RoswellUMC,200N.PennsylvaniaAve,Roswell,New Mexico88201.HaveyourcardtherebyThurs.June7,soshehasmail waitingforherfromherchurchfamilybackhome.Anothermaildrop willbegiventoLindawhentheytakehertoWichitatobeginthetour. Thataddresswillcomelaterforus. Lakesidesummer camp for Hayley Piroutek andTerinRunduswill be June21through24. Weplantotakeup aloveoffering after church on June 3 to help cover some of their expenses for that. It is a wonderfulexperienceforouryoungpeople. Naomi Circlewill beserving the food at Betty andHaroldJohnson's saleonJune2,socomeouttothesaleandtothefoodstand. The goingaway party for Carolyn and Lennie Maxwell has been scheduled for June 24, following church; plan to come to that and showthemourappreciationfortheirtimeherewithus.Mightshowa littleornerinesstothemtoo.ahem! OurPsalmsinterdenominationalBibleStudywillbefinishingupforthe yearon Wednesday, May 30. Feel free to join us when we startup againnextfall.Ithasbeenawonderfulstudyandifyouaren'tcoming, youaremissingoutonWednesdaymorningsat9:00. FromourPrayerCalendarIread:"Jimcautiouslyletthemissionteam come to replace walls in his home, ashamed to be a high school dropout.ThewitnessoftheteamencouragedJimtogethisGED.Jim is nowafreshmenbiologystudentatalocalcollege.Howareyouable towitness toastrangerwithyouractions?"DeaconessKatiePeterson, church and community worker, God's Country Cooperative Parish, Paradise,Mich.,DetroitAnnualConference.Katie'sbirthdayisJune2, address is PO Box 382, Paradise, MI 49768. Her email is: forKatiethismonthandmaybesend heracardoranemail,lettingherknowwearethankfulforherwork. InChristianLove,JanisHoudek,UMWPresident

BIRTHDAY PARTY & BINGO Friday, June 1 2:00 pm Long Term Care JUNE GENERAL MEETING Thursday, June 7 1:30 pm Hostesses & Program: Ruth Circle CIRCLE MEETINGS SUSANNAH Tuesday, June 5 3:30 pm Hostess: Wilma Snapp Lesson: Shirley Tallent RUTH Wednesday, June 6 7:00 pm Hostess: Marcy Johnson (at her home) Co Hostesses: Tandy Rundus, Stacia Piroutek, Lori Scoeld Marty Westphal Baby Shower for Nora Gabrielle, daughter of Ross & Jill Wurdeman NAOMI Wednesday, June 27 7:30 pm Program: Janis Houdek Hostess: Kaye Ray Co-Hostesses: Marsha Esslinger
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Friday, June 8 5:30 pm - Wedding Rehearsal Saturday, June 9 3:00 pm - Wedding Day for Ashlee Burrows & Justin Kemp Sunday, June 10 9:30 am - Adult Sunday School 10:00 am - Youth Sunday School 10:45 am - Worship Service & JAM 5:30 pm - UMYF Wednesday, June 13 2:00 pm - Sermon on Channel 12 6:30 pm - Trustees 7:15 - Praise Team

Thursday, June 21 2:00 pm - UMW Birthday Party and Bingo, LTC Sunday, June 24 9:30 am - Adult Sunday School 10:00 am - Youth Sunday School 10:45 am - Worship Service & JAM Following Worship - Farewell Pot Luck for Pastor Lennie & Carolyn, FH 5:30 pm - UMYF 7:00 pm - YATT Monday, June 25 - Friday, June 29 Meals on Wheels Week

Saturday, June 2 5:00 pm - I scream for Hope, City Park, Fundraiser for ACS Sunday, June 3 Crystal Young departs on METour! 9:30 am - Adult Sunday School 10:45 am - Worship: Message by: Dr. Rev. Carl Ellis, A Church for Nicodemus Communion/Trinity Sunday/Peace with Justice Sunday (special offering) 7:00 pm - YATT Tuesday, June 5 10:00 am - BHC Bible Study 3:30 pm - Susannah Circle Wednesday, June 6 10:30 am - LTC Bible Study 2:00 pm - Worship on Channel 12 7:15 pm - Praise Team 7:00 pm - Ruth Circle, Marcy Johnson home, Baby Shower for Nora Gabrielle Wurdeman Thursday, June 7 9:30 am - Church Chat, CPSL 1:30 pm - UMW

Wednesday, June 27 2:00 pm - Sermon on Channel 12 Saturday, June 16 Bridal Shower for April Hiatt, Time TBA 7:15 pm - Praise Team 7:30 pm - Naomi Circle Sunday, June 17 Trinity Sunday Peace with Justice Sunday (offering) Fathers Day (UMW gift to Missions) 9:30 am - Adult Sunday School 10:00 am - Youth Sunday School 10:45 am - Bring your Pets for a Blessing Service at Rocky Pond! 2:00 & 2:30 pm - Care Home Services Sunday, June 17 Service at Rocky Pond Wednesday, June 20 10:45 am First Day of Summer 2:00 pm - Sermon on Channel 12 7:15 pm - Praise Team

June 3 Evelyn Davidson Carolyn Maxwell Dan & Kristi Seacat June 4 Deb Carlson Karen Snapp Jill Wurdeman June 5 Scott & Stephanie Splichal June 7 Andy & Vickie Walker June 9 Lillian Derowitsch Alan & Jeanette Sheets

June 10 Brian Young June 11 Ken & Wilma Mulch Tom & Molly Williams June 12 Steve & Jewelda Scofield Steve Dunback Larry & Karen Cheney June 15 Don & Marty Westphal June 16 Wilma Dove Fred & Audrey Elyea

June 20 Lynn & Kim VanNortwick June 23 Donna Scott Cody & Tabitha Frybarger June 25 Dick Childs Bill Hodgins Chris Rice & Tina Holton-Rice June 27 Jon & Karen Snapp June 28 Riley Woodward Brady Childs

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Our Mission is to prayerfully: Seek God Grow in faith Love and Serve others For the transformation of lives!

Sid and Pam Scofield, Amanda Keilers, Jillian Couture, Stacia Piroutek, Waylon Sheetz Kevin & Kelby Johnson, John Surber, Pastor Lennie & Carolyn Maxwell

Kurt Childs, Gary Hadachek Mikel Hadachek, Rich Schintler Annette Bredthauer



Janet Heyka June 3 - Arlene Baloun, Neva Lee June 10 - Audrey & Gina Elyea, Waylon Sheetz June 17 - Lanie Engle, Janet Heyka June 24 - Marvin & Janis Houdek

June 3 - Marge Waring June 10 - Pam Scofield June 17 - Tana Trost June 24 - Pam Scofield



Don Westphal, Lynn VanNortwick Tom Snapp, Allen Johnson

June 3 - Kerry Johnson June 10 - Erica Hadachek June 17 - Molly Williams June 24 - Kelli Childs

Kevin Johnson

PICTORIAL DIRECTORY Please calendar these dates & times for pictures. Oct. 18, 2 - 8:30 pm Oct. 19, 2 - 8:30 pm Oct. 20 - 10 am - 5 pm


Maggie & Riley Woodward

June 3 - Marvin & Janis Houdek Don & Marty Westphal


June 3 - Lori Scofield June 10 - Stacia Piroutek June 17 - Gina Elyea June 24 - Stephanie Schintler


Ruth Circle Jillian Couture - Music Kelli Childs - Worship Leaders Molly Williams - Visuals
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