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CMM Style Part Measurement on Machine Tools up to 5 Axis by programming from CAD models offline. Collision Avoidance for all CAD and Probe elements in Graphics to prevent probe crashes. Automatic path Generation and calculation of all 2D and 3D features including sphere, cylinder, circle, slot, taurus and cone. Graphically simulate programs before post processing. Automatic indexing of 4th and 5th axis for feature. vectors.

Automatic Indexing of 4th and 5th Axis.


complete inspection reports as part is being measured. Use built in SPC to perform statistics or feed data to other SPC programs. Graphical template reports show elements in 3D view directly at the feature. Connect directly to upload data to machine and display results in real time.

Measurement Path Preview


advanced alignment macros to align your data or send a work offset back to the CNC. Advanced Alignments include: 3-2- MGP (Tooling -1, Balls), and Best Fit.
Verify Parts before the scrap is created; Reduce part manufacturing and verification No


Graphical Reporting with GD&T

times. need to remove part to send to CMM for part measurement.

Calibrate Calibrate

probes with automatic paths. to minimize the effect of lobing errors for nonstrain gage probes. Calculate effective diameters and probe runouts Compensate for any 5 axis kinematic errors.
Automatic Probe Calibration Routines

Calculate Calculate

any measurement parameter and update variables on CNC. work offsets, 5 axis table positions and update on the machine by feedback. Observe and correct for tool wear and tear, automatically feedback to machine. Use profile measurements to measu tool deflection write measure compensation directly to the CNC.

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Capps-NC Geometric-2D Features: Program and measure prismatic parts with 2D features. Capps-NC Surfer- Die & Mold applications: Check 3D sculptured surface parts, surface analysis, cut sections. Perfect for die & molds. NC Capps-NC Full Geometric & Tolerancing: Measure any prismatic part with 3D features, cone, cylinder, sphere, and report any GD&T, flatness, true positions, parallelism, perpendicularity, profile & form reports. Capps-NC RevEng - Reverse Engineering: Scan unknown profiles, generate CAD data and G G-Code machine program. Distributor: Applied Automation Technologies, Inc. ogies, 1703 Star-Batt, Rochester Hills, MI 48309 Batt, Tel:(248) 656-4930 Fax: (248) 656-4943 Email: Web: