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The E.

Ann Nalley Regional Award for Volunteer Service to the American Chemical Society Nomination Guidelines: Purpose: To recognize the volunteer efforts of individuals who have
served the American Chemical Society, contributing significantly to the goals and objectives of the Society through their Regional Activities. Nature and Establishment: This award was instituted in 2006 by ACS President E. Ann Nalley as part of her presidential initiative to recognize ACS volunteerism. It is Dr. Nalley's wish that the award continue in perpetuity at each regional meeting. The award consists of a plaque honoring the recipient with an imbedded medallion commemorating Dr. Nalley. Rules of Eligibility: A nominee must be a member of the American Chemical Society residing in a local section within the region, and will have made significant contributions to their Region of the American Chemical Society. The volunteerism to be recognized may include a variety of activities, including but not limited to the initiation or sponsorship of a singular endeavor or exemplary leadership in the region. Past and present members of the ACS Board of Directors and staff are ineligible for this award.

William (Bill) H. Suits is the MARM 2012 recipient of The E. Ann Nalley Regional Award for Volunteer Service to the American Chemical Society

Photo by J. L. Maclachlan

Bill Suits N. Jersey Section

Bill graduated from the UW Madison where he played football, participating in the 60 Rose Bowl. By his senior year he managed a lab and stayed on to train graduate students while building X-ray Scattering equipment. Moving to sales, marketing and customer applications; he worked for Packard Instruments, Varian, Beckman and Dionex until he retired at 58 to care for his wife and help ACS. In various roles he chaired his section, MARM 05, and was the inaugural chair of the MARM Board. As an ACS Career Consultant he has helped hundreds of chemists advance their career and recruited 5 new consultants. He speaks to several groups about networking and career related issues. Bill has organized several large section meeting that drew in excess of 500 attendees. Serving as section councilor, he served on CPRC, CEPA and LSAC. He also served on the Board of ChemPharma and AIDSfreeAFRICA where he continues as Board Advisor. Bill helps Students@Science and Expanding Your Horizons to find members who will help with educating students from poor areas and create interest in science education. -excerpted from the MARM 2012 Program

Chemists Can Dance at ACS Anaheim 2011 Photo by J. Maclachlan J.Maclachlan and B. Suits of CPRC

Awards ceremony is Friday June 1, 2012

5:30 pm to 7:00 pm University Center 312, UMBC Baltimore

Bill Carroll, Chair of the ACS Board will present the awards and deliver a short talk.