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If this Profile option is selected for a Volume it will write Data to Tier 1, RAID 10 and Replay data will be stored on Tier 1, RAID 5. The data on this Volume will not progress to any other tiers available on the Storage Center. Which Storage Profile has been assigned to the Volumein this scenario?
Recommended High Priority Medium Priority Low Priority None of the above

2. True or False: Predefining a Disaster Recovery site is required for the activation of the site.

3. If configuring a storage solution in Virtual Port mode with a single path from the server, whichof the following is a configuration requirement to support port level failover?
Configuration must have two fabrics Must be running Fibre Channel front end connections, not supported in environments that run iSCSI connectivity Configuration must have at a minimum two ports in the same fault domain on the same Controller Port level failure is only available if there are two paths from the server

4. How often does Data Progression run?

Always running as a background process Daily Hourly Weekly

5. When upgrading from a single Controller system to a cluster Controller system, converting toVirtual Ports eliminates the need for which Legacy mode component?
Management IP address Zoning changes on Fibre Channel switches Backend Cabling Reserve Paths

6. On an active Windows volume where many writes and deletions occur, if the Free SpaceRecovery tool is not utilized what is a Storage Admin most likely going to see as a result?
The server OS and Storage Center interface will reflect almost the exact same space used The OS will display less total used space than the Storage Center interface The OS will show double the amount of space used than the Storage Center interface reflects None of the above

7. Which of the following are true statements about Compellent's Dynamic Block Architecture(DBA)?
Underlying architecture that allows Compellent to do all the sophisticated data storage functions that we provide. Tracks information about the stored data at a block level llows for efficient storage space utilization Default page size is 2MB All of the above

8. True or False: The ability to view and edit Storage Profiles is enabled by default on new installations of the Compellent Storage Center.

9. The module within Enterprise Manager that allows for charging and tracking of storage Value consumption costs and delivers reports on Savings vs Traditional SAN and the Green Reports is which of the following?
Threshold Alerts Chargeback Advanced Reporting Windows Space Recovery

10. When configuring a solution it is important to understand what types of IO cards are supported in each of the Controllers. Which statement below accurately describes the PCI slot configurations of the Series 20 and Series 30 Controllers?
Series 20 Slots 1-4 PCI-E and Slot 6 PCI-X, Series 30 Slot 1 PCI-X and Slots 2-4 and 6 are all PCI-E Series 20 Slots 1-4 PCI-X and Slot 6 PCI-E, Series 30 Slot 1 PCI-X and Slots 2-4 and 6 are all PCI-E Series 20 Slots 1-4, and 6 are all PCI-X, Series 30 Slots 1-4 and 6 are all PCI-E

Series 20 Slots 1-4, and 6 are all PCI-E, Series 30 Slots 1-4 and 6 are all PCI-X

11. The PowerShell scripting tool is specific to Windows environments?


12. For the servers that are using Replay Manger for taking Replays, any management activities of those Replays should be done in which interface?
Storage Center GUI (Graphical User Interface) Replay Manager application Enterprise Manager Data Collector

13. True or False: In order for Data Progression to operate a server agent is required to beinstalled on each server attached to the SAN.

14. True or False: The Storage Admin will need to reset the Replay Profiles before the Replays willbegin to replicate again to the Target destination after a site reactivation has taken place.

15. In a single Controller configuration if a customer buys or upgrades their PCI IOCards which of the following statements is true?
Controller PCI cards if careful can be swapped out or upgraded while the Controller is up and running PCI cards in a Controller are not a field replaceable unit or upgradable Only the PCI-E slots can be replaced while the Controller is powered on Schedule a maintenance window, Controller must be powered off to change out PCI cards

18. When migrating data off of another system to the Compellent Storage Center there is a possibility of filling up the capacity of the Tier 1 storage, what is the preferred method to migrate the data?
Migrate it to Tier 1; Data Progression will take care of moving it Migrate it to Tier 1 RAID 5 to conserve space

Migrate it to Tier 3 first, then enable a traditional progression environment or Recommended Profile Migrate it to Tier 3 RAID 10 ONLY to improve performance and do not enable another Storage Profile

19. True or False: If a Replay expires that has data blocks being used as part of a recovered View Volume the View Volume will also expire.

