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{1649}{1791}5. April 1941.|Somewhere in Serbia...
{1831}{1920}Sun is rising
{1941}{2029}On Saturday
{2075}{2167}Voice is coming
{2173}{2263}From away
{2306}{2418}Poor people from around
{2451}{2638}Wait for the sun to come
{2938}{3013}To Belgrade, to Belgrade
{3027}{3107}With Krstic Co.
{3116}{3223}The people are|getting ready
{3342}{3391}They have all the reasons|for travelling
{3392}{3499}But luck have they not
{3614}{3731}I am unfortunate
{3745}{3830}Since I was kid
{3872}{3970}With all my sorrow
{3994}{4077}I sing songs
{4115}{4220}I wish, oh my mother,
{4280}{4472}That all this was|only a dream.
{6115}{6184}Oh little roses
{6199}{6275}Hear the pain of my heart
{6309}{6420}And cry with tears
{6457}{6546}To soothe my sorrow.
{7269}{7318}I bring a message from Krstic
{7319}{7368}They have a flat tyre.|- Really?
{7368}{7409}They are lying!
{7410}{7463}It is true, grendpa'.
{7466}{7516}How do you know?
{7517}{7579}Last time I missed audition|because of them.
{7581}{7660}Listen, tell them that they|must respect the time table!
{7671}{7758}If they said that they depart|at 5, it must be at 5! Right!
{7760}{7796}Not a minute more!
{7796}{7853}It's none of my business.
{8244}{8313}Excuse me, how much there is|'till the next bus stop?
{8322}{8353}What next stop?
{8362}{8451}I mean, if I go now, when|will I get to the next stop?
{8461}{8528}Man, you are crazy!|THIS is a bus stop!
{8541}{8643}The next stop is behind that|wood. I guess around 5 km.
{8653}{8695}I can't wait, who knows|when will the bus.
{8697}{8784}And maybe I catch something.|Goodbye!
{9217}{9267}Is it serious?
{9409}{9439}Tuberculosis, isn't it?!
{9445}{9520}They don't know|what it is {9522}{9569}But it seems there|is no cure for me.
{9579}{9626}You are young,|you will make it.
{9631}{9720}That's what makes me sad,|I am so to say in best years.
{9725}{9778}You have at least|had enough of life.
{9786}{9832}So I can die?!
{9836}{9881}I didn't mean it that way.
{9889}{9958}You rascal, God damn you!|Get away from me!
{10918}{10954}Please folks, easy!
{10980}{11022}I beg you, easy!
{11029}{11120}Excuse me, my lungs. -Forget|excuses, I live of singing!
{11133}{11161}Open it!
{11297}{11344}Where?|- Inside.
{11348}{11425}Is the front doors for you?|- The rear doors are closed.
{11448}{11540}So it means you have to wait,|not to run to the front.
{11711}{11777}Aha! It will not|make it, you know.
{11846}{11905}Eh... thanks for telling|me, I didn't know.

{11935}{11978}Daddy! Should I let them in?

{11999}{12063}Yes, son.
{12581}{12609}Daddy, should we start?
{12624}{12651}Drive, Misko!
{12674}{12737}We are not going to travel|together with gipsies?!
{12758}{12820}Anyone who pays for|ticket can travel.
{13882}{13917}20 dinars.
{14010}{14106}How can you charge so much?|What is much is much, really!
{14116}{14179}Who wants, here it is, who|doesn't - The road is free!
{14192}{14256}Old man.|Old man!
{14283}{14351}Don't touch me!|- Conductor is calling you.
{14364}{14406}Do you have the ticket?
{14409}{14434}What ticket?
{14439}{14469}AIRPLANE TICKET!
{14474}{14517}IT'S NOT FUNNY, YOU KNOW!
{14557}{14607}Who is singing there?!
{14666}{14746}You hear me! I told|you not to sing! Ha?
{14752}{14806}You are talking to me?|- Yes, you!
{14809}{14840}I will not allow|drunken passengers!
{14844}{14887}First, I am not|drunk at all.
{14891}{14916}Than you have to shut up!
{14920}{15000}That's the last thing I needed!|Sober people also to start singing
{15006}{15040}Can I cry then?
{15052}{15149}If I let you through my hands,|you will cry like never before!
{15205}{15303}Old man, do you want that I|stop the bus and throw you out?
{15345}{15424}Can I ask you something, honestly?|Can I travel without a ticket?
{15432}{15503}I carry the money to my son in the|army, every dinar is important
to me.
{15510}{15551}You must buy the ticket.
{15570}{15639}Come on, leave the old man|alone. You will not go bankrupt
{15642}{15706}because of 20 dinars. You|can see that he is poor.
{15711}{15769}Who is poor?!|Me?!
{15794}{15839}Give me FIVE tickets!
{15845}{15879}How much?|- Five!
{15881}{15947}Let us see who is poor!|- One will be enough.
{15953}{15985}Five or nothing!
{15988}{16075}It's not possible, man! IT'S NOT!|Stop driving me crazy!
{16086}{16105}Take ONE!
{16120}{16144}One - not!
{16153}{16214}Misko, STOP! Break!|Break Misko!
{16329}{16404}Daddy, have you seen|how good it breaks?
{16418}{16503}Very well, son, very well.|But next time a bit easier, a?
{16542}{16601}You old man, out!|Right away, out!
{16620}{16718}You will drive me crazy, a? And then|say that I charged you five t
{16772}{16801}Out, you hear me?
{16904}{16943}Wait, where are you going?
{16948}{16973}To Belgrade.
{16984}{17045}Is this a bus stop, ha?
{17053}{17093}Err... the bus stopped?
{17101}{17143}It has not stopped for you!
{17158}{17268}Stop is 200m down the road. Now get|down and run; maybe you will c
atch us.
{17277}{17335}But, sir?
{17341}{17435}Get down, you fool. What if somebody see me|taking passengers out
of bus stop and report me?
{17443}{17536}Come on, get down.|Rules are rules.
{17935}{17987}You want a ticket?

{18446}{18506}Go on, Misko.|Go on, son.

{20626}{20702}Two to Belgrade.|- 40 dinars.
{20886}{20954}Please let me give up my|sit for you. -No need.
{20961}{21008}Please.|- Thank you.
{21019}{21061}Come, sit there.
{21354}{21452}You are crazy!|- Rules are rules.
{21723}{21772}Drive on, Misko!
{22531}{22609}When we arrive in Belgrade,|we go to my sister.
{22628}{22710}And tomorrow morning we travel|to the sea. -What sea?
{22746}{22836}What do you think why I have escaped|from the house, now, when we
are married?
{22841}{22874}I want to see the sea.
{22875}{22952}Why haven't you said it before?|- 'Cause you wouldn't have come!
{22969}{23066}If you don't want, go back home.|There it is, go stay alone.
{23072}{23133}Ok, don't be mad.|- I go.
{23327}{23420}Daddy, when we arrive in Belgrade,|will we go to the Zoo again?
{23426}{23462}Off course, Misko.
{23488}{23631}He likes animals so much. In the Zoo|I can't get him off the cage
with monkeys.
{23647}{23699}'Cause they are so funny!
{23746}{23788}Nice boy.
{24078}{24175}Shame on you! How can you do that|in front of all this people!
{24220}{24267}Get out and do what you want!
{24271}{24377}What is the matter, old man? He is|my husband; at least he can tou
ch me!
{24400}{24493}I would check if they have|marriage certificate at all.
{24638}{24705}Show me the marriage certificate.
{25072}{25118}Everything is in order.
{25148}{25225}But, no touching in the bus.
{26369}{26424}What is it now?|This is no bus stop.
{26562}{26640}If there was law and order, they|would have been banned to drive.
{26651}{26718}They do what they want!|Scandalous!
{26981}{27018}Where have you been?!
{27058}{27108}Can I cut?|- Go on!
{27117}{27189}Daddy, piggy!
{27307}{27355}Stop, my piggy!
{27488}{27589}I will kill both conductor and his son,|if army barracks in Belgra
de closes!
{27713}{27840}Old man,|you could lose your wallet!
{27868}{27892}Thank you, son.
{27906}{27977}Put it better in the jacket,|someone could steal it from you.
{27985}{28070}Who would dare to steal|something from me?!
{28074}{28118}I survived two wars!
{28134}{28216}The two over there. Those steal|even when you look at them.
{28240}{28306}I would kill if they|only touch my pocket!
{28312}{28391}I quit smoking to save|money for my son!
{29101}{29185}If you have time, buy me a sack of salt,|and we will compensate fo
r this.
{29244}{29290}Off course, brother.
{29708}{29805}Excuse me, if it is no secret,|what kind of rocks do you collect?
{29825}{29879}Coloured and sparkling.
{29915}{29972}Excuse me, where do you take it?
{29993}{30049}To a scientist.
{30107}{30245}Bride, listen: if the bean|is there I give you 10 dinars {30266}{30324}If not -|You give me 5.
{30355}{30394}All right.
{30482}{30516}Once more?
{30530}{30614}Beware, bride!|They are thieves.
{30625}{30687}You will lose|all your money.
{31313}{31371}We travel whole morning|for only 20 kilometres!

{31386}{31434}Who is in a hurry|he can walk.

{32321}{32363}Are you really putting those|pigs in the bus?!
{32372}{32420}Where should I put them?|On the roof?!
{32647}{32705}What is much|is much!
{32971}{33041}Do you know that in Belgrade|I earn more on one pig {33043}{33098}than on all your tickets?
{33114}{33161}We depart!
{35107}{35179}Daddy, are the pigs eating?|- Hold that steering!
{35241}{35284}He doesn't watch the road!
{35303}{35411}Two years ago, for a bet,|he drove 2 km with tied eyes {35421}{35478}and hasn't even scratched|the bus!
{35489}{35544}Surely he drove,|but what?
{35558}{35588}What, he didn't?!
{35601}{35685}Two km with tied eyes? Come on!|- Don't provoke him!
{35692}{35813}Misko! Have you driven|2 km with tied eyes, ha?
{35872}{35917}I don't like when|people are making up.
{35953}{36037}Daddy, he doesn't believe me!|- Let's bet!
{36042}{36148}Don't! Tell him you believe him!|- I will not bet, but I can not b
{36154}{36199}Are you aware how much|are two kilometres?!
{36202}{36261}Stop. Stop!
{36446}{36505}You rascals!|God damn you!
{36637}{36708}Ok, ok, ok.|- Can you see anything?
{36717}{36791}No, I don't...|all right, I was kidding.
{36827}{36926}You will call my son a liar|in front of all this people!
{37045}{37112}We liars?!|Give me the head.
{37208}{37266}Go on, Misko,|go on.
{37394}{37448}Brother, don't! Please!|- We all believe you!
{37458}{37541}And I believe, too!|- Don't panic, folks!
{37571}{37634}My misko is genius|for driving.
{38099}{38146}Tell him to stop!
{38321}{38366}LOOK OUT, THE POLE!
{38575}{38668}And two years ago, again for bet,|he drove half kilometre backward
{38675}{38756}Backwards, what are you ta...?|- SHUT UP MAN! Don't provoke!
{38765}{38868}You don't believe me?!|- Yes we believe! Yes, yes!
{39066}{39147}Daddy, what is this?!|This was not here!
{39238}{39315}Go back!|- Where?!
{39330}{39450}Back! Back! -"Back, back?!"|What shall we do now?
{39464}{39532}The road is closed,|you must go around!
{39608}{39671}People, this army thing|does not smell good.
{39686}{39748}What do you want now:|should we go around {39756}{39785}or should we go back?
{39792}{39882}Now to go back?!|We drive around for so long!
{39903}{39958}Drive on, Misko!
{40683}{40759}That's it Misko.|Bravo!
{41422}{41456}I am terribly thirsty.
{41523}{41618}Can I have a little from that water?|- This water is not for drink
{41625}{41705}I am dead thirsty.|- Want some brandy?
{41709}{41795}Thanks, I can't, my stomach...|- Ah, wait!
{41851}{41988}There is cure for that also,|mister. -D-I-E beste?
{41995}{42042}Die beste, die beste,|the best!
{42049}{42101}German medicine is the best|in the world!
{42110}{42158}Seems you would be glad|if they came, ha?
{42176}{42268}Well, you know, at least we would|know order, and discipline {42272}{42349}and who should do what!|- That Germans should all be
{42356}{42421}lined to the wall and executed!|All of them!
{42445}{42528}You have 100 years,|and you speak nonsense!

{42900}{43016}What is this?! Daddy, look,|he is ploughing the road!

{43025}{43074}Ah crazy man!
{43088}{43187}You can't go further!|You can't go further!
{43218}{43258}How do you mean?|- So:
{43265}{43378}You can't fly over ploughing;|ploughing you must not cross.
{43498}{43563}Since the army has closed|the main road, everybody
{43570}{43659}go this way, across my land.|Is it right?!
{43664}{43714}All right, old man,|what should we do now?
{43721}{43788}Pay me for crossing|the ploughing.
{43807}{43892}Eh, that's not|going to be...
{43903}{43967}Come on, drive!|Don't waste time!
{43972}{44001}Drive on, Misko!
{44003}{44096}Old man, we must go on.|- You can't!
{44271}{44394}Only over my dead body!
{44649}{44704}Let me down,|I will call children!
{44710}{44945}Let me down! I will call...|Children, children!
{45471}{45514}Stop shouting!
{45658}{45705}PIERCE, they don't want|to pay!
{45827}{45874}Don't, for god's sake,|don't!
{45887}{45992}PIERCE! PIERCE!
{46277}{46342}Stop! We will pay!|Don't do it, please!
{46444}{46540}Old man, how much we owe you?|- 100 dinars.
{46569}{46615}Right away.
{46751}{46799}Daddy, what is it?
{46836}{46914}It's this: people ask|that we pay for crossing {46920}{46956}collect the money|anyway you can.
{46964}{46998}How much?|- A lot:
{47000}{47030}200 dinars.
{47037}{47125}200 dinars!? Come on,|from where? For what?!
{47155}{47226}Come on, give the money,|or they will pierce all tyres.
{47230}{47298}Quick! They don't want|to wait. Come on, come on.
{47932}{48037}I sympathize. My children will|carry the wagon. Come on, carry it!
{48083}{48127}Come on, brothers,|give a hand also!
{48161}{48225}Why in God's name have you|ploughed this road, ha?
{48263}{48359}For 10 years I am prosecuting|the state to pay me
{48371}{48464}for the road across my land.|And now, when I see that
{48475}{48594}no one knows "who drinks and who pays",|I will take the justice in
my hands
{48601}{48669}and make up for my loss,|or die!
{48708}{48751}God help you!|Who are you escorting?
{48762}{48814}The teacher.|- What happened, in God's name?
{48832}{48896}Scoundrels...|they killed my uncle.
{48927}{49040}Sons of Jova Stevic. -Old man,|here is yours 100 dinars.
{49059}{49237}Wait, wait.|One, two, three, four, five.
{49259}{49320}All right?|All right! Drive!
{49374}{49423}Everybody out!|- What is it now?
{49428}{49493}We have paid, what more|do you want!?
{49500}{49551}They killed the teacher and|it would be right to escort him {49558}{49611}and meanwhile I will change|the wheel.
{49618}{49682}Come on, come on,|quick, quick!
{51398}{51452}This hack will never|make it to the graveyard.
{51466}{51530}I will miss the audition for singer|in restaurant "Lipov lad" {51551}{51601}the best restaurant|in Belgrade!
{51628}{51684}You sing?|Really!?
{51719}{51771}I would be exceptionally glad|if you heard me {51792}{51839}consider yourself invited.
{51880}{51964}I don't know...|- I will surely be admitted -

{51971}{52087}I would sing only for you.|Excuse me, please.

{52563}{52654}Why did you hit the horse? -To make|it hurry up! See how slow it i
{53012}{53121}Excuse me, are you a journalist?|- Ah, no, no... I write down folk
{53130}{53219}tales and unusual, rare words.|- A... my respects!
{53231}{53319}Well... someone has to take care|about the riches of this people.
{55300}{55506}Gun has fired|from a stealth
{55535}{55746}Our teacher has gone
{55761}{55907}It's spring of '41
{55914}{56092}It's spring, the evil comes
{56356}{56429}Oh my mother
{56434}{56512}What is happening?
{56520}{56672}The sad song I must play
{56736}{56777}Death is coming to see us {56783}{56906}And no peace is here, no more.
{57020}{57161}I am unfortunate
{57169}{57274}Since I was kid
{57293}{57395}With all my sorrow
{57404}{57525}I sing songs
{57550}{57691}I wish, oh my mother,
{57716}{57912}That all this|was only a dream.
{58264}{58378}...all what I have nice|to tell you, my dear uncle,
{58416}{58474}I have already told you before.
{58496}{58600}And, err..., I should|add nothing more.
{58633}{58805}Generations and generations|that you have brought
{58810}{58922}to the right path,|remember you eagerly
{58931}{59104}and with pride.|Err... here, from this land,
{59109}{59366}many of yours shepherds and|shepherdesses have left to cities,
{59374}{59716}to become honourable and respectful citizens,|err..., doctors, eng
ineers, and... lawyers.
{59729}{59773}They went to the woods...
{59890}{59949}You know that I have always|appreciated, respected and
{59956}{60026}listened to you.|But this time I will do
{60032}{60174}what is most reasonable. I will|kill animals and beasts like rats!
{60196}{60252}I will not let any law|judge them.
{60282}{60375}Where is your father? -I didn't set|off to the funeral, but hospit
{60382}{60418}Quiet, men.
{61503}{61566}Easy! We are not going|to fight!
{62890}{62929}Child knows nothing.
{62948}{63021}How aren't they ashamed?
{63061}{63131}From whom?|- From us.
{63173}{63227}We came to look them...?
{63316}{63386}Doesn't matter...
{63939}{64016}Laws are meant for people,|and they are beasts.
{64045}{64119}And beasts we must stop.
{64178}{64222}I want to promise you,|in front of this people,
{64230}{64309}that I will find the murderers,|and that I will kill them.
{64316}{64384}I know what you would say -|"Don't do that",
{64402}{64468}Because you did everything you|could against revenge.
{64477}{64535}You have lost your life|trying to make peace
{64543}{64608}among warring parties. You wanted|that people of this land
{64615}{64666}live in happiness, peace and|understanding.
{64682}{64757}Listen, where are the people from the bus?|- They all went there,
{64774}{64834}But why?|- I don't know, friend.
{64985}{65032}Come on!
{66213}{66294}Daddy, I would do this!
{66447}{66500}Daddy would also,|my son!
{66859}{66913}Die, you bastard!

{67104}{67148}Shame on you!
{68026}{68074}Stevic sons! Hold them there!
{68442}{68505}Can I go with you to Belgrade?!|- Come on, priest, quick!
{68509}{68594}Folks, everybody to the right side|of the bus! Left can not hold!
{69043}{69117}Thank God!|We are alive!
{69140}{69221}Yes! And now we will huddle up|together all the way to Belgrade {69227}{69269}and this side is free!
{69307}{69408}Can't you understand, man,|that front left tyre is weak
{69414}{69473}and that it will explode|if we put too much weight on it?!
{69481}{69564}And we have no more reserve?!|- That's your problem!
{69569}{69632}I paid to sit.|Come on, find me a place.
{69684}{69749}Please sit here!|- Not on you place!
{69775}{69870}You have shown|who and what are you!
{69880}{69954}Leave the girl alone!|She is not responsible for
{69960}{69989}our lack of manners!
{69997}{70054}Don't you dare to put me|in the same line with you!
{70062}{70114}I am a sir for you!
{70151}{70221}All this is a consequence of a|total lack of discipline
{70227}{70383}and chaos! Honest people must feel shame!|- You should cut your to
ngue down!
{70385}{70446}What!?|- And you don't threaten anyone
{70449}{70504}in my bus! -You shut up;|you are the same like him!
{70506}{70568}Why do you allow that he|insults your passengers?
{70586}{70644}LET ME SEE YOUR TICKETS, PLEASE!|- What tickets?
{70668}{70766}Ticket control! Where is your|ticket? -I don't know...
{70773}{70830}Throw him out!|- Why do you ask for tickets now?
{70860}{70916}Routine control every 50 km.
{70928}{71025}Who has no ticket must buy|new one and pay the fine or
{71032}{71082}go on walking!
{71088}{71165}I can't find it...|- Ask your colleges, musicians,
{71170}{71201}maybe they have stolen it.
{71210}{71293}You, don't make insults!|I am hit singer.
{71891}{71927}Good afternoon!|- Good afternoon!
{71934}{71986}Friend, the bridge is broken,|you must go back!
{71991}{72038}What do you mean, broken?!|- Few days ago the army has
{72044}{72123}pulled the canons across. It's|weak now; it will not hold the bus!
{72139}{72248}Listen, friend, I have already left|the main road because of the a
{72253}{72313}and I will not do it again, even|if I have to fall in the river
{72315}{72405}together with the bus!|- Then you go and die, if you want to!
{72625}{72721}What is it now again!|... this can not hold, ha?
{72800}{72938}Daddy, this is all rusty!|- I fuck the one who made it so stupid!
{72958}{73058}Hey, people, the bridge will|fall down! Believe me!
{73377}{73429}It really looks poor.
{73616}{73686}If you ask me, I would drive|the bus across.
{73737}{73804}It's not as bad as it looks!
{73824}{73914}RUN FOLKS!|The bridge is falling down!
{74703}{74786}What are we going to do now?!|- Nothing. Nobody pushed him {74792}{74842}- nobody made him shake|the fence.
{74848}{74896}We will only report the case.
{74972}{75048}As far as I know, people, all|drowned persons appear at the surfac
{75052}{75108}at least two times:|this one - not once!
{75114}{75160}His pockets were full|of rocks.
{75167}{75223}What left from such a man!
{75282}{75343}Come on, people,|DEPARTURE!
{76692}{76773}Daddy, look!|Like man with no legs and arms!
{76846}{76997}Take that rifle away!|- Don't worry, the gun is secured.
{77068}{77098}Daddy, tyre!
{77101}{77144}Excuse me, accident,|it was empty!