21. Command Utility can only be used for Oracle?


22. If Partners or Customers have questions on running a certain OS or version of the OS, its multipathing capabilities, and configuration questions where is the best place to get more detailed information?
Phone Home Tool Storage Center User Guide Knowledge Center - download Best Practice Guides for OS specifics Enterprise Manager User Guide

23. True or False: With the Data Instant Replay application in place this eliminates the need for aValue long term storage solution?

25. Which of the following folder structures if used will create a separate pool of storage, essentially carving up the storage capacity?
Server Folders Volume Folders Disk Folders All of the above

26. Remote Instant Replay uses which methods to transfer the data to the target site(s)?
VOIP Synchronous

Asynchronous SAS

27. With multipahing software installed on the Server OS it is possible now to map a Volume across both Controllers in a clustered Controller configuration.

28. True or False: The Enterprise Manager application is required to be able to run theValue Windows Space Recovery Tool?

29. Which of the following is a true statement in regards to multipathing and the Compellent Storage Center configurations?
Multipathing can only be used if running in Legacy Mode For all Operating Systems the Compellent software controls which method is used, Round Both paths being presented from the server must be mapped to the same Controller All of the above

30. Which of the following tasks need to be completed in the Graphical User Interface (GUI) beforea new volume is available to the OS?
Server Folder is created and Storage Tiers are defined by Admin Server object is created, Volume object is created, Volume is mapped to the Server Create Volume Folder, Create Server Folder, Create Volume Create Volume Folder, Create Server Object, Manually define HBA's

31. Many terms are used to describe Compellent's Dynamic Capacity and the thinprovisioning tools, match the following with the best definition.
Existing data copied to Compellent, converts the data into thin-provisioned volumes It enhances Thin Provisioning by not allocating space within volumes where only zeroes are written Used in Windows environments for reclaiming space that is no longer in use

33. What is the difference between using the Copy function and the Mirror function onthe Compellent Storage Center?
The Mirror function is always updating the new volume created where as the Copy function no longer updates the new volume once all the original data is copied.

The Mirror function cannot copy data to a smaller size volume but a Copy function is able to copy data to a smaller size volume. The Mirror function will allow the volume mappings to be moved automatically, while the Copy function does not allow the moving of mappings. None of the above

35. Performance statistics must be collected from the site before a system can be configured. How long should performance be monitored according to Compellents Best Practices?
72 Hours 48 Hours 24 Hours 12 Hours

36. True or False: The Views covered in this Session (System Explorer, Online Storage, AlertValue Monitor) are all part of the Compellent Storage Center core application?

38. Consistency Groups (CG) are a feature of Storage Center 5. Although it does not require a Value license another Storage Center application is required to be able utilize this tool. Which Compellent application is needed for CG to operate?
Data Instant Replay Disk Virtualization Dynamic Capacity Remote Instant Replay

39. Before a replication of a volume can occur between Storage Centers the connectivityconfiguration must be defined. This is an initial setup process that is completed one time, inthe future it can be changed when necessary. What components need to be defined initially?
Quality of Service If using Fibre Channel connectivity - Zones are properly configured If using iSCSI connectivity - select iSCSI connections to be used for replication

All of the above

40. Provides comprehensive monitoring and management of local and remote Storage Centers, simplifies setup and management of replications, and has customizable tools that present storage system resources, consumption, and performance information. This is all a function of which of the Storage Center applications?
Data Instant Replay Remote Instant Replay Enterprise Manager Data Progression

41. Most Operating Systems Boot Volumes require a specific LUN, what is that recommended LUN?
1 100 0 10

42. Compellent uses the Pre-Order document for what purpose?

To verify proposed configurations Informs Compellent of orders Makes Compellent aware of special considerations All of the above

43. A loop/chain must be fully populated before a new loop/chain is configured.


44. Which two Views in the System Manager can be easily accessed to give the Customer a quick glance at how much storage space has been consumed on their Storage Center?
Alert Monitor and System Explorer System Explorer and Online Storage Online Storage and Topology Explorer Alert Monitor and Topology Explorer

45. True or False: A customer can increase storage capacity by replacing smaller drive sizes withdrives that are higher capacity without increasing the number of permanently licensed driveson the Storage Center.