{77149}{77195}OUT!|- I didn't mean it...!

{77198}{77303}OUT! -But really, I didn't|mean it... - OUT!
{77893}{77939}And if I haven't pushed the|barrel away, he would have
{77944}{78039}blown my head apart! -God, are|we going to get there alive?!
{78049}{78108}If from nothing else,|I will die of hunger.
{78147}{78190}I'm hungry, too!
{79133}{79240}Listen, first offer the worst meat,|bones and so, and then the res
{79252}{79282}For god's sake, people,|what is this?!
{79289}{79335}How much more are we|going to stop and wait?
{79344}{79412}I must be in Belgrade for audition|at last at five!
{79418}{79549}Barbarians! This is outrageous!|- Could you explain us what we wai
t now?
{79570}{79631}HALF AN HOUR BREAK!|- What for?
{79697}{79808}Weren't you the first to claim hungry?!|And we two are hungry, too
{79820}{79880}And rules allow us a break!|Beware!
{79925}{79973}Take the barrel off, Misko!
{80536}{80572}It's ready!
{80588}{80740}Hey, gipsies, take this.
{80794}{80908}Play something, make the people feel good.|And if I sell all the m
eat and brandy
{80911}{80993}you will get another 20 dinars.|Fair? Fair, boss!
{81469}{81508}Here is the meat!
{81713}{81766}Don't cough on the meat!|You want to scare away
{81771}{81824}all my customers?! Get lost!
{81926}{81985}Come let us drink a brandy -|groom will pay.
{81991}{82073}I have no money.|- Eh, you are for nothing.
{82081}{82172}If I have married such a girl,|I would offer the whole bus!
{82206}{82262}Come, give us three brandies|on me!
{82344}{82401}Here it is!
{83364}{83496}Have you ever been to the sea?|- Eh, my dear, where haven't I been
{83530}{83659}Where is most beautiful?|- It depends, bride, what do you want?
{83700}{83818}If I were him, I would take you|to some little island,
{83874}{83997}we would walk by the sea,|sing songs...
{84077}{84161}This one, yours, has only|one thing in his mind?
{84191}{84242}What are you laughing at, ha?!|If it weren't for me,
{84244}{84320}you wouldn't have seen the world!|You would die in that desert!
{84671}{84758}Here is a bit for you to eat.|- Thanks, I have no appetite.
{84805}{84901}You know, father, since I have fallen sick,|nobody loves me anymor
{84906}{85001}Everybody chase me away, avoid me...|- People are afraid of the si
ckness, you know?!
{85042}{85144}Last year I felt very bad, I've|been in coma,
{85150}{85240}you will not believe me, but all this|I've already seen and experi
{85246}{85382}this bus, this people, this river,|everything! There is no differe
{85388}{85466}between this and other world!|-Everything is written in the Holy B
{85473}{85556}I know... I know what is written,|there stands that a man should
{85561}{85617}also love his neighbour,|but me - nobody loves me!
{85629}{85681}You see what is happening|in the world?! -Yes, yes!
{85689}{85773}People kill each other|everywhere, like beasts!
{87714}{87824}Are you for a dance?|- Eh... I know only folks dance...
{87830}{87908}Just you lean on me,|everything will be all right.
{88918}{89015}Look at that rooster! He will|jump on the bride till the end!
{89027}{89064}Yes, for sure.
{89266}{89365}Bravo, bride! We two|could become partners!

{89406}{89519}It's too late, my brother, I've already|made a partnership for who

le life...
{89576}{89768}Listen, what do you need that kid for?|You need a serious man, who
{89774}{89889}love you as a woman...|Where are you going with him?
{89897}{90028}Life flies away quickly. Till he|gets stronger, your time will pas
{90058}{90221}Life... love... it is like a song:|If it doesn't fall at the right
{90229}{90279}it's like it didn't happen!
{90541}{90613}People, look! There he is!
{91312}{91357}He is alive!
{91414}{91463}I could have drowned!
{91722}{91823}If I had fallen into the river,|I would have drowned immediately!
{91829}{91899}Those like me do|not drown so easy.
{91935}{92019}This vampire always|ruins everything.
{92078}{92134}Get packed, Misko,|we should get going.
{92147}{92218}Come in folks, we go now!
{92411}{92461}Daddy look, rabbit!
{92636}{92703}Misko my son, I will|catch it for you.
{92743}{92825}Let me do it,|I am faster and handier.
{93486}{93528}Now he is finished for sure!
{93538}{93584}Daddy, rabbit has escaped!
{93623}{93691}How come you are here?|I was shooting the rabbit!
{93808}{93864}I didn't mean it, believe me.|Have I hit you?
{93868}{93931}Unfortunately, you haven't!|-This man is undestroyable!
{93932}{93990}Run away or I will smack|your head with that gun!
{93996}{94079}You want to kill my passengers?!|Should I go in prison because of
{94590}{94616}WHAT IS THIS?!
{94640}{94690}We stopped to have lunch,|Mr. Lieutenant.
{94712}{94743}SURROUND THEM!
{94837}{94948}RAJKOVIC!|Line up the civilians!
{95046}{95133}Get in line!|Quick! Quick!
{95670}{95718}Which road did you use?
{95742}{95801}Well, until the bridge...|side road, then by the shore.
{95817}{95892}DON'T LIE!|The road is guarded!
{95897}{95960}I know, you are SPIES!
{95967}{96061}Who do you call spies? Do you|know who are you talking to?
{96074}{96136}Do you know when|did I deserve this?
{96137}{96214}No, you don't! Because at that|time you have been still shitting
{96216}{96276}in your pants and eating duck|shit instead of mulberries!
{96285}{96421}I am Aleksa Simic! Ex-Soldier of|the Second Infantry Division!
{96433}{96515}Mr. Lieutenant, Mayor Lukic|is on the line! -Finally!
{96557}{96626}Halo! Yes!|Yes, Mr. Mayor.
{96664}{96762}Grabovac... Blatiste...|Risovske bare.
{96770}{96812}At once, Mr. Mayor!
{96818}{96899}Rajkovic!|- Yes sir!
{96905}{96940}Ready to move!|- Yes sir!
{96960}{97003}Who drives this junk?!
{97009}{97052}My son. Come here, Misko.
{97060}{97099}Get in the bus.
{97273}{97321}Where are you taking him?|- Military secret!
{97332}{97420}Rajkovic!|You stay here with ten men {97422}{97489}and watch the civilians.|Others get in the bus.
{97828}{98057}Hey! My notes! Hey!|My things!
{98377}{98495}If you were mine...
{99720}{99808}Those two over there... Someone|could steal'em together with the c

{99855}{99941}Watch it now:|ENEMY IS CROSSING THE RIVER!