46. Which of the following scenarios is it recommended to use RAID 10 DM and RAID 6 in a storage configuration?
Non Mission critical short lived data Two drive failures is a primary customer concern, needs increased availability ensured Fast Writes Individual drive capacity in a tier is greater than 900GB

47. Which of the following is a Compellent recommended Best Practice in regards to Boot Volumes?
Servers should not share Boot Volumes Use LUN 0 for Boot Volumes Put the Pagefile on its own Volume All of the above

48. Usable capacity refers to which of the following?

The total capacity of the system regardless of RAID overhead

The total capacity minus the RAID overhead The total capacity plus the RAID overhead The total capacity minus the Replay data

49. Which Compellent feature would assist a Storage Admin in deploying newservers with identical hardware or blade servers while saving space on the SAN.
Dynamic Capacity Virtualization Thin Import Boot from SAN Wizard

50. Compellent's Phone Home feature allows the Storage Center to notify Copilot (Compellent'sTech Support Team) of events that require attention and on a weekly basis for a status report.
Firmware and Software upgrades can be delivered via Phone Home Customer can manually trigger Phone Home at anytime to Copilot Customer can control allowing Copilot remote access via Secure Console (SSH) for troubleshooting All of the above

51. During the reactivate process to the Source site User intervention is required, at what point willthe Storage Admin need to be available in the reactivation operation?
Remove mappings at the destination site Create server and server mappings at original Source site Recover from the last Replay that was replicated back to Source site No manual intervention is required once reactivation process is started

52. True or False: RAID 5-5 has a lower storage overhead than RAID 5-9?

54. True or False: Reporting tools are available in the Storage Center GUI that display FastTrack statistics by volume or system wide.


55. True or False: The Migrate function will move server mappings and optionally the originalValue source volume can be deleted all while the volume being migrated is online and active.

56. PowerShell is a powerful scripting tool that can save time and decrease errors on repetitive administrative tasks if used properly. Where does Compellent recommend Partners or Customers go to learn more about using this application?
Customer or Partner Portal>Knowledge Center videos Call Copilot Email Copilot Microsoft Technet and Technet Virtual labs

57. To easily identify the volumes that have been activated at the Target site Compellent labels Value them by default. How are they defined in the Compellent GUI?
Repl of Volume Name View 1 of Volume Name Copy of Volume Name DR View of Volume Name

58. Command Utility is a free java program available for download from the Compellent Knowledge Center. It is used to run scripted commands to the Compellent Storage Center. Which of the following commands can be scripted using the Command Utility?
Create Volume(s) Create Server(s) Map Volume to Server Create and Recover Replays All of the above

1. If this Profile option is selected for a Volume it will write Data to Tier 1, RAID 10 and Replay data will be stored on Tier 1, RAID 5. The data on this Volume will not progress to any other tiers available on the Storage Center. Which Storage Profile has been assigned to the Volumein this scenario?

High Priority Medium Priority Low Priority None of the above

25. Which of the following folder structures if used will create a separate pool of storage, essentially carving up the storage capacity?
Server Folders Volume Folders Disk Folders All of the above

24. Which of the following statements are attributes of Compellent's disk virtualization?
All drives participate in all RAID types all the time During the initial setup of the system it requires designation of certain drives into disk groups for specific functionality Concatenation of LUN's to access more disk space All drive types and speeds can be managed in one pool of storage All disk resources can be presented to any server