{100073}{100184}And those will fight against|Germans? Against such power!
{100194}{100313}What power?! Why do you scare this people?|-Come on, they have o
verrun half Europe,
{100327}{100434}us - they will leave for seeds.|-They can kiss my ass! I know th
em very well!
{100442}{100494}I have been wiping them|out around here like bugs!
{100497}{100553}Those like you|are starting wars.
{100566}{100685}Who is starting what? Fuck you!|Do YOU have a son in the army?!
{101194}{101265}You will not eat much|bread out of singing.
{101313}{101355}Did it start?!
{101374}{101450}I was only examining the canon!|I didn't mean it, believe me!
{101501}{101606}Who was shooting? -This loony|here! He could have killed us all!
{101622}{101709}Mr. Corporal! I swear,|I have only touched it!
{102453}{102520}He is recruited.
{102650}{102742}Command needs a driver immediately.|-Mister, he is my only child
, please {102758}{102858}he doesn't now to take care of|himself. -We will care about him!
{102873}{102938}Come on, say goodbye.
{103102}{103149}Get out!
{103293}{103360}Come on, we are leaving.
{103681}{103918}Crow flies above the fields
{103945}{104165}And gathers its flocks...
{104193}{104315}This bird of bad news
{104340}{104532}feels that war is near.
{104817}{104975}German rides black horse
{104985}{105172}Whole Europe shakes
{105212}{105264}Our army expects|the attack {105271}{105401}the little canon|it has prepared
{105495}{105589}I am unfortunate
{105605}{105712}Since I was a kid
{105746}{105841}With all my sorrow
{105851}{105942}I sing songs
{105978}{106120}I wish, oh my mother,
{106140}{106325}That all this is|only a dream.
{107354}{107408}Wait! Let us go home, please!
{107418}{107482}To go back?! -We will|go to the sea next year.
{107515}{107613}You go if you want,|I didn't make you come!
{107777}{107856}You can't go inside!|- Why? I don't understand...?
{107862}{107926}As soon as you are with us, something|explodes! You are a life t
hreat, brother!
{107942}{108004}Old man, come on!
{108036}{108130}What should I do now?! -By train.|Near there is a train station.
{108140}{108221}You will arrive before us!
{108546}{108654}Stop! Stop!
{109810}{109862}God help you, friends!|Where are you going?
{109870}{109928}To Belgrade. And you?|It seems you are escaping?
{109935}{110050}Better go back. I go get my family.|Last night there was a black
out {110055}{110103}people are afraid of bombing.|Better go back!
{110113}{110202}Go back now?!
{110932}{111011}Finally, the road to Belgrade.
{111320}{111380}The bus is jumping.
{111439}{111521}It's got used to Misko,|now it feels another hand.
{111549}{111622}I am really glad|for the little one.
{111630}{111700}Me crazy, I have freed|him from serving.
{111709}{111761}You saw how he drives?
{111793}{111876}You are glad that they|have recruited him, ha?

{111923}{112002}Yes I am.|God kill'em.

{112595}{112716}And you have missed audition?|-I don't worry, when they hear
{112717}{112765}me, they will take|me even without it.
{112991}{113042}Listen, in which|division is your son?
{113066}{113167}Artillery, like yours.|I will show you his picture.
{113168}{113257}With friends -|He sent it last week.
{113336}{113389}Where is my wallet?
{113711}{113784}FOLKS! MY WALLET HAS GONE!
{113785}{113827}Where was it?
{113854}{113890}Here, in the pocket.
{114270}{114352}Folks, if somebody has accidentally taken|old man's wallet, let
him get it back {114354}{114402}so that we make no trouble about it!
{114406}{114459}Stop the bus and search us all!
{114470}{114556}Don't let anyone out until|my money is back!
{114564}{114628}There is not need to stop|and search honest people {114643}{114734}we all know who|likes to steal here!
{114879}{114916}GIVE THE MONEY!
{114923}{115017}What money! Let me go!|-Give the money, do not pretend!
{115096}{115145}Give it back!
{115227}{115271}Search them!
{115749}{115795}Don't hit the child!
{115830}{115892}Get him! You will not,|as long as I am alive!
{115998}{116106}Why haven't you robbed me?!|I would cut your fingers!
{116114}{116192}Here is the belt!|Tie that one there!
{116285}{116335}Let me go,|you creaky rooster!
{116474}{116595}Where did you hide the wallet?|Do not make me call the police!
{119514}{119738}For long time has|the German planned
{119789}{120027}This crazy,|terrible flight
{120049}{120189}To destroy all
{120205}{120411}And build the new world
{120689}{120850}Earth is trembling,|everything is falling down
{120861}{121227}Sunday disappeared -|fascist animals destroyed all
{121373}{121499}I am unfortunate
{121513}{121613}Since I was a kid
{121639}{121742}With all my sorrow
{121760}{121888}I sing songs
{121896}{122049}I wish, oh my mother,
{122056}{122265}That all this was|only a dream